i miss rex

Fingers ghosted along the scars accenting his temple and across his chin. Kisses mapped the contours of his face, from the dips of his cheeks to the bridge of his nose. 

When her lips traced his eyebrows, Rex woke up with a grunt. He caught the orange hand brushing through his stubble and just held it. “Still awake?” His sleepy demeanor filtered his incredulity into a sigh. 

Ahsoka pressed a longer, sincere kiss to his forehead before leaning back on her elbow. “You were talking in your sleep again. Sounded like another bad dream.” She squeezed his hand the same time he squeezed hers. 

Rex tipped his head in her direction, eyes once more closed, only managing another mumble that he’d even heard her. 

Ahsoka’s lekku conformed to the closeness of their bodies as she lay down next to him, neither wanting nor daring to remove her hand from his hold. His regular breathing—a sure sign he’d slipped off into sleep again—was lulling; a precious, reassuring sound, reminding her she still had him. 

She landed one more kiss on his bare shoulder before closing her eyes and letting the comfort of his body heat and their harmonized breathing ease her into sleep.

(part 1 of 2)

an attempt at the star wars rebels cast in the clone wars aesthetic, i ran out of gas halfway through rendering this. i probably shouldn’t be spending this much time on fanart at the moment but after marathoning TCW and SWR in quick succession the only thing i can think about is star wars ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

“A courier, a doctor, and a cybernetic dog. Maybe when this is over we can open an act at The Tops.”

Finally I did some fanart of Fallout: New Vegas after like years of wanting to but being too lazy ho ho ahaha… the new one coming out finally got me the motivation oh bOY MORE TO COME SOON

My courier and my favorite companions

Reblog if the Star Wars Rebels hiatus is killing you.

*three guesses as to what two movies i’m excited for…*

Also congratulations to Deadpool for being the only superhero entertaining enough for me to draw out let alone make me want to write out dialog for them (credit goes to spottedalienmonster for the awesome pun, THANKS! although I am sorry I should have told you before using it for my terrible sense of humor so you could have “no” in the first place lol).