i miss the playoffs

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Any thoughts on the Kings' new head coach? How are you enjoying the playoffs so far?

Presumably, the organization fired the coach and GM because the system wasn’t working. If that’s the case, I don’t understand why the organization would promote someone who was part of that unsuccessful system. I hope I’m wrong, or missing something, but I’m not thrilled.

The playoffs, on the other hand, have been as great as they always are. The sweep of the Blackhawks was a shock to me, and I hate that the stupid goddamn Mighty Ducks are still in, but the Edmonton and Washington series were incredible. I can’t wait for the next round.

Worlds 2017 Updates 

Canes: Lindy, Rasker, Nordy, and Lacko for Sweden, Skinny for Canada, Sepe for Finland, and Hanny for USA. 
Bolts: Heddy and Stralsy for Sweden, Killer and Pointer for Canada, and Vasy and Kuch for Russia. 
Stars: Klinger for Sweden and Rouss for France.
Avs: Landy and Soderberg for Sweden, Picks, Tyson, Nate,and Dutchy for Canada.
Flyers: Giroux, Simmonds, Konecny for Canada. 
Islanders: Lee and Nelson for USA, de Haan for Canada.
Coyotes: Larsson for Sweden, Murphy, Dvorak, and Keller for USA, and Rieder for Germany. 
Hawks: Panarin for Russia. 

Games start May 5th and go on until May 21st. 

back in mid-march, i was ready for the b’s to miss the playoffs for the third year in a row. less than 48 hours ago, i was ready to watch the last game of the season. they’ve defeated my expectations so many times and at the end of the day, i will always love them with all my heart. here’s to an even better 2017-18 season


I got this tattoo done about two years ago. When I got it done they had won the presidents trophy the year before and I had no idea they’d miss the playoffs that year and the next few. They haven’t been that team I’ve fallen in love with for a while but I still love them with all of my heart and I would get this tattoo all over again today if I could.

the playoffs are weird because everyone’s freaking out and stressing over their teams and i like some of the teams, i truly do and im rooting for them but honestly i just feel a vague interest rather than feeling fully invested cause i don’t have MY team here. so it’s like ya cool hockey’s still alive, but it doesn’t feel like it and everyone’s ready to fight everyone else every minute of every game can we chill for a minute

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god, how much must Eichel hate the oilers lmao

He’s prob mad at them for the money but also he’s just….mad at the Sabres being So Bad and anyway I think Eichel has a bit of an entitlement complex but that’s just me like he’s always come across as arrogant to me so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Suggestions for Tumblr during NHL Playoffs

1. Don’t tag your hate. As an add on with the new Tumblr search maybe use shortened named or initials so it doesn’t show up in the tag

2. Until you’ve won the series don’t say your team is better than their opponent. Both teams have made it just as far

3. Don’t cheer for injuries. It makes you a bad person

4. If your team makes a bad or dirty hit: admit it and move on. Don’t try to defend it

5.Bandwagon all you want. Anyone gives you flack about it let me know

6. Be grateful Tim Peel isn’t officiating anything

7. Sleep when you can. It’s a long marathon til June

8. Have provisions for if this doesn’t go the way you want - food, drinks, a shoulder to cry on, 

Did I miss anything?

Anyway I love my Boston Bruins everybody said they would miss the playoffs but here they are minus 4 important players and gave Ottawa a hard time. See you next season my loves

Liam- Because I Love You

Request-  hey can you do an imagine where Liam tries to impress the reader during a lacrosse game and Liam gets angry at Brett and the reader has to take Liam to the locker room, and she tells Liam she loves him which makes him settle down, and can they kiss? thanks xx

A/N- No problem, sweetie. Hope you like it! Next up is a Theo imagine. 

Liam walked through the cafeteria with his lunch tray in his hands, heading towards his usual table where Scott and the rest of the pack were sitting. As he got closer, he could see you laughing at something Malia said, so hard that tears were spilling from your eyes.
Liam smiled, admiring how beautiful you looked when you were laughing. Somewhere in the back of his mind, it occurred to him that he had probably been staring at you for far too long, but he didn’t exactly care at the moment. He was so lost in his thoughts of you that he bumped into someone, causing him to trip and spill his lunch all over the floor.
“Shit,” he muttered, picking up the now ruined piece of pizza and dumping in into a nearby trashcan. He walked to the table with his head ducked down low and his hands in his pockets, trying to ignore the stares of nearby students.
“Nice going, Liam,” Stiles told him with a laugh.
“Stiles,” Scott scolded. “Give him a break. He’s probably nervous about the game tonight.”
While anxiety about the game hadn’t been why Liam had tripped, Scott was still half right. Beacon Hills was going up against Devenford tonight, and Liam was certain that Brett was going to try and do everything he could to make Liam’s life a living hell. Satomi’s beta knew just the right ways to push Liam’s buttons, and Liam knew he was going to have to try extremely hard to keep calm tonight.
“You okay Liam?” you asked as he sat down next to you.
“Yeah, I’m fine,” he muttered, mentally slapping himself for tripping in front of you. You probably thought he was an idiot now.
Being the supportive friend you were, you didn’t want Liam to go without his lunch. It might have also had something to do with the fact that you had been in love with him for the past year, but you would never admit that. Still, you didn’t want the poor boy to starve, especially since he had just spilled his lunch onto the floor in front of the whole cafeteria.
“You want half?” you offered.
“W-what?” Liam asked.
“My sandwich,” you clarified, raising your eyebrows and gesturing to the sandwich in your hand. “I usually only eat half anyway.”
“Oh, yeah sure. Thanks,” Liam told you, his face flushing a little bit. Great, now you definitely thought he was an idiot.
“So, uh, you’re coming to the game tonight, right?” Liam asked after a while.
You went to all of the games, and while you would lie and tell people that you had undying school spirit, it was really just for Liam. He didn’t know that, but he still wasn’t complaining every time he saw you in the stands. Not only did he get to show off in front of you, but whenever Brett or another player pissed him off to the point of nearly shifting, Liam could always look at you and calm down.
“Of course,” you told him. “I don’t want to miss you winning us the playoffs.”
“Hey don’t stoke his little ego,” Stiles warned from where he sat across from you. “And in case you hadn’t noticed, there’s like twenty other players on that team. And I’m one of them!”
“Well, I haven’t exactly seen you scoring any goals lately,” you fired.
Liam grinned, laughing softly as Stiles tried to sputter out a response and couldn’t find one. That was when the bell rang, and you stood up, grabbing your trash and heading towards the nearest trashcan.
“See you tonight,” you called to Liam with a smile.
“See you,” Liam said softly as you walked away, not able to ignore the nervous tightening in his chest.

Liam stood on the field with the other lacrosse players as they took shots at the goal. The game wasn’t supposed to start for another half hour, but Coach Finstock had insisted the lacrosse guys warm up.
Liam didn’t mind that part, especially since you were up in the stands watching, but there was one downside. The Devenford lacrosse players took up the other half of the field, doing their own warmups.
The whole time, Liam could practically feel Brett glaring at the back of his neck. He tried to ignore it and he was actually doing a pretty good job when he felt a lacrosse ball smack into the back of his head.
“Ow!” he cried, whirling around.
“My bad,” Brett told him, his dark blue eyes meeting Liam’s.
Liam gritted his teeth, knowing full well that it hadn’t been an accident. Brett walked over, the cocky smirk on his face making Liam want to punch something, preferably him. He shook it off, knowing he couldn’t get in trouble again and  picked up the ball, begrudgingly handing it back to Brett.
“What?” he asked bitterly. “You don’t have anything to say this time? You don’t wanna tell me how hard you’re gonna crush me?”
Brett smirked. “No, not today. I’m not gonna snap you in half, Liam. I’m gonna steal everything you care about.”
“What?” Liam asked.
Brett nodded up towards the bleachers, right where you were sitting next to Lydia. “Your friend up there is pretty hot.”
“Shut up,” Liam growled.
“Y/n right?” Brett asked, not waiting for Liam to answer. “Yeah, she’s pretty hot, but I’m thinking she’ll look better when she’s naked in my bed.”
Liam let out a snarl, and at that moment he didn’t care how many people found out about werewolves. He was ready to tear Brett apart, and he probably would have if not for Scott suddenly coming up behind him and grabbing the collar of his jersey.
Brett smirked as the older boy yanked Liam backwards, turning around and heading back towards his teammates.
“We gotta get him out of here,” Stiles said nervously, trailing behind Scott as he dragged the boy off the field and into the locker rooms.
“Grab, Y/n,” Scott ordered Stiles, quickly pulling Liam into the school.
You had been halfway into a conversation with Lydia when you noticed something was wrong with Liam. He was talking to Brett on the field when you saw him start to wolf out. You quickly jumped up, meeting Stiles halfway as he jogged towards the bleachers.
“What happened?” you demanded.
“Brett said something and it pissed him off,” Stiles told you. “You’re probably the only one who can calm him down right now, so if you don’t mind…”
You followed Stiles into the boys locker room, the sound of a snarl instantly hitting your ears.
“Liam you need to calm down,” you heard Scott order as he shoved the younger boy under the shower.
“I-I can’t!” Liam growled from under the stream of water. “I wanna rip him apart.”
You walked forward, swallowing nervously as you took in Liam’s bright yellow eyes and sharp teeth. He could probably tear you apart with those if he wanted to.
“Y/n,” Stiles pressed. “Do something.”
You shot him a look, throwing your hands up in the air. What the hell were you supposed to do?
Stiles just shrugged, gesturing to Liam with a lot of unnecessary flailing. You rolled your eyes and cautiously stepped forward, still having no clue how to help.
“Liam,” you told him carefully. “You need to calm down, okay?”
“You should have heard the things he was saying about you,” Liam snarled. “I should kill him!”
It was true that Brett had been torturing him for the past year. Liam could usually take it despite the occasional slip up, but the minute Brett brought you into things it was like Liam just lost all control.
He wanted to tear Brett apart. He wanted to snap him in half and he wanted to-
“Liam, just listen to me, okay?” you asked, your soft voice breaking through his murderous thoughts. “You need to calm down. You just need to focus on my voice, and you need to calm down.”
Liam gritted his teeth, trying to bring back the human side of him, that part that cared about you and wanted to keep you safe. He knew he couldn’t do that if he gave into the monster inside him, and he knew he had to try and fight it.
“Why should I?” he snarled, control just barely out of reach.
You bit the inside of your cheek, having no idea what to do. Coach or another lacrosse player could have walked in at any minute and you needed Liam to calm down. It wasn’t as if you got a users manual that came with being friends with a werewolf, so you did the only thing you could think of.
“Because I love you!” you blurted.
Liam froze, your words causing him to regain his senses. “W-what?” he asked, his eyes returning back to their normal baby blue. “Do you really mean that?”
He looked at Scott and the alpha gladly released him, shutting off the shower. The older boy nodded to Stiles, and after giving you a pat on the back, the two exited the locker room.
“Yeah,” you finally said, brushing some hair out of your face. “I have for a really long time. But it’s okay if you don’t feel the same way. I mean, I get it if-”
Liam stepped forward, grabbing your face and bringing his lips against yours. He kissed you softly, not wanting to scare you away after what just happened. You leaned forward, grabbing the edges of his wet jersey and bringing him closer to you. You were soaking wet after a few seconds, but you didn’t care.
You had been waiting for this forever, and it was worth so much more than a wet t-shirt.