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KNK dancing to Hello Bitches is everything I didn’t know I needed

Disconnected - Chapter Twenty-Eight

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“The thing is, Clarissa, you broke a pretty legally binding contract when you hit publish on that fake article.” Her eyes widened and, with a slight ripple of pleasure in my chest, I realised I was witnessing as she was being metaphorically backed into a corner. I couldn’t fight back my growing grin, putting all her previous smarmy, smug looks to shame. “Didn’t you read the small print? Rookie mistake, that. Let me break it down for you.”

Based on this post by @vikturi-katsforov

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The CM for original anime Neko ga Kureta Marui Shiawase, titled “Work Edition: ~Mari-san’s Presentation and Shortcake~”!

Shukashuu voices Yoshimoto Miki, a 23 year-old office worker at a company specializing in cosmetic package design. It is only her second year at this company, and main character Hirakura Mari is her senior at work. The two of them are on the same design team.

I’m back with another rushed hack…

 Connor and Pierre Bellec would never get along.

  1.  One thinks peace with Templars is good, the other…not so much. Bellec hated that Arno tried to be with Elise, Connor would have approved and would have the marriage arranged himself! 
  2. Bellec even used Connor’s work to justify burning the French Assassins to the ground to restart everything, which would even piss him off to beyond existence. 

Therefore, he will be new dad now. 

New Years Kisses 2.0

2017, one hour ago:

John was sitting in the corner, having a mug of mint ice cream and a cup of lemonade and reading an old magazine from Laf’s basket of ‘literary stuff I need to throw away’, and playing a game he made up called ‘how many people at this party can John identify’. He wasn’t much enjoying himself, but sitting in a corner did have it’s advantages- such as not talking to Alex.

He hadn’t talked to Alex much in the last year. No one but John noticed. Laf may have, but he didn’t comment on it, which meant he probably didn’t. There weren’t many things Laf didn’t comment on.

Lemonade doesn’t taste well with mint, John noted.

Alex walked over, seemingly oblivious to the fact that he wasn’t wanted, but John thought he could probably tell John didn’t want him over here. Even Alex wasn’t usually that clueless about other people.

Alex sat down by John, leaning on his shoulder, and said, “How’re you?” he didn’t really sound like he cared about the answer, more like he wanted to say something, and he had decided that small talk was the best option.

“Okay, I guess. You?”

“Meh.” Alex rested an arm on his leg. “Laf’s on about something with his boyfriend, and I saw you over here looking lonely, so I decided to help you.”

“Nice to know that I’m a good charity case.”

“Aw, c’mon, you know that’s not what I meant.”


“I’ve missed you, you know. We haven’t talked in forever.”

“Oh, is that my fault?” John turned away.

Alex grabbed his shoulder. “I never said it was! I just-” he frowned. “I missed you, dammit.”

“Oh.” John shrugged. “Bye, Alex.”

Alex stared at him, then stood up with a huff and walked over to Thomas.

John watched him go- almost wistfully, although he told himself it was just melancholy over not seeing Alex in a year. And it’s not like this- Alex just walking away- was a new phenomenon. It’d been happening for years. Six years, to be exact. And John had a good reason for driving Alex away, he told himself. Alex just didn’t know it.

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Give me your hand. Don’t be afraid, Nasir. It feels good, right? Like silk.