i miss the blonde tbh

This Day in 1D History - September 7


  • real tweets that were really tweeted (really)


  • Louis plays in the Maestrio charity match in Glasgow! (and yes, that’s James McAvoy 😜)


  • Liam tries his hand at braiding Sophia’s hair 
  • “Real eyes, realise, real lies.” (via Liam’s Insta)
  • Niall is so good???? and loves us so much????? *lies down for 8000 years*


  • Niall shows off the last of the blonde in West Hollywood :// (and goes to see 5SOS’ show that night)

anonymous asked:

Omg, its so weird to see your yoongi with blond hair xD

LMAO IT WAS ALSO WEIRD FOR ME TO COLOR IT, ive been used to color his hair black or dark brown ahah. Tbh i kinda miss blonde Gigi I want to see it again but I love him so much with dark hair 😭😭😭