i miss the stage so much


Today’s Host-chan performance has finisheddd!! In the afternoon show, Zen-chan was 1st! I was 2nd! Haikyuu Group! 

And in the night performance, Ta-san was 1st! And I was 5th place! The three of us who are stupidly close took a photo together!* 
I was in the 7-Gods ranking today as well…  (>人<;) Really, thank you so much! I will work hard tomorrow too! 


Takeru (Yaku)
Ok, let’s go to bed.
Good nya-ight!

Shouri (Kuroo)
A black cat!

Takeru (Yaku)
My black cat’s name is Moko, you can meet him later!

Translation by @nimbus-cloud

Yes, he said ‘oyasumi nya-sai’ so… cat pun.

Reasons to be happy today:

  • Damian has a habit of bugging rooms when he thinks he’s missing information. The rest of the family is very well-trained, so the hardware gets spotted almost immediately. Most of them return the bugs so Damian knows they found them, but Stephanie and Tim have taken to staging elaborate conversations underneath them instead.
  • “Tim listen I’m kinda worried about this audio file I found in Bruce’s database” “okay let’s hear it” “but it’s kind of shady and I think it’s about you” “wow that’s really weird but …play it I guess” [full volume rick roll] [Damian yanks out his earbuds in disgust] [loud laughter from across the room]
  • Additional tactics: slow burn jokes with the punchline fifteen minutes in, completely fictional information regarding narcotic deals on the elementary school campus (resulting in photographs of Damian camped out inside a tunnel slide), false accounts of criminal activity at the local pizzeria with the follow up text “hey since you’re there can you pick up our order?”
  • I assume that Duke has to do a bunch of background reading on all the cases Bruce has worked over the years, but really– considering Bruce’s canonical history, some of those are gonna be pretty wild, to the point where Duke probably wouldn’t be able to tell if one of the other kids slipped in a few fake ones.
  • Am I saying that Duke thinks Bruce spent four months infiltrating a Chuck E. Cheese back in ‘09? Yes. The file said it was a front for weapons trafficking. It’s not like it’s any weirder than the rest of it.

im rewatching exo’s stage @ the mamas and im dead about to cry like they missed their flight.. made it in time for red carpet.. prob had like 10 minutes to rehearse yet they still?? put on one of their best performances like they all sound so good they look good and even when chen’s pants ripped he didn’t think twice he improvised and fixed it they’re such professionals like holy shit they were good sports throughout the whole thing and then going on stage to accept their awards and remaining humble each and everytime they were called… i love exo so much .. TRUE KINGS OF KPOP

  • Lisa Lavender: We're coming at you live from the Schnee charity ball where the main performance, Weiss Schnee, will be singing shortly.
  • *Team RNJR, Blake and Sun, Yang and Taiyang watch at their separate locations on TV's.*
  • Ruby: I miss her so much.
  • Blake: She looks really unhappy.
  • Yang: We should all be together again.
  • *Meanwhile backstage Jacques walks up to Weiss.*
  • Jacques: Remember you're doing this for the good of the Schnee name. You better have picked the perfect song to sing too.
  • *Weiss nods her head before walking up onto the stage. She coughs lightly to get everyone's attention before starting to sing.*

Behind the scenes of The Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit (Part 5)

Excerpt from director James Strong’s “Director’s Diary” (DWM #371)

It’s the week before we start shooting. The cast arrives in Cardiff for a read-through, followed by a rehearsal. This is such a treat. Too often, the first time that you’ll meet an actor is on set, and you’re straight into the work. Don’t get me wrong, you can’t do enormous amounts in a few hours, but any time with the cast in a room just talking through the script and the story can really help the end result. I tend to leave the script alone, and ask the actors to tell me who they think their character is? What do they like? We invent history and background, as well as exploring the relationships between the characters so when they arrive on set, hopefully they’ll have some concrete character notes in their minds.  This will enable them to launch straight into our story, as sadly on the day there will be no time to stop and ponder their ‘motivation’.

We gather early in the morning for the read-through. I nervously drink too much tea and need the loo constantly. It’s amazing the transformation that occurs when a script is read aloud. All the emotion and excitement of the page suddenly fills the room. It is so intoxicating, and, despite my dodgy reading of Zack (as Shaun couldn’t make it), the read-through goes really well, and everyone is looking forward to the shoot… regardless of the rather ominous weather reports, which warn of a major snow-front heading straight for us the day we start shooting!  Also, it’s my first chance to chat with Billie and David, who talk enthusiastically of the story as the scariest they’ve done!

Other parts of this set: [ one ] [ two ] [ three ] [ four ]
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Sorry I haven’t been taking too much care of this blog, my dudes. Been playing video games and dealing with some stuff lately; updating this blog isn’t at the top of the list of things I need to do. Next week, I’ll be on break, so I’ll try to update a bit then. I know you guys miss these fast memes. More will be on the way eventually. When, I’m not sure; hang in there, my dudes. This blog is only in its early stages, so more will come soon.

G-Dragon being a dad would include:
  • Having his child constantly in fashion
  • Constant going out on walks 
  • Having a extremely expensive bedroom for his child
  • Being around his child as soon as he gets home
  • “Hello baby I missed you so much”
  • Your child having a passport at a young age
  • Wanting your child to dance with him or go on stage with him 
  • He would cuddle you when you guys go to bed and when you wake up your child would be with him 
  • Napping on free days with his child
  • Making meals as a family
  • Going on day trips to child friendly places
  • Playing with toys with them
  • His SNS’s being filled with picture of his kids, icon would become them as well
  • Bringing home your favorite foods when you’re pregnant
  • “What does the little one want today?”
  • Getting up late at night to get you food
  • Crying at the birth of his child

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I miss Harry so much oh my god.

GODDDDD I KNOW I AM SO SAD.  Things I miss in no particular order:

1) his smile 

2) his horse laugh

3) Stage Harry

4) His Voice 

5) How Goofy he is 

6) His speaking voice 

and probably a million other things that I can’t even think about right now because it makes me too sad.  Random fan pics just don’t cut it.  


Happy holidays to all of you lovely, lovely people! Because it’s the season of happiness and love, and I’m ironically lacking in both, I am channeling my inner joyfulness to prepare you this that took me much longer than it should have.

I wrote this as if he and the missus aren’t too serious yet, still in the talking stage but have established feelings and such, so they aren’t spending the holiday collectively with each family.

I also cannot write any of these without getting cheeky so I apologize. (I actually don’t.)

Requests go here, masterlist is located here.

In which the Missus is missing Harry’s butt, Harry’s getting beat up by Gemma, and a relationship is being established.

Harry. Missus.

I think we need to spend next Christmas together.

Gem’s making fun of me, but you see, mum has a fire going and it’s begging for a cuddle.

What makes you think there is going to be a next Christmas, huh? x

Hey, I don’t know about you, but I’d like to keep you around.

I don’t just like you for your baking skills, you know?

That’s it? It’s just my baking skills? Not even my sparkling personality and love for your behind? A behind that I also miss very dearly. Damn, you had me fooled, Styles.

Is that all you even miss from me? My behind? I can think of something off the top of my head that I know you miss more.

And even when I am trying to bake something, you always pop in and try to be my little helper because I’m “not doing it right, love. You need to do it this way.”

AND you always tell me you’re too good for sugar but I see your sly little fingers late at night ;)

Oi, that’s enough out of you.

The only sugar I am good enough for is yours.

And I don’t just mean your baking skills. ;)

What do you mean exactly? Because it could be a few things. Like from blowies in the shower to a handjob under the blanket during a movie. You need to be more specific, Styles.

Don’t get mad but Gem just saw that text.

She hit me in the head with a pillow and screamed, “Don’t defile her you knob!”

Oh God… No…

I won’t ever be able to look her in the eyes again…

I told her that in the text it’s clearly stated that you’re the one defiling me, and she hit me again.

Oh no, Harry. I’ve somehow randomly out of the blue, in the three minutes since Gem was being sneaky, I’ve fallen ill and can’t come see you for New Year’s… This is so random, I can’t believe it. I’ve been told I have to stay in bed till January 2nd at the earliest.

Doctor’s orders.

That’s hilarious, love. You’re coming.

I can’t if you aren’t here.

Cheeky thing you are tonight…

Facetime later? I miss you.

But you’re talking to me right now you knob :P

I miss your face, I would like to see it before I go to sleep you loaf :p

I think I can make that work :)

My mom asked about you so I showed her the video of you falling and breaking your ass during a show and eggnog came out her nose.

Oh Christ, love.

Making sure I live up to my great first impression, hm?

She said you’re cute, and the long hair reminds her of Tarzan.

So Harry, she thinks you’re a Disney prince.

How much eggnog has she had?

Enough because she just asked me when we are giving her grandkids.

One step at a time, love!

What does the long hair remind you of?

It reminds me of all the fun I’m missing out on because your hair is growing slower than a sloth moves.

It’s growing as fast as it can, love. Give it time. Besides, it’s enough for you to tug on, isn’t it? ;)

Oh and I’m the cheeky one?

For a special friend, you seem to be insinuating a lot of the cheekiness tonight.

“Special friend”? Really, pet?

You literally sound like the meme of that kid going around right now.

Well, what are you then? I know there’s no label right now, that’s okay. That can come later in time. But you’re my friend, who, in my book, I get to do special things with.

I’m a guy, who really, really likes this girl, who I love showing off to my friends, who my family loves, despite a certain somebody’s assumption that we probably don’t ever leave a bedroom… Still sorry about that.

I enjoy the time we spend together, label or not, and I like to keep spending that time together, and see where it takes us.

Oh my God, I’m somehow miraculously healed and can come see you for New Years. x

That’s what I thought, pet. x

And if not, I’d be dragging my ass onto a plane to make sure I get my kiss.

Oh wow, you’re just using me for a kiss, I should have known!

Oh shut it, and Facetime me. x

reasons to watch parks and recreation

  • funniest show you will ever watch but no laughing tracks
  • said the word bisexual how many shows have done that
  • amy poehler
  • pre guardians of the galaxy chris pratt looks like a stage one pokemon
  • treat yo self
  • you will feel better about yourself because at least you didn’t cause your home town to go broke at 18
  • jean-ralphio
  • just watch it
  • you will thank me later
Shoutan's Highlights of 2016!

I would have posted this earlier but I only thought about this on New Year’s Eve!  Everything is what I remember from the top of my head! So I may have missed a few things 💦

*Please do NOT repost!* Took me forever to do this 

1. Utapri 5th Stage 01/16 - 01/17

Ready~ Set~ Go~ With you 🎲

2. Anime Kouhaku Utagassen 01/31

First time performing Full ver of Zessei STARGATE Live + Mizuki Nana’s Synchrogazer

3. 5th Single Zessei STARGATE Release 02/03

First Anime Op Song, PSO2 The Animation
Topped Oricon Daily 4th, Weekly 7th

4. Rejet Fes Only One 02/13 - 02/14

Otsukare to my past self for searching and posting 99% of the photos. Why do I put myself through so much hard work?

5. Zessei STARGATE Release Events and THIS^ Feb

6. Aoi Shouta LIVE 2016 WONDER lab. ~bokutachi no sign~ 03/13

Sold out 3rd one man live and performed in his dream venue!


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  1. I’ve reached the “literally dreaming of nuclear war” stage of grieving.
  2. On a scale of 45-55, what is the Mid-Life Crisis Index (MLCI) of buying a pointy headstocked, locking tremoloed Ibanez and trying to be Steve Vai?
  3. Being injured (achilles tendon strain) and stuck in boring, difficult rehab PT, frustrated and feeling trapped by being unable to run, has me rethinking my refusal to call myself a “runner.” I miss it a lot. Also: fat.
  4. The Jewish funeral tradition is so much better (kinder, earthier, realer) than what I’m used to. Still, I wish I wasn’t learning it all just now.
  5. In the time it has taken me to write the above four points, two more pornbots followed me. I’m comforted that even as the buildings fall and the oceans boil, some server in a hardened data center will still be trying to get my attention with perfectly hemispherical tiddies.
  6. I fell into a wikipedia hole and ended up at Patient S.M., and then found myself wishing we all had some slight-to-severe damage to our amygdalae.
  7. My lemon tree is about 3″ tall now. She may need a grow light to get through the next three months. As may I.