i miss sourcing things

what is a queen without her king? a queen. (x)

anora mac tir for @asolitaryrose. happy belated birthday!

I carry softness with me like my favorite sweater. I know it inside and out. Sometimes I wonder if the stars remember the way I used to spell out names like they’re light. I wonder if the names remained in the sky at nights. I heard that you can only trust what you can control. I still put my trust in the heavens. Believe me when I say I wear my heart on my sleeve. Sometimes I think you can even find it in the dark. A source of light and gentleness. I hope. I miss certain things, but that doesn’t mean I want them back. Remembering isn’t the same thing as yearning. My days are less monochrome and more vibrant. Autumn has a way of letting things fall into their proper places. A season of changes. A time for cleaning and awakening.