i miss the black michael jackson


This sweet little baby bean has touched my life. Born August 29th, 1958 and passed away June 25th, 2009.

Today marks the 8th anniversary of Michael’s passing and like most true fans, we mourn but we can still celebrate how wonderful and inspirational he is and was.

Michael Jackson is and will always be the King of Pop. He literally is a king too, King Sani in a tribal village in Africa! Jackson was always proud of his black heritage.

One of the things I love about him is his personality. He was misunderstood by many people (one thing in particular was his love for childlike things, but he always said that if you want to understand this, listen to his song “Childhood”). His personality people didn’t really understand. Jackson was a kind, gentle soul. His thoughts about music, life, and everything he spoke about or wrote about were expressed in a philosophical way. He was intelligent, humble, soft spoken, and very shy and grateful. He had a rich inner world (like a true introvert) and fans like myself always say: watch interviews to get a sense of who he really was!

Another thing I love about him is that he would show cultural appreciation in the things he did. He was all about embracing culture, individualism, love for each other, and the end of hate and ignorance. The epitome of what he was all about was to change the world for the better.

Michael really was a unique man. His attention to detail and his aesthetic-they contribute to why he’s such a legend. He was a genius and knew what would make people crave for more.
He reached global fame, one reason for his iconic dances. The moonwalk wasn’t invented by him but it definitely became his signature move. The Thriller dance, the “lean”, Billie Jean? He revolutionized dance. Another reason for his globalization is his philanthropy work. He donated $300 million dollars overall to 39 charities and holds the Guinness World Record for donated the most money as an entertainer. Everything he did was about raising global awareness through his music, his concerts, and videos. He created a scholarship, a foundation, and he’s created worldly renowned songs about encouraging people to help and take action to make the world better.

He really was a genuine entertainer. People had never seen anything like him-his outfits, his moves, his dances, and songs: they were all creative and inventive. Jackson’s carried on legacy reached global impact. The statues and memorabilia across the nation, the albums released after his death, and the reoccurring performances by impersonators carry on his spirit.

His albums: iconic. Thriller is known as the greatest album of all time. It went platinum in a week! Each song on it was literally a hit. It was #1 for 39 weeks; in the top 10 for 80 weeks! It was inducted into the Guinness Book of World Records for this. With his music, he received numerous awards and is known for winning 8 Grammys in 1984, which is also put in the Guinness Book of World Records. He’s actually in there 39 times! He’s won 26 American Music Awards, 13 Grammys, one of the few artists to be in the Rock in Roll Hall of Fame TWICE, 16 World Music Awards, has been honored by TWO Presidents of the United States, and many many more that I can’t name but because of all of the awards he’s won, he’s now dubbed the most awarded recording artist in the history of popular music.

All of his albums resonated with people. Jackson revolutionized the music industry, fashion, and dance with his innovative work and even paved the way for black artists. Say what you want about Michael Jackson but he is one of a kind. There will never be another Michael Jackson and nobody can deny his tremendous impact on the world.

Thank you Michael for blessing us with your creativity. You’ve touched this earth. You’re one of the most beautiful people to walk this planet (also literally because just look at him??).
I love you so much, I wish I could have met you or attended a concert but I’d say that seeing one of my favorite impersonators gave me closure.

Continue to Rest In Peace, angel.
And P.S. you may have been lonely sometimes but you were never truly lonely because you had us. You still do, always and forever.

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Danger p2 (M)

BTS Au : Ft. Got7s Jackson & Yugyeom because I love them so fucking much !!!

Gang series - Blood, Killing, talks of killing, sex trafficking, Smut and other stuff

Authors note: Tbh. I’m obsessed with gang stories but I promise, this is the last gang story I will write lmao unless you tell me otherwise. I’m obsessed.  Okay so it’s kinda in first person and Third person, sorry for it to be so confusing !

Kinda based on Danger- BTS - Listen to the song, and read the lyrics if you haven’t already

Teaser  > Part 1 >  Part 2 > Part 3

He stood in front of me with his mask on. His hands aiming the gun towards me, I could see his eyes staring into mines, like they didn’t want to but he had to.

“It hurts so much because of you” he said.

What hurts?

“What hurts? What did I do?” I asked shouting.

But it seemed like he was fading away, small parts of him disappearing one… by… one.

“Who are you?” I yelled, trying to grab him but I fell through him.

I hit my head on the ground, but before I could get up I saw blood on my hands, blinking a few times I saw blood on the ground. Then Michael’s dead body in front of me.

“What I do is no better than what Jimin does” his frozen purple lips said.

Before I could move and do anything my eyes were opening and I wasn’t in a black box anymore. I was hearing phones rings, keyboards typing and people chattering.

“Are you okay miss?” a familiar voice asked.

Looking up to see a worried face, it was Jackson- the sketch artist.

“Yeah, just these weird dreams ever since last night” I said, clearing my throat.

He handed me a cup of coffee and sat down next to me.

“I’m a great listener, are you sure your fine?” he asked me again.

“I keep having this dream, it’s been happening all night. Me seeing the masked man that shot Michael. He kept staring at me holding a gun to my head. Saying ‘It hurts so much because of you’ then he fades away” I explained.

“That dream sounds serious. Are you okay?” he responded, tapping my shoulder.

“I just am confused. Michael worked for a auction business, well we both do. So if they came to kill him that means they are coming after me to right?” I swallowed thinking about how long I have left to live.

“You said that Michael said yesterday before he died that some guy named Jimin did the same thing he did right?” Jackson asked.

I nodded, “But there isn’t any guy named Jimin in this business. So I have no idea what he’s talking about” I shrugged off, taking a sip of my coffee.

I frowned up, thinking of any possible way that explains what happened.

“Hey, do you think you can help me with something” I asked, scooting in closer to Jackson.

He gave me a curious look,

“Do you know how to hack computers?” I asked him and he gave me a smile.


“Y/N, are you sure that you are prepared to find out what’s on this computer” Jackson asked me and I nodded right away.

“Yes. I need to find out why Michael got killed, and if there is any connection to those masked men, I want to know” I responded.

“Okay. Well, I will take this to my house and work on it. So it might take a couple of hours, I will bring it back first thing tomorrow morning okay” he gave me a smile before placing the laptop in his bag and leaving.

As soon as I heard the door close, I walked towards the bedroom, searching through the closet for anything that belonged to Michael. I was hoping to find something- anything related to how he could have gotten shot.

But everything I searched through gave me no type of information. I found myself getting annoyed, how hard was it to find information on my dead boyfriend. I suddenly had a risky idea, thinking if I called officer Jungkook to search the place I could find something much quicker.

But I also thought, what if he did find something, would he help me find out what I wanted to know. So I decided to wait another day before I risked it.

I then noticed a piece of paper on the floor near a bag in the closet. Picking it up I read an address that didn’t look familiar. I took my phone out, taking a picture to send it to Jackson to see if he could trace it.


“I have something that will make you happy” Jackson grinned as he sat the laptop on the desk.

“What is it?” Jungkook replied, not bothering to turn his chair around to face him.

“It’s Michael’s laptop. His girlfriend asked me to hack into the system” Jackson started,

“and I brought it here. And she also sent me a picture of an address. I know you said that you wanted me to keep an eye out for her so I thought this would help.”

Turning his chair around, he clamped his fingers together.

“You done well Jackson. Find out what she knows”Jungkook smiled evilly.

“Actually, I did. She mentioned Jimin and said that she wanted me to find out who he was. I don’t think she knows anything about what Michael did….”

“…Or who Jimin is” Jackson added

“Mhm. Make sure it stays that way. It would be such a shame to have to kill her the same way her boyfriend died” Jungkook chuckled.

“But you can’t just kill her without talking to Boss first” Jackson said, talking with his hands.

“He doesn’t even know about Y/n unless you said something” Jungkook cleared his throat staring at the blonde.

“Did you?” Jungkook asked.

“Of course I did, why wouldn’t I? But I only said that she watched them kill Michael.”

“Hmph idiot” Jungkook mumbled,

“Anyways, go finish texting your buddy. I have to text Jimin about whether or not the party is going on tonight” Jungkook smirked as he dismissed Jackson.

Jackson shrugged leaving the room, texting you back as he instantly felt regret. You seemed like a wonderful girl and the fact that he was betraying your trust made him feel bad. But he had to put his feelings aside for the sake of his life.


“You stupid idiots…” Namjoon yelled, slamming the papers on the table,

“We specifically told you not to cause any type of attention.  And what did you do.”

“And you took my car and completely destroyed it” Seokjin added folding his arms in annoyance.

“We didn’t mean to get drunk and take your car” Taehyung swallowed.

“Yeah. We were just having a little extra fun” Anisa sighed from next to Hoseok, her boyfriend.

“A little extra fun? You are in the fucking paper! And my car is destroyed!” Seokjin yelled.

“Hyung, your car was already messed up anyways” Taehyung said defending himself.

Seokjins pale face was now red and his hands were clenched together. Crystal, Jins girlfriend rushed from the kitchen carrying a tray of food. Trying to lighten the moment, as she rubbed Seokjins back.

“Okay, maybe we all are over reacting. It’s not that bad” Crystal cooed into her boyfriend’s ear.

“Not that bad. Jagi, they could have gotten hurt or followed. You know Taehyung is reckless, that’s why that brat wrecked my car” Seokjin sighed.

“I know love. But we can always get a new one, besides that one was rusty anyways” Crystal smirked into his ear, pinching at his back.

Seokjin didn’t reply, instead he closed his eyes to let his girlfriend continue to massage his strain nerves.

“Hyung, we actually got some information” Hoseok stated.

“We found out some things about Michael’s girlfriend…” Anisa smiled, finishing off her boyfriends sentence.

“Yeah, and Jackson sent us some useful information” Hoseok finished.

“Oh my gosh!! You read my mind” Anisa giggled.

“You know it babe” Hoseok smiled back, lifting her chin up for a kiss.

“Hey! Get to the fucking point” Namjoon snapped, breaking up there kissing moment.

“Sorry” they both mumbled, breaking apart.

“What did you guys find out” Seokjin asked.

“Besides the fact that she’s really pretty?” Taehyung smiled,

“We found out some good stuff.”

Seokjin scoffed, folding in arms,

“Not as pretty as me though.”

“Of course not” Crystal said, rubbing Seokjins arm.

Hoseok pulled out his phone, showing Namjoon the messages between him and Jackson. 

“We can’t risk her finding anything. I’ll have Yugyeom keep an eye on her.”


Okay guys…. tell me your thoughts! What do you think Jackson’s going to do and ? 

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Because I’ll forget I shall do it all at once:

1 Old Yellow Bricks -Arctic Monkeys

2 Seven Wonders -Stevie Nicks

3 Lightning in a Bottle -The Summer Set

4 I Miss the Misery -Halestorm

5 Turn It Up -The Wrecks

6 Shake That Ass -Eminem ft. Nate Dogg

7 The Name Game -Jessica Lange

8 Bad and Boujee -Migos ft. Lil Uzi Vert

9 Coconut Sharks in the Water -Twenty One Pilots

10 See You Again -Wiz Khalifa ft. Charlie Puth

11 Fergalicious -Fergie

12 Fuck You -Cee Lo Green

13 Black Betty -Ram Jam

14 Come On Eileen -Dexys Midnight Runners

15 I’m Yours -Tyler Joseph

16 Für Elise -Beethoven

17 Sing! -A Chorus Line

18 All the Small Things -Blink 182

19 Imagine -John Lennon

20 Defying Gravity -Wicked

21 Hey There Delilah -Plain White T’s

22 American Pie -Don McLean

23 We Didn’t Start the Fire -Billy Joel

24 Welcome to the Black Parade -My Chemical Romance

25 Smooth Criminal -Michael Jackson

26 I Do Adore -Mindy Gledhill

27 Hurt -Johnny Cash

28 I Don’t Know My Name -Grace Vanderwaal

29 Burning Love -Elvis Presley

30 Forest -Twenty One Piolets

Danger (M)

BTS Au : Ft. Got7s Jackson & Yugyeom because I love them so fucking much !!!

Gang series - Blood, Killing, talks of killing, sex trafficking, Smut and other stuff

Authors note: Tbh. I’m obsessed with gang stories but I promise, this is the last gang story I will write lmao unless you tell me otherwise. I’m obsessed.  Okay so it’s kinda in first person and Third person, sorry for it to be so confusing !

Kinda based on Danger- BTS - Listen to the song, and read the lyrics if you haven’t already

Teaser  > Part 1 >  Part 2 > Part 3

I was standing on the platform with my boyfriend, his hand on the small of my waist and he introduced why we were all here. I looked down, staring at all of the beautiful people, dressed so formally.

Hearing Michael talk and auction off all of these rare items, made me smile. But something felt wrong, I could taste danger in the crowd. My eyes widened when I saw two masked men, pushing past the crowd of people. No one seemed to notice them except me.

They seemed to blend in, since they had black and white suits on. But I couldn’t see their faces to make out who they were. One of them wore a green wrist band and the other had a red one. The one with the green band was taller than the other. This was invite only so they had to have a band one. 

The building was only two floors and we were on the first. The glass windows made it easy to see through it.

“Michael” I mumbled, as my hand grabbed on to his arm.

“Not now Y/N” he mumbled, as he gave a smile to continue talking.

But it all seemed to happen so fast, gunshots were fired and a couple of people were falling down on the ground. Everyone was screaming and trying to exit out the entrance, some failed. 

Blood was splattered everywhere. The middle of the marble floor was stained with a sticky crimson. My heart began to race faster than ever as I saw the two of them walk towards me and Michael. 

“M-michael” my bottom lip trembling as tears fell from my face.

My hands was squeezing his arm tightly as I looked at the masked man who had aimed a gun towards us. The masked men with the red band ripped me away from Micheal, holding a gun to the side of my head. 

Tears began to fall onto my cheeks as I knew what was coming, what was about to come.

“Do I frighten you princess?” the man with the red band asked me and I bit inside my lip trying not to answer him.

“Please don't do this” I begged the other guy that wore the green band but he just laughed.

“Only if it were that simple” I heard him chuckle as he cocked the gun.

Low sobs escaped from my mouth as the other guy with the green band aimed the gun at Michael, I expected him to say something- anything ! But he stayed calm, quiet even. He wasn’t even scared or showing any emotion.

But before the man with the green band could pull the trigger, Michael said something, 

“What I do isn’t better than Jimin. Killing me in front of my girlfriend makes you weak” Michael snorted.

Pow Pow ..

“But the ‘business’ you do makes you even weaker”

What was he talking about?

Whose Jimin? 

Pow ..

Screams ..

Pow ..

“Michael!” I screamed, wanting to run to him but the guy didn’t let me go. 

The guy pushed me out of his grip and I was caught by the other guy with the green band that shot Michael, who held me as the other guy~ with the red band began to shoot him. He walked over towards Michaels dying body as he shot him right in the chest.


I screamed as he finally let me go. As I fell down to his side, holding his face up, I watched blood pool everywhere. I tried to stop it but it was to much and to late. Tears fell onto his bleeding suit as I hugged his now cold body.

“Michael please” I whispered as my lip quivered and my heart broke.

Sirens ..

I looked up to see the Masked man with the green band, watching me as he put his gun back in the loop of his pants. My lip trembling as I watched him, hatred feeling my heart.

“Your evil” I choked as I swallowed my cries.

“You’re a cutie and I am pitiful” he said shaking his head before pulling the other guy with him and leaving out the building.

It felt as if there was no audio, my mind racing as I looked around. The masked men leaving the scene as we heard sirens in the distant. I saw them climb into a black van, driving off leaving me to see the destruction they caused.

My hands were shaking with fear as I sat in the chair in the police station. I watched my boyfriend get murdered in front of my eyes. How his lifeless body laid next to mine, made my heart sank down into my stomach. 

His blood was everywhere, his blood was on me.


Screams and cries echoed in my throbbing head as I watched the police move around the station talking to witnesses. I couldn’t go home tonight - 

where was home?

 Tears streaming down my cheeks as I remembered those words the masked men last told me before shooting him.

“Do I frighten you princess?”

I held my head tightly as I shook those nightmares from my head, but it was real. It was all real, the blood stains on my evening dress, the dried tears on my cheeks, even the fear in my heart. I hugged the blanket closer to my body as I stared blankly into space.

My body shivered and ached, but forcing myself to ignore it as I continued my sniffling. My eyes were red and swollen and my lips were dry, besides the pink residue of lipstick I wore.

“Miss do you mind if we ask you a couple of questions?”

My eyes sleepily looked up to the man in uniform as I nodded slowly.

“I’m officer Jeon Jungkook, and this is my partner Jackson. He is the sketch artist, so after I question you, you can describe what you saw to him yeah?” he nodded, making sure I was comfortable.

I mouthed an okay and he begin to ask me questions.

“Did you see how this man looked?” Officer Jeon asked me.

“T-they wore a mask but I could see there hair color, brown. They wore bands”, “They also said something to me”I spoke, trying to think of how he looked.

“What did they say miss?” he asked, “and what color bands?”

I looked into his eyes, he looked young but fit, he didn’t have as much of a masculine figure than Jackson but he had some. Jackson looked young and fit as well. Seeing the outline of his muscles from his shirt. 

Jackson- was already probably drawing how I described the two masked murders. Well the little bit I saw of the men.

“One said, ‘Do i frighten you princess’ then he smiled at me.”

 A small chuckle left his lips and I shot him a glare.

“Are you sure that's what he said?” he asked, amused by my words.

“Y-yes, do you not believe me?” I asked raising an eyebrow.

“Well, I just find how a murder would come, shoot up the place, kill someone and say ‘Do I frighten you princess’ very hilarious" he chuckled.

What was funny about this? 

“This is serious” Jackson said elbowing Officer Jeon.

Clearing his throat, he nodded, getting back to the conversation.

“What about the other guy?”

“T-the other guy said, You’re a cutie and I am pitiful’. Then he left in a black van with his partner” you answered.

He hummed, a small smirk fading on his lips. 

What was his deal?

“Okay miss is there anything else you want to tell us about this encounter?” he asked me, looking into my eyes to see if I was legit.

“Michael mentioned something about a guy name Jimin? I-I don’t know what he meant”I remembered, trying to give him as much information as possible.

His eyes widened from the name and he moved closer to me,” did he say who Jimin was?” he asked.

“I-I don’t know. I just want to go home right now. Can someone take me home?” I asked as I swallowed the pit in my throat.

“Yes of course. We will bring you to the station tomorrow to resume this” he nodded.

All I could hear was his voice echoing in my mind through the whole night. 

“Do I frighten you princess?”

“You’re a cutie and I am pitiful” 


As I got home, throwing away my outfit from earlier and washing my body that reeked of painful memories and the smell of blood. I wondered about everything that happened today. Who was this Jimin person? And what was that guy talking about, ‘business’ ?

I wandered if they came for Michael, would they come for me as well? That’s when I knew I wasn’t going to get sleep.


A/N. So this is just a new story i’m working on. I hope you guys enjoy it.