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Every Other Weekend pt. 2

Prompt: After five years of marriage and two kids, you and Bucky decide you can’t make it work anymore.

Pairings: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 1,449

Warnings: language, divorce, angst, cheating

A/N: let’s try switching perspectives. as per the last part, flashbacks are in italics. scenes without the reader are marked with “~~~” so there is no confusion. let me know if you want to be tagged.

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Part 1


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You ran out the front door after him, a few pieces of loose gravel in the driveway cutting the bottom of your feet. “Where are you going?”

“Just out of here.” Bucky unlocked the car door, throwing his suitcase in the backseat. He got into the driver’s seat, the door still open.

“Why? What did I do?” He never did answer.

Saturday. The house was quiet. It felt odd, not having anyone to look after. No one but yourself. And you didn’t want to even do that. You always felt like this when you dropped them off with Bucky. You weren’t sure if it was the fear of being alone or the want to just be a family. Of course you knew, it was probably both.

You turned the T.V. on in a search for any sort of noise. You’d already cleaned up the house, did all of the laundry, worked out, and showered. And it was only 9am.

You reached for your phone, sighing and having an internal debate before sending a text.

How are they?

You stared at the message and waited for a reply, a fingernail in between your teeth. It wasn’t even a minute before he answered.

Fine. Stop worrying.

Typical. Ever since that day, he was harsh towards you, almost hateful. And you weren’t sure how that happened. There used to be so much love between the two of you… Your eyes drifted to a picture of the two of you, maternity pictures from your pregnancy with Avery. The smile on Bucky’s face was pure happiness. And the look in his eyes was nothing but love. He didn’t look at you like that anymore. He probably never would again. You knew you needed to take it down, but you couldn’t bring yourself to. That would mean things were truly over. And you couldn’t accept that.


“Dad!” Gavin yelled at Bucky from across the table, his plate assorted with eggs and bacon.

“What’s up pal?” Bucky looked up from his 7 month old daughter as he held her and she had her breakfast of milk.

“I learned a new move.” He nodded, standing up in his chair. “Do you want to see?”

“Yes but hey. No. Get down. I don’t want you to fall.”

Gavin nodded, getting down from the table and standing next to Bucky’s chair. He kicked the air, his eyes wide as he finished. “Like you and uncle Steve.”

Bucky chuckled, rubbing Avery’s back. “That’s right. You might be better than us, though. You’ll have to teach us your moves.”

“Do we get to see uncle Steve today?” Gavin climbed back on his chair, picking up his fork and taking a man sized bite.

“Chew all of that.” Bucky nodded at him sternly. “And maybe. He might be helping your mom.”

“Helping mom why?” Gavin’s mouth was so full, his words were almost unintelligible.

“You ask a lot of questions, you know.” Bucky shook his head, a small genuine smile on his face. “She has to move some things out of the house. Don’t worry about it.”

Gavin chewed all of his food before speaking again. “Why don’t you help her, dad? You’re strong.”

Bucky had no answer. He couldn’t very well tell his four year old it’s because being around his mom was too hard, too painful, too tense. He couldn’t say it was because the love that had brought Gavin and his sister into the world was gone and being around her was just a reminder of all of that pain. No. So he gave an answer that would satisfy the curiosity of his son. “Because you’re both with me. Who would watch you if I helped her?” Bucky nodded, having saved himself from a possible barrage of questions. And Gavin didn’t speak again, he just nodded and went back to his breakfast. He had the appetite of his father.


“Thanks for coming, Steve.” You sighed, a hand running through your hair.

“It’s not a problem.” He smiled, hugging you tightly. “How are you?”

“Oh, the same as always. Maybe worse after yesterday.” You laughed sadly and pulled away from him, locking the front door.

“What happened?” Steve took off his jacket and hung it on the coat rack. Next were his shoes, he left them neatly next to the assortment of yours.

“He was just typical Bucky.” You shrugged. That’s all you could tell Steve. You wanted to tell him more but you knew you shouldn’t. Because if he knew everything, he’d tell Bucky and then it’d be an issue of you ‘airing our business to everyone’. Better to just be vague. “I made breakfast. If you haven’t eaten.”

“Thanks.” Steve smiled and walked further into the open floor plan house. His eyes traveled to the picture and he frowned quickly, hoping you hadn’t seen him.

“I’ll take it down when I’m ready.” You felt the need to defend yourself.

“Is the wedding picture still in your room?” Steve raised an eyebrow, leaning against the kitchen counter. You nodded. There was no point in lying to him. He’d find out as soon as the both of you went upstairs. “I don’t blame you.” He sighed. “I can’t imagine how this has been for you.”

“It’s been fucking awful.” Two fingers gripped the bridge of your nose as you closed your eyes. There was no way you were going to cry. Not in front of Steve again for the millionth time. “It would be fine if I felt like he did, you know? If I didn’t still love him.”

“You fought all you could, Y/N. He had his mind made up.” Steve reached out and rubbed your arm, trying to comfort you. He was good at that, his voice was calm and his presence was equally as relaxing.

“I know that’s meant to make me feel better Steve, but it doesn’t.” You sighed, grabbing his hand and leading him upstairs.

You lead him to your bedroom, not that he needed to be guided. He’d been there before. “It’s there.” You pushed the door open and pointed at a bookcase.

“This is a nice bookcase.” He laughed softly, walking over to it. “It’s not too heavy either. I can get it out fast. Then I’ll be out of your hair.” He smiled, nodding.

“You wouldn’t have to go. If you didn’t want to.” You shrugged, sitting on the bed. It was Bucky’s side, or it had been.

Steve chuckled, bending his knees and lifting the bookcase easily as if it were just a piece of paper. You watched him as he navigated the bookcase out of the room and down the stairs. It was almost funny how he got it done so quickly and effortlessly. You had struggled to even pick up one side of it.

You looked around the room your eyes purposely avoiding the wedding picture on the wall. The empty spot in the room made your stomach curl. The marks from the legs of the bookcase were practically engraved into the carpet. What kind of fucking metaphor…

You were snapped back to reality when you heard Steve’s footsteps come up the stairs. “It’s done.” He smiled, his eyes kind. “You shouldn’t have to hang around the house all day. Go put on something nice and I’ll take you out. Then you can try to enjoy the day.”

You felt like arguing with him, but you knew he wouldn’t take no for an answer. And being out of the house, away from all of the reminders of Bucky and your broken family might do you some good. “Okay Steve.” You tried to smile as you rose from the bed, walking towards your closet.

“I’ll make it worth your while, I promise.” He chuckled. “I’ll wait downstairs.”


“It’s not that easy.” Bucky spoke into his cellphone and shook his head, looking at his son who was watching T.V. and his daughter who was sleeping peacefully on a colorful blanket on the floor.

“It is easy.” The voice spoke back to him. It was female. “Just tell her something’s come up and you have to take them back early.”

“But we just had a whole week together. You can’t wait to see me?” His stress levels were rising as he tried to keep his voice quiet.

“I miss you…” She trailed off, a small smirk in her voice.

“I miss you, but this is my week. I have to honor that. She deserves time off too.” Bucky nodded. “Maybe just come over tonight. They sleep pretty well.”

“I’ll be there.” She smiled. “I love you.”

“I love you too.” He nodded and pressed end on the phone call.

As You Wish

My phone rang as soon as I was putting the cookies in the oven.

“Oh God.” I said, struggling to try and take the mittens off. I grabbed the phone and saw Reese.

“What’s good hoe!” Reese said.

“Since when am I a hoe?” I said, leaning onto the counter.

“You’ve always been mine but anyways.. I’m in town for a while and we should totally hang babe.” Reese said.

“Yeah. You can finally meet my boyfriend.” I said smiling.

“Bish whet? When have you had a boyfriend. Is he yummy?” Reese asked.

“We’ve been together for 9 months and yeah. He’s pretty yummy.” I said, laughing.

“Who’s yummy?” Tom asked, emerging from the bedroom shirtless.

“The cookies babe. Anyway Reese, I’ll text you the address.” I said, sitting up straight.

“Okay see ya soon.” Reese squealed. I laughed and hung up on him.

“Who’s coming?” Tom asked, wrapping his arms around me from behind.

“An old friend of mine. We’ve been friends since kindergarten until he moved last year.” I said, wrapping my arms around his neck. His jaw clenched a bit.

“He?” Tom said. I nodded.

“You’ll like him. He’s really cool.” I said, kissing his cheek. He nodded but I felt him tense up.

After and hour or so, the cookies were done and the doorbell rang.

“I got it.” Tom said, getting the door. He opened it and there stood Reese with his sunglasses on. He lowered them down when he saw Tom shirtless and gave me a wink.

“He is yummy. I’m Reese.” He said, extending his hand out. Tom shook it and Reese came in and picked me up in a hug, twirling me.

“I missed you so much.” he said as he put me down.

“So did I. How was Minnesota?” I asked.

“Cold bitch. Cold.” he said.

We caught up with one another while Tom sat in the recliner, watching t.v., looking annoyed.

“Anyways. I have to go babe. I got to meet my boss and some co workers for dinner.” Reese said, standing up.

“Awe. Okay. See you soon?” I said, hugging him.

“You know it.” he said winking. I headed over towards the kitchen when I closed the door. Tom came in and opened the fridge.

“You okay? You’ve been acting weird.” I said, biting into a cookie. So good oh my god.

“The only thing that’s weird was him calling you babe half the time.” Tom growled.

“Are you seriously jealous right now?” I said, placing the cookie down.

“You’re mine.” he said, coming over to me. His face inches from mine and I could see him breathing harder.

“Tom, he’s just a friend. He’s also-” I started before he smashed his lips on mine. This kiss wasn’t like our usual ones. It felt angry and desperate. He picked me up and carried me to the couch, throwing me down.

“Tom-” I started. His finger touched my lips, indicating me to shush.

“No talking.” he said, taking his finger away. He climbed on top of me and started the kiss back up again, softer this time. His thin lips opened so his tongue could lick my bottom lip. I teased him, opening my mouth a bit and closing it before his tongue could find its way. He bit my upper lip, making a small moan escape.

“There it is.” he whispered, slipping his tongue in my mouth.

A few seconds later, I was in nothing but my underwear and bra while Tom pressed himself against my thigh, leaving more love bites.

“Tom, I don’t want to look like a Dalmatian.” I moaned, tipping my head back and running my hands around his back. He smiled against my neck and ran his hand down my stomach to rest onto my thigh. He started to massage it and it turned me on.

A few more seconds later, we were undressed and I kissed his neck, while he teased my entrance by grinding against it. I was throbbing for him so I bucked my hips up, feeling his hard on.

“Just fuck me already.” I said, biting his neck, making sure to develop a dark love bite.

“As you wish.” he said, slamming himself into me. I gasped at his size and pulled his hair as I adjusted to him. We’ve done it before but not like this. It was wanted more. The lust was higher and it drove us crazy.

He gripped my hips for better control as he thrusted into me slowly. I bit my bottom lip and threw my head back against the cushions. When I looked up at him, his head was thrown back as well and his bottom lip was tucked under his teeth. I brought him closer and started on his neck, my hands in his hair. I grinded my hips into his, making him go deeper. I moaned against his neck, making him shudder.

“Oh fuck.” he moaned, his pace quickening. I bit his neck and pulled the skin back with my teeth, giving it a kiss after.

“I love it when you do that.” he said in my ear. I nibbled his ear and whispered,
“I know you do.”

His pace started to slow down and I started to feel numb down there as I felt my climax. I told him I was close and he slowed down, making his outward thrusts slow and then his inward thrusts hard. I pulled on his hair as I came and he pulled out shortly after, releasing onto my stomach.

“That was fun.” he joked, bringing me a paper towel.

“It was. I don’t think I’ll be able to walk tomorrow.” I joked.

“Then I did my job right.” he said, kissing my neck.

“Calm down Dracula. I might need to wear a scarf for a while.” I said, standing up slowly.

“So will I.” he said, examining his neck om his phone.

“Were you jealous?” I asked him, making a face as I stood up. Yup. Won’t be walking tomorrow.

“A little.” he said, grabbing his trousers.

“You don’t need to babe. He’s gay.” I smiled, clipping my bra on. I turned to look at Tom and he stared at me.

“Guess my jealous sex was for nothing.” he said. I smiled.

“We both got something out of it.” I told him. He slowly smiled.

“Yeah. You’re right. Now go get us some scarves, I’m hungry.” he said. I laughed.

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Also while I'm at it, anime night date with josh

Title: Anime Night Date (I ran out of ideas)

Words: 494

Genre: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

A/N: K so, I’m just stressed at this point lol. I’m just gonna semi-headcanon this haha. (Idk if you mean Josh takes you to a manga Cafe and actually go on a date or like binge on episodes so I’m doing the latter).

I’m pretty sure this is all your requests complete ^^ Thank you for requesting~!



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“Y/N! Can you help me, please? I don’t know where you put the snacks.” Jisoo yelled out, rummaging through all your draws and cabinets. You jogged into your kitchen, seeing the small mess he made.

“Josh, I’ll prepare the food,” You said, pushing Joshua out the kitchen before he makes a bigger mess, “You can pick what we watch.”

“Sure.” He grinned, eyes crinkling cutely. 

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                                          God Help the Girl

                   She needs all the help she can get (but she’s stronger than you think).

A Team Biochem project, created as part of The FitzSimmons Network’s Engineering vs Biochem event.

Artwork: @leggy–peggy
Song Arrangement: @fitzsimmonsinthetardis


Track Listing:

  • God Help the Girl - God Help the Girl | There is no way I’m looking for a boyfriend / There is no way I’m looking for a scene / I need to make some dough / I’m a working girl, you know.
  • Running with the Wolves - AURORA | I walk alone, I’m everything / My ears can hear and my mouth can speak / My spirit talks, I know my soul believes / But we’re running out of time / Oh, all the echoes in my mind cry.
  • Keep Your Head Up - Ben Howard | I saw a friend of mine the other day / And he told me that my eyes were gleamin’ / Oh I said I had been away, and he knew / Oh he knew the depths I was meanin’ / And it felt so good to see his face.
  • I Want to Hold Your Hand - T.V. Carpio | And please, say to me / You’ll let me hold your hand.
  • Alive - Sia | I had a one-way ticket / To a place where all the demons go.
  • Little Bird - Ed Sheeran | But if I kissed you / Will your mouth read this truth / Darling, how I miss you.
  • Human - Christina Perri | I can hold my breath / I can bite my tongue / I can stay awake for days if that’s what you want / Be your number one.
  • She Used to Be Mine - Sara Bareilles | She’s imperfect but she tries / She is good but she lies / She is hard on herself / She is broken and won’t ask for help / She is messy but she’s kind / She is lonely most of the time / She is all kind of mixed up / And baked in a beautiful pie / She is gone but she used to be mine.
  • Never Be Like You - Flume ft. Kai | I’m only human, can’t you see / I made a mistake / Please just look me in my face / Tell me everything’s okay.
  • Cosmic Love - Florence + the Machine | I took the stars from my eyes and then I made a map / And knew somehow I could find my way back / Then I heard your heart beating, you were in the darkness too / So I stayed in the darkness with you.
  • I Am the Doctor - Murray Gold ft. The BBC National Orchestra of Wales | Instrumental.
  • Hold My Hand - Jess Glynne | I’m ready for this, there’s no denying / I’m ready for this, you stop me falling / I’m ready for this, I need you all in / I’m ready for this, so darling, hold my hand.
  • All I Ask - Adele | If this is my last night with you / Hold me like I’m more than just a friend.
  • Wherever You Will Go - Charlene Soraia | If a great wave shall fall / It’ll fall upon us all / And between the sand and stone / Could you make it on your own?
  • Dark Blue - Jack’s Mannequin | If you’ve ever been alone in the dark blue / If you’ve ever been alone, you’ll know.
  • Please Don’t Say You Love Me - Gabrielle Aplin | Just please don’t say you love me / ‘Cause I might not say it back / Doesn’t mean my heart stops skipping when you look at me like that.
  • Ready to Lose - Ingrid Michaelson ft. Trent Dabbs | It’s the heart in you / I know it in my bones / That made me change direction when I thought better off alone / Say it one more time / Tell me you are mine.
  • Colors (Stripped) - Halsey | I hope you make it to the day you’re twenty-eight years old / You’re dripping like a saturated sunrise / You’re spilling like an overflowing sink / You’re ripped at every edge but you’re a masterpiece.
  • Rescue - Yuna | Yeah, she’s got a light in her face / She don’t need no rescue and she’s okay / Yeah, she’s got life in her veins.
  • Pluto - Sleeping at Last | I woke up from the same dream / Falling backwards, falling backwards / ‘Til it turned me inside out.
Jamie Benn Imagine: Childhood Love

I never thought that I’d be seeing her beautiful face again or her luscious flowing hair. Seeing her has brought back all my memories from years ago. What was she doing here ran through my head again and again. The butterflies erupting in my stomach caused my palms to become clammy. Her gaze came toward my direction, but I couldn’t make eye contact with her. Every grain in my body wanted to stare at her, but something inside me was overpowering me not to. I know she knew I was here because she just talked to Jordie a few minutes ago. I should go and say hi, but it’s been ages since the last time we talked. Actually now that I think about it it’s been about 8 years. I lost contact with (Y/N) in 2007, the year I got drafted. She was my best friend, the one person I could confide to and here she is so close to me. I don’t understand why I’m so afraid to talk to her.

“C'mon Jamie you can do this,” I thought. The one statement repeats in my head and I don’t hear a word Tyler said to me.

“Sorry I couldn’t hear you,” I said to him.

“I said I’m going to go get some drinks do you want something,” he asks one more time louder so I can hear.

I just give a small nod searching the room for (Y/N) who i lost sight of. I gaze at her from a distance where she wouldn’t be able to notice me. Looking into those chocolate brown orbs it brought memories of when we were younger back to my mind.

Flashback- 20 years ago

“Just one more then we’re done Jamie,” my friend exclaimed as I placed the second last domino on our tower.

Just as I was about to place the last piece a ball came flying in making the tower collapse. I turn around and come face to face with a teary eyed (Y/N).

“I’m so sorry Jamie,” (Y/N) uttered looking as if she was about to cry.

“It’s okay,” I reassuringly tell her. “I can always make a new one.”

I smiled at her to cheer her up, but she began to sob a little. My five year old self thought why girls had to cry so much. I searched around the area and found a daffodil near me. Picking it up I go and give it to (Y/N).

Walking towards her I handed the flower, “here you go.” Once the flower left my fingertips I turned around and ran away from her because I knew the other kids would tease me about it.

“Jamie why did you give (Y/N) a flower,” my friend asks me.

“Jamie likes (Y/N),” another shouts.

“No I don’t,” I proclaim defending myself. “Girls are icky.”

All the boys agreed with me and laughed at the thought of ever liking a girl. Then, they start to laugh about ever loving a girl. As all of us guys cheered we could see the girls snickering about us. Then, I look at her again and she’s just staring while holding the flower I gave her. As soon as our eyes connect she gives a small smile at me, which makes me turn my head around. Why is she staring at me? It kept going through my mind, but they were soon interrupted by the teacher telling is it was time to come back inside. During lunch time I noticed that I forgot my lunch and frowned. I was about to go tell the teacher that I didn’t have anything to eat, but (Y/N) came to me before I could go.

“You don’t have a lunch Jamie,” she questions.

“Uhh, no,” I stuttered.

“You can have half of my sandwich, she says taking out the sandwich from her lunch kit.

“Thanks,” I stuttered once again.

“Jamie has a girlfriend,” one of the kids who just witnessed (Y/N) giving me her lunch yelled.

Soon after the whole class began to mock and make fun of me. The laughter of the kids and my friends agitated me.

“She’s not my girlfriend,” I pout, but no one paid attention to what I had to say.

I grab a seat by one of the tables. The teasing continued ruining my appetite, but I tried to eat my sandwich. Someone pulled the chair next to me and say down. It was (Y/N).

“Don’t listen to them Jamie. They’re just big meanies,” she tells me.

I laugh at her remark, “Thanks (Y/N)…. Uh you’re a great friend,” I say gently patting her back.

End of Flashback

I remember ever since that day the two of us were best friends, but we began to grow apart as the draft came closer and closer. It shattered me when our relationship fell apart, but I knew I had to be emotionally strong if I wanted to be drafted. I stopped looking at her and decided I would go and talk to her. Slowly I put one foot ahead of the other. Her back is toward me and I take my shaking hand to tap her shoulder. (Y/N) turned around with a big smile formed on her face.

“Jamie,” she exclaims pulling me into a warm embrace. “It’s been so long since I last saw you. You look amazing.”

“You- uh you look beautiful,” I say nervously.

“Thanks,” she says with a small blush creeping up her cheeks. “I saw you hat trick on the T.V the other day and I couldn’t help think of how much I missed you and Jordie. Now here we are seeing each other again.”

“Yeah, what a coincidence,” I say, but I couldn’t help, but feel a little hurt that she brought Jordie into the conversation. They weren’t even that close. Was she trying to avoid telling me that she missed me?

Just as I was about to tell her I missed her too Tyler came up behind me. It surprised both (Y/N) and I.

“Hey Jamie I got you that drink you wanted,” he says handing over the glass of alcohol.

He noticed (Y/N) standing there and smiled at her, “hi I haven’t ever met you before, but I’m Tyler,” he says extending his hand to hers.

“(Y/N),” she says shaking Tyler’s hand.

“What a beautiful name for a beautiful girl like you,” Tyler flirtatiously says.

The colour in my face drained leaving me pale. My jaw drops open a little at the sudden statement. I stood their bewildered, not knowing what to do in the situation. Next, I hear one of Tyler’s favourite Drake song play. He must of requested it when he was gone getting the drinks I thought. I look at his reaction when he hears the song, but he just looks over at (Y/N) with a smirk on his face. The words spoken out of his mouth were the words I was afraid he’d say.

“I love this song. C'mon let’s go dance (Y/N),” he says to her. His hand lightly tugging on her wrists.

“I don’t know,” (Y/N) hesitates. “I’m an awful dancer.”

“I am too, so we’ll be great together,” his encouraging words changing her mind.

A smiling (Y/N) responds to a flirty Tyler, “Okay, I’ll dance with you.”

Tyler takes her small hand into his much larger one and walks away leading her to the dance floor. My eyes widen as I watch the two of them together in the crowd of people. He twirls her around and wraps his arms around her as the two sway to the beat. I felt the blood in my veins boil as I became livid. Why was I feeling like this? I finally understood my envy for Tyler, it’s because I like (Y/N). As a kid I knew there was something special about her that made me feel weird, but I was too afraid to admit it. Then, as we got older I pushed those feelings away because I didn’t want it to affect my game and now here I am with all those feelings flooding back into my mind. There she stands, a few feet away planting an innocent kiss on Tyler’s lips. I’ve never felt this way before, but I feel broken. My knees are weak and I can feel a lump form in my throat. I’m on the verge of tears, but I won’t let myself cry. I ease my breathing and turn around towards the bar to stop this excruciating pain I’m feeling. My head starts to spin with two thoughts making my stomach churn, but the last one made me feel physically sick. Should I finally tell her how I feel or is she with Tyler.

Exo Reaction:How they act when you( gf) fight with him and when they forgive each other

My first exo reaction post. i take request



Suho “Fine!”

you both look at each other while your eyes are almost breaking with tears. You look at suho and slowly grasp his hands. Your heads clutched his tighter as you looked down. He sighs and rubs your thumb and holds you tighter.

you: “Sorry”

Suho: “ Me too Y/N, Me too…”


Baekhyun: “ If that is what you want”

you : I only want you 

You walk up to him and wrapped your arms around him. You put your head on his chest and rub his back slowly. He nods at your comment and kiss your forehead. 

Baekhyun: “ It is okay , I am irresistible." 



Chanyeol: “Yes you are!”

As he walks away , you look outside the window. You realize that you were too hard on him. Walking to his room , you see him laying on the bed. You walk over and kiss his cheek

you:“I am jealous…”

chanyeol: “Come back”


D.O: “ are you done?”


As you walk to the kitchen , you feel a heavy weight on your shoulder. You look behind you and see D.O head on your shoulder. you lean back and turn away to face him. 

You: “ I love you”

D.O:“ I know ” *smirks              *               


You: “ Get away from me!" 

Kai:” No!“

Kai grabs you and gives you small butterfly kisses. You try to push him away but he holds you. You smirk and just go limp in his arms. He smiled and kisses you on the lips. You pull away and stares at him , smiling.

You: I need you Kai

Kai: Alright baby


Sehun:"Your are insane, there is nothing between her and I”

you stand up from the couch and felt him pull you down. You stare at him and he smiles. Rolling your eyes , you try to get up again but he grabs your waist. He starts to tickle you and kisses your nose.

You: “Sehun! *giggling* Stop”

Sehun: “Not until you forgive me, I’m Sorry”

You:“ Prove it to me”    



You:“All i want is for you to be home.”

Tao:“ I’m trying baby”

You grab his hand and kiss his hand. You pick up his arm and twirl around him. He starts to laughs as you move around his body until he catches you. You both laugh as you hug each other.


You:“ You arn’t the same!”

Luhan:“How can i act the same , if you are different!”

 You run to the room and slam the door. You start to break down and lay down on the bed. You are left alone till it reaches time for him to go to practice. He walks in the room and lays next to you. His hand starts to rub your arm and he leans closer to your back.

Luhan: “I have to go, I love you”

He kisses your cheek and starts to get up. You look up and grab his collar before he gets up and kiss him. You smile and nod at him.


Lay:“ What is your problem? ”

You: “Why are you always late Lay? Kris is home by nine but you come home at tweleve. What are you avoiding coming home? Don’t you love me?”

You try to let him go but he holds you. You see him looking down at you , almost seeing him cry. You cup his cheek and rub your thumb across his cheekbones. He slowly smiles and holds you closer.

You: “ I’m sorry baby , I shouldn’t have said that”

Lay: “Its okay beautiful , lets forget about it,”

You:“ Wanna go to bed?”

Lay: “But it is barely n- ohh *smirks*”


Xiumin:“ I’LL LEAVE!”

You: “ No I WILL LEAVE!”

You both stomp to the door and he opens it. You both try to walk out the same time , making each other bumping into each other. You start to giggle as he tries to walk in front of you. You step back to laugh and he just stares at you and laughs.

You: “Well that was a fail baby”.

Xiumin:“Lets not do that again”

You" Deal babe" You run up to kiss him but he grabs your waist and kisses your first.


Kris: “Why are you so rude?”

You:“I just want to know why you are being like this ?”

He jumps off the bed and walks around the dorm. You turn on the t.v. looking at music videos of Exo. You smile at his facial expression and his dancing. You shed a tear at your fight and get up. You see him napping on the couch. Walking up to him , you sit on his lap and wrap your arm around his neck.

You: “Kris , I am just worried about you. I miss you so much and i get worried”

Kris:“ Baby , I love you . Stop worrying about me and kiss me.”


You: “ Why can’t you look at my point of view Chen”

Chen: “It doesn’t make sense!”

You both look down and say nothing. You hear him mumbling something and stare at him. You see him twirling a ring on his finger. You smirk as how he get so distracted after a fight. You grab his hand and take his ring. He gasps and you put the ring in your pocket.

Chen:“ Give it back”

You:“No , You have to catch me”

Chen:“ Better run babe!”

Oh this took away but it was first one please request :]

With a new year, comes more nostalgia. Another year without you, makes me wonder where exactly you would be in your life and career right now. Settled down? How many Grammy’s would you have? Oscar nominated performance? An established and well respected actress in Hollywood? What would you be like on Instagram? Would you allow us into your personal life, that you so dearly kept close to you? Giving us glimpses into who Aaliyah is away from the limelight. Little pieces of your world, making us feel that much more closer to you.

Though I am excited about what this year has in store and it’s many possibilities, I can’t help but miss your presence just that little bit more with each year that goes by without you. I can’t imagine how those closest to you feel. Especially your mother. Another year without her daughter. Another year without a sister. A friend. A girlfriend. Though I have no doubt you are still here in spirit, I can’t help but selfishly miss your physical form. Though you soar higher now than you ever did, there’s a big part of me that just wants you back. One more song. One more smile. One more dance.

I miss you Aaliyah. I miss seeing you on my T.V screen. I miss waiting to see what you would do next. Always the risk taker. Always 10 steps ahead of the rest. Always a leader, never a follower. You are still an inspiration to many, even 12 years later. They still look to YOU for what they should do next. Yes, you’re still 10 steps ahead of the rest Babygirl.

And you always will be.

Rest In Love Angel.

Proposal via pen and paper

Summary: Dan wants to propose, but is to awkward to do it in person, so he writes a letter. (I’m sorry this is really shitty, I started it a while ago and have been writing tiny bits every now and then.)

Genre: Fluff and really cheesy phan drabble? * * *

Dan chuckled to himself nervously as he put the pen down next to a small velvet box, Phil wasn’t home, he’d gone to get the milk. Nerves filled Dan’s chest as he folded the letter and put it in the envelope and leaving it on the kitchen counter with shaking hands. taping it there for no particular reason apart from to be sure it didn’t somehow grow legs and walk away. Taking a deep breath he wrote the words, “Dear, Phil" on the front, hands still shaking and breaths hitching. Anxiously he retreated back to his room, putting his headphones on, music loud so he could forget the anxiety for the minute, but not to loud so he could hear his boyfriend entering their flat. 

                                                  * * *

Phil opened the door to his and Dan’s flat.

"Dan, I’m back!” He said quite loudly. In acknowledgement he got a grunt back from Dan. He put the milk in the fridge and the Kinder egg he brought for himself on the counter when he noticed the envelope with his name on it in Dan’s hand writing, sitting down, he pulled the tape of the envelope and opened it gingerly. Blue eyes flitting left and right as he read the carefully written words.

                                                  * * *

Dear, Phil,

Do you remember when you used to write me letters, you’d leave them around the apartment for me to find, sometimes you’d make a proper effort and write them on fancy paper, but other times you’d just use some lined paper ripped from a notebook. I’ll tell you now, I always preferred the ones of notebook paper, they seemed more sentimental and you always seemed to put more effort into them to make up for they quality of the paper, even though we both knew I didn’t mind.

They could be about anything, lists of the reasons you loved me (just like you still do,) things to cheer me up when I was in a crisis, a short story you’d written while you were bored or recounts of time we’d spent together in the past. But do you know what my favourites were? When you just rambled on about Phil things, sometimes mixed in with my Dan things, you’d write whatever was on your mind and I think it was amazing what went on in that brilliant mind of yours, you’re always so happy, you can make nearly anyone smile. And in the times you weren’t successful with wiping the frown from my face, you’d comfort me, we’d sit on the sofa together,snuggling into each other, a film on in the background, which I always said wasted electricity because neither of us paid attention to it. We’d fall asleep like that, curled into each other, the T.V adding to the impending electricity bill we would have to pay at the end of the month.

Every time I found one of your notes, and they could be anywhere, a huge smile would light up my face, you where normally out, or editing, or something that made you “busy,” I’d say thank you when I saw you but you’d act like you hadn’t done anything, but I’d see it in your eyes, how happy it made you to see me smiling and happy and that just made me even happier.

I do miss them you know, but I’m still happy I get to see those beautiful blue eyes of yours every day of my life, or at least I have since I met you, if not in person, then at least on Skype or something. I remember when we first met in person, at the train station, when I travelled on the train to get to where you lived up north at the time, but that’s not why I’m writing this, I’m writing this because I’ve always loved you, since I clicked the link to your channel, even if I didn’t realise it at the time. We’ve come so far, accomplished so much, and we did it together. We both have over 1 million subscribers, we have our own radio show and that show won the Song Golden Headphones award (plus we both won Sugarscapes hottest lad…) But there’s still so much more to come, for us to achieve, and I hope we can do it together.

You’re probably thinking “get to the point Dan,” well, that’s what I would be thinking, you’re probably smiling to moon and back, which is how much I love you plus infinity.

But now I’m actually going to get to the point, most of the phandom always thought you’d probably be the one to propose, but, to hell with what the phandom thinks. 

Phillip Michael Lester, will you be my husband?

~Love Dan <3

                                                  * * *

A huge smile covered his face and a tear rolled down his cheek as he finished reading, his heart pounding in his chest.

“Dan! Come here a sec!” He shouted. No answer. 

He stood up cautiously with the letter still in his hand, walking over to the hallway and then Dan’s door, holding his hand up to knock, but decided against it. He went to his room, grabbed a pen and wrote on the back of the letter, putting it back in the envelope, he crossed out where Dan had written his name and wrote Dan’s beneath it instead.

Walking back to Dan’s room, this time knocking. The door opened, to reveal a very stressed out looking Dan, they didn’t exchange any words as Phil’s smile grew and as he handed the envelope to Dan, looking from the floor then back to Dan’s eyes like a love sick teenage girl.

Dan read the single word on the back of the letter, hands trembling, he dropped it, enveloping Phil in a huge hug. 

He stood back suddenly.

“Shit, the ring!” He exclaimed, reaching into his pocket, he pulled the out the velvet box and got down on one knee, revealing a silver an black ring.

“Phillip Michael Lester, will you marry me?” Phil just nodded, then pounced on Dan, kissing him in their ecstatic states. Slipping the ring onto his new fiancés finger, he looked into his partners amazing blue eyes.

Phil pulled out of the kiss, still smiling from ear to ear.

“We’re such idiotic, dorky, 5 year olds, you know that?” he said and Dan laughed, his dimples showing.

“Defiantly the most awkward proposal in history, but 5 year olds wouldn’t be doing what I’ve got planned for later…” He smirked, kissing Phil again before he could reply.