i miss the trenchcoat

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It is I, plot twisty. I was wondering if you could link me to some stuff you have written about Castiel's trench coat (bc I'm 99% sure you have) I'm just so excited because I love the new one so much. Also, I happen to be the person asking about the Winchesters and plaid shirts in season 12. I loved the way you analyzed the clothes of the characters and your attention to detail, because that stuff mostly remains unseen by my humble eyes. (Also I think you have a tag for the clothes stuff?!?)

Aaah hi! Were you why I wrote a 1000 mile long post with a screen cap of every shirt Mary wore in season 12? You are most welcome back in my inbox, that was a ton of fun :D 

I think my trenchcoat tag (the serious one not the “sam shoe saga” where all the fashion nonsense goes) has largely got other people’s meta in it because so much awesome stuff has been written before I ever got there so I mostly just summarise what everyone else has said when asked :P It’s like the Car Is Dean’s Soul thing: I’m 100% behind it but other people are way more into it so… :P I mean I will write the trenchcoat stuff and sob about it but @floatingaboveclouds​ really picked it up a while back (and sadly she’s been not around much lately) and at the moment @gneisscastiel​ is sobbing about it all the time. 

Aah my “trenchcoat meta” tag isn’t even on my tag list… See, there’s always something :P


This is what I always think of as the Definitive Trenchcoat Meta just because I read it first, ages ago, and it really got me into it :P 


Some thoughts about VERY early Cas and coat stuff.


Me being sad about it in 7x17


A season 8/9x01 look at it (I mean… written at LEAST after season 10 if I remember but from the POV of 8x07 about the early Carver era trenchcoat stuff we usually skip before going right to the new trenchcoat and all the nonsense they use it for :P)


Oh and more on the original coat and Cas’s identity (circa 9x23 at least)


Some overview on Cas up to 9x09 and Jimmy in general


This is a like 1 line meta on the new coat in 9x10


Here’s a season 9 original - I think the first post really yelling about the discovery of the plaid under the collar!


This is a great one from 9x18 when it aired that I stumbled on recently but remember reading at the time so it was one of my Formative Meta Experiences (I just didn’t reblog a whole lot until the season 9-10 hiatus really started so all this great stuff is kind of lost to time to me unless I’m blog snooping and stumble on it >.> Thankfully I blog snoop a lot.)

I’m so frustrated because I can’t find my reblog (if I ever did) of the deleted scene gifs of Cas sewing the trenchcoat with commentary about him doing Human Things™… >.> My blog from before like… late season 10/the hiatus after… is really badly tagged so the good stuff is all a mystery :P


(I found another!)


Here’s a season 9-10 hiatus post from me where I talk about how the combination of coat and song got me to ship Destiel textually because it was all so intrinsically linked and the whole deeper symbolism of what the coat means to Cas and how the lyrics in that song used it.


And the no need for words version… >.>


This one I wrote myself recently about Metatron in 9x22 trying on the coat and what I thought it meant in this context (as you can see I am still basically in a season 9 mindset about it :P)


Mel has all the gratuitous plaid shots…



This from 10x02 but the first doesn’t take into account that in the shot of Hannah putting the coat over Cas WE can see the plaid, I guess just from her perspective she misses it or doesn’t understand the symbolism (especially not that everyone leaped on the meta idea of “being draped in the flag of heaven” and what her actions were doing :P) - Floatingaboveclouds’s original Trenchcoat Meta is circa this episode and explains it best and it’s sort of the words in the back of my head about that scene all the time now.


Something from 10x14 which makes perfect sense because the new trenchcoat was from 9x10 but I just skim read the post and I’m not 100% sure they really got into it like I would have…


For 10x18 and Cas taking off his coat there :D




Some early season 11 meta!


Some thoughts about Cas in the start of season 11 and parallels to Casifer and how he was wearing Cas’s clothes…


11x15 and some more thoughts on Casifer


This is from earlier this hiatus giving an overview but I think I should add now with hindsight, talking about a full wardrobe upheaval, because there’s obviously different meaning in Cas going right back to something nearly identical to his original get up, and I’d rather muse on what that means when I know HOW he ends up with his new costume for season 13, so that’s a meta I’ll only write after 13x06. No leather jacket yet. >.> 

Here’s some interesting takes on it with a different perspective:




All of this is informing my thoughts right now on it and I know there’s a bunch of meta I missed… I mean just scrolling these posts I’m sure there’s gaps in trenchcoat-related events that I or others have talked about and uuugh even when I try and collect all the meta I’ve tagged badly in the past or was too shy when I was new to fandom and missed a whole bunch of the most important posts at the end of season 9 which drastically shaped how I read the show… I’m always happy to talk MORE about it :P

I guess adding this all up the one thing I can say about the new trenchcoat for season 13 is that is it a trenchcoat and that means it carries all this baggage, just as the 2nd one carried the baggage of the first, but it’s in a different form. If Cas picked it for himself, it will be like 9x10 and 8x07, where he chooses to go back to the original look. If it’s picked for him it will be a different story - more like 7x17 or 9x18 or 11x06 - times when he put the coat on hesitantly or was given a strong push to go for a choice that wasn’t particularly a choice, or because someone else was shaping his image for him. 

10x01-3 especially were LADEN with Cas identity stuff and included a lot of messing around with the trenchcoat, and it was also the first part of the show I enjoyed in fandom meta-ing with everyone else, so I have ideas about it very planted in my head :P I think I will always associate it with his angelic identity as the “flag of heaven” because of the 9x18/9x22/9x23 synergy about Cas, Metatron, and all the stuff going on between them. I think that whole chunk of the show with 9x14 as an outlier on one end and 10x18 on the other but mostly the end of season 9 and start of season 10 separated Cas out to tell a very specific story about who he was and what he wanted, and the trenchcoat played a huge part in that symbolism. And that starts with him picking a new one in 9x10 when re-asserting his angel identity (after joining in as a hunter in 9x09 in the same get up including the season 10-12 tie in an early appearance) and that act in itself was a sort of “be useful to the Winchesters or die human” scenario, and so I think like Dean on the phone in 9x09, I am very suspicious about Cas’s choice actually saying anything about what he WANTS when it comes to his identity, and the main block of episodes about this unpack it a lot more…

If Cas comes back in a new trenchcoat which is like the original flavour one, it might be like what it was used for in 8x07 - a “everything is okay” red flag that Cas put himself back together for appearances’ sake but of course he was being controlled by Naomi and it was the first scene Dean voices his immediate suspicions Cas did not come back naturally and there was something fishy about it - which of course he carries on worrying about until the Crypt Scene when it all becomes clear, and then Cas only stays in that outfit a handful more episodes until he becomes human and has to pick drinking water over maintaining the image and wearing his original battle armour.

There’s also the fact the trenchcoat IS the original battle armour to him and like in 9x18 or 11x06 the new one at very least feels like armour and we can see him using it as that emotionally… It’s not a bad thing for him to have a new old trenchcoat style to mimic how he used to be if it’s for his own strength and comfort… I just think that overall he’s headed in a different way than staying in the trenchcoat forever and a 3rd variation is going to be fascinating. I hope there’ll be a lot to comment on, like with the 2nd one when it was new there was like 2 seasons of heavy exploration of it as a meta subject before they sort of chilled out again and it became a more incidental feature. Or the times Cas had the original restored to him or like how it looked in Purgatory (see! even more incidents I couldn’t quickly find a post on :P)

And of course there’s the mystery about what Cas might wear while he’s dead, why he’s in a $2600 suit in the first scene of 13x06, and so on and so on. Season 13 has SO many more ways to fuck with us before we get to the new coat :P 

Happy 36th Birthday Dylan ♥ I wish you were here to celebrate but I’m so sorry that you’re not. I’m sorry that life was so cruel to you and I’m sorry that you felt you had no other way out. We’ll always remember your sweet smile and beautiful laugh, and for the good person you were before that tragic day. I love you and miss you. I hope you’re finally at peace. 

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I’ll admit it -

Sometimes I miss that old leather jacket. Y'know, my dad’s old one? It was beat to hell, and the lining was pulling away in places - it had torn out completely in one of the pockets, which was actually damn convenient - guns fit better in there. I miss the way it smelled, the way it made me feel a little bigger when I was a scrawny, too pretty sixteen year old, and the way it felt like armor when I got older.

I miss the way I’d occasionally forget which pocket I put the Impala’s keys in. I miss the way it always kept me warm, and that tiny little bit of Dad’s scent lingering in the collar. I miss it, but I don’t miss who I was when I wore it. Always trying to prove something, always trying to be the mirror image of my dad. 

These days, I’m less about the past and more about the future. I think more about ratty old trenchcoats than a beat up leather coat. I drug that damn thing across half the country, back when I thought he was - when I thought he was -

I guess I never really thought about it, that old trenchcoat, just knew I couldn’t leave it behind. I picked it up out of the water and I felt like my heart was - like it was never going to beat right again. Maybe that’s when I figured it out. Maybe that’s when I realized it was him - maybe it was always him.

Traditional relationships were never going to be a thing for me. But Cas - Cas makes me feel complete. Cas makes me feel like everything is going to be ok. Gettin’ all silly and sentimental in my old age. Guess I’m getting in touch with my feelings. Don’t tell Sam, ha!

Hell. I miss that old trenchcoat more than I’ll ever miss that leather coat. 

Lucky for me, the guy it belongs to is sitting right next to me, sipping a cup of coffee with his hair all bedheaded and crazy. And he actually looks a hell of lot better in my old, threadbare Zep shirt and a pair of sweats. 

Must of figured I was talkin’ about him, ‘cause he looked up just now and smiled at me, and man, I felt that all the way down to the tips of my toes. 

Fuck, I love him. I never, ever thought I’d have this - but after everything, here we are. 

Yeah, I don’t miss that old coat at all. 


Something that bothers me is Castiel’s new trench coat. I mean he’s had the same one since day one! It’s been stabbed, shot, and drenched in blood without a there being a fuzz, for heaven’s sake Dean even kept it while Cas was dead(!), and then all of a sudden he go and gets himself a new one? wat.  I’m a bit sentimental over here, but I miss the old one, okay? </3