i miss the normal people

Entire Fandom: Karamatsu is painful, gross, slutty and completely unnecessary.

Other Matsus:

Me: Haha, yeah, he definitely is the worst.

things I’d be v interested to watch on the bachelor:
  • a contestant with frizzy hair (who makes it past the first episode)
  • a contestant who weighs more than 130 pounds (who makes it past the first episode)
  • a white contestant who talks about how her race has affected her experience
  • a nonwhite contestant who talks about how her race has affected her experience
  • a contestant who tells the bachelor in conversation that he is wrong about a thing
  • two contestants that fall in love with each other
  • anyone on the show talking about their mental illness
  • a contestant to be offered a rose and be like ‘honestly don’t feel much chemistry but good luck you seem nice’
People in this Starbucks

- high school babies drinking coffee and doing homework. i feel old man. 

- cute couples everywhere. this dude even came up behind his girlfriend to kiss her hello in surprise

- a mother just bought her 5 boys venti frappe drinks. so much sugar in such young bodies what is this lady thinking?

- two grown ass dudes drinking extra caramel-y frappe drinks with no shame. you go boys you go. 

- a girl who’s outfit is on point. timberland boots, jeans with more rips than jeans and a sweater with a slit up to her waist. like you look good my girl but it’s only 30 above. it’s not 50 degrees outside you are still going to freeze. 

- various eccentric baristas including a beautiful girl with an undercut (that reminds me of the beauty of @deleted-scenes) and a dude with both a man-bun and a beard. 

- mother with 5 boys returned 30 minutes later for reasons unknown???  to get more coffee for herself lol

It’s 2am and I can’t sleep even though I have a 9am class tomorrow because I’m lying here thinking about going to make an appointment about my mental state to maybe get put on some more medication and all the stress that’s coming with even thinking about doing that and I’m just… I could cry


Stream doodle dumps that randomly happened based on what Spotted and I were talking about.

Like the fact it took till An was like 13 before Eric ever heard him actually speak and what his reaction would be, what will be happening during an event, and the fact An is kinda actually a crybaby but hides it??

Also the fact Eric gets his bro adorable things and An just doesn’t know how to handle it.

Thank u all for coming!

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Brote I'm super glad you go to therapy, that shit is helpful. Though honestly I cannot for one second even imagine what it is like for you to be in a therapy session. What do you even talk about? Youtube? Twitter? Hands up your ass? What does your therapist even think about you? I just can't imagine at all.

I ramble in a flat monotone and stumble over my words and this time he asked what I’ll do about getting fucked just like 2 other doctors already and it makes me think I’m missing a clear pattern normal people do that I feel excepted from and we talked about that too.

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I miss the days when people who were sick didn't feel need to take selfies and use filter on photos and advertise jewelry. I miss the days when people who were sick only had need to lay in bed ang get well without informing whole word that they sneeze. I miss the days when people were normal.

Why does someone taking a selfie when sick upsets you so much?? Is it because it’s Måns’ girlfriend?? Do you react this way with everyone??

people joke about how miranda ~doesn’t handle rejection well~ if you break up with her in me3, BUT I REMEMBER a time when the majority of people shit all over her romance for being just about sex and not serious and how she doesn’t ‘really’ care about you. i think if i went to the bsn circa 2011 and said that miranda is the only LI to cry if you break up with them i would have been laughed into another universe

Lately I haven’t felt an aching hole in my chest like I used to or so oppressed by bursts of sadness that I want to die. I just feel ill. I feel weak and dull and completely helpless. I don’t want to get out of bed and I don’t want to make art or write or read. I don’t want anything. Maybe that’s why I feel so lost. I don’t want help but I don’t want to be lonely yet I hate trying to be normal or acceptable for people. I miss people that don’t exist.. People I created in other people that they would never truly be. I am so fucked up and I can’t do this right now. I don’t want to die, no, not yet, but I’m so tired of living. I’m so tired of living with myself. In myself. Being myself.