i miss that glance

i lost it when our conversations stopped
but somehow our small ways showed otherwise
i could not look at public places the same anymore, now that
i search for your face in the crowd, especially when i pass
near where you might be, hoping we would bump
into each other, share a glance, and maybe break the ice…



Momma Hale x Derek

Requested by Anon

“Get her back to the car!” Derek snapped at Erica who forced you away from Isaac who was being attacked by the Alpha twins and towards the car.

“Derek I am a witch I can help!” You shrieked and he glanced back at you, missing one of the twins who helped his brother yank Isaac to his feet, you knew the look, he didn’t know if he could bring Isaac back to you.

You begrudgingly followed Erica to the car and let her rush back to Derek while you headed to Deaton’s to see if you could help from there. He wasn’t surprised when you stormed in and had laid out several spells and new things for you to try out.

“He wouldn’t let me help!” You snapped and Deaton sighed.

“(Y/N) you’ve not yet reached your full potential and you are overly protective, you might have got injured.” He pointed out and you rolled your eyes.

“Or I would have helped.” You muttered.

“You’ve been here a few months (Y/N), Derek’s only just opened up to the pack about his feelings and you’re important to him.” Deaton pointed out and you nodded.

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I Miss

Our little moments. I miss the glances and the smiles. The brush of hands before lacing our fingers together. I miss watching your eye lids flutter as you fought sleep a little longer or when you first started to wake. Don’t get me wrong I miss the kisses and the cuddles, and what the kissing and cuddling led to, but I miss those little moments more. I miss running my fingers through your hair. Sliding my thumb tenderly across your cheek. I miss the nose bumps, and the nose boops, and the nose kisses. I miss rubbing my feet against yours. I miss hearing that little contented sigh when my arms go around you. I miss the closeness of those little moments. I miss the little moments with you.

Joker x Reader-Clubbing

All I could hear was the clicking of my gold heels as I walked towards my love’s velvet red booth. There was loud music along with people dancing, screaming and laughing like lunatics. All I could hear though was click click click until I had him in my sights-then everything went quiet. His silver grill revealed by a smile dazzled in front of me, his chest partly exposed marked by tattoos, muscles and scars. My heart danced a little he had been gone from home all day because of work-The only downside of being the king he had to constantly tend to his thrown. 

I pushed past his cronies and business partners smiling wide and hugging him around the shoulders. “I missed you kitten” I whispered softly in his ear. He purred at the tone of my voice casting an icy blue glance at me smiling lazily. “Oh I missed you too Doll” He took me on his lap he arms holding me tightly. My head swam at his scent, it was godly. “Have you been good today?” I shook my head no adding a mischievous smile. He laughed loudly stroking my hair. “That’s my girl” he said happily  

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kurosmind  asked:

"I miss your lips" or "I want to either kiss you or kill you right now" for whatever pairing you want :D

“I miss your lips.”

Dorian glanced up, a smile quirking up the corner of his mouth as he snapped his book shut with a soft thump. “Funny,” he mused, leaning back on the couch and lacing his fingers behind his head, “considering that, at least to my knowledge, they remain firmly attached to my face, amatus.”

Fael laughed quietly, those startlingly bright eyes catching Dorian’s from all the way across the room. “True,” he agreed, leaning casually against the far wall, “but let’s be honest; you might as well be someone else entirely when you’re lost in a good book.”

“Ah, yes…” Dorian sighed emphatically, casting his gaze to the ceiling as if to evoke the aid of the Maker. “What ever is a poor scholar to do? If only there was someone, say, ten paces away, who could help me reassert my sense of self…”

“Oh, funny,” Fael drawled, but levered himself off the far wall regardless. His movements were slow yet precise as the prowled across the room, a smug expression on his face, like that of a cat eyeing off a particularly cunning mouse. “But you know I hate to interrupt.”

Watching his amatus approach so… alluringly… Dorian almost missed his cue to laugh. “Interrupt? You? Perish the thought!” He unlaced his fingers and gestured to the book, now pointedly abandoned on the side table. “Fael, if I ever got through a full chapter without you finding your way onto my lap, I would have no choice but to believe our relationship in dire straits.”

Chuckling, Fael slid onto the couch beside Dorian, then kept sliding until his head, as predicted, came to rest on the mage’s lap. Dorian smiled gently as he looked down at that shock of silver hair, his fingers reaching out and carding through it as if on reflex. 

“Well…” Fael mumbled, his face turned against the fabric of Dorian’s breeches as he practically melted beneath his touch. “Did you?”

“Did I what, amatus?”

The Inquisitor sighed softly and turned to look up at Dorian. He quirked an eyebrow playfully. “Finish your chapter.”

With a bark of laughter, Dorian leaned down and kissed Fael’s waiting lips, enjoying that brief moment where they were both caught smiling against each other’s mouths.

“You were just in time, amatus,” he said, then drew back, his voice fond as he brushed a stray strand of hair out of the elven man’s eyes. “Thank the Maker for that.”

[This fic was requested by the lovely (and patient) @melaninharleyquinn I hope you all enjoy. You all continue to motivate me with your love and support. Xoxo, Doc]

I sat beside Mister J, idly drawing patterns on his thigh while he spoke to Wattz Corden. I had personally lost interest in the conversation the moment Wattz-y decided to cut me out of it. I don’t know whether it was because he found my opinions irrelevant, he was a misogynist, or he was scared of me, but colour me irritated. There was only so much boredom a girl can take, sure I love watchin’ my Puddin’ work but I didn’t like this putz one bit. He was the worst company and an even worse liar. 
“Don’t give us that shit,” I sighed, twirling my ring dagger around my finger.

Mister J tensed in irritation and Wattz-y turned his slightly amused/annoyed sunglass shielded eyes towards me. 
“I beg your Pardon, Miss J?” 
I glanced up from under my lashes and I couldn’t help but smirk. This guy, oh this guy, I wanted to play with this guy. 
“Y/N,” Mister J said lightly, but I knew that tone.
He only said my name but that tone said Keep talkin’ sweet cheeks, I dare you. A look like that would have shut me right up but I knew I was right, I knew this guy was a fucking snake, sure he was a criminal and criminals are snakes, but he was bein’ a snake with us. You don’t mess with me and my Puddin’ unless you got a death wish, you don’t betray us unless you wanna know what pain actually is.
“I’m sorry, what I meant was you’re a piece of shit,” 
I rose to my feet walking over to him and I sat down in his lap stroking his cheek, I didn’t need him to take off his glasses to know he was scared. 
“Y/N, you got a mouth on you tonight, doll,” Mister J growled, but I was focused on Wattz. 
“You’re lying about the money, aren’t ya Wattz-y baby? You don’t have our money, do ya?” I asked with a mock-pout, tracing his lower lip with the tip of my dagger.
“Hey, what’s she goin’ on about, boss? I thought we were talkin busine-”
“Every time my Puddin’ mentioned the money your pinky finger twitched, every time he mentioned Lex, our rival and your supposed enemy you got a little louder,” I licked my lips, leaning forward and I pressed my blade down on his pinky finger drawing blood.
“And dare I say, honey, I’m sure it’s not just because a beautiful woman is in your lap… but your heart is beating so fast and-”
Mister J jerked me up by my upper arm and dragged me a few paces away and I hissed, yanking my arm from his grasp.
“What’s the big idea? He was just about t-”
“You’re gettin’ on my last nerve, Y/N,” he growled.
Me? Did you not just hear what I- Puddin’, come on, we don’t need this loser! Put a bullet in him and lets dance,” I ran a hand up his arm, cupping the back of his neck as I pressed myself against him. 
“Come on baby, I know you want to,” I whispered, my nose brushing his as I tugged his lower lip with my teeth.
He pulled away from me and I glared at him half hurt and half furious, “No, I don’t. You’re bugging me-”
“But I’m right!” I closed my mouth, glancing down and off to the side when he gave me a look, it was a look I never liked when it was directed at me. 
“Go play or somethin’ doll, daddy’s got work to do,” he began to walk away but anger burned within me. 
“What? You don’t want me anymore? Fine, I won’t waste my time with you then,” I grumbled, shoving my way through the crowd.

***Mister J’s P.O.V

Y/N had only confirmed what I had already been suspicious of but I wasn’t going to give her the satisfaction of admitting it to her face. I had had Frost tracking Wattz’s movements for weeks and tonight I had planned on showing… a little mercy. He would give me the money he owed and I would bring him to the edge of death giving him barely enough time to get to a hospital. See, I could have a good side. 
But now I was angry. I was angry at Y/N for being right, I was angry at this guy for being an idiot, I was mad at Y/N for walking away from me even though I knew she never truly would. All this feeling was really getting on my nerves, I just wanted to- for a moment I lost my train of thought when I saw her. She was in the middle of the dance floor her dark skin glowing under the gold and blue strobe lights as she swayed her hips and began to dance with one of Wattz’s henchmen who obviously didn’t know any better. That’s not what I meant by play baby. Snapping out of it, my desire to kill someone only grew. 

***Y/N P.O.V

I dragged the sack of testosterone into one of the far corners by his tie. I wasn’t really into him, in fact I hated him. He had a reputation for getting a little hands-y with the women in his bosses employ and word travels around to us women in power.
“You havin’ a good time, handsome?” I whispered in his ear, giggling when I saw his eyes darken with desire.
From over his shoulder I could see Mister J, I could see him standing as he watched me. In spite of the distance I could see his chest rising and falling at a quick and heavy pace. I smiled at Mister J before turning back to… whatever he said his name was. I knew that… this guy was wasn’t going to be walking out of here after this but frankly I didn’t give a shit. I also knew, Mister J didn’t like it when I got all sweet on other men no matter the reason. 
“You wanna kiss me, baby? Come on, I know you do,” I whispered, trailing my hand slowly down his chest. 
The light bulb went off in his head and he paused, “No, no, its been fun but you’re J’s girl,” 
I leaned in and grazed his earlobe with my tongue, “Honey, just for tonight I can be whoever you want me to be,” I purred, grinning like the cat who ate the canary when he shoved me against the wall and spread my legs with a knee as he kissed me. 
It was extremely underwhelming, sloppy, and wet. I reached for my ring daggers having had enough of his nonsense when he pulled back, a gurgled and choked scream escaping him as he held his wrist and looked down at his severed hand in shock. He screamed even louder and I laughed, watching as my Puddin’ cut out the mans tongue and stuck him like a voodoo doll until Mister Nobody was dead on the ground. People cleared out pretty quickly after that with the exception of Mister J’s and Wattz-y’s men. 
Mister J didn’t look at me, I simply stayed pressed to the wall panting with the exhilaration of it all and grinning because I knew he could never stop wanting me. I knew that he burned for me just as I burned for him. Even after he has had me and has barely left my body when we are in bed I want him again. God, my body is in a constant inferno with wanting him. 
“Now where was I? Ahh yes, anyone of Wattz’s men who wants to live should exit in an orderly fashion,” Mister J growled and Wattz stood up. 
“Mister J, if this is about Ray-”
So that was gutless’s name, got it. 
“Oh no, this is about stupidity, and it looks like times up,” Mister J pulled out his guns and opened fire. 
Sprinting and flipping out of the way of bullets, I threw one of my ring daggers watching as it embedded itself into a mans eye. I hissed when I felt a bullet graze my thigh but I was already on the guy, flipping so my thighs clamped his head between them and I pulled my body up and swung it so we both fell and I brought a ring dagger down into his jugular three times for good measure. A hand fisted in my curls and I cut the woman’s Achilles tendon, hearing her scream as she collapsed beside me and I brought the dagger down to her chest.
Getting up I raised my dagger only to gasp as Mister J’s one hand found my throat while the other gripped my raised hand and he slammed me against the bar. 
“Did you have fun? Huh, doll? Come on, I know you did, say it, say it,” He snarled, and I smirked.
“I’m having fun now,” 
I giggled as he dragged me by the throat to the truck out in the alley as an easy escape from the cops, and tossed me in the back. He climbed in with me and slammed the doors. The back of the truck was dimly illuminated and I gasped when Mister J gripped me by the hair and forced me to look at him.
“You let him touch you hmm? Did you like it when he touched you? When he kissed those plump and sinful little lips of yours that belong to me?” He snarled and my confidence wavered slightly. 
“It got your attention didn’t it? It made you see Wattz and his crew for what-” 
He rolled his neck and banged his head against the side of the truck violently before he took my ring dagger from me. I felt it trail down my jaw and he gripped my hair harder, pulling my head up so he could whisper in my ear. 
“I already knew about Wattz doll, and you’ve made me very angry,” 
“So what? You gonna kill me Mister J?” I said huskily. 
“Oh, I’m not gonna kill ya. I’m just going to fuck you, really, really hard. You might be thinking I’m giving you a gift, but no Y/N. No. I am going to punish you for ever thinking you could do something like that to me,” his tone struck my heart with fear and desire. 
I cried out as he slammed me onto my stomach and ripped open the back of my dress. 
“What does this say, hmm?” He growled, and I heard his belt hit the doors of the truck as he tossed it aside. 
I didn’t reply, I was wet and shaking and when I felt him against my rear I gasped. 
What does it say, Y/N?” He hissed, and I squeaked as he entered me in one swift and hard movement.
“Property of The Joker,” I said in a gasping rush as he held me pinned and trailed the blade of my dagger across my tattoo. 
“I. Can’t. Hear. You.” 
“Property of The Joker!” I whimpered, trying to move against him but he wouldn’t let me.
“And what does that mean?”
I hissed as he rolled his hips in one slow and agonizing motion, “It means I’m yours, yours and no one else’s,” 
“That’s right,” 
He forced me onto my knees and yanked my head back with my hair, I felt his breath on my ear as he thrust into me once, twice, a third time. I felt the cold metal of the blade as it touched my throat and I moaned. 
“Are you enjoying yourself, Y/N?” Mister J purred, his tongue tracing the vein in my neck. 
“Y-Y-Yes Mister J,” I said breathlessly. 
“Good,” he shoved me away from him, exiting me, and I felt confused with the sudden departure. 
“No, please,” I gasped, turning to face him. 
“I told you, doll, this was punishment.” 
“For me?” I trailed my fingernail gently up his shaft, “Or for you?” 
I laughed when I was suddenly on my back with his hand at my throat and his eyes screaming desire and bloody murder. 
“When we get home I’m going to fuck you like an animal and when you are about to cum I will stop and I won’t let you. You will beg, and you will squirm, but you will never have it just like no one else will ever have you,” he purred.
“I’m all yours baby,” Curling my hand around his shaft I grinned when he growled at me. 
“You’re a demon,” 
“And you’re the Devil,” I whispered, snapping my teeth at him. 
“Lets see if the Devil can find God between those legs of yours,” 
“You can try,”
“Oh baby, you won’t be walkin’ right for weeks once I am done punishing you,” he said with a laugh. 
I was regretting what I had gotten myself into, but my body, mind, soul, and heart burned for him and I wanted him too badly to care. 
“Come on Puddin’, do it!”
I didn’t have to ask twice. 

[That’s all folks! As always thank you for your support. Please feel free to send me requests anytime (even if it is a continuation request) I hope you all enjoyed it! Also, I am sorry I leave you guys handing a lot just when it is getting hot and heavy…. kind of…. not really… maybe a little bit ;p Xoxo, Doc]

Preference #1 | You’re on your period.


The moment I woke up and felt a sharp pain in my stomach, I knew exactly how my day was going to go. I started my shower and slowly washed my body trying to get the warm water to soothe my cramps. I got out and dried my body quickly, then reaching to grab a tampon. I dug my hand around the drawer, but I couldn’t find the box. I glanced down and the box was missing. Did I seriously forget to buy a new box last month? I sat down on the toilet, figuring that may be the safest place until I figured out what to do. I heard my front door unlock and footsteps into my apartment. Why does Ashton have to be here right now? “Babe? I know I’m early, but I thought you’d be okay with going to breakfast.” Normally… “I actually don’t know if I’ll be up for it today! I’m feeling a little sick.” I heard his footsteps race towards the bathroom and then a soft knock. “Can I come in?” He asked hesitantly. “Uh, I just got out of the shower, so no.” “Wouldn’t you feel better if you got into some warm clothes and I can make you some toast?” There was silence until I could figure out what to say. “It would, but I can’t exactly do that right now.” It was like I could hear his face form into confusion. “Why not?” I sighed. It wasn’t like this conversation wouldn’t eventually have to happen. “I’m on my period, Ash. And I kinda forgot to buy tampons, so I’m stuck here until I figure out how not to bleed everywhere to go buy more.” He laughed. “I’ll be back in one second.” Ashton yelled as he ran out the door. He soon came back and his breath was heavy. “I think this should help your issue.” A tampon was slid under the door and I’ve never been more thankful for Ashton. “Where’d you get this?” I asked as I grabbed it. “I took it one of the times I was over for emergencies like these.” I giggled. “Well, I’m glad you’re not grossed out by them.” I wrapped my towel around my body and opened the door. “I’m going to go get dressed and we can head to breakfast.” I walked into my bedroom. “Or we could stay here..” Ashton trailed off, following me into the bedroom. “You promised me breakfast, bub.” 


I was awoken suddenly by Michael trying to rip the bottom sheet out from under me. “What the hell are you doing?” I questioned. “Uh don’t worry about it. I’m going to wash this and get a new sheet. Go back to sleep or something.” He said quickly, but hesitantly. I scrunched my face at him. I glanced at the sheet, which now had a huge red spot on it. My eyes widened. “Oh my gosh. You don’t need to clean that up. I’ll do it.” I got up and felt an uncomfortable wetness on my pajama shorts. I began to waddle a little. “Are you sure about that, baby?” Michael chuckled. “Shut up.” I glared. I continued to waddle towards the sheet until Michael pulled it back and out of my reach. “You should get out of those and get into the shower.” He insisted. “Just set the sheets in the washer and I’ll do it. I need to throw my underwear and shorts in there too.” He just smiled as I began to walk away. I took a nice long shower, trying to get rid of image of my stained sheet. I quickly got dressed into some leggings and one of Michael’s shirts. I went to grab my underwear and shorts from the bathroom, but they were gone. I went downstairs to find Michael soaking the sheets, my underwear, and my shorts in water. He looked over at me. “I texted my mom and she said it gets the stains out better if you soak them in cold water before you wash them.” I smiled. “What did I do to deserve you?” “Well, for starters you play video games, sing along with me in the car, and you don’t get mad when the boys come over unannounced like they are right now.” He chuckled nervously. “What?” I heard the noise of a car locking and the sound of three boys walking up the front steps. “Get rid of the stained clothing and sheet! They don’t need to see that!” I yelled. Michael ran to open the door. “Welcome, boys! I was just about to make y/n breakfast. Want anything?” They all let out some sort of a yes and a hello to me. They all stepped into the kitchen, looked to the soaking items, and then looked at Michael. “There was just a bit of an accident this morning, so I texted my mom and she said this would take care of it.” I ran up the stairs, blushing, to the boys making whip cracking noises. 


“I am really glad we could hang out again, y/n.” Luke almost yelled over the loud music. “Yeah, it’s been really good to see you!” I yelled. Ashton’s house was filled with party-goers, music, and alcohol. I sipped on my cup of coke. I was designated as the driver tonight with my group of friends. “How’s your job going? Are you enjoying it?” He asked. “It’s going pretty well. Being a librarian has its perks. But how’s your job rockstar or the world tour you just finished?” He blushed. “It was pretty cool. 101 tours in 8 months. I got to explore 4 continents, I guess.” My jaw dropped. “Pretty cool? I’d kill to do that! It’s too bad there’s openings for mediocre talent or a librarian on your tour.” I laughed. “Would you ever want to go sometime?” Luke asked hesitantly, as if that wasn’t really the question he was asking. “I mean, I’d..” I was quickly cut off by a drunk Michael and Ashton grabbing Luke. “C’mon dude! There’s a guy doing his 5th game of beer pong, you have no idea how hilarious it is to watch. You gotta come watch.” Luke looked at me with desperate eyes. “It’s okay, Luke. Go and watch with your friends. I’ll be here when you get back.” I smiled. “Promise?” He asked. “I pinky swear.” I held up my pinky and waved it. He turned around with his friends and I sat there waiting for him to come back or the night to be over. He finally came back a little more intoxicated than previously. “Y/N! LETS GO DANCEEE!” He yelled and grabbed my hand. “Luke, I don’t dance…” Slightly drunk Luke didn’t take no for an answer. Soon we were dancing basically on top of each other because of how many people were there. We were laughing and playfully grinding until he looked down and his eyes widened. “Y/n, let’s go upstairs.” He commanded. I didn’t understand, but I followed. He walked us up into the bathroom and shut the door. “I don’t want to embarrass you and that’s why we are in here, but look at your thighs.” I saw the beginnings of a murder scene and my face looked like a tomato. “It didn’t get on you, did it?” I whispered. “No, you’re okay. Just clean yourself up and I’ll take you home. And I’ll make sure there is an uber for your friends later.” He smiled. He opened the door and I whispered, “I love you” with the hope that I was the only one to hear it. “You love me?” He turned around and shut the door. I nodded slowly. “Good because I’ve been in love with you since before I even went on that stupid tour.” He grabbed my face and began to kiss me. I pulled away. “I’m gross. Can I clean up and we can continue this when I’m not a murder scene and you’re completely sober?” I asked. “Absolutely.” 


“BAAABBEEEE!” I yelled. “Yes?” Calum stuck his head into the doorway of our room. “Can we please have a lazy day? I know you really wanted to go out today, but I’m really not feeling it.” He laughed. “You don’t want to go to the mall? Not even Sephora? Not even your favorite smoothie place? Who are you and what have you done with my girlfriend?” I rolled my eyes. “I would like to go, but if we’re completely being one hundred percent honest, I’m a robot created by the boys to get you to do whatever they want.” I giggled. “That makes so much sense! I knew there was a reason I suddenly wanted to do their bidding.” He joked. “Now what’s the real reason?” He looked at me with concern. “I’m on my period and I have cramps. I don’t wanna see people.” I flopped to the other side of the bed. “But I’m people?” “No, you’re Calum. You’re like a personal heater and you give me massages and kisses when I don’t feel well.” He smiled. “I’m glad that I’m not people, but we really do have to go out today. I have like no shirts since we donated a bunch and I only have so many that aren’t currently in your wardrobe.” I blushed. “I have no idea what you are talking about.” He stepped closer and closer. “Oh, you have no clue? What are you wearing right now?” I quickly looked down and jumped off the other side of the bed. I tried to make a run for the door, but Calum caught me. He threw me onto the bed and began to tickle me. “STOP! I CAN’T BREATHE!” I yelled while I tried to get out of his grip. “Say you’ll go to the mall and I’ll stop!” He chuckled along with me. “NEVER!” I yelled and continued to struggled. “DO IT!” “FINE! STOP!” I screamed. He suddenly let go and began to walk out of the room. “Get dressed and I’ll be in the car in 5. We’ll get smoothies for breakfast!” I glared at him. “Stop staring, babe. A picture will last longer!” He called. “I hate you!” I called back. “No, you don’t! Hurry up! We can lay around when we’re done!” I got up and raced around to get ready as fast as I could, only taking a couple breaks to grab my stomach in pain. I just finished putting my shoes on as Calum picked me up and started taking me to the car. “You take too long.” He laughed. “You only gave me 5 minutes!” I countered. “You took 15!” “I need more time than you do to get ready!” “Nah, you look good all the time!” Calum kissed my forehead as I rolled my eyes. 

Some rambling thoughts I'm having as I'm going through TBL withdrawals...impatiently waiting for January...

1. There must–MUST–be scenes between Lizzy and Red that show them reconnecting. Their complicated relationship IS the show. It needs to be in the forefront again.

2. There needs to be at least one, serious, heart-to-heart conversation between them about why she did what she did at the end of S3 and how she regrets her actions.

3. Red should give her answers to some of her questions. If she will show trust again, he should also show it.

4. They need to hold hands again. I miss that. I miss their little touches and glances. And kisses.

5. If Agnes is Red’s daughter and Tom finds out, it would give him a definite reason to leave TBL to star in his spin-off show, Redemption. There are so many reasons why he should leave….this could be one of them.

6. If Agnes is Red’s and Lizzy’s daughter, flashback sequences need to be shown of how that came about!

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Are you lonesome tonight?
Do you miss me tonight?
Are you sorry we drifted apart?
Does your memory stray to a brighter summer day
When I kissed you and called you sweetheart?
Do the chairs in your parlor seem empty and bare?
Do you gaze at your doorstep and picture me there?

Laney walked in with puffed up cheeks, glaring at no one in particular. ‘That guy is evil personified!’

‘Ah, I see you’ve met Jim!’ Heda exclaimed, walking toward her and giving her a hug, before she turned to her band. ‘Guys, this is Laney and Klein. Laney, Klein, guys.’

‘Hey,’ echoed the band.

‘Fyfe! I want a photo with Fyfe!’ exclaimed Laney, lunging for him. The force of her enthusiasm almost toppled Heda over. Before she could straighten Laney’s camera hit the side of her head and she sighed, exchanging knowing glances with Klein.

‘I missed her,’ she whispered, aiming the camera at the rather uncomfortable looking Fyfe, and the very excited looking Laney. ‘How do you two know each other?’

‘Work,’ he answered with a grin. ‘Not as exciting as your story.’

‘Uh, please. Every story concerning Laney is exciting. I believe it’s her childlike innocence,’ said Heda, putting the camera on the table. It seemed Laney was too preoccupied with her air guitar solo to pose anyway. ‘Last time we spoke she mentioned a boyfriend. Are you the boyfriend?’

He just looked at her, long and silent.

‘Not the boyfriend.’ Heda nodded, turning back to see Laney wave at her. She moved on to Sorcha, which was, at the same time funny and amazing, because Sorcha actually smiled back and talked to her. Apparently even Sorcha couldn’t be scared of Laney.

In the meantime Fyfe appeared next to them, blinking. ‘She is… energetic. She just taught me how to play bass better. I think she is my new manager now. Also, does one of you guys know how to fill in this friendship club card she gave me.’

Heda grinned. ‘Yep. I will lend you mine for inspiration.’

Klein cackled, bumping Heda’s shoulder with his. ‘Look! Sorcha got one too!’

‘Hug time!’ cried Heda and they all burst out laughing.


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anonymous asked:

yo, thoughts on how yuuki tells zero she thinks of kaname when they hold hands?

So sorry for taking this long to answer your question, anon! I was mainly waiting for a relatively complete translation.

I know at first glance, one might think that Yuuki was missing Kaname again (romantically). However, I don’t think this is the case. Zero says “Me too” right after. I seriously doubt Zero thinks of Kaname this way (Kaze fans sit back down lol). I think Yuuki was referring to the wish Kaname had for them- to be together, and she hasn’t followed through with it yet. I know some might not agree with me, and that’s okay. Hino hasn’t exactly been clear, as always, but Zero’s choice of words imply that Yuuki’s thoughts include both of them.

That’s my two cents. Thanks for the ask!

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Oh so are we getting short mini fic a from you for 400? EEE! And congrats! *tosses confetti* So, since I feel like crap, can I go with F and fever? :3 With Jim? *cuddles into poster of him*

Thank you!  I hope you’re feeling better by  now, but in case you’re not (or to save for next time), here’s the promised drabble!

“Hey babe, I missed you today,” Jim calls as he steps into your quarters, glancing around for signs of life.

“I’m in here,” you call from the bathroom.

You shiver even under the almost too-hot shower spray, the intense steam in the room obscuring Jim from your view even as you hear his boots fall on the bathroom’s tile floor.

“You’re going to drown in all of this steam,” Jim teases.  “Why so hot?”

You take a deep breath, letting the steam fill your lungs and clear some of the congestion in your chest, and you reluctantly turn off the water.  You slide the shower door open and reach out, taking the towel Jim is holding out to you with a thousand-watt smile.  

“I was really cold,” you answer.  “I couldn’t stop shaking.”

He frowns, those brilliant blue eyes roaming over your features with concern.

“It’s easily seventy five degrees in here,” Jim comments.  “Are you feeling okay?”

You shrug as you towel yourself off, immediately beginning to shiver again as the relatively cool room air licks at your hot, damp skin.  Jim moves the pajama’s you had set aside earlier closer to you and you smile gratefully at him, slipping them on quickly.

“I’ve been really fatigued all day,” you reply. “And I think I might have a fever.”

Jim’s expression becomes concerned as he steps up to you, wrapping his arms around you and pulling you in for an embrace, pressing his lips to your forehead in a gentle kiss.  The way his fingers stroke along your spine as he holds you makes you weak in the knees and you burrow your face into his neck, not wanting to pull away just yet, enjoying his warmth.

“I’m going to call Bones to come by and see you, baby girl,” he says softly, carefully leading you out the bathroom door and towards your bed, his arms still around you.

“I’m fine, Jim,” you groan, allowing him to pull away so that he can coax you into bed and pull the blankets up, tucking them in around you.

“That wasn’t a suggestion,” Jim says softly. “It was an order.  I just want to make sure my baby girl stays in tip top shape.”

You roll your eyes, pulling the covers up over your head and hiding away from Jim as he snaps open his communicator and calls the CMO.  Once he’s done, he moves around so he can lie on the bed next to you and he drapes an arm over you, reaching up to pull the covers down enough that you won’t suffocate beneath them.

“Besides, the sooner he can make you feel better, the sooner I can make you feel really good,” he teases.

You groan and close your eyes, snatching the covers back from him and pulling them back up over your head once more, getting a laugh out of Jim.

“You’re incorrigible.”


rest in peace bud. i’ll miss your wiggles in the morning when i come to turn on the light and feed you. i’ll miss your hilarious fishy expressions and the side glances of acknowledgement that you give me when you don’t feel like leaving your bubble nest to come greet me. i’ll miss your goofy tendency to get yourself stuck in weird positions between the decorations in your tank. i’ll miss the furious flares i get when i even dare to aim a camera lens at you haha. i’ll miss the way you slowly and inquisitively creep toward the things i try to show you - and then dart away if i move them ever so slightly because you’re actually a scaredy cat even though you like to act tough little guy. you fought so hard to keep yourself alive when you fell ill; you’d sink to the bottom of the quarantine tank, then defiantly wiggle and force your way back to the surface to get air. even when bloated and pineconed, you fought me when i tried to coax you back into your cup -the thing that i bought you in… and also the thing that i ultimately had to euthanize you in. you were so great mars. you were my little red planet.