i miss seeing you on my t.v

i. I’m trying to let you go, but every day it feels like an old record on repeat; a beautiful start with the same ending 
ii. I’m trying to do things I wouldn’t usually do, like write songs instead of poems and paint instead of drawing but every curve of my pencil still ends up spelling your name 
iii. I’m trying to sleep earlier and read more often but no matter how hard I try I still lie awake at 4 am missing you and wishing you were missing me too
iv. I’m trying to open my eyes to new perspectives, see the world differently and find peace in everything but no matter what I do I can’t help but see the colour of your eyes and the shape of your smile in every fucking piece of nature 
v. I’m trying to open up more, come to terms with what happened and realise it’s permanent but I can’t help but get a jolt in my stomach every time my phone vibrates hoping it’ll be you, coming back 
vi. And I’m trying. God I am fucking trying. But this pain seems endless and the thought of you is starting to make me feel sick. I miss you more each day and I don’t know how much more of can take of this but god 
vii. I’m trying
—  dissociatingx, try a little harder
BTS Reacts: Getting jealous/annoyed at the guy who works at your workplace


“Seriously…don’t he see that I’m Y/n’s boyfriend?!”

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*tells a lame joke* “HAHAHAHA isn’t that funny BABE MY BEAUTIFUL GIRLFRIEND WHO LOVES ME.”

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“Seriously…does he think I’m not here? I’m clearly sitting next to my girlfriend with my ARM around her and her face is literally near my neck? It’s not hard to miss me?”

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“Ummm….excuse meee but I know you’re her coworker but I think you’re a bit toooo close to her :).”

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“Look here dude. We are going to have a man to man talk. I don’t know if you know this but I’m Y/n’s boyfriend. BOYFRIEND. I don’t appreciate you being all touchy touchy with her.”

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“I appreciate that you like and have a crush on my GIRLFRIEND but back off. Have a nice day! :D.”

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*annoyed that your guy coworker ignored him and came straight to talk to you*

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“Today i saw a post that only you and i would find funny, no one else gets my sense of humor like you do”

“Fuck i really miss you, i just needed you to know I’m always thinking about you”

“I went down to the park last night with my brother. The sky was so clear and i could see every star. It felt wrong to not be on the phone. I miss the sound of your voice”

“One of my friends is watching how I met your mother and she thinks Barney has a Capricorn rising. I’m fucking pissed”

“A boy just asked me on a date, I don’t think I’m ready for this”

“I’m starting to forget what we used to talk about all day. I’m so scared of forgetting the way your laugh sounds.”

“I heard you have a girlfriend now, I hope she makes you happy and I hope she heals the parts of you I left exposed”

“I once heard when you have trouble sleeping its because your soulmate is thinking of you… are you laying awake tonight too?”

—  Messages I never sent//kayla

Got quite a few asks lately - I´ll try to answer them all!!

1) thank you very much ^0^ there are many different inspiration sources for my fashion draws! tumblr blogs, random pics I see on twitter, kpop fashion, runway looks for example from Dolce & Gabbana, KENZO..the vogue site has great pics! I also have an extra folder in my inspiration pics folder especially for fashion reference! Sometimes I make up clothes by myself, or add my own twist to the referenced outfit ^^

2) Thank you I´m glad :D

3) Thanks so much :) and no, I don´t plan to make a yoi zine on my own. But I participated in a YOI fashion zine with many other artists :D

4) ThaANK

5) Merciiiii I´m happy whenever someone notices the smallest details I put in my drawings ;v;


7) see ask number 1 :)

8) thanks so much bless u

9) that means I have thorns too :)c


11) noted ^^

12) hi thanks so much :) if it´s about tattoo design, I´d prefer if you´d commission me for it! (commissions are not open atm tho ;;) thanks for the interest :D

13) haha thanks for sparing me from the cringe!! lol. I´m super glad it has a calming effect to you ToT

14) AHHH thanks so much!! I´m super happy to read that :)

15) thanks so much ^0^

16) YEAY thank you!!

17) nope never heard of it ^^;



20) THANK U C:

21) fjödaslfj ljf hope you´ll like it!!

22) HHh thank you so much for following :D hope you enjoy your stay ^7^

23) yes just reopened :)

24) see above and thank you!

Mystic Messenger - Yoosung‘s heartbroken Phone Call
Hellooooo ~ Finally, after two weeks of work, 4 times failing to upload my first Youtube video is here !!! yay XD It's kinda an animation to a phone call of ...

kyaaaaaahhhh >///< my first youtube video T^T please go check it out it was really a lot of work <3 please write a comment and tell me if you liked it, if i should do more etc. And don’t forget to subscribe to never miss any of my videos ^^And I’ll go to south korea / Seoul soon so maybe I’ll upload a video of my travel ‘(^-^)’ Let’s see <3 

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Character ask: Wanda Maximoff? :)

1: sexuality headcanon


2: otp

Steve/Wanda  (Scarlet America?)  But I also have a fondness for Darcy/Wanda as well.  <3  

3: brotp

Natasha & Wanda.  I feel like there would be a definite big sister - little sister vibe going between them.  And I encourage this wholeheartedly!

4: notp

After Civil War…V*sion/Wanda.  I’ve written it before, but after seeing Civil War, I can’t.  :(  

5: first headcanon that pops into my head

Wanda is a backseat seasoner.  She will season ANYTHING you’re cooking behind your back.  Steve tries to make a beef stew like his mom used to make, follows the recipe to a ‘T’, and turns around for a second…Wanda’s there.  Adding salt and pepper and a pinch of dried thyme because it’s missing something.  

“Missing what?” Steve asked, exasperated.  

Wanda shrugged. “Flavor?”  

6: one way in which I relate to this character

I too have made bad decisions in my youth that everyone judges me for to this day.  

7: thing that gives me second hand embarrassment about this character

Probably the deleted scene in AoU where she’s wearing Nat’s jacket and Nat calls her out on it.  :P  

8: cinnamon roll or problematic fave?

*sigh* She’s problematic. I hate saying that because I love Wanda.  But she’s definitely not a cinnamon roll.


get to know me: kpop  ♫♥♪  1/3 favorite kpop songs: Spring Day by BTS

I miss you. ( I  m i s s  y o u . )
How long do I have to wait?
How many nights should I stay awake
To see you, to meet you?
You know it all.
You’re my b e s t  f r i e n d.

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💔 (Yellow. Let's get some a n g s t)

Send 💔 and my muse will accidentally (or not) insult yours during a fight!

“I don’t know how you could miss something as obvious as this, but I did, in fact, clean your computer! Which, by the way, was not an easy process! But oh, I’m so sorry if that went right over your head! But honestly, I don’t see how it could! Any clod could see that it’s clean, and that includes you!”

Things had gotten a bit more heated than Gold ever imagined that they would. She’d been working her ass off all day, and for what? Yellow Diamond hadn’t seemed to notice a bit of it. She’d even insinuated that Gold hadn’t done her job. That had pushed her over the edge, and it had also led Gold to quite accidentally slip in an insult that she never would have otherwise.

When she realized it, her complexion became much more pale.

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Shy anon! I was the same way. Tbh, I still flip between anon and my actual Tumblr, whoops. Anyway, these girls are such sweethearts, please don't be afraid to approach them. Anon is a godsend when it comes to this. I recommend having a tag for people to know you by? ~HN😘 (smooches for my wives btw, I've been v busy, sorry about that :c)

*slides into room in socks* *runs hip into the table and knocks everything off of it* f cuK


I HAVE MISSED YOU MY LOVE I HOPE YOU ARE WELL, I LOVE YOU! and don’t apologize omg sweetheart, life happens, i totally understand <3

But @ Shy anon, Hair Nonnie is such a sweetheart omg. But really, I agree! Anon is completely okay with both me and 6 (though 6 isn’t here right now, you’re stuck with me, sorry ((but not really))) and you can feel free to make your own tag up if you’d like! ^^ ~Admin 404

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Hello again, Love! I took a peek back through your profile and found some of the old drawings of yours that I love! I remember I followed you for all of your HQ drawings (such as with Yams and maybe even Tsukki) and I'm really glad I stayed around. I miss those old cute little puppy and kitty drawings that you did with the volleyball boys, but I love all of your Voltron things too! I can't wait to see you keep growing and producing more art!! All of my love. xoxo

Thank you so much for your kind words! I’m super happy you still follow me even tho I kinda switched from Hq fandom to V ld fandom, I do miss hq and Suga and Daichi and Dai.suga tho ; ❤ ; oh the good happy times…no drama, maybe when I have the time I can get back to it, sometimes I wonder if you all still want more updates for Puppy/kitty au *Sob* anyway! thank you again for your lovely words and for liking my art, I’m love u.  ❤

Secret Santa

Seduce Me Secret Santa

Okay so I had @lonelylittledemonwolf and I thought I would try to do something different. I went and wrote my first fan fic! I hope you like it and it is what you wanted dear. Merry Christmas and I hope you have a great day❤️

“Why hello princess” you hear Erik say it this time not in his low seductive voice.
“E-Erik, w-what’s with that v-voice?” You ask
“Why what do you mean princess?” Erik questions
“T-that one…”
“S-S-Shhh princess there is no reason to be scared” as he says that you see him go into his demon form and you see his big purple tentacles.
“ERIK WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!” you scream
“I know you miss them, you miss all of them.”
“WHO ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?!” Now you are starting to get scared at what Erik might do
“MY BROTHERS!! I’m sorry for raising my voice princess, but I know that it is true.”
“Well of course I miss them, but don’t you?” You are starting to get lost in what Erik is saying. You thought that he loved his brothers. Was this something demons did when they figured out what jealousy felt like? Whatever it is, it’s not the true Erik. Normally he doesn’t care, I mean I was always told that Damian was always the jealous brother and Erik was the least jealous.
“Why do you miss them princess? I mean aren’t you happy?”
“Of course Erik! I love you more than anything”
“More than them?”
“Of course.”
“So you wouldn’t care if I just went and killed them?”
“ WHAT THE FUCK ERIK!” He takes his tentacles and grabs you, and pins you to the wall while he goes and calls his brothers one by one.
“Raestrao, Aomaris, Zecaeru, Izroul!” You started to try and break free but Erik held you up tight and then you couldn’t see.
“Erik i-?” James was stopped by a yell
“Why hello brothers, I just wanted my sweet princess to see what happens when she thinks about you more than me.”
“Erik ple-” Damian was stopped
“Ahh brother please tell me who she is thinking about or you die first.”
{Damian please do it I don’t want you to die. Just lie and say that I am thinking about Erik all the time}
“You. She is thinking about how lovely you are, and can still be if you let go of her and us go”
“DAMIAN WATCH OUT!” Matthew screamed
Next thing you knew there was a blade through Damian’s head.
Then you knew what was happening, Erik was turning into some kinda Yandere and you were his Senpai. You remember what happens when Senpai freaks out after seeing a murder so you say
“No, no princess please!”
You wake up sweating with tears in your eyes and your heart is racing
“Just another fucking dream. God damnit.”
Then you feel something shift in the bed
“Mmm princess are you okay?”
“Just another bad dream.”
“Let me guess, I was Yandere again.”
“Princess you need to stop playing that game before you go to bed. Now lets go to bed.”
You lay back down and remember it was only a dream and you go back to sleep. Erik is now using his powers to keep the dream out of your head by showing him as a prince and you had his princess.

Edited: I realized that I didn’t tag Chris or Michaela and since Chris is the VA for the Erik and Michaela is the creator I should so… @thechristopherescalante @thebunnyofevil

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For the disney character thing, you remind me of snow white a bit! Nice, caring of others, in tune with animals (well, at least the pidgeon), and not to mention... the fairest of them all- Except you aren't naive enough to take a poisoned apple from a stranger obviously... right ken ken

I would n e v e r take a poisoned apple from a stran g er *hiding various apples*
Thank you!!
I really miss my pigeon son and i’m happy that you guys see me as nice-
And the fairest of them all?? Pshhh, nahhh

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Hi! Can I ask for a scenario w/Valkyon pleaseeeee, like guardienne and him are working out and he hits her really hard and fluff pleasee??

A/N: Hello, hello! I hope this has enough fluff :D

Both Valkyon and Guardienne were so immersed into their training that it was already to late when the silvered haired man saw himself hitting guardienne with his elbow, sending her quite a few meters away from him, by the big amount of strenght used.

“Guardienne! Are you okay? Where did I hit you? Let me see it…” Picking Guardienne with his strong arms, Valkyon carried her in bridal style towards the close bench that there was, siting himself in it and placing the woman in his lap, passing his big and strong hands through her body, cheecking for any injuries.

“I-I´m fine. I´m stronger than what  I look like!” Guardienne said as she smiled at him, trying to somehow reassure the tall man that she was fine.

Valkyon was still worried and kissed her forehead, following by her eye lids, nose, cheeks, chin, necks, arms, hands, legs…

“V-valkyon, what are you doing?” Embarassed, but happy, she asked, trying to understand the reason behind his behaviour.

“The other day you did the same to me with the wound in my arm, saying that the pain would go away much faster and it did…so I´m doing the same…I don´t like to see you in pain, much less know I was the one that hurted you…”

“..you missed a part, then…”

“Where?” Valkyon asked, trying to find the palce.

“Here…” With pink cheeks she pointed to her lips, looking up at him.

“…you´re right…”

Bringing Guardienne closer to him, Valkyon gave her a featherly and sweet kiss, making both of their hearts beat faster then before, trying to understand if the beating they were hearing was from their own or from the other…

Jealousy - Harry Styles One Shot

Request: Can you do number 5 with Harry styles? I love your writing so much btw!

#5 “You’re jealous, aren’t you?”

It was meant to be a small summer get-together, but it looked like a few of your friends had brought a few of their friends and now it looked like there wasn’t going to be enough pasta salad and watermelon for the people you had originally invited.  Your eyes scanned the crammed backyard for a familiar head of dark hair and let out a slight sigh when he was nowhere to be found.  Looks like it was your job as co-host to try and find more chips, guacamole, or something that would be able to fill your guests’ stomachs because you’d already gotten several asks about when the “actual dinner” was being served.  A sassy, slightly bitter, part of you wanted to bite back and say since they’d shown up unexpectedly why don’t they show you the dinner, but you held your tongue.

Actual dinner.

You scoffed.  Clearly the buffet set up on the picnic table wasn’t enough for them, and that wasn’t going to change anytime soon.  Before somebody tried to eat the table itself, you begrudgingly headed to the back door and went through to the kitchen, pulling some leftovers from your dinner with Harry several nights ago and deciding that it would have to be good enough.  Perhaps you should call for takeout?  Before you could make up your mind a tall stranger appeared in the entranceway to your kitchen.  You would be lying if you said he wasn’t handsome.  He had light curly hair, skin tanned from the beach, and he gave you a stunning lopsided smile.

Okay.  He was very handsome.

“Can I help you?” you asked, irritation lacing your voice.

“Oh, sorry.  I’m Lawrence,” He stuck out his hand routinely, but it fell when he saw yours balancing trays of leftovers.  “I was just wondering ‘round…But I’d be more than happy to help you.”  He once more eyed the trays that seemed dangerously close to loasing their balance and tipping over at any moment.

“No, no it’s fine.  I’m perfectly capable,” you assured him adamantly.  As much as you would’ve liked to continue this conversation and figure out who he actually knew at this party you had to move quickly or else the plates were sure to topple.  You had shuffled past him and just nearly made it out when you heard the corner of the tray make a light scrape against the wall.

Frickle frackle!”

Your heart nearly dropped as you let out a squeal, mirroring a circus act as you tried to salvage your balance and catch the food from the clutches of gravity.  Before the tray hit the ground, the stranger -what’s his face? Linguini? - caught it with one hand and steadied you with the other.  You let out a sigh of relief and looked up to the sky in silent thanks, and when your eyes met his there was a slight shimmer in them.  Your eyes fell to the small smirk resting on his face and you quickly stepped back, causing his arm to fall from your shoulder, but not before it lazily grazed your hand as it went.  He knew you were hosting this with your boyfriend, right?

“The door-wall thing comes out,” you stopped, caught your breath.  “It’s faulty construction, this house is built really weird,” you rambled off some lame excuse, but his smirk never faltered.

“I bet,” he said in between light laughter.

You shifted your feet in the ensuing silence and looked at the tray he’d saved that was still in his hands.  He didn’t offer to give it back to you and the loud chatter outside sounded like mere murmurs in here…

You sighed, and for a brief moment wondered where Harry was.  He was probably chatting up the guests.  Entertaining.  Doing the fun part of hosting.  Linguini broke your thoughts.  “Well, I mean, since I’m already holding the plate…”  His voice trailed off, leaving an unspoken question up to your decision.  You hesitated.  But then again, you were the clumsiest person you knew and if you had to order take out it would be ages until it arrived…

“Sure, thanks Larry,” you said.

“Lawrence,” he corrected.  But you had already turned your back and walked out the door.

With much more control than you previously demonstrated in the kitchen, you maneuvered through some guests, nodding and giving quick hello’s! and I’ll catch up with you in a sec! before you finally set the trays down on the table.  He was close on your trail and when a pair of tanned hands set down the remaining food, you looked up to see Lawrence already smiling.  He leaned back against the table, and crossed his arms, his whole vibe labeling him as “laidback” and “possible vegetarian.”  He looked at you with a mock ponderous expression.

“So who do you know here where they have you bussin’ the food all around?” he asked.

Your eyebrows raised in surprise and in a little bit of the “excuse-moi” fashion.  Granted, you weren’t famous so it wasn’t that surprising he didn’t recognize you as the Harry Style’s girlfriend, but at the same time…

This guy was at your house.  Your house.

Guess you could have some fun with this.

“I’m pretty close with the co-host,” you responded vaguely. “You?”

“Oh, my mate’s close with the host, Harry I think, and he was the one that extended the invitation.  I’ve never met him but he seems nice.”  His gaze swept around the yard and they narrowed. “You’d think it’d be a bigger place for such a famous guy.”

A little indignant flame arose in your chest at the insult to your patch of land, but you were concerned with the first part of his sentence.  “Wait-? Harry invited you?”

“Yeah, well, not directly, but he said it was an open invitation.”

“Oh.  Cool.” you said.  But the way your lips were pressed together in a thin line he could tell it was anything but.  Course that little bugger was to blame… He scratched his head in the awkward silence that followed.


He clearly didn’t know how to respond to your suddenly tense demeanor and you felt a little guilty at how you were acting.  This guy wasn’t a jerk, actually he’d been acting the opposite.  “Sorry, I haven’t eaten yet.  You know what they say, you’re not you when you’re hungry!” you finally spoke.  You cringed at the cheesy Snicker’s reference, but no matter what embarrassing thing flew out of your mouth next, you vowed to be nice to this guy.  It wasn’t his fault your boyfriend decided to change the party plans without giving his girlfriend any prior notice.

It wasn’t his fault at all.

An easy smile bloomed on his face, and just like that all was forgotten.  “No worries.  Watermelon?”  He offered you a slice of the fruit and you shrugged, and, taking that as a yes, he held the watermelon out for you to bite.  You looked from his hand to his eyes, then back down, then up again.

Eh, what the hell.  Just as you took a bite, the red juice dribbled down your chin and landed on the top of the white dress Harry had bought for you last weekend.  “Nice one,” you muttered to yourself, looking at the red marks dotting your chest.  The whole thing was a little ridiculous and awkward and you both couldn’t help the laughter that followed.

“I got you,” he said, grabbing a napkin and dabbing at the stain.  Your cheeks heated a little at the contact and it was a little too close to be comfortable.  A part of you wondered if Harry was seeing this right now and you darted your head in a hopeless attempt to try and find him, but to no avail.  Even if he was seeing this right now, he probably wouldn’t do anything about it.  You know, all the love and all.  It wasn’t very Harry to get jealous.  Perhaps protective, he’d always squeeze your hand or drape his arm around your shoulders when the paparazzi was flooding you both, but a truly jealous Harry?  You’d had yet to witness that and you wish you could.  You know you’ve certainly felt the green eyed monster rear its head at parties when he would be talking with a bunch of beautiful models…It almost made you feel pouty in a way.  Even more jealous.  You wanted him to want all of your attention, you wanted him to be consumed by you.  Yet here you were with a handsome beach Baywatch lifeguard man practically fondling your breasts (okay not fondling, perhaps…perhaps patting) and he was nowhere to be found.  Where was he??

“Better.  Think I may or may not have spread it though so maybe not.”  Lawrence removed his hand, but as it fell you got distracted by a scar along the base of it.

“What’s that from?” you blurted out.  “Sorry if it’s too personal you don’t have to answer that,” you quickly added.

“Ah this?  No it’s fine, I got it from a gnarly wipeout.  I was surfing down in Mexico with a couple college buddies of mine and I wiped out on a hidden reef.  Not pretty.  I actually got a scar running along my stomach too.” He grimaced at the memory, but your captivated eyes were wide.

“Can I see it?”

“Yeah,” he said breathlessly, lifting his t-shirt to reveal a long scar that ran up from his v-lines to his sternum.  It was almost white now, contrasting his golden skin that seemed to glow in the afternoon sun.

“Woah,” I whispered.

“206 stitches.” You could hear the pride in his smug tone, and your eyes didn’t miss the abs that looked like they were chiseled by God himself.  But there were no butterflies in your stomach, and it didn’t come as that much of a shock to you that you didn’t feel any sort of attraction.  Ever since you’d met Harry you didn’t feel anything towards other boys.  If you were being honest, it was annoying as much as it was scary.  Lawrence misinterpreted your lingering gaze and you realized you’d inched closer in your examination.

“Have any other stories?” You raised your eyebrows expectantly, and he just shook his head.

“Nah you don’t wanna know.”

“Okay well now I have to know.”

Something involving tequila, a left shoe, and a donkey had you absolutely losing it and your laugh could be heard from Africa the way you were cackling.  Lawrence’s eyes widened towards something behind you and you hardly had time to turn around to see who it was before you heard him.

“There y’are, been looking for ages.”  Harry came up behind you and snaked his arm around your waist, stealing a quick kiss to your temple before looking to Lawrence and sticking out his hand with a friendly smile.  You stiffened in his hold, still a little peeved that he’d invited so many extra people and, now that he was here, you realized you were a little upset that he’d been ignoring you for the majority of the afternoon.

“‘M Harry.  You enjoying yourself?” His deep voice was so close to your ear it sent a shiver down your spine, and you absolutely hated yourself for it.

“Yeah of course, and with great company.”  He shot you a little wink.  “Nice to meet you man,” Lawrence said.  The two shook hands, and Lawrence looked at Harry’s arm still holding you to his side and then to your face.  You saw the pieces slowly come together in his head until his eyes widened with recognition.  “So you’re Harry’s girl?  Y/N?”  He let out a laugh and ran his hands through his hair in disbelief.  “Well you didn’t tell me that.”

“She didn’t?” He said it lightly, but you felt his arm slacken and you knew Harry well enough to hear the slightest trace of hurt behind the question.

Good, you thought.

“He probably thought I was the caterer the way I was carrying the food around.  Actually, he was kind enough to help me,” you chirped.

You looked to Harry and hoped that sentence would plant a seed of guilt that would grow like a weed and strangle his stupidly beautiful strong neck.  But you were sorely disappointed when he just gave an appreciative nod.

“Thanks for helpin’ the lady mate, sorry I got caught up talkin’ to a few…” His voice dropped when you uncurled yourself from his grasp, but in a discreet enough way so Lawrence didn’t notice. “..people.” he continued.  He looked at you with furrowed brows then, a little confused at your detraction.  The first hint that you weren’t exactly peachy with him.

“Nah, it’s my pleasure man, she’s a cool girl.”  Lawrence smiled, but the glimmer you’d seen in it before had fled in the presence of Harry.

“Not as cool as Lawrence though.  Did you know he’s a surfer?  He has a gnarly scar,” you said.

“Gnarly?” Harry asked, tasting the word on his tongue.  You could tell he didn’t like it the way his eyes squinted just the slightest and the small frown that was forming on his face.  He’d never heard you use the word before and suddenly you were saying it after one conversation with a handsome stranger.

“Show him,” you said enthusiastically.  Lawrence looked to Harry and he shrugged his shoulders as if to say why not.  When he effortlessly lifted up his shirt, Harry fell absolutely silent beside you.

“Oh…s’cool.”  But the way his lips were pressed in a tight line just as yours had been earlier, you knew it wasn’t.  His wheels were turning and he didn’t need to look long before he was starting to question how long he’d shown you his scar.  But, as always, Harry was effortlessly charming.  “Alright, alright, there’s children here!” he protested, completely joking.   You practically snorted at Harry’s not so nonchalant reference to his abs and Lawrence put his shirt down with a smile.

“You know…I’ve always wanted to surf, but I never knew how.  It’s honestly so amazing how y’all can just commit to the ocean like that.  As much as it’s alluring it’s pretty terrifying too, and I bet it takes a lot of practice.  I mean, Harry doesn’t have much balance so we’d probably crash into each other if we tried,” you admitted.

Lawrence just laughed and shook his head. “No it’s true! I’m actually the clumsiest,” you admitted.

“Well we never tried s’you can’t know that….for sure,” Harry mumbled.  His arms were now crossed and he was looking at you intensely, hurt-speckled green eyes trying to break the wall you’d built up around your own.  What’re you doing? They seemed to ask.

“I definitely got the whole clumsy thing in the kitchen earlier,” Lawrence grinned.  You put your hands up to your face to try and cover your blush, mumbling an ohmygosh, and as much as Harry tried to hide it, he couldn’t help the way his shoulders stiffened to your reaction, to your blush.  He was the only one allowed to do that, and he didn’t like the intimate suggestion behind Lawrence’s words.

“I don’t know if you’d be up for it, but I can teach you sometime.  I give lessons to kids on the weekends when I’m off work, usually they’re younger, but I think I can make an exception for the party hosts.”

His smile was everything genuine and well-intending, completely oblivious to Harry’s harsh gaze on you as he waited for your reply.  But the smile would’ve been off his face and he’d be out the door in a second if he could only hear the thoughts clouding Harry’s mind.

“Actually yes!  I don’t think I have any plans-”

“We’re going to visit family actually.  Aren’t we love?” Harry butted in, expecting you to follow.  But as far as you knew there were definitely no plans.  You distinctly remember asking Harry if he wanted to go out and see a movie this weekend and he had told you he wanted to stay in (“s’going to be a stressful week Y/N, ‘n I’ll feel like a cuddle instead. Can’t have a proper cuddle when we’re out, can I love?”).


“No, I don’t recall-”

“We’ll s’you later man, enjoy the party,” Harry briskly nodded to Lawrence and suddenly grabbed your arm, not giving you any time to finish your sentence or offer an exclamation as to why his hand was dragging you away.   His grasp was firm and almost painful, but he gave you enough time to keep up.  But just barely.

“Harry, what are you doing,” you hissed, avoiding the awkward stares as you two stormed through your backyard.  Lawrence was right, it was pretty tiny, and currently half-filled with people you didn’t know, which made Harry’s tantrum all the more painfully obvious.  “Harry, stop, everyone’s looking!”  You whispered harshly.  You squeaked when he squeezed his hands tighter around your forearm.

“I know,” he growled.  

He hadn’t missed the men who’d eyed you up and down throughout the party, and his blood was boiling the way they were eying you now.  They kept staring even when he was right beside you.  Jesus did they ever fucking stop?

Harry dragged you to the side yard, out of sight from nosy party guests, and once he had you cornered along the tall wooden fence, he released you.  His eyes were stormy, and the frown set in his face was completely out of character.

“Harry what the hell?” As much as you were shocked by his sudden reaction, you were thrilled.  And it was hard to conceal the elation in your voice.  Harry was distracted though and his eyes darted to your hand that was gently massaging the forearm he’d just released.  His eyebrows pinched together and he winced.

“‘M sorry…did I-did I hurt you?”  His voice was strained, and for once you felt speechless.

“No,” you managed to breathe.

He groaned and rested his head petulantly against yours.  “Harry, what’s wrong?” you asked softly.  His hands grasped your waist and squeezed, your back arching as he pulled you closer.

“You know what’s wrong,” he finally grumbled, nudging his nose against your temple.

“No Harry, I don’t,” you claimed.  You were enjoying his sudden neediness, and when you felt him nuzzle into the side of your neck and breathe you in, your heart swelled with affection.  “Tell me what’s wrong baby.  I need to hear you say it,” you coaxed.

You yelped when he bit down on the sensitive spot just below your jaw. “Y/N,” he said your name like a prayer. But it wasn’t an answer.

“Harry,” you finally snapped.  How hard was it for a man to just admit his feelings?

“Don’t be mad at me love, I jus’ want you, s’that s’bad?” he soothed you, wrapping his arms completely around your back.

“It is when you won’t t-tell me, harry,” you moaned at the open-mouthed kisses he was placing down your neck, his arms restricting you and keeping your centers close.  Your lips parted as you felt his hot, soft, yet firm tongue lick against the mark he’d created only moments before and you whimpered in his hold.  You had come so close, had finally seen a jealous side to Harry, and now he was blowing it off like it never happened.

No.” You shoved him off of you, and his eyes burned at the rejection.  They were darker now, clouded with lust and traces of anger, and you took a deep breath to hold your ground.

“D’you not want me anymore?” he scoffed.  If you hadn’t detected sincerity you would’ve thought he meant it in a mocking way.  You felt a little guilty for pushing him, but this was his fault to begin with.

“You dragged me over here for a reason.  And it wasn’t…it better not be just because you’re horny,” you said breathlessly.  His jaw clicked at the truth you were hinting at, but he remained silent, just in time for a random stranger from the party to turn the corner.

“Oh, sorry.” The man took one look at us, saw DANGER DANGER WRONG WAY in the daggers Harry threw at him and quickly exited back the way he came.  A little tension dissipated from the stranger’s interruption and Harry let out a sigh, pinching the bridge of his nose.

“Nothin’ ‘m just bein’ stupid s’all,” he mumbled.  You raised an eyebrow at him, and he groaned. “You’re relentless woman……don’t make m’say it,” he added quietly.

“You’re jealous, aren’t you?”

His eyes snapped to yours at the word, and he looked at you.  At your frustrated eyes that he couldn’t help thinking were adorable, at your soft lips set in a pout, at your brows causing wrinkles he was itching to erase.  At what was his.  

And like a horrid alcohol that stayed on his tongue, he was reminded of the men who had been looking at you all afternoon, of the man who had made you blush like that.  Of the man who had made you laugh like that.  

“Yes,” he admitted lowly.  And the way Harry was looking at you now…

Suddenly you were hyper-aware of the small bead of sweat that dripped down your back under the blazing heat of the sun and you were surprised the heat of his gaze wasn’t the end of you, that you didn’t self-combust to a pile of ashes right then and there.  

“Finally!” you replied, throwing up your arms in what you could only describe as triumphant.

He stilled at your reaction and a shadow passed over his face.  “What?” he scoffed, his breathless voice filled with confusion.  

“Finally,” you repeated.  Your lips slowly spread into a smirk and Harry eyed it in disdain.

“What do you mean finally?” he commanded, suddenly defensive.  

“The calm cool and collected Harry is finally jealous over his girlfriend.” But as soon as you said it and Harry’s eyebrows rose in surprise at your biting tone, he became silent.  And then you realized how petty it made you sound.  

“It’s just that you’ve never been jealous over me ‘n I was starting to think since I’m not famous or anything that I wasn’t worth…” the sentence died on your lips.  “That you’d never be jealous,” you continued softly.

A flicker of realization passed those emerald eyes, and you saw his lips part in stunned realization.  Harry usually prided himself in being in tune with people, especially you, but apparently this one had blindsided him.

“Okay well…” you couldn’t take standing in this silence any longer, the embarrassment causing your cheeks to burn, and you promptly tried to move away.  But as soon as you did, something snapped in Harry and he trapped you against the fence, an arm on either side of you.  He leant low, curls brushing against your cheek, and lips ghosting along your ear.

“‘M sorry love, I didn’t know.” He pressed a soothing kiss on your neck, just over your pulse point, and he felt your racing heart.

“Well now you do, and you know what?  It’s really nothing, I’m just being stupid so-”  your words mimicked the same ones he’d said earlier, and you tried to duck out of his hold, but his hand easily grabbed your hip and pulled you back against the fence while the other remained taught above your shoulder.  You weren’t going anywhere.

“I wasn’t finished,” he stated.  He stared at you with an intensity you weren’t sure you could handle right now, but each time you’d look away he’d gently coax you with a c’mon look at me angel, please love, until you just had to take that risk.  “You are everything to me.  And I definitely” -the hand holding your hip gave a calming squeeze- “get jealous of you.  All the time.  More than you can possibly imagine.  S’just that I never thought you’d like a jealous boyfriend, never wanted to be that guy that felt suffocating.  Do y’not think I want you?  S’that it?” His brows remained furrowed and his raspy voice was riddled with hurt.

“I-” your words seemed stuck in your dry throat and you cleared it out of habit rather than necessity before continuing, “It’s just that I see you with all these models Harry all the time and I know it’s just a part of who you are now, truly, but sometimes i just can’t help- I just can’t help that it kills me on the inside.  And it hurts to feel like you don’t feel the same way about me.  That you don’t care enough if other boys tried anything with me.  It’d feel good to feel like a prize sometimes instead of it always being the other way around.”  The last sentence slipped out before you had the chance to stop it and your eyes went wide when a sharp exhale flew from his lips.

“Oh.” It was his turn to clear his throat now, but when he opened his mouth he breathed the same word,


“‘M sorry Ha-”

He interrupted your apology by pressing his lips to yours, this kiss wasn’t soft or gentle, but hard, hungry.  For the urgency of the kiss, Harry took it slow, the passion igniting sparks in your stomach when he grasped the back of your neck, forcing you into the rhythm he created.

“You’re the last person who should be apologizing Y/N,” he groaned when he pulled away, immediately pressing kisses along your jawline.  You gasped when you felt his hand slip under your dress, and you felt him smirk when you pressed your thighs together.  

“Harry, the guests,” you squeaked as you felt a long finger snap the elastic of your underwear.  Harry quieted your protests with a hot kiss and you felt another smirk form when he cupped your clothed sex.

“You really do like it when I’m jealous don’t you?” he mused.  Your cheeks were burning furiously, knowing he’d felt the damp patch that had been bothering you for a while, and he raised his eyebrows cheekily.  “‘S kinda hot innit,” he teased.

“Harry,” you whined, struggling to release yourself from his hold.

“Shh, there, there pet, I’ve gotta show my girl how much I care don’t I?”

And when he picked you up and carried you to your bedroom, locking the door behind him, he made sure you remembered just how much of a prize you really were.

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hello all!

Long time no see! I’ve been pretty busy these past few months so I haven’t really had much time/desire to maintain this blog until recently. So I’ll be on here a lot more, because the fall fever has struck me again. And it’s only May. 😩 I’ll try and answer questions in my inbox as well! If you’re down for a chat feel free to drop an ask, I’ve missed this community! Hope all has been well with you guys. I’ll talk to you soon!



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// Skyping Namjoon one fine night with special appearance by most of the boys (especially Taehyung)

T: (Y/N), annyeong! how are you i miss you, when are you coming back to Korea?

Y: *chuckles* soon Tae, I’ll see you and the rest soon

N: are you done? I want to talk to my girlfriend. AISH TAEHYUNG!!


Hey peeps, I have to delete apps from my phone for now bc it’s v overloaded and I have to clean out some stuff &I wish I could do the same thing with my brain but anyway I’ll be less presenting here (lucky you) but I’m still alavilabe sometimes on my laptop …. if I’m delayed in responding or you tagged me in anyhing or wanted me to see something &it doesn’t show up dont hesitate to message me!! I don’t want to miss out important stuff bc my phone is Tired

anonymous asked:

someone you miss!

Someone You Miss:

Ooohh gosh….I miss so many people from Kansas aaa ;;o;; @datonegaimidnight is definitely up there on that list sobs and I’ll get to see her again when I visit home!!! <3 Also @kilgamesh bb we gotta hang when I come back to Kansas <3 And my dad of course!! I miss him a whole lot ;v; I can’t pick just one person sorry anon I miss a lotta people haha!