i miss not knowing

Hey guys

Actually it’s more like

Sorry I’ve been so MIA! I’ve been locked away writing and working frantically to get my dissertation written. And to top things all off, my PI pushed up one of my deadlines because she wants to go through the full complete thesis first and give me edits before sending it out to my committee (which is understandable, I’m not surprised this happened).

So my completed draft is due to her by Tuesday, and my finished dissertation needs to be to my committee a week from tomorrow. I defend 3 weeks from tomorrow. This is the point I’m at

So thank you for putting up with me and my radio silence, it’s just hardcore go time on my end. The best part is I know you all understand, and we all have to go through this at some point. 

But there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I can do this. 


Meet the newest addition to the bunch of heirs, Irene Fletcher ~

i’ve now been home for a few hours, away from america for even longer, and i still haven’t cried and tbh it hasn’t been as bad as i thought it’d be
DON’T GET ME WRONG i would cry hadn’t it been for the numbness in my chest instead lmao but like,, this is temporary, i’ll have to move there if not this year then not long after, and sure i’m scared but it’s also a comforting thought
and ngl i’m super proud of myself and my growth i mean this is the second time i’ve went to america and back all by myself, and sure i was nervous but it went fine and i felt better this time so i’m sure i’ll continue to feel better until it’s no problem one day
the trip has been a dream come true, seriously, to see all these studios where the cartoons i grew up with and still love were and are made, not to mention i saw the warner bro’s water tower!! that’s a childhood dream come true!!!
and oh gosh when i first began getting involved w/ the pzpth fandom on here it was my dream to one day have my fanart on the fandom wall, and now i’ve met sam levine!!
not to mention it’s thanks to this show i even went on this trip, i would’ve never met erin hadn’t it been for this show wtf
i was so nervous abt meeting her in person, and as my classmates said, like,, what if we didn’t click? that’d be one awkward week lmao
but i felt comfortable the second i saw her also SHE’S SO TINY I’M GONNA CRY I LOVE MY TINY GF AND I MISS HOLDING HER BABY HANDS
when we can’t make fun of each other’s typos we’ll make fun of how we speak instead and i love it
this is my first real relationship and i feel so safe and comfortable and i’m so lucky and blessed to be with her oh my gosh i miss her laugh and her “what?” whenever i’d just be staring at her bc she’s so beautiful
she’s so talented and kind and i’m so here for being by her side as she makes her way in this industry y'all
i love her and i can’t wait to see her again

u know when ur watching a broadcast on v app and they go for like half an hour and ur all having fun but then all of a sudden they’re like “BYE” and ur like “oh what-” and the broadcast cuts off and ur just left there,, cold,,, alone,,, w the words “BROADCAST JUST ENDED”…. its a genuine feeling of loneliness….. where did my friends go.? they left u, boo