i miss their voices ;;;;;;


“Love actually” + 13 years later


2. What in the world is BamBam looking at?

3. Is Jackson getting hotter of is he hotter because I’ve missed his so much?

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Can we live until this chapter 528 get animated omg I miss his voice so much 😭 Finally he's not neglected after all the suffering 😭😭😭

He is back, sound and safe *sob happily* And I think it’s also our suffering being over temporarily! Can’t believe Mashima actually draws him using new heavenly body magics and god even they cant hurt Acno they are powerful and beautiful……and now he’s with Erza, can we hope to see him more?

But really will this last arc even get the chance of being made into anime…..

I miss his voice so much and them talking to each other that I went to youtube to watch their moments in GMG arc a few days ago.

thoughts on mass effect andromeda, 12 hrs in

LOL i’m sorry this is why fic updates are gonna be slow in coming

the animations ARE bad but not immersion-breaking, most of the time. i’m annoyed to be playing a 22 year old. my ryder is VERY pretty tho A+ would smooch her myself. 

the tempest crew is really great. really likable. vetra of course is The New Turian Hotness but peebee and drack and liam are also standouts. i don’t like cora tho but i also really disliked miranda it’s the male gaze i stg

combat’s hard! the dialogue has some clunkers; i think it’s not so much a case of the writing going downhill (FUCKING LOL AT KARPYSHYN FOREVER) but ryder just isn’t the compelling character that shepard is. it feels like the same downgrade in dragon age from hawke to the inquisitor. tbh i’m pretty allergic to MAXIMUM CHOICE in a character. also i miss both jennifer hale and mark meer’s voice acting. i have not yet found the guy voiced by nicholas boulton :( 

overall i’m enjoying myself a lot though!

“...You aren’t gone, but I miss you anyway.”
  • ​I miss your voice:
    Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Capricorn 

  • I miss your hugs:
    Taurus, Cancer, Libra, Aquarius
  • I miss your scent:
    Gemini, Virgo, Scorpio, Pisces

it’s 11:11 pm and suddenly i’m 12 years old again
suddenly i’m wishing for you to come back
wishing for my heart to stop breaking
for my tears to stop falling

it’s 11:11 pm and i’m wishing that i’d never met you
never felt your lips on mine
never felt your hands on my skin
never heard the sound of your laugh

it’s 11:11 pm and i’m looking at our pictures and rereading our conversations trying to pinpoint the exact moment it went wrong
trying to figure out what i did or didn’t say
what i did or didn’t do

it’s 11:11 pm and i’d do anything to see your smile again
to hear your voice again
to grab your hand again
to feel your arms around my waist again

—  it’s 11:12 pm and you’re still gone
I should’ve noticed the way you laughed a bit louder around her.
—  Somewhere in the paper
(I loved someone who told me they loved me when they loved someone else)
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