i miss the 10th doctor


The Doctor offering to help Dalek Caan.
I miss this Doctor Who.


Okay. I can’t. No, that’s fine.

You know what I miss?

When The Doctor was undoubtably good.

Not perfect.

But aware of his mistakes. 

When The Doctor didn’t constantly belittle his companions about their physical appearance. 

When he told them they were beautiful.

When he saw the worth in humankind…in everyone. 

When he didn’t do this:

When he didn’t disrespect his companions.

When The Doctor wasn’t so damn afraid of hugs.

You know what I miss? 





I love being Amelia Pond ok ;) and I’m going to miss it so much at my next con! I mean don’t get me wrong I’m soo excited to be doing Ariel, Anna and Christine buttttt it’s PONDDDDD!!! I will miss it :) and yes that is myself and Ben Randall (10th Doctor) derping with a mini baby fail of a tardis in London ;)

And that’s Matt at the end as well :) please check his stuff out if you don’t know who he is (unlikely since he’s the best cosplayer ever) MattEleven is his page name :)

Sherlock is Madness of Ed Miller

10th Doctor by the iron throne is CJ cosplayer/spoiler tv

And some more amazing cosplayers :)

Anyway I’m major excited by my next cosplays and I haven’t fully decided who I’m doing where :)
Either Ariel or Anna for Saturday of LFCCW I just can’t decide which :)