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RWBY Volume 4 Chapter 3 Reaction

-*sees title* oh!! This is definitely gonna have Blake in it!

- wow… I really like this animation. I think water looks cool.


-she seems so jumpy… even just around little kids. :/

-I like this captain guy. He seems cool!

-Blake took off her bow! It’s probably because Menagerie is mostly a home for Faunus…

-that’s totally Sun in that cloak pfft!

-oooh! Sea Serpent Grimm maybe???

-Yang!! OH MY GOSH!! ;~; look how sad she looks! I wish I could give her a hug.

-aww Zwei is sleeping right next to the couch~ I missed this little pup.

-their living room looks really nice.

-looks like there are “fail-safes” just in case one of the towers fall but it looks like they can’t communicate outside each kingdom… basically my girls can’t contact each other at all… sighs…

-OH! Taiyang!! Yes Father and daughter bonding!

-Wow! Nice new arm… it doesn’t seem like Yang wants it though… maybe she’s just not ready for that step yet. :(

-I’m relieved to see her doing pretty well in general… oh no! She having flashbacks!!! ;A; nooooo! It’s okay! Daddy’s there Yang! Ughhhh what I would do just to hug her…

-more Blake!! Awww I love seeing her with her cat ears exposed.

-OH SNAP!!! Look at that Serpent Grimm!!! ITS FREAKING HUGE!! O___O

-WOW!! YOU GO BLAKE!! Look at her using her clones with so much more skill now!! :’) she’s so good!!

-dang… nothing’s hurting it though…

-Of course Sun finally decided to show up when things become “Grimm” lol

-WOW! Both of them are so good with their clones now! :D this is awesome!!

-hahahaha! Blake seems soooo annoyed Sun’s here and trying sweep her off her feet during a fight! xD


-come on captain!! You got the guns! You can do this!!

-HOLY CRAP! This whole battle is awesome! The Sea Serpent even flies!?!? O___O

-It feels like Blake is just flying around so much, its kinda cool though… you go flying kitty~

-oh shit! That thing is just cashing through rocks like nothing!! How hard is that thing!?!?

-oh thank god… the captain managed to corner it…

-phew! That was a really cool battle!


-but now I wonder what she can do at “home”?? Like does she have a family? Where will she stay??? :( I’m worried for you Blake…

-well I guess Sun is sticking around no matter what. Eh, at least she has a friend with her. And apparently the rest of Team SSSN went to Mistral… will they stumble upon Ruby I wonder…


-uhhhh… what is she doing to Cinder??? Is she helping her speak??

-ooooooooh shit! I DO NOT like the creepy sound this jellyfish Grimm is making… how is it even communicating with Salem?? It’s so creepy even Emerald and Mercury thinks it is.

-sooooo Cinder did kill him? I can’t tell if she’s lying or not… but I still don’t believe it’s true…

-is the relic she’s talking about, Ozpin’s cane weapon thing??? Is that it?? Why is it important???

-overall a really awesome episode actually! I didn’t expect to get a sea battle this soon with Blake but I’m not complaining! I’m glad to know where she’s going, but I do wonder what she’s going to do… I’m also happy Sun is with her, better to be with a friend than be alone in my opinion. Poor Yang… she’s dealing with so much and it seems like she isn’t ready to accept the new arm. Maybe she’s get something else?? Or she’ll accept it in time… I hope to see more for her. That whole Salem scene… before I thought she had no doubts Cinder killed Ozpin but why was she questioning her now? Was it just to protect Cinder during the meeting or she had suspicions after a while that it wasn’t true??? SO MANY QUESTIONS!! I can’t wait to find out more!

trained to do it
jikook for kookie-time and seasalt-lattae forjimin jiguk barkzimin cause yes im still jikook trash and i owe u guys some jikook writing haha 
210 words 

Jungkook rolls his eyes when he feels the soft furry ball of fluff tugging at his pyjama pants, looking down stern, a frown firm on his lips.

“Jiminie, you know that I’m not supposed to give you human food for breakfast.”

The small golden lab pup presses himself to the ground and whimpers, eyes huge and dark and wide, little paws pressed to the linoleum floor.

It takes a grand total of negative four seconds for Jungkook to crack, sighing and leaning down with a handful of cereal crumbs.

Jimin leaps forward and chows down, licking at Jungkook’s hand so much so that Jungkook laughs, cheeks warm as he sits down on the ground to pick Jimin up. Jimin gives an excited yip and licks Jungkook’s nose, paws wiggling, tail wagging so fast it might come right off.

Jungkook leans forward to nuzzle into the puppy’s tummy, cradling Jimin into his chest.

“You’re too spoiled,” Jungkook laments, fingers smoothing over Jimin’s velveteen ears as Jimin noses into Jungkook’s hand, licking at his palm again. The sound Jimin makes when Jungkook scratches under his chin makes Jungkook’s entire body go fuzzy.

He rolls his eyes hard and sets Jimin on the ground, “Fine, fine, you can sleep in the bed tonight.”