i miss san antonio

"oops" muttered cupid

summary: cupid didn’t mean to hit the british guy, but a one degree shift can make miles of difference when you’re shooting love arrows from a cloud.

a/n: this is the first chapter. i’m having fun so there will be more. by the way, cupid’s greek name is eros, but no one knows that so i’m just calling him cupid. 

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We are on a traaaain! Back to New York, at a hotel right by central park. It’s weird, leaving DC, because it feels like we just got there. But it was lovely. The buildings were all beautiful and big, and the people were nice and kind of crazy. 
Two more days in NY, and then…home. c: 

i also can’t stop singing les mis again. 

alysonforaker-blog  asked:

I miss you so much by the way. We met in San Antonio at magcon, I'm pretty sure you won't remember me... But I'll never forget meeting you. It's weird you know? Meeting someone for the first time after watching them on the Internet for 2 years. Time flew by. You've been my idol for the longest time and I wish you'd notice me. You deserve so much more love than you get, and I feel like you're not happy... I mean you act so happy, but are you really? I love you so much and you'll never realize it.

it was such a pleasure meeting you. love you too ☺️

fameONE’s Tumblr Thoughts Podcast #28

What’s really good? I’m settling into my little boring, but comfortable,  vacation in San Antonio. I miss the squad in Orlando, but it’s nice to be with family. I’ve been doing a lot hill country driving north of the city and vibing out to good music. You have to keep a positive mindset when you have medical bills, ya dig?

I answer some much appreciated questions from @forevertiired, @11000rpm, @sloppyclock, @whisky410, @frombrooklyn-withlove and @kellsbrahbrah.

Cars, a little bit of hiphop, my favorite era of racing and Ayesha Curry.

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