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daniel’s wardrobe is Ultimate Goals but these are a few of my favs!!

Gabriel Drabble #7

Submitted By: @bohowitch for my 900 Follower Celebration

All Gif Drabbles for this celebration will be posted on my Gif Drabble Masterlist and labeled 900 FC next to them

“Still love me?” Gabriel asked

Your bottom lip was jetted out in a pout. Tears were in your eyes as you tried but failed to blink them away. Chuck had brought him back. It had taken a while but he gave Gabe back to you.

“Of course you big idjit.” You sobbed flinging yourself into his arms.

“I missed you so much.”

“I missed you too sugar.” He mumbled against your hair. 


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i’m re-watching chuck and i’m on chuck vs santa claus and that fulcrum guy just showed up and i’m like OMIGOD, IT’S YONDU AKA MARY POPPINS Y’ALL! 

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(asap for Tuesday) Oml yeah, Sixbane is so cool for bringing back Songrems. I really like their artwork, though it must be hard for them to run the whole summer event and all, so much is going on, but they try to make Songrems as active as possible and I respect that a lot. And thanks so much for the sugar, anon! I miss Katkins too. :) ~Divantae

Winter Song


this is my winter song. december never felt so wrong. because you’re not where you belong. inside my arms. ❤

Dean stares into Benny’s eyes, his heart weighing heavily in his chest.  On the computer screen, Benny smiles at him, hangs his head, and then the image freezes. 

“Benny?” Dean says.  He reaches forward and lightly moves the mouse around, nothing happens.  Next to him, his daughters stir, and his oldest, Elizabeth, sighs loudly. 

“This is stupid, dad.  It keeps freezing,” she says with an angry huff that only a nine year old can muster.  She folds her arms across her chest and frowns at the computer screen.      

On his left, Mary looks up at her father and places a little hand on his arm.  “It’s okay, dada, Lizzie is being a meanie,” she says stoically. 

He can’t help but smile and he turns to her, placing a hand behind her back and pulling her close to him.  He plants a soft kiss on her forehead and she giggles. 

“Dada!” she whispers. 

Dean looks down at her, into her green eyes and he smiles.  “Why don’t you go play for a while?  And get your things ready so we can go out into the snow?” he asks. 

She smiles and nods.  She pushes herself up on her tip toes and presses a kiss against her father’s cheek before running off. 

“No running in the house, Mary!” Dean says sternly.  He listens to the little thump of her feet as she heads to her room and he shakes his head with a sigh.  He turns back to the computer again and closes Skype completely, hoping that maybe a reboot would work. 

While the program loads, he turns to Elizabeth.  Her large blue eyes are trained on the floor, her hands wrung together, uncomfortably.  He gently reaches forward and takes her hands in his own, slowly unknotting them. 

“It’s okay, baby,” he whispers. 

Elizabeth looks up at him, tears in her eyes and she shakes her head.  “It’s not, dad.  It’s almost Christmas, and papa isn’t home.  And…I miss him.  It’s not fair.  Sarah’s dad came home for Christmas, why can’t mine?” she asks. 

Dean is at a loss for words, so he simply pulls her into his arms and hugs her tightly.  “This is…tough…for all of us, and you’ve been so strong, Lizzie,” he says soothingly. 

“I’m tired of being strong, dad.  And I’m tired of missing him,” she says into his shirt. 

Dean pulls back and looks down at her.  He tenderly wipes the tears from her eyes and kisses her forehead.  “I know, pumpkin.  We’ll get through it, okay?  I promise,” he says.  “You know I love you, right?” he says.

Elizabeth nods and looks up at him.  “Yes,” she replies quietly. 

“What’s that?” Dean asks, pointing to something on her shirt.  She looks down and when she bends her head he lightly reaches up and brushes her nose with his finger.  “Made you look,” he says with a laugh.

Elizabeth rolls her eyes and shakes her head.  “Dad,” she says, embarrassed. 

“What, it worked!” he says. 

Elizabeth shakes her head and grins at him.  “I’m gonna go play now,” she says as she wriggles out of her father’s arms. 

“You finished all your home work?” he asks gruffly. 

“I’m on winter break, dad!” she says with a grin. 

Dean smiles at her.  “I know, pumpkin,” he says.  He watches her as she leaves the room, much quieter than her little sister.  He waits till he knows she’s in her room and then he buries his face in his hands. 

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