i miss their voices ;;;;;;

I miss your voice, I miss your hands around me, I miss your hair in my face when we’re cuddling, I miss laying my head on your chest as we lay on the couch and watch TV. I miss holding your hand. I miss listening to your stories, or all about your day, or all about your weekend. I miss hearing your dreams, I miss when you get mad at me, I miss when you’re always right, I miss having you there, so much. I miss just sitting and looking to your eyes as you talk to me, I miss getting lost in your eyes, I miss your kisses and your hugs. I miss being with you. I miss you. I miss everything about you, I miss so much I can’t list all the things I miss.

No, I don’t wish you were here. 

No, I don’t miss your voice.

No, I don’t want to hug you.

don’t want to talk to you on the phone. 

I don’t want to hear about your day or what you’re doing. 

I want to forget remember everything like how we met in the city that one day and I couldn’t look you in the eyes. 

I don’t want to think of your eyes. 

I don’t want to hear about when you come to town.

I don’t want to like your pictures or know your fears and dreams. 

It’s simple. I don’t care anymore.



Notes from my teenage self. #2

Until I reach you.

I know it’s gonna be hard for me to wake up each morning not to think about you. I know it will be harder not to love you everyday. I will miss everything - your smile, your eyes, your lips, your voice, your warmth.

But as you said, I have to be stronger. I have to be myself first. I want to believe in everything you said. That it will be okay. That at end of this, WE WILL BE OKAY.

I love you more than anything. Babe, sorry for making this hard for you. Babe, sorry if I am weak. I love you most, babe.

Lord, please please please. If he is really for me, if we are really meant together, please please please lead us back into each other’s arms.

I love you.
I will reach you in God’s perfect time, because right now YOUREUNREACHABLE.


“I don’t miss.”
“Is this magic? It feels like magic.”
“Ah. Coffee? No.”
“It’s just me and the target.”
“Not another alternate reality.”
“What’s a Hawkeye?”
“Where are my Merry Men?”
“Is that … a dragon?”
“Stay on target.”
“Folk heros are the best heroes.”
“I look great in purple.”
“What’s a boomerang arrow?” x2

Fetch with Twilight

WOW HEY HAVEN’T VOICED STUFF IN A CRAZY LONG TIME AMIRITE? Thought I’d get back into it and voice a comic from the amazing @lightsintheskye ‘s Link and the Links AU. I’ve always wanted to try voicing a Toon Link. (*´▽`*)

Voices: @taidatenshi as Wind Waker!Link, @goat-boi-dubs as Ocarina of Time!Link, @vowgan as Twilight Princess!Link, and Breath of the Wild!Link as himself

Comic by: Lightsintheskye

Music Used: Hateno Village (Day) from the Breath of the Wild Soundtrack

  • the prince: *humiliates and dismisses the old woman in front of all his guests*
  • me: wow what an asshole, he deserves to suffer
  • the prince, as a beast: *pretentiously criticizes romeo and juliet after belle names it as her favorite play*

i’m so excited i could cry like what is the album gonna be called????????? how many songs is it gonna be??????? what is it gonna sound like??????? is it completely different like did he want to explore a whole new genre????? is it going to be more than one genre???? are they gonna be more upbeat or more slow?????? is he gonna do some more falsettos like in home????? what’s the album cover art gonna be????? what’s his name gonna look like on it?????? WHAT ARE THE LYRICS GONNA BE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IS HE GONNA RIP MY HEART RIGHT OUTTA MY GODDAMN CHEST

Sometimes you lose people, and there’s just nothing that you can do about it. Sometimes you lose something that you love. Sometimes you’re replaced by someone else and shifted to a not-so-important place in that one confidant’s heart. Sometimes relationships change and you end up feeling a little bit lonely. Sometimes you just aren’t the right fit, you just aren’t the soul that that other person needs.
—  🖤

Kdrama kisses