i miss their interactions even though this was the only one

What we KNOW about the Agreste family

Apart from all the speculation, here’s what we know.

1. Mama Agreste “disappeared.” (webisode)

2. Mama Agreste has only been missing about a year. (Christmas Special).

3. Adrien has always been home-schooled and never able to make friends even though he’s had both parents until the past year. Although he had Chloe (a friend within walking distance) and Gabriel didn’t mind Nino until he started telling him what to do.

4. Adrien is kinda ridiculous because Chloe is the only girl he’s ever interacted with and he uses all the movies he’s watched as reference for social interaction. In other words, he’s been THAT out of touch for 13-15 years (Astruc commentary).

5. Adrien has never had a birthday party, which I guess makes sense because he’s only ever had one friend anyway. (Bubbler)

6. Gabriel “gave” Adrien the same pen for three years DESPITE his wife being around (Bubbler) Although he did demand Natalie get him a gift and wanted to know if Adrien liked it.

7. Adrien is used to Gabriel flaking out on him, even though he still tries to bond and even though it still hurts when it doesn’t work. He expects his presence to be replaced by “the best money can buy.” (Mime)

8. According to Gabriel, everything Adrien needs is in the house and where he can keep an eye on him. He “won’t have him outside in that dangerous world” (Stoneheart).

9. He actually does let him go outside in the dangerous world quite often for school, modeling, or random events like a mime show or supporting a friend on a game show. Most of the time he’s accompanied by his bodyguard but this isnt the case with school. However Gabriel INSISTED Adrien be driven to school despite it being well within walking distance.

10. Gabriel “hasn’t been the same” since the wife disappeared, so he’s been different somehow in the past year. (webisode are these canon?)

11. Gabriel has “ALWAYS been a stick in the mud,” according to Adrien. (Bubbler)

12. Adrien told Nino his father is “stubborn” and that it’s “best to stay out of his way” (Bubbler). Gabriel spent the entirety of Jackady insisting that no one controls him, that no one tells him what to do, and generally just not listening.

13. Gabriel is incredibly rude and Adrien’s pretty used to it. He told two randoms “your show is pathetic and so is your guest” then abruptly left. Adrien’s response was “That’s my dad alright” (Jackady).

14. According to Gabriel, his wife was “extremely sensitive.” He also implies she has a temper and called him out, which seems weirdly into (Jackady).

15. Adrien was actually surprised to get a hug from his father but seemed to crave it. It’s unexpected behavior (Jackady).

16. Gabriel, in all the times we’ve seen him, always shuts Adrien down when he tries to speak up.

17. When it comes to his father, Adrien is never sure of anything (Jackady).

18. Adrien started modeling to make his dad happy, and it’s his way of being there for him after the loss of Mama Agreste (webisode).

19. Gabriel keeps tons of Adrien’s modeling photos in his office and states he’s the “image of perfection.” However nothing about Adrien’s relationship, feelings, or interactions with Gabriel imply he’s actually shown Adrien a substantial amount of pride for him in awhile.

20. Gabriel has a secret safe with Tibet tickets, a book about miraculous, his wife’s picture, and the peacock miraculous. Because of reasons (Volpina).

21. Gabriel keeps a huge, beautiful painting of his wife in his office and a picture of her in his safe. He appears to be smiling in the family portrait. He has a MASSIVE painting of him and Adrien looking sad when his wife has been gone less than a year.

22. Adrien’s pictures with his mom are the warmest parental interaction we’ve seen.

23. Adrien doubts his father’s love for him, as shown when Ladybug said “parents love their kids” and his response was “most of them.” His mom has only been gone less than a year, so Gabriel has either always been stand-offish or some months of single-dad Gabriel have caused Adrien to think his father doesn’t love him.

24. He stared at Marinette’s family picture wondering “is that what a happy family looks like?” (Astruc commentary). Why would he have to wonder if it’s only been bad for months out of his 15 years?

The Flash 3x16

even though Barry fucks up a lot, he always tries to make it right. 

the Speedforce isn’t as cuddly this time around; it’s much more of a test.

Seeing Eddie, Ronnie, and Snart back in some form was great of course. I’ve missed Captain Cold and the Flash interacting, it’s been too long.

personally, I think Barry was the one to start Snart on his path to being more of a hero but I don’t think it was the whole reason Leonard sacrificed himself to destroy the Time Masters, so I disagree that it was only because of Barry

Wally, I”m so sorry you were stuck in that hell. But at least you’re out now

Jay essentially sacrificing himself so Barry and Wally could leave gave me a ton of feels. I didn’t expect that. I do hope they free him at the end of all this. (why does there need to be a Speedster in the Speed Force? there didnt ‘used to be)

Jessie actually being able to stab Savitar was good, it’s also an indication of a vulnerability. Who is Savitar?

HR can be annoying and over the top, but there are moments when he helps and he tries, so I can tolerate him

It is bittersweet that Jessie is leaving, but I’m proud of her for wanting to protect a vulnerable Earth. But Wally was so sad to see her go; they love each other, and now they aren’t on the same Earth anymore :( I hope they see each other again

Iris realizing, when Barry was gone (and after that talk with her father), that she really does want to marry him and she wants to be all in.

and though I am glad Barry admitted she was right about him asking her to marry him to change the future, I am kinda pissed that he decided they need space. Her heart was laid out on the line, and you broke it, Barry. Just because she wasn’t wearing a ring in the future doesn’t mean you two were separated or broken up :(

anyway, the musical episode should be hilarious and fun, with hopefully some meaningful stuff too

Okey I’m gonna say a few things about het ships from a very personal and gay and multishipping point of view.

Sherlock has always been and still is a very male-centered show. I haven’t checked how it does with the Bechdel test but I’m willing to bet probably not very well. Two male leads get most of the attention, and there are more male secondary charachters in the show. So it’s only natural that the ships that are closer to people’s hearts involve at least one of the charachters who gets most screen time and interaction with other charachters, and it’s not strange that many of the ships involve two men.

Even though I’m a lesbian, I do enjoy male gay ships (and smut) like, a LOT. But it gets boring after a while, ‘cause I miss having some women around. I love the female charachters of all my fandoms and they are overwhelmingly underappreciated by most people in most fandoms. There are some amazing women in Sherlock, who in my opinion don’t get to shine enough in Mofftiss’ writing, but get the chance to shine brighter in fandom. The thing is, these female charachters have very little interacion with each other, so there’s little canon material to draw on and even though it’s fun to imagine and have ships with absolutely 0 canon support and I love to go into AU territory, this can also get tiring, and at some point I end up shipping the male leads with some of the amazing women who interact mainly with them (mainly Sherlock, of course).

What I’m trying to say is that het ships (or m/w ships, which are not necessarily hetero since you know bisexuality & stuff) are not necessarily born of a heteronormative mindset which looks to pair off men with women, or a homophobic outlook which prevents people from seing chemistry between people of the same sex, or wants to erase their sexual orientation. Sometimes it’s simply because having such a male-centered show female charachters interact almost exclusively with the male leads and if we want to explore them and celebrate them by shipping them with people but are tired of just having to make everything up with little or no canon material to draw from we might end up shipping them with the people they actually interact with, who of course happen to be male.

I love rare ships, I love 100% non-canon ships, I loooove femslash, and I love slash. But I also love shipping female charachters that I love with people they interact with meaningfully in canon, and since this show is heavily male-centered, they’re usually male, and that’s how I usually end up with het ships.

This is not to say that there aren’t a lot of people who only have straight ships because of the reasons mentioned above, conciously or unconsiously, but just to point out that for some of us the process is slightly more complex and is more related to the relegated place of women in media than to a heteronormative/homophobic point of view.

This is my personal opinion of why, as a lesbian, I end up with so many het ships. I’d be very interested to know if there are any other lgbtq+ people out there who go through a similar process, and see if we can reflect on het ships and heteronormativity from our own point of view.

anonymous asked:

Any tips on learning IPA? English isn't my first language but I'm studying it @uni and IPA transcription can get really tricky for me.

IPA can definitely be tough to learn! It’s something that you just really have to memorize, but after a while it’ll come to you without even thinking. 

Flashcards were the most helpful to me when I was learning. I recommend putting the symbol on one side and then the voicing, place of articulation, and manner of articulation on the other side. You can also put an example of a word with that sound if that helps. Here is an already-made set on quizlet. It looks like it’s only the sounds found in General American English though, I don’t know if you’re learning all the sounds or if you’re in a different English-speaking country.

Another thing that might help is filling out a blank IPA chart with what you know and then checking it against a full chart to see what you missed. 

Also, here is an interactive IPA chart with sound. You can click on a symbol and hear it pronounced. 

If you want to practice with a friend, play IPA hangman! Pick a word, transcribe it into IPA, and set up the spaces. If the word is “cat,” you would have _ _ _ for [k æ t]. Then,  have your partner guess the symbols by describing their characteristics (don’t just say “k”, say ”voiceless velar stop” for the [k], etc.). We play this in my classes sometimes and it’s a lot of fun :)  Also check out IPA arcade for some more games. 

You’ll definitely get better with practice! If you want to work on transcriptions, find a short youtube video of someone speaking and try to transcribe exactly what you hear, sentence by sentence. You can adjust the speed of youtube videos, so if the person is talking too fast, slow it down. 

One last thing: remember that there are some discrepancies between how linguists describe certain sounds so if that’s the case it’s probably best to go off of your own notes than ones you find online. If you need help with remembering specific symbols, let me know and I may be able to help. Good luck! 

The Only Good Thing

Pairing: John Murphy x reader
Request: Could you please write an imagine where the reader is kidnapped, and the kidnapper (doesn’t matter who) kisses her in front of John, and keeps going until he snaps and shoots him. The reader is a shaking flinching crying mess, and John comforts her, because, even though he’s never told her, he has been in love with her since he saw her
Words: 1333
Warnings: slight overpowering/kidnap, forced interaction, shooting
A/N:Hands down - first ever request and I’m squirming because haha I have no idea what I did here. I hope you like it and as usual I would like to read your thoughts. BW updates are in process. Have fun! c:

Thin, cold and hard. It felt out of place and every muscle in your body was so tensed it hurt. The ground was damp and it had taken you a moment to realize your left shoe was missing. You couldn’t move, the tight grip on your chin felt like it could break your jaw. But the knife on your throat was the real problem. Without the sharp blade you could have done something – running for example. But you couldn’t. You knew you were in trouble when you had opened your eyes minutes ago. You were dragged through the forest. Branches had cut your arms and you needed way too long to realize where you were. You lost even more when you tried to remember how this could have happened.

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No don’t worry, it’s not a dumb question!

 Well basically in canon it’s stated that Denmark is the one who raised Iceland, and Iceland didn’t even find out he and Norway were brothers until very recently. However, from a historical perspective, one can infer that Norway was there to help raise Iceland too in Iceland’s early youth, but then left the union, so Iceland was raised by Denmark for most of his upbringing.

This theory is solidified by the official art himaruya posted of Denmark and Norway holding hands, with a very young Iceland clutching Denmark’s other hand, like a family! 

 Because of this, I personally think that Iceland is closer with Denmark, having been raised by him and all. Their interactions in canon show how close their relationship is: they tease each other, Denmark dotes on him, Iceland says that though he pretends to be annoyed by him, deep down he secretly likes it, and when Denmark goes missing in the Christmas event, Iceland completely panics.

 However, I think he and Norway still love each other significantly. There is a bit of a rift in their relationship from Norway’s absence throughout his upbringing, but they are working towards fixing it and are undoubtedly very close.