i miss posting court


Viviane and Kallias :)

I loved these two together, & the Winter Court is just so interesting in general.

yes or no?

yes, we came from the darkness,
with only matches to light our way. they flickered
with every tiny gust that whispered across us
but we faced hurricanes and emerged, still holding the flames. 

yes, i let you in because i couldn’t bear to keep you out.
you took hold of a heart that forgot how to beat
and taught it how to draw breath with all of the starlight inside you.

yes, i love you. no, i won’t say it.

yes or no?

no, don’t leave, the air is brittle and cold
and so am i, but you make me want to be warm.
i think i could find the sun in your smile if you stay long enough.

no, i won’t let them take you
when i only just found myself in your eyes. 

no, this isn’t the end. this is our start. you claimed us as home
and a beginning has never tasted as sweet
to a tongue so used to bitterness.

YES OR NO? // l.s.

I feel like Lucien doesn’t get as much appreciation as he should. I mean sure he seemed arrogant at first, and he didn’t really care much for Feyre in the beginning, but that’s nothing compared to how he really is. He’s my favorite character and here’s why:

1) His dedication. Despite his harsh feelings for Feyre, he sucked it up because he knew what had to be done to break the curse. Even beyond that, in my book, he won wing-man of the year right behind Aedion, because he saw that Tamlin started caring for Feyre over time. He helped Tamlin hide Feyre when Rhysand was entering the court, and covered for Tamlin even though Rhysand most likely new he was lying. Plus, because of his dedication to Tamlin, he helped Feyre when she was injured Under the Mountain and was punished for it.

2) His “balls”. As he himself would so gracefully put it, I suppose. This guy has gone through so much shit, and still he’s going strong. He had his freaking eye ripped out - which was apparently so bad it made Tamlin vomit - so that’s something. But of course that’s not the only crap Amarantha has given him. No, she had him whipped and Tamlin had to do it. He’s been humiliated by that along with the fact that his brothers were there to witness it. His own lover was killed by his family because they didn’t approve, and yet he came back from that. He’s freaking one tough son of a bitch.

3) His personality. I love his arrogance, okay. He’s still got a bit of that “cutthroat” Fall Court feel, but he’s also been softened up by the Spring Court. He’s loyal and just awesome to me, okay? I would be best friends with Lucien.