i miss the dw days bad

svt as autumn things
  • s.coups: tfw u think ur brave enough for a haunted house only to leave with shaking legs
  • jeonghan: finally being able to drink hot beverages only to have them burn ur tongue;;; A+ flavor tho :^D
  • joshua: sweater weather man yessss every pattern every knit but not super thick yet
  • jun: those windy nights and days that literally blow u away hehehehe :^)
  • hoshi: crackling fires!!! jumping and leaping finding every piece of wood so it can grow bigger and bigger
  • wonwoo: long, heavy rainstorms that make you stay inside but they help you refresh your mind and calm your soul
  • woozi: leaves changing colors from green to red, orange, yellow and falling gracefully to the ground
  • dk: festive music and food being hyped way too early in the season but honestly it's not thattt much of a bad thing
  • mingyu: accidentally stepping in a puddle n ruining ur fave socks :^(( dw the washing machine saved them!!
  • the8: morning fog!! everything look mystical and surreal a definite mood maker for the early hours
  • seungkwan: remembering to finally bring an umbrella with you on a very rainy day
  • vernon: the weird fall obsession with pumpkins??? i really;;; don't know why this squash in particular
  • chan: stepping on every crunchy leaf on the street every leaf you miss is a lost opportunity!!

Sometimes I find myself really missing the days of livejournal/dreamwidth.  Sure, the ability to filter your flist and lock your posts and ffs threaded comments, but also that there was less of a sense of how you could be just vicious on someone else’s post and that was just how the site worked.  I get it, tumblr isn’t lj/dw, and you can’t control how other people are going to react.  But the fast pace of tumblr doesn’t always sit well with me when it gets so easy to just be an asshole to someone because the site rewards it.  It gets so easy for things to spin out of control and for context to be lost and people to harass and hound others over it, that sometimes it’s hard for me not to miss lj/dw, even as I’m not sure I could leave tumblr by this point, either.

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this isn’t short oops i went overboard

  • how did this boy even make it into college
  • no rly. how
  • he did all his apps n stuff the day they were due and was still accepted into his top 3 can u even believe
  • currently dorming with minghao, who legit put a line of down the middle room and said “pass this line and i’ll shave one of your eyebrows off.”
  • mingyu thought he was joking. had to change his hairstyle to cover his missing eyebrow until it grew back (dw minghao took the tape down after bc he felt bad)
  • avid fan of partying…… gets invited to a lot of parties n while minghao is like “do u really have the time to party considering your grades?” mingyu is like “i always have time to party. n also ur coming with me just in case i get drunk as hell”
  • minghao just rolls with it bc he finds wasted!mingyu pretty funny. but minghao is a good person that keeps mingyu from doing stupid stuff whatta guy
  • anyways he’s at a party. and he’s wasted. minghao is trying his best to keep a watchful eye on him but he runs into his friend jun and gets sidetracked in a conversation. by the time he’s done talking he looks back and mingyu is g o n e
  • while minghao is panicking, mingyu is just sitting on the floor in the restroom upstairs bc he accidentally locked himself in and this boy is too sh*tfaced to figure out how to unlock it
  • and here’s the thing, ur at this party bc your friend dragged you along even tho you aren’t a party person
  • you didn’t want to ruin the fun so you just awkwardly stood in the corner of the room waiting for them to be ready 2 go home. unfortunately your friend is quite the Party Person.
  • after someone tries to yike with you, you were like “hell no.” and decided to lock yourself in the restroom until your friend was done doing whatever they were doing.
  • you make it upstairs and you twist the doorknob, n it twists but you can’t open it?? the host of the party walks by n they’re like “oh yeah it gets jammed sometimes you just gotta kick it a lil”
  • so you do that. n you hear a really loud *thud*
  • the door was jammed, but there was also someone leaning on it. you open the door all the way to see this guy just on the floor, perfectly still
  • you’re freaking out like “sh*t sh*t SH*T is he dead???? what do i do hfjdks”
  • but you see his eyes flutter open n he lifts his head off the ground a little to look at you and you’re like “oh thank god”
  • he slowly gets off the ground and walks towards you and you’re like “are you okay?? i didn’t mean to intrude, i just wanted to use the –”
  • and then you jUMP bc this random (but incredibly handsome) stranger puts his two hands on your shoulder and brings his pretty face close to yours
  • and its like you can smell how drunk he is and he’s like “omg…. u saved me i thought i was gonna d i e in here”
  • and you’re just standing there, frozen + flustered, n you’re like “it’s no problem,,, can i use the restroom now,,,”
  • but this boy is drunk n his face is slowly getting closer to yours n you’re panicking and suddenly someone pushes you aside and SMACKS the drunk boy in the face
  • and then he proceeds to turn around and give you this angelic smile like “sorry for my stupid friend! we’ll be going now!” and he drags mingyu away by the collar while muttering stuff in another language under his breath. (as he walks by u do hear him subtly say “i didn’t come all the way here from china to babysit a 19 yr old” lmfao)
  • and you’re standing there like. well. that was something.
  • the next morning mingyu’s at work (the campus coffee shop) with a pounding headache n minghao’s “i told you so” ringing in his ears
  • the party to him is kind of just a blur, and the only thing he remembers is that he was about to kiss?? someone cute???
  • anyways you had to stay up all night waiting for your friend to get tired out, so you decided to buy a cup of coffee on your way to class
  • the second you enter the cafe, the cashier greets you n when you look up to see them you almost drop all your books
  • it’s the same guy from last night. lowkey you’re like “… impossible” but his nametag reads “Mingyu” and you’re like “goddamnit it is him”
  • but he doesn’t seem to recognize you?? and it’s kind of a given considering how wasted he was lmfao
  • while mingyu takes your order, he’s doing occasional glances from the cup and your face and he’s like “huh…. they’re really… cute”
  • after he makes your drink he calls out your name and you approach the counter to take the drink from him and he’s like “sorry, but have we met before?? you seem really familiar”
  • part of you wants to say no but you straight up just say “…….. you got locked in the bathroom at the party yesterday and i let you out. you almost kissed me before your friend hit you in the face.”
  • and suddenly the blurry filter that covered the mystery face was gone and mingyu is like “oh……………………… sh*t”
  • next thing you know he’s spitting out apology after apology and he even offers to pay for your drinks for the next month and you’re like “chill you were drunk it’s fine” but he’s not “chill” in the slightest
  • watching him get all flustered and embarrassed is .. kind of cute.. bc he has this light tinge of pink on his face and you’re like.. ok he is handsome i have to admit that
  • you clearly have the upper hand in this situation + you’re already feelin kind of bold :^) so you ask for his sharpie and tell him to hold out his arm
  • mingyu thinks you’re going to write something like “i’m a drunk idiot” across his arm or something but his face goes from ….. to ???? when your write your number
  • you hand him his sharpie back and you’re like “take me on a date instead. i’ll let you kiss me then if it goes well.”
  • and then you leave and mingyu almost has an aneurysm the end
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I never noticed any Bad Shit in superwholock but I never got past of “only watching” the latter two (and quit both because Moffat is a twat), I only got fic deep into SPN

yeah I only watched upto Rusty’s part in DW, only half attempted to watch Sherlock (couldn’t get through the episodes) and then spent the next three years of my life neck deep in Supernatural. Nothing really major happened in Superwholock?? Except for Mishapocalypse I guess but that was literally just a day and every other attempt to bring it back failed pretty much, and it didn’t really hurt anyone or had an effect outside Tumblr. Everyone remembers Superwholock as being the Worst Fandom but let’s be real, it was actually pretty fucking tame to what happened to some other fandoms

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D or V? tentoo and rose (:

D. Subtle kindnesses.

I wrote this on my phone on the airplane today (and edited it later), so I’m surprised anything coherent resulted. Usually I’m not really able to do a whole lot while flying due to motion sickness, but I was able to pull myself together to write this. ;) (And that was after a miserable descent into ATL – I was sweating, trying to keep myself from losing it….fun times…) I hope you like it. :)


Everything I Need Is Right Here

Rose walked down the aisle of the zeppelin, chewing her lip anxiously as thoughts flitted chaotically around her mind. Although the last forty-eight hours hadn’t gone as planned (and really, when did they ever when the Doctor was involved), she’d finally, finally found her Doctor, and now? Now there were two of them, an impossibility she’d never imagined.

One of those Doctors currently sat three rows down from where she’d stubbornly sat next to Jackie after boarding the aircraft. This Doctor, the one they hadn’t expected, was here in this universe with her. “One heart, one life, same memories, same everything,” they’d said, as if that made it any easier. And the Doctor she’d repeatedly thrown herself across the walls of the universe for was gone without even a goodbye and had left nothing in his wake but the shifting imprint of the TARDIS in the sand.

She stopped and looked at Jackie dozing to her right before a movement from the Doctor shifted her gaze in his direction. He reached up and pulled at his hair, a telltale sign of anxiousness and discomfort. Rose’s heart sank when she realized she’d barely looked at him since the beach, since dropping his hand and running after the TARDIS, and she knew he probably felt just as rejected and conflicted about the situation as she did.

Walking the last few steps to the Doctor’s row of seats, she slipped into the seat next to him and gave him a hesitant smile before threading her fingers through his and giving his hand a tight squeeze. “Hello,” she said.

His tense posture immediately relaxed at her touch, and he mirrored her smile before replying. “Hello.”

They stared at each other a moment before Rose continued. “Look, Doctor, we need to talk, about everything, yeah? But not right now. Everything’s really confusing and not what I expected or wanted, really.” Rose refused to let his hand go when he tried to pull away at her words. “But what I do know is that the daft alien I’ve missed, the hand I reached for over and over again but never found the last four years, is right here, and I’m not gonna let the things I don’t know or understand keep me away anymore. Okay?”

The Doctor squeezed her hand in response and whispered, so softly she almost didn’t hear it, “Thank you.”

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hey!! do you have any advice for artists on tumblr? such as what to expect, how and when to organise commissions, etc..if you don't know dw

mm not many! i can’t help with commissions sorry i don’t do em but here’s a bit of what i can say abt sharing art on this mess of a site

  • popularity of a post is usually by luck! notes are pretty hit and miss. with the way the dashboard is built, reblogs by other people- even popular ones- or times you post a drawing can either mean it spreading like wildfire or everybody just missing it. so don’t feel too bad about it.
  • that being said, there ARE certain times of day more people are online than usual. watch for stuff like weekends, breaks, holidays, etc, too. don’t be ashamed of self-reblogging a post to get it on the dashboard at a time everyone’s on.
  • use the tag system! even if tumblr kinda jacked it up with the Search feature replacing it, a lot of people still do regularly check (and track) tags. remember that only the first 5 tags in a post are trackable. 
  • the search function works whether or not your tag is within the first 5 though, so it’s still nice to utilize all the tags you can, because the tag will still be /search-able!
  • (dont use too many tags though. sometimes tumblr will regard your post as spam and not put it in any tags at all)
  • fanart gets you easily noticed, as do unique styles and lots of posting. it’s also kind of a hit and miss. but popularity doesn’t come quick nor does it come easy on this site, so just sit tight. it’s more fun to focus on enjoying yourself then trying to constantly grab at notes (as satisfying as they are, anyway)
  • i know there’s a lot of posts going around practically screaming “REBLOG ART DONT JUST LIKE!!!”, but understand that people’s blogs are still their own, and if they don’t reblog there’s nothing against you or your art. let people have their reasons and don’t get steamed about it.
  • interact with other artists! the nice part about this site is that it has a large art community and more often than not people are very nice and willing to talk and share their works. a lot of good comes outta this part.

wishin ya good luck!