i miss old kpop


here’s some insane nostalgia

I saw some kpop confession that was like “I miss the old days when fan wars weren’t a thing” implying first/second gen groups didn’t have drama and I’m just like *stares in SNSD’s black ocean*

Fan wars have been a thing as long as there have been music artists. Kpop fan wars actually used to be worse than they are now. Sure every day there’s people going back and forth on social media but at the end of the day it’s just words. Fandoms used to legit fight. A HOT fan spit in Sunghoon from Sechskies face.

Fandom drama isn’t worse, it’s just more visible.

eternalsquee  asked:

Happiest of birthdays to you dearest buddy bro! I tried to get Jimin to come booty drop into your cake (do u even like cake i know u like that park jimin cake) but alas...he's like busy touring or something. 🎂 May u be blessed with all of the booty drops this year and more dadmon glory.

just when you think cake can’t get more ideal………. SOMEbody introduces the idea of park jimin booty dropping into ur cake….. and you’re suddenly like…… why.. have i EVER… eaten anything other than cake??? but thank you bro you’re so dear to me, really extremely dear, but i just have one question for you

who the fuck is dadmon

  • <p> <b>before:</b> seventeen, red velvet,exo ,mamamoo, bangtan boys, ikon, winner, monsta x, vixx, got7, romeo, g.friend, one punch......<p/><b>there was:</b> mblaq,b2st,big bang, shinee, super junior, girls generation, jyj, tvsq, shinhwa, infinite, block b, fx , brown eyed girls, 2ne1 , 2pm<p/></p>

Tbh I really miss old kpop song like… Is her wisper no longer the Lucifer that makes you Ring Ding Dong? Are they no longer Sexy, Free & Single and ready too, Bingo? Are we gonna rock it drop it top it Hey don’t stop it pop it ever again? Is anything ever gonna be weird enough to ask What’s Happening!? I guess the baby is no longer fantastic either… Does Lover Boy have no more Passion for me Ya? The 5 fly boys in the building are no longer a Hot Boy and no one can Step it up, step it up anymore.
I’m really Sorry Sorry Sorry Sorry for you Shawty Shawty Shawty Shawty if you don’t know any of these


A wise advice to every fandom & a note to self.
Don’t let your fangirling life take the lead & make you forget about your own real life. Make a balance between both to enjoy both, and go after ur dreams & ambitions, just like what ur idols been doing to theirs, while sustaining ur fangirling mode at a moderate level. & Never ever be a sasaeng fan! .. 
Your idols don’t take responsibility for your lives.

#173: his morning voice

Mark: “W-what…?” It’s even deeper than usual, groggily mixed together with sleep and exhaustion, and you can’t help but giggle a bit, reaching over to push the bangs out of his face. He groans when he opens his eyes slowly and tries to lift himself up, seeing the brightness of the sun that already made its way into the bedroom. But he wasn’t having any of it this morning, and falls back onto the pillow, shutting his eyes as you laugh.

Jr: “Morning,” he says, lifting up his head up. He crosses his bare arms on the pillow and leans the side of his head against them, looking at you with soft eyes and pouted lips, waiting for you to open your eyes. He laughs when he sees how stubborn you were to accept that it was morning, and so when you finally open your eyes, he’s smiling down at you, looking at you like he looked at you the night before, and then sits himself up to kiss you on your forehead.

JB: “Hey,” it’s soft, quiet, and just loud enough for you to hear even though you were the only one in the room. He smiles when he sees you tossing around, not wanting to wake up, but he wanted to see you. “Hey,” he says again with one eye open. He rubs the other to wake himself up, and then laughs when he sees you rolling yourself up in a ball with the blankets. “Aw, come on,” he says softly while chuckling, and pulls you so you’re lying on your back, staring up at him with a smile. He smiles back at you, and leans over, pressing his lips onto yours.

Jackson: “Already..?” he asks sleepily when he feels you climb out of bed. His eyes are shut tight, trying to block out the sun seeping through the windows while he reaches around the empty bed with his arms searching for your warmth. “Ugh,” he groans when he can’t find you. He puts the pillow over the top of his head, trying to remember last night.. You plop yourself back onto the bed, interrupting his thoughts as you giggle, making your way back into his arms. He smiles, now, but his eyes were still shut. The feel of you was enough.

BamBam: “Wake up!” it’s excited, happy, and full of sunshine, just like the bedroom window. He shakes you, but you don’t even bother to open your eyes as you scrunch them together. He suddenly stops, seeing how tired you looked, and then lies back down instead, looking at you softly. “Wake up, please,” he says, a little gentler this time. “That’s better,” you say, loosening the scrunching on your eyes as he laughs, reaching over to hold your hand.

Youngjae: “Mmmmm,” is all he can manage out as he turns away from the window to face you. He doesn’t open his eyes, but his mouth has curved into a little smile, suddenly laughing loudly, reaching around for you. You laugh at the fact that he’s laughing. “What, huh?” you ask, smiling as you let him rub your hand. He slowly opens his eyes, grinning. “I had such a funny dream about you last night,” he laughs. And you laugh back at him, knowing these were the mornings you loved the most.

Yugyeom: “Noooo,” he whines in a groggy-sounding voice. He pulls the blanket over his head. “You have to get up,” you say, lying on the pillow next to him, waiting for him to emerge from under the blanket. He pulls it off slowly, looking at you as you raise your eyebrows. He sighs, frowning at you. “It’ll be okay,” you say to him, and he nods, sitting up, rubbing his eyes, reminding himself that waking up wasn’t as bad when you were next to him.

You know I told my friend, ‘Oh no we don’t do Exo’, I was referring to the fact that in my dance studio we don’t dance to them and she just said, ‘Oh so you are that kind of BTS fan’, and I swear to god my eyes watered a bit, Why do some ARMYs have to ruin it for all of us I mean BTS is my everything but because of some ARMY’s they have ruined everything for everyone else, including BTS themselves, I swear to god BTS and EXO could of have been one of the best friendships in Kpop I can legit see it, Lay and V would be a match made in heaven, Jin and Sehun legit friendship goals, Jungkook and Suho would of been like my everything and like so much more but nooo Sure BTS and EXO themselves have more or less fixed problems but those aggressive ARMY’s and EXO-L’s still hold grudges agains one another and It disgusts me I miss the old Kpop, where fans wouldn’t hate on one another and would encourage their idols to support one another As someone who has been in Kpop for a while it makes me so sad seeing what it has become