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The Little Mermaid

Mermaids are popular lately. I guess that makes now as good a time as any to talk about Hans Christian Andersen’s The Little Mermaid.

Which desperately needs to be talked about. Seriously, the situation is dire.

Everyone knows the Disney version, which I happen to like very much, but it’s a different story, about different things. Starting with the Disney version, we’re all sort of trained to see Prince Charming as the only possible happy ending.

Most people also know that in Andersen’s version, the mermaid dies in the end. And this is where things get difficult. First, there are a lot of picture books that end with her dying, and they have Andersen’s name on the front, and naturally everyone assumes they’re telling the original story.  If you read a twenty page picture book that was just the Disney story condensed, until suddenly it ended with death, you did not read the original.

Also, there’s this idea going around that she committed suicide because the prince didn’t love her. That is not what happened at all, and I don’t know how the rumor got started, but it really bugs me.

So I’ve got a collection of Andersen’s fairy tales in front of me right now, and I’m actually really frustrated because the title page doesn’t name a translator, but it’s got 47 of his stories in it, and my dad bought it in Germany. The Little Mermaid is 35 pages without illustrations, I have done my research, and I’m completely sure it’s the real, full story.

The mermaid’s got a bunch of sisters. They’re all kind of interested in our world, because they’re not allowed to go to the surface until they reach a certain age. But the novelty wears off for the others. Our mermaid, much like Ariel, is a little obsessed. Already, this is about more than a cute boy. The mortal world is something that fascinated her long before she met the cute boy.

And then she saves his life. And she’s got a crush on him. It’s bad. She spies on him a lot. Her sisters help her find his house. But she doesn’t actually do anything. Days pass. Maybe weeks. Probably weeks. And then she talks to her grandma, and finds out that although they have much shorter lifespans, humans have immortal souls.

This is important.  The Little Mermaid is part of a large group of folk and fairy tales with this same basic idea. Humanoid creatures that are not human have human rationality, but lack immortal souls. It’s terrible, because they have the ability to understand exactly what they’re missing. So these creatures—fairies, elves, trolls, assorted sea beings—have one shot at a soul. Some stories say you only have to marry a human, others say you have to bear his children (sucks to be a merman, I guess).

She’s been obsessed with humanity forever, and she’s totally in love with this guy. But it’s not until she learns about the soul that she does anything. This is about the boy, yeah, but it’s also about the soul, and in the long run the soul is more important.

So she goes to the sea witch—who, by the way, warns her that this is stupid. And the deal is that she can become a human (which will be intensely painful), in exchange for her tongue (she cuts it out), and if he marries her, she gets the soul. If he marries no one, presumably she lives a normal human life, and dies in thirty or forty years with no soul. (The text really isn’t clear here.) But if he marries someone else, then she dies and turns into sea foam (which sounds weird but apparently it’s what all mermaids do when they die). Really, it’s a pretty generous deadline for a witch.

The prince finds her naked on the beach and takes her home, like a stray dog or something. A lot like a stray dog. Seriously. Let’s look at this relationship.

Everyone was enchanted by her, especially the prince, who called her his little foundling…The prince said she was to stay with him forever, and she was allowed to sleep outside his door on a velvet cushion.

A velvet cushion. Wow. Talk about your healthy romantic relationships. Not a bedroom. Not a bed. She is allowed to sleep on a cushion in the hallway.

What a privilege. I am so jealous.

Next, he has some boys’ clothes made for her so they can ride horses together.

Is she his pet? Is she is little brother? I have no idea. When I told my mom the story, she said, “So basically what he wants is a pet friend.” I think that sums up the situation pretty nicely.

But wait, there’s more.

Day by day the prince grew fonder of her. He loved her the way one loves a dear, good child, but to make her his wife did not occur to him at all.

’Of course I love you best,’ said the prince, ‘for…You are devoted to me, and you resemble  a young girl I once saw but will certainly never find again…She was the only one I could love in this world. But you look like her…and so good fortune has sent you to me. We shall never be parted!’

Then his parents want him to go meet a princess. He tells the mermaid:

‘I cannot love her. She doesn’t look like the beautiful girl in the temple, whom you resemble. If I should ever choose a bride, you would be the more likely one, my mute little foundling with the sparkling eyes!’

And this is where it gets really interesting:

And he kissed her rosy mouth, played with her long hair, and rested his head upon her heart, which dreamed of mortal happiness and an immortal soul.

Which she’s never gonna get. Why? Because this guy’s a loser.

You give a girl a nice little doggy bed. You treat her like a boy. You talk to her like a child. You tell her you love someone else. And what do you do next? You kiss her.

This is not Prince Eric. This is not Disney. Reading this story, I don’t want her to end up with this prince. That’s not a happy ending at all. He doesn’t even treat her like a person, and she deserves so much better.

So the prince goes and meets this princess. And the princess ends up being the girl that he loves from the temple. (He thinks she saved his life. Actually it was the mermaid. I’m really curious about what would have happened if he’d learned the truth.)

He’s going to marry her immediately. The deal with the witch says our mermaid dies the first morning after the wedding. She holds the bride’s train. She participates in the wedding that’s going to kill her, because she’s a sweet person who really loves this guy who treats her like a pet, and it is devastating.

Her sisters are also really sweet. They made a deal with the sea witch, too. In exchange for all of their hair, they get a knife, and they tell our mermaid:

Before the sun rises, you must plunge it into the prince’s heart! And when his warm blood spatters your feet, they will grow together into a fishtail, and you will become a mermaid again and can sink down into the water to us, and live your three hundred years before you turn into the lifeless, salty sea foam.

His life for a do over. I’d totally take that deal.

Maybe not. But I have a long list of fictional people I would like to slap, stab, or strangle, and he is definitely on it.

Anyway, the little mermaid is a much better person than me, and she’s not gonna kill this guy. She jumps into the sea. I think this is where people get the suicide idea, but the sun is just coming up now. She’s about to turn into sea foam, and being a very considerate sort of person, she’s going to do it in the water, so no one has to clean her up. She is literally seconds away from a natural death. She’s not killing herself. Knowing that she’s going to die regardless, she is choosing a place to die in.

And it’s quote time.

Once more she gazed at the prince with dimming eyes, then plunged from the ship down into the sea. And she felt her body dissolving into foam.

Now the sun rose out of the sea. The mild, warm rays fell on the deathly cold sea foam, and the little mermaid did not feel death…she saw the clear sun, and up above her floated hundreds of lovely transparent creatures…The little mermaid saw that she had a body like theirs. It rose higher and higher out of the foam.

So she becomes a Daughter of the Air. Daughters of the Air create their own souls with good deeds. It takes about three hundred years. So basically she gets to hang around for the length of her normal mermaid lifespan, and then she’ll have a soul and she can go to Heaven. Also she gets to talk again. This is not actually a tragic ending. She wins. She gets the soul. She doesn’t get the prince, but I have a feeling the Daughters of the Air are gonna treat her a lot better than he did, so who cares? She’s going to Heaven.

Now at the very end Andersen mentions that if the Daughters fly past a naughty child, they’ll get another year added to their 300, but mostly this seems to be a scare tactic for young readers, so let’s just focus on the happy part where the little mermaid does technically die, but also gets eternal life.

Also, if you want to read more of this type of story, where marriage=soul, you should totally check out Undine, by Friedrich de la Motte Fouqué. It was written before The Little Mermaid, it also involves a sea person, it’s much more painful, it’s a little more explicitly religious, and it is absolutely beautiful. Also it’s free online, and George MacDonald Approved:

Were I asked, what is a fairytale? I should reply, Read Undine: that is a fairytale … of all fairytales I know, I think Undine the most beautiful.

A Brief Recapitulation of Troll-Changeling Friendships

This takes place during and after this fic thing, which was inspired by @changepherrox‘s art and the written scenario of Walter meeting Barbara, pre-show, and becoming part of the Lake family. After finding his place in the human world, he comes upon the Trollhunter amulet and struggles between protecting his family, being a double agent… and secretly defending a Trollmarket that doesn’t particularly want a changeling for a Trollhunter. 

You probably want to read the first fic thing before checking this out. Again, I haven’t seen Trollhunters in a month or so, so inaccuracies probably occur. Thank you so much for the ideas and conversation, @changepherrox! I’ve been really inspired. I hope this lives up to what you were imagining. Here we go!


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Star Trek: DS9 Notes - S6, Vol. 5

Hello hello Tarra Treks is BACK! Read ‘em and weep, I sure did by the end.

6x20 ‘His Way’
- Netflix: “Bashir shows off his new holosuite character, a 1960s Las Vegas singer who performs in a lounge full of martini-swilling customers.”
  me out loud: “Why are you like this.”
- what is this boozy Mad Men fantasy
- it’s actually SO STRANGE to see them all in here in their uniforms!
- “pretty sweet pipes for a lightbulb” oh I like this, I like that he knows?? weird, weird and fun!

Julian is criminally pleased with himself and his preternaturally astute holographic lounge singer

- wait are Kira and Shakaar an on-again-off-again? since when?
- Julian: “He knows about love, life, women!”
  Miles: “Three things you know nothing about.”
  Julian: “Now that’s a little unfair.”
  hey if you knew about life you wouldn’t have walked right into that one
- hold up, I just realized I’m watching Quark give Odo relationship advice. QUARK AND ODO. TALKING ABOUT ♡
- Odo: “Who asked for your opinion?”
  Quark: “You did. I came here to talk about a missing shipment of groat clusters.”
- please tell me what is in a Warp Core Breach

this is incredible

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Happier - Sirius Black x Reader

Y/n - your name

H/c - Hair color

Warnings: slight angst

Disclaimer: I wrote this so copyright I guess? If you’d like to reblog just ask permission and this is kinda based on the song Happier by Ed Sheeran. I don’t own any Harry Potter characters, settings etc. I edited this best I could so if there’s any mistakes I apologize in advance. Enjoy!!

He felt like he couldn’t breathe. His breath falling short of his lungs, his heart thudding louder than a war drum. Had that really just happened? He watched her walk away, her (h/c) hair falling perfectly down her back and he could hear her muffled cries. The image of silver tears running down her pink cheeks was burned into his mind and he felt sick. There was a knot in his throat that only grew tighter and Sirius Black cried, he sobbed into his hands, almost forgetting how to breathe. James found him, gasping for breath, his eyes red and his face blotchy. “I cheated on her James, I lost her, I lost Y/n.”

One month, twenty eight days, fifteen hours and forty three minutes had gone by since that day, since the day he lost the most important thing in his life. He was sitting on the bench outside with his friends, trying so hard not to show how much he was falling apart. He’d heard Remus talking to Y/n about Cole, a handsome Gryffindor boy who’d asked her out. Apparently she’d said yes but he made sure she wasn’t going on that date today. He saw Y/n, her face full of anger and a hint of sadness. She stopped in front of him and Sirius was positive he forgot how to breathe. She was beautiful as ever and he missed her so much it hurt constantly. “How could you?” She asked. Sirius smirked, used to masking his emotions.

“Do what love?” He teased. This only made her madder and he felt like a claw was squeezing at his heart.

“You know what, you know what you did and I can’t,” Y/n shouted but her voice broke, Sirius could see her eyes glassing over with tears and he’d never felt so awful in his life. Whenever she’d come crying to him about a guy, he’d always said that anybody who made her cry was an absolute troll and that they’d never deserve her, but here he was, making her eyes fill with tears. “Why do you always have to ruin everything?” She asked quietly. He could see goosebumps on her arms from the cold and he suddenly found his jacket too hot for him. He took it off, about to drape it over her shoulders when she jerked away quickly. “Why do you always have to ruin everything, can’t you just let me be happy without you?” She whispered. Her words made his heart shatter into a million pieces. She started to walk away and he panicked.

“Y/n!” He yelled as he ran after her, “Y/n please!” He grabbed her arm and pulled her towards him. “Please, I just, need to say this. I know that I can’t say anything that will explain what I did, but I will say that I love you more than anything. I hate myself for what I did and if I could go back and change it all I would, but I can’t. I don’t deserve you, nobody will ever deserve you, but, I love you so much, please, just always remember that.” He said, his sadness and desperate tone decorating his words like lace. She gently put her arms around him and Sirius felt almost like he could breathe again with her in his arms, he didn’t realize he was crying until he saw her shoulder was damp with tears. She took his face in her hands, using her thumbs to wipe away his tears.

“I love you too, but honestly, I don’t know how I could get over the fact that you kissed someone else,” she said, biting her lip and looking away.

“I know baby, I know, I wouldn’t forgive me either but promise me, please, that we’ll still talk and…” Sirius was cut off by her soft warm lips meeting his. He instantly leaned into the kiss, pouring every emotion, practically groveling for her to forgive him and stay because of how much he needed her. By the time they broke away, both of them were breathless.

“I’m willing to try again Sirius, if you’d let me,” she said softly. He scooped her up in a hug, twirling her around the biggest smile of both of their faces. He glowed when he heard her giggle as he set her down again and pressed a quick but loving kiss to her lips.

“I love you so much Y/n, more than you know.”

To the Caryl Fandom before the hiatus

The thing I hate the most about any season-ending hiatus aside from the obvious lack of Caryl (and Melissa/Norman) on my screen, is missing everyone from the fandom who I’ve come to appreciate so much in keeping me grounded in my love of Caryl. Before some of you depart or lay low for the hiatus, I want to thank you for always giving me the strength I need to keep on Caryling even when the trolls make it their life’s mission to tear us down.

I hope I’m not forgetting anyone that has made my time in this fandom fun and thought-provoking all at once.

Shout out to all of you who put a smile on my face with your enthusiasm and wit: @haleyymae89 @dixonscarol @dixonrocks88 @ghostycaryler123 @imorca @zainapbaraketcaryl @dandelioncherokee @silversundown2 @shanahaniganz @desmond-is-our-king @grey-haired-queen-bitch @carylisbeautiful @everlastingbalm @ciaomichaella @leigh57 @melanneniel 

To the Carylers who are just cool as shit and reading their posts make my day: @ginger-zombie @cool-avaspuppies @alil2confident @alienscorpion @archersqueen @thereadersmuse @na-bruma-leve @ikkleosu @oasis-haze @edithmcbride-lovingmisswatson @bluebell218 @youwereneveraslicebitch @psychoanthrowalker

A big ole “Thank You” to the Carylers that have been my favs for longer than I can remember and for many different reasons….these are my “ride-or-die” blogs: @oohhshiny @alannastara @leonstrenton @skhskh1996 @ocean514 and @othergrayhairedqueenbitch 

Last, but not least, a shout out to @ripleytwd for always being fair to Carylers when it comes to spoilers. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it. Also the incredibly talented Maria a.k.a. @lapicesypantones for keeping Caryl sexy AF.

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HelloILoveYourArtAndMaybeWroteAThingAboutIt *drops a gift box in front of you and bolts off* archiveofourown(.)org/works/10894131


IM SO IN LOVE WITH THIS THANK YOU SO MUCH FAM???? I’m so sorry I didn’t see this before idk if you tagged me and I missed it, or if I just missed it entirely since I don’t troll AO3 a lot but this is so good? Yuri is perfectly bratty and Beka makes me shiver and I can’t wait for more <3 <3


This has been a ride to remember. Disappointed SC aren’t together, but more disappointed that this reveal was done in such a low manner. I blame myself because after WS came to this fandom and Jess was treated so badly, i really thought that Sam was a victim as well. Stuck with another fandom troll, but one of high profile. Even after Jess and others left, still nothing from Sam. He did a great job ignoring. Love him as an actor, but as anything else he just seems to have fallen short.

This reveal was like teenagers dealing with responsibility. How hard is it to say something to your fans, besides vote or donate. Check out my IG and guess who I am with now.?

Some will stick this out. For myself I will not ship Sam and MM. I admit I dont like her actions, especially to her ex boyfriend Billy. No matter what happened between them, he did not need to be humiliated by MM on her IG during NYE. His nose was rubbed into their relationship and even taken to his IG. It was wrong in every way. You dont have to know someone to see how they treat others.

After three years of waiting this out as a fan, this is the best Sam could do? No he owes us nothing with his real life and how he lives it, but the innuendo and the constant GASLIGHTING of fans was really wrong. No matter what anyone says or thinks, it was what it was and manipulation was all over this fandom even during times MM was not around.

We don’t know the complete situation with Cait, but we do know she wasn’t innocent in this. She did say during the IFH that it was all for show. Whatever it was really fooled a lot of us.

WS is still trolling through this fandom and treating fans like shit. Sam has let him take over his fandom and I doubt he will ever get it back.

I need to remove myself from all this negativity and constant misdirection. I will come back once in a while. I know i will miss everyone so much, but this has been a sad place this last year.

i wish Sam and Cait the best of luck. I think this long wait till September is not going to be good. Now with this reveal some will leave, others will join in. I think the joy and enthusiasm that was here during the first Season and even the Second will not be as great. I will watch the show, but I know it will have lost that wonderful spark it used to have. The books will always be there for us to remember what it should of stayed as.

RDM and Maril are moving into new projects. I don’t think the show will get the TLC it deserves.

A Letter Home

Title: A Letter Home

 Prompt: @life-is-righteous Nori. This is for my 26 Day Birthday Celebration.  I decided to do something new for this one, I hope you like it.

 Summary: You receive a letter from your husband Nori while he is on the journey to reclaim Erebor.  It is has cute moments, funny moments, moments that rip your heart out, but you wouldn’t change a single dot of an ‘I’ of it, because it is from your Nori.

 Warnings: Fluff.  Slight Angst. But Mainly Fluff.  

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My Dearest One,

I hope this letter finds you quickly.  I’m sorry I couldn’t send one sooner, but stealing paper and ink from Ori is probably easier than prying a cold coin from a dragon’s clutches.  Okay, okay.  One: I know that probably wasn’t a funny joke.  Two: I know you are sitting there shaking your head wondering why I don’t just ask him for it.  I can hear your voice, clear as day speaking, “He is your brother, I’m sure if you asked him and told him what it was for he would offer it to you.”  But my love, where is the challenge in that?

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I’ve been seeing a number of posts cross my dash recently saying it’s important for readers to comment, to say something, to leave kudos, to encourage new writers. And I see those posts be re blogged and appear over and over again. I see them and I roll my eyes…

I started writing at the beginning of this year and I was met with troll comments. My introduction to writing fan fic was a flood of trolls who told me to kill myself, that I deserved to die, that I should get raped, calling me a bitch, a cunt, and a pedophile. That was the easy stuff to read, it got worse.

At the same that started, comments and positive feedback started to dry up. I’m being flooded with troll comments and the impression I got left with was that no one gives a damn. My reaction to it all was to sit in front of my computer and grow sick from it all, I cried and felt physically ill.

I wish I could say that I was brave or that all of it rolled off of me, but that isn’t what I happened. The truth is, I gave up, I stopped writing. My hand was on the button of a03 to delete my fics, I was done writing. It wasn’t worth it. 

Then, I got a message on tumblr from another writer, @priestess-of-artemis, telling me to keep going. Ten minutes later, another writer, @jboobies, sent me a message telling me they were experiencing the exact same problem but to KEEP WRITING.

So, it was me and two other writers that fought back against what felt like an army of trolls. Because two other writers cared enough about me to say something, I kept writing. I kept posting. I read as much fic as I could and left positive comments on every single damn one.

Every once in awhile, someone in fandom finds out what happens to me and I hear the same thing over and over again. It’s horrible that happened and people can be so mean. I hear those words and I think to myself, every single time, the point is being missed.

The problem isn’t the trolls. The problem is the number of people who reblog those posts and hit the like button and tag it with a signal boost. It’s the readers who you thought cared, who supported your efforts to keep writing who fled, who shut up and left when you needed to hear something from them the most.

I get told quite a bit that a certain fic of mine is a fave or how much people love it. I hear that a lot and all I think is the reason why that story exists is because two writers, two other members of fandom, cared enough to comment, cared enough to leave something positive.

That story doesn’t exist because I had an idea one day. That story exists because two people cared enough to support a new writer and kept her from hitting that delete button.

If you want your fave stories to exist and you want a new chapter to be posted you need to support your writers BEFORE they ever get the idea. You need to support them so they have a chance to write that story you love so much.

It’s possible they aren’t going to have two people to keep them from hitting the delete button.

So, yeah, I see those reblogs telling people to comment and I roll my eyes…

there are a lot of reasons i would recommend Katekyo! Hitman Reborn as an anime or manga:

  • main character Tsuna realizes he’s a main character and does his absolute best to avoid being a main character and fails miserably 
  • hibari, as the most broken af tank i have ever witnessed on a good guys’ team and yet he also spends half his time trying to kill his own allies because he’ll fight LITERALLY EVERYTHING THAT BREATHES except small children and animals
  • and then the Rainbow Arc happens and that entire scene with him switching sides and then fighting Xanxas AND THEN LOSING ON PURPOSE LMFAO what a piece of shit i love him
  • eventually in the manga you get an explanation for why the fuck there are talking babies with guns, and even though the excuse is weird, at least there’s a fucking reason
  • cool fight scenes and neat powers, including a goddamn floating hedgehog ARMY WITH SPIKES
  • yamamoto. just yamamoto.
  • mukuro the owl
  • that one time Squalo brings them a giant fish for absolutely no reason
  • the Nobody Wants Fran Apocalypse
  • that time future Hibari trolled the SHIT out of everyone fighting the Phantom Knight, trust me that entire sequence was glorious writing and im still in love with it
  • if you want a story about mafiosos doing things that have absolutely nothing to do with the mafia
  • the foreshadowing in the manga especially was fascinating in hindsight. just everything that happens with irie shoichi. a+ writing
  • Enma Kozato, the most precious child to ever exist
  • scenes like this:

watch/read this series, guys