i miss the monster ball

On Little Monsters:

Last night, on the floor of the Monster Ball, I really got to feel the little monster love. While we were all freezing outside, everyone talked to me, and hugged to keep each other warm. Everyone complimented each other’s outfits, and no one had anything but praise to say to each other. They were all so respectful as well! If someone was near the stage, and went to the bathroom, they let them back to the front!!! Where else would that happen!!!!! I was really sick, so the person next to me asked if he could get me food or water, and many people seemed geniunly concerned. There was minimal pushing, and everyone danced together.

So whatever people say about Gaga, the evidence of her is in us, little monsters. We are kind, non-judgemental, loving. And in my opinion, its a bond we will always have and share.

I love you, monsters.


Put Your Paws Up ( Monster Ball Interlude) - Lady Gaga