i miss the time when i used to edit good

ladyknighttime  asked:

How much has your blog changed/ how many new followers do you have since the crucifix nail stuff?

This time last year I had just under 1000 followers. As of right now I have 11,269

My inbox went from silent to anywhere from 20 messages to 200 if it’s a busy day. Most of it not spam and I always feel bad that I don’t manage to keep up.

I could make posts without people trying to admonish me for talking about certain things, or treating me like a news source. But on the other hand when I do post other things I am faced with overwhelming love and support that is quite frankly humbling. The kindness is more common that the other.

I get tagged in so many posts so often I can’t keep up. Tumblr has straight up stopped telling me when I get comments on posts. It doesn’t even tell me when I get new followers anymore, despite having these settings turned on.

Random mad cap ideas I never thought much of have ended up being turned into novel ideas. As such I don’t have time to write much fanfic but I miss the Dishonored prompts every now and then. My dash used to be very fandom focused but now it’s mostly politics and fundraisers and answering a lot of questions I don’t always feel qualified to answer. I miss the former, but know I have to use whatever small platform I have for good.

In short, it’s gone from fandom and fun to being a near full time job that I don’t quite know how to keep up with but am nevertheless immensley thankful for, for the found family it has brought me, and the friends who are closer than blood.

Even when people insist on spamming me with my own shit post editing stories that refuse to die :p

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which parts of acowar did you dislike/didn't sit so well for you? i don't want you to get hate or anything but like what did you wish sjm didn't do? x

Hey Nonnie!

Ok. This turned out to be a REALLY LONG list so I’m putting it all under a cut, that way people don’t feel obligated to read this if they are tired of ACOWAR hate.

 If you are one of those people that are really tired of ACOWAR hate it’s totally ok to just scroll down, you do not have to read this.

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HZT-ao: 翻了翻手机,好像好久没有跟你们一起分享我的生活了,这里有在美国休息准备专辑玩儿的照片还有几张自拍什么的,还有我的好朋友们和我妈妈。我希望他们可以原谅我没有修图哈哈哈。我很想你们…也很想念海外的你们…如果看到请帮我转告一下  I LOVE HL

[Trans] Looking through my photos, it seems like it’s been a long time that I haven’t shared my life with you all. Here are photos taken in the US when I prepared the album, with my good friends and mum. I hope they forgive me for not editing these photos hahaha. I miss you all…And I also really miss overseas HL…if you read this please tell them. I LOVE HL 

glassill  asked:

Hey Dan. I'm a big fan of After Hours. I was wondering why there wasn't a new episode last month? Isn't it a monthly thing? I'm sorry if you've answered this before and I just missed it. Thanks and you're awesome.

Good catch! We missed a month for the first time in, gosh, years I guess. We had an episode we were going to run (it was about Star Wars and written by Alex Schmidt), but one of the higher ups at Cracked wanted us to hold onto it and release in December instead (because that’s when the new Star Wars movie comes out and we assume it’ll be better for traffic if we do that). It was a last-minute decision, so there wasn’t enough time to write, shoot and edit a replacement episode, so we just went dark for a month. We’ll have a new episode about Back to the Future on 10/21 and then we’ll be back on track.

Did I mention I really missed digitally painting? Ahhh

What I’m currently working on. …. I swear every time I upload something onto tumblr, that’s when I see all the mistakes. It looks seriously lighter on my monitor than on my tablet but woops.

*edit* bah. I think my monitor is just not as good at showing colour as the tablet. I keep darkening it and then using Snipping tool to compare it and it’s barely any darker than on here. Hnn. wtf