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I have a question—wait, that's pretty obvious, lol. Anyway, is Kara Zor-El stronger that's Superman in the New 52 or does it just seem that way since she doesn't have the same level of control as Clark does? Thank you and I love your blog by the way!

i’d say it’s because she has a lot less control than clark does! he’s lived his entire life in a world made of paper, and has had years to hone his control. not being in control of his powers is the most terrifying thing to him, and he lives in a state of constant fear that he’s going to slip, and people are going to get hurt because of that - that all leads to clark using way less strength in fights than he could, because he’s used to keeping it on such a tight rein, and that action is mostly subconscious for him. have i mentioned lately, just out of the blue, that i love superman and think he deserves the whole wide world.

but kara has not had any of that! at all! none of it! so it’s only natural that there appears to be a strength disparity. there is no real justification for kara to be actually stronger, because yellow radiation should affect them the same unilaterally. unless she’s pumping some serious iron, but then, how the hell do you lift weights when you can bench a car and not really sweat it? how would you be working out? follow for more quality questions

So here’s my big news!!
I was selected to be one of 10 girls to compete in Lebanon. The Miss Queen of Fitness competition was created to celebrate the achievements of girls who put their health first and lost weight. I won the award for biggest achievement ‘Miss I did it’ for losing the most weight naturally without surgery. I’m so proud and so thankful for everyone who has been there for me and pushed me to get to where I am. Years of hard work and 100 lbs weight loss is definitely paying off😊

Zelo: Hey hyung, i bought a new phone. What’s your number?
Himchan: *visibily texting* I don’t have a phone.

Lifting, I missed you so much!😍💪🏼 Got that bootywork on today! Back in my happy zone after almost exclusively running for 2 months🙃

11/7 Workout:

Squats: 4x8 95#
Deadlifts: 4x6 95#
Squat curtsy lunges: 3x6 40#
Good mornings: 3x10 40#
Glute cable pull throughs: 4x10 90#
Hip abductors: 3x8 10#
Glute isolators: 4x6 50#

 I don’t if this image can confirm that the ring in Cosima’s hand belongs to Delphine but for me it does. Curiously the ring looks big in this scene when Cosima is asking to Siobhan: “I need you to tell me that Delphine is alive”. When Siobhan says that she can’t do it, Cosima cries and says: “It’s just I miss her so much”.

I really believe that the ring has a weight for it own in this scene. It has a meaning during the entire season because Cosima wears it during all the season 4. I know because I took the time to watch the rest of the episodes looking for the damm ring.

Like I said before, this details maybe don’t be nothing at all, but if it has a meaning, is a very romantic meaning.


If I may, ma'am, you seem troubled. I remember watching Miss Guthrie go through this experience. Learning to bear the weight of her authority and the awful and lonely compromises it demands. Would you like to know the advice I gave her then? In such an office, anyone who tends to your needs is going to ask for more in return than they give. But if you do not have these needs met, you will never survive the experience. Best to make sure that whomever you choose to have tend to you, all you owe them is a fee.


Realized I missed a video! Back at 210- for completion purposes of course. 

Hard to believe this was just over a month ago… 

I Miss You.

Its been over a week since we last talked. It’s killing me. People I know ask about you, about us. And I know this sounds ridiculous, but saying your name feels like acid on my fucking tongue. Seeing that when my phone goes off and it isn’t you, feels like a punch directly into my ribcage. And knowing you’re perfectly okay without my existence in your life is most definitely an unbearable emptiness.
Lately all I do is sleep and talk to my best friend. Aside showering, because that feels like I’m washing you out of my system for a while. Bummer though, when I’m done, you’re still there. You’re in my veins.
I don’t eat a whole lot anymore. I’ve been determined to lose the weight I loathe so much. I’ve actually been exercising, the pain feels good. Because the pain reminds me that I’m still alive. At least that fills the emptiness for a while. But every time the pain subsides and the emptiness settles again, its worse.
This may seem a bit extreme. I know you’ve left me before. But, let me explain.
Two years, 4 months, and 16 days, and I think this is the end. This is where we say goodbye, and this is where we part ways. And that, my love, is the emptiness in my chest. That is the non-existent motivation. That is the acid on my tongue. That. That two years, 4 months, and 16 fucking days, is my sentence of pure misery. Because I am left with the memories. And I know you have them too, but I also know they don’t mean as much to you.
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