i miss summer now


I love you, Alec.
       I love you too.


Then that means that last year… Rin-san was also a MAID ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

I honestly miss knowing what the boys are up to every day and getting video updates on the regular. Like I know they were on a hiatus and I know they’re working on this new album now but my God I miss the excitement of actually witnessing them do something they love and having the fam being so united over their accomplishments I just

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Dinner at a Korean restaurant after rehearsals!  Yummy cheese dak-galbi (치즈 닭갈비)~  Ryoutarou was at dinner with them too, but he left early since he has his birthday event tomorrow.  

And for every single one of them that posted a photo of this dinner, Ken-chan replied to all of their tweets going, “That must have been nice~” because he really loves Korean food.

(x) (x

I miss autumn.

I miss the colours and leaves. I miss the scent of pumpkin and cinnamon. I miss the dark grey skies. I miss the cosy nights when everything is dark outside but lit up warm and cosy inside. I miss the smell of the air and the frosted grass in the mornings. I miss the feeling of clarity and crispness.

I miss autumn. Summer is great right now but autumn has my heart.

Every live performance of Jet Black Heart

Legitimately. Every. One.

It’s simple. I miss michael. I also miss seeing new videos of michael performing jet black heart, my favorite 5sos song, live every night or so. because of this, i made this masterlist of nearly every live performance of jet black heart

((well pretty close to every one,,, please don’t sue me)) ((also if i missed any cities or fucked up anything please let me know xx))

You’re welcome.

Rock Out With Your Socks Out

~North America~

since it was only played at the very end of rowyso… also i think jones beach was the first place it was played but i could be wrong its been over a year

Sounds Live Feels Live



~North America~


  • Melbourne - September 29th ((only half))
  • Brisbane - October 2nd
  • Sydney (1st night) - October 4th
  • Sydney (2nd night) - October 5th ((LAST SHOW IM EMO))

Don’t care for the live performances? 

do not fear. here’s some alternatives:

yes this did just take me like 2 weeks to make.
do i regret it?

absolutely not.


smolsammich  asked:

Im praying to crossfit jesus that you have played Miitopia.

Your prayers have been answered because I do play this game! Quite a bit actually… *cough I’m nearly 70 hours in cough* But yeah, my team right now consists of a Princess (Seth) and 3 Macho Flower Bodyguards (Roman, Dean and Renee) :D

pokemon6928  asked:

*Tackle hugs you* Happy Birthday Jyushi!!!! I got you a present!! *Gives you a quality made baseball bat with the Matsuno Pine tree on it, as well as a baseball bat, a hat with the number 14 on it, and a yellow baseball glove* You wanna go play baseball with me?? :DDDD

And homerun yes!!



AoKise has always been a big part of this blog (and of my art) and I just can’t miss not contributing to their day! So here you guys go~!

(Now time to disappear and study for finals)