i miss them ; ;


Kris Versteeg on the Calgary Flames’ 2016-17 season: It was a special year […] There’s times hockey’s not easy, you know. You’re a professional athlete, and you wanna love it. People think you love it all the time and you know, I had a couple years there where I think things personally were going good, but it’s almost like you weren’t having fun every day at the rink. This year was one of those years where not every day is great or perfect, but you could kind of fall in love with being at the rink again and fall in love with being with the sport. It was amazing just to be around the guys, a great group of guys. Coaching staff made it fun every day and they really let your personality - each individual’s personality - come out, and I think that’s what great teams do […] It was a lot of fun and you just kind of got to be yourself and I just loved every minute of it.

i’m really happy for the hiatus in the regard that it’s given them all a proper break and time to breathe for the first time since 2010 and i’m so excited to see and hear them exploring their different musical interests and getting their individual time in the spotlight and being appreciated for what they can individually create and i love that we’re getting to hear what they want us to hear and i love that we’re hearing their individual voices,,,,, but like i just miss seeing them interact with each other );

Lips laced with poison -
But the real dangerous poisons
Were your heart
And your intentions.
—  excerpt from a book I will never write #76

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I sometimes forget how much I miss my boys because of all the sana/yousef cuteness. But then we get like a sprinkle of new content and all I can think is... I MISS THEM SO MUCH! How are they doing? What does their apartment look like? Are they eating 3 meals a day and sleeping well? Are they still dancing in their kitchen to Gabrielle? I NEED TO KNOW.

they do all of this and more! brushing their teeth in the morning, hips gently brushing against each other, toothpaste kisses, pillow fights, listening to stupid pop songs that make isak bop his head and make him sing along while even seduces him with his dance moves, isak sitting on even’s lap whenever he gets the chance to just because it’s comfy and he wants to be so close to his boyfriend, isak coming home to candle light and dinner because even is that kind of romantic, isak rolling his eyes at even whenever he does something like that but his heart starts racing, midnight cuddles when one of them is super stressed and so much more

I am in a desperate need of a road trip…

i just want a whole season of behind the b showing us the bruins during offseason!!!! each episode is dedicated to one player, like a week in the life of a bruin!!!! then in some episodes there are special guests so like in the Brad Marchand episode you can only hope Patrice Bergeron is the special guest, or in the Torey Krug episode, special guest David Pastrnak!! please this should be a thing