i miss san antonio

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a.- age: 21 (i’ll be 22 in about a month!!)
b.- biggest fear: deep water
c.- current time: 9:38pm
d.- drink you last had: mango fanta
e.- every day starts with: saying good morning to my gf 💓
f - favorite song: at the moment it’s spring day by bts
g.- ghosts, are they real: for sure!!
h.- hometown: san antonio, texas!! i miss it there
i.- in love with: @tsukkihina and nam taehyun
j.- jealous of: people who get to travel a lot! they are so lucky tbh
k.- killed someone: i Really don’t have plans to kill someone
l.- last time you cried: i can’t really remember 
m.- middle name: ashley…..
n.- number of siblings: one, and i love her to death
o.- one wish: for my mom to get better. she’s been so sick for a while now and i just want her to be healthy again 
p.- person i last called/texted: called: my sister, texted: also my sister
q.- question you’re always asked: “did that hurt?” (my piercings)
r.- reason to smile: my gf, sister, family, peach friends, my dog, my cat, taheyun, yoongi, sunny days~
s. - song last sung: heavydirtysoul by twenty one pilots
t. - time you woke up: 8:00am
u. - underwear color: black
v. - vacation destination: i would love to visit tokyo!!
w. - worst habit: biting my nails, it’s the WORST
x. - x-rays you’ve had: one on my left arm
y. - your favorite food: fish and chips tbh….
z. - zodiac: aries sun, gemini moon, gemini ascendant~~

i tag anyone!!

We are on a traaaain! Back to New York, at a hotel right by central park. It’s weird, leaving DC, because it feels like we just got there. But it was lovely. The buildings were all beautiful and big, and the people were nice and kind of crazy. 
Two more days in NY, and then…home. c: 

i also can’t stop singing les mis again. 

fameONE’s Tumblr Thoughts Podcast #28

What’s really good? I’m settling into my little boring, but comfortable,  vacation in San Antonio. I miss the squad in Orlando, but it’s nice to be with family. I’ve been doing a lot hill country driving north of the city and vibing out to good music. You have to keep a positive mindset when you have medical bills, ya dig?

I answer some much appreciated questions from @forevertiired, @11000rpm, @sloppyclock, @whisky410, @frombrooklyn-withlove and @kellsbrahbrah.

Cars, a little bit of hiphop, my favorite era of racing and Ayesha Curry.

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