i miss nico being with her friends

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Maki being confused whether or not Nico is being super friendly and close with her or Nico's being flirty @ muse reunion dinner c:

A/N: I’m like 16 days late with this and I’m sorry but HERE.

With four years of college and dealing with forward propositions, Maki liked to think she had good intuition of whether or not someone was coming onto her.

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(Maybe when you're not sleepy anymore) could you think of some first kiss headcanons with all the different Nico ships?

jeeeez for all the nico ships?? there’s so many considering i ship him frickin everybody lmao. u get 3 for my 3 fav ships. if anybody else wants one they can request it later


it takes a while after they start dating for them to finally have their first kiss. it’s Nico’s FIRST kiss period, though Leo has already gotten some action a few years prior, a sweet girl when he was 13 and staying in a foster home in Arizona. Leo hypes it up “Oh yeah I’m TOTALLY  a pro and like, a master at making out.” and all that crap but really he’s awful and incredibly nervous about it. 

Nico’s the one who goes in for it first, because Leo tries to be pretty good about not pushing his limits with the guy and so he usually lets him make the first move. 

It’s Leo’s birthday and they’ve finally gotten away from the swinging party in cabin 9. They’re sitting on the steps of the porch of Hades Cabin, bathed in the green light of the greek-fire torches out front. Nico turns and looks at him and decides that “you know what? fuck it.” and eyes closed, he leans in. Leo, for a brief moment, is in shock. After a second he realizes that yes it’s finally happening and he gets too excited and nervous and crashes his lips to Nico’s, which makes their noses bash together with an ugly crunch.

“ow…” Nico pulls away with a grown and quickly moves his hands to check his nose. Leo rubs his in kind with a grimace on his face. well. that sucked. Nico moves his hands away from his face and Leo goes wide eyed and freezes. fuck.

dribbling down from Nico’s nose, over his lips and down his chin, is a small but steady stream of blood. he broke his fucking nose.

“Oh my god. OH MY GOD. OOOOOOH MY GOD ARE YOU OKAY DUDE HOLY SHIT IM SO SORRY I DIDNT MEAN IT OH GODS ARE YOU ALRIGHT IS IT BROKEN DID I BREAK IT OF COURSE I FUCKING BROKE IT OH GODS IM SO SORRY IM SO SO SOOOOO SORRY-” Leo starts to ramble, sounding very much like he would have a panic attack any second. But Nico hushes him softly, a gentle grin on his face.

“Wow. that was terrible. but its okay. I know you didn’t do it on purpose Leo.” He says, his hands up in a placating gesture. He looks so calm, even with blood coming down his face. Leo’s shoulders slump, and he relaxes into quiet disappointment and shame.

“I’m so sorry. That was literally the worst first kiss ever. I’m the worst. holy shit.” He says, head in his hands and incredibly ashamed. Nico wipes his face-blood off onto his sweater sleeve.

“We could try again” He says with a shrug. Leo looks up at him, hopeful and red in the cheeks. Nico’s got a lopsided grin and sounds kinda funny and nasally with his nose broken, but he looks so cute in the green light and moon beams. Leo smiles, and leans in slower this time. Nico closes his eyes and leans in too.

Leo is warm, and soft. And tastes like birthday cake and coffee and a little bit like firelight. He kisses gentler this time, but Nico can steal feel him burning against him.

Nico’s lips are cold, but not like a corpse. More like kissing a snowflake. He tastes coppery like blood but Leo doesn’t mind. He tastes like ancient times, and like remembering. Their lips move together and it feels just right this time.

They pull apart after a few moments, a little red and with happy love-struck smiles. But Nico smiles a bit to wide and winces, and they remember that yes, his nose is still broken.

“We uh,, we should go get that checked out…” Leo says sheepishly, getting to his feet. He extends a hand out to Nico and he takes it, hoisting himself up as well. Off into the night they go to find an Apollo kid and or some ambrosia.

2. Reynico (platonic)

It’s New Year’s eve, the party is in full swing. The whole camp has been invited to a big party at a hall in NYC to celebrate making it through yet another year and the world not ending. Most of the roman campers are in attendance as well. It’s getting close to midnight, just a couple minutes till the countdown. Couples are starting to pair off and group together, excited to share a New Years Kiss.

Nico and Reyna are lurking in a corner, having danced to their content and watching the festivities take place in front of them. She’s wearing a deep plum evening gown that looks absolutely stunning on her. He’s wearing an all black suit, complete with matching black shirt and silk tie. They look like quite the pair, watching and waiting from the corner of the hall. Reyna’s eyes are fixed on the couples around them, still dancing and laughing the night away.

Reyna has never been kissed by a boy for New Years. It’s a trivial, small thing. Just a small thought that crosses her mind as she sees happy couples leaning into each other and laughing through their joy. She never lets it bother her of course. Usually.

Nico, whose been standing next to her lurking in a corner for the past 10 minutes, can sense the tension on her as she eyes down a happy couple dancing circles not to far away from them. He clears his throat, hoping to catch her attention. She spares him a sideways glance and a small polite “hmm?”

“You know…” He starts, trying to think of how to word this. “It, uh, it doesnt really matter. That we’re single or anything. I mean i know with everybody dating now its weird for me sometimes and probably for you too but, uh, its not, um, its not the end of the world that we’re not dating people. right this second. or something…” He says trailing off. She raises an eyebrow at him, smirking a bit at his attempt at comforting her. He sighs, chuckles, and tries again.

“What I mean is that you’re awesome. And we have a lot of awesome friends too. So I guess who cares if we’re single? It’s not like we’re alone” He says, kicking at the floor with his nice fancy shoes. Reyna smiles genuinely and turns toward him a bit.

“I know, Nico. It’s not that really. I’ve come to terms with being single. It’s just… I just feel like I’ve missed out on a few things…” She says trailing off and turning away again. Nico’s eyebrow quirks up. He’s curious what she means, but he knows if Reyna wants him to know she will say it herself.

And after a brief but comfortable silence, she does.

“I’ve… I’ve never been kissed by a boy for New Years. It’s dumb I know, but I was just… thinking about it. Thats all.” She says, crossing her arms across her chest defensively. She looks disappointed, and pensive.The countdown is starting.



Nico taps her shoulder


She turns to him, a bit confused.



He puts hand at the back of her neck



He leans her in, shock written on her face.



He only bows her head an inch or two, since his growth spurt made them equal in height. She’s holding her breath. Her instincts tell her to push him away but she trusts Nico. She believes in him.


Nico presses his lips gently to her forehead and holds them there for a moment as the ball drops. It is a sweet kiss and Reyna closes her eyes and smiles. When Nico pulls away she brings him in for a hug. They’re chest to chest, cheek to cheek, and if Nico felt a soft tear roll down her’s he didn’t say a word about it.

“Happy New Year, Reyna.” He says holding her close. She feels a warmth in her chest and knows she wont be alone on New Years again.

2. Jasico

Nico is running his typical errands for his father today. Pick up a magical artifact here, collect a lost or dangerous soul there. The standard fare really. Except Jason is tagging along and chatting his ear off.

Jason alternates between walking at a brisk pace alongside him and floating in the space around him as Nico goes about his chores. He’s talking about things, about camp, about Percy and about training and what he misses about camp Jupiter. Nico mostly just nods and “mhmms” him, though he is happy for the company. Its not often people want to hang out with him for no reason.

Currently, they’re trekking through a mountainous forest looking for some kind of lost dagger made of Stygian Iron that his father wants back for whatever reason. Nico is hiking on foot, while Jason floats about, occasionally flying up above the tree tops to make sure they aren’t getting lost and that they’re still going the right way. 

He’s talking about something stupidly funny that happened during training earlier that week and Nico’s actually listening right now. He stops paying attention very briefly to where he’s going and realizes the ground is no longer under his feet. Down he goes, having just stepped over the edge of a mild drop-off in the terrain that the pair had completely failed to see coming.

Jason takes a split second and dives after him, catches him bridal style and makes it back up to the top in under half a minute. Nico is kind of breathless, but otherwise unharmed, clutching onto Jason’s neck and shoulders.

Jason lands, planting his feet on the ground, but still holds firmly onto Nico, cradling him in his arms.

“You… you okay?” He asks, meeting his eyes. Nico nods slowly, a little red in the cheeks and still holding on to Jason.

Jason didn’t want to admit it, but the whole reason he’d been accompanying Nico on his little excursions was because he really had a bit of a crush on him. He liked the way he blushed, and how when he went wide eyed he looked kinda like a startled deer. A cute deer. He was making that face now and Jason found himself just a little distracted.

He decided to just go for it, gulped nervously, and leaned in. Nico froze up for a second, but calmed and closed his eyes, letting Jason lean in to kiss him. Their lips just barely graze when…


Nico jolts away reflexively. Jason, mildly startled, drops him promptly on his ass. After a moment of flailing, one angry and very red Nico is back on his feet and looking about ready to drop-kick Jason.

“You shocked me” He says, indignant. Jason shrugs sheepishly and tries not to laugh.

“My bad?”

“Uggh!” Nico says, storming off to starting making his way down the side of the small cliff. Jason is blushing and smiling to himself as he follows after him.

okay thats it for now. I feel like i coulda done more for that last one but i dont wanna spend all night on this. thanks for the request kid, it was fun to write it ;O

What is Love?

This is an almost prequel to ‘I Like How I Am With You’. This would take place two days before the first story, so consider it in the same universe and enjoy. Also available on AO3.

One day, the question hits him like a freight train. Nico had been in the middle of a training session, younger campers whacking each other with wooden swords. It has been three years since the battle against Gaea, and Nico was feeling better than ever. He has gradually grown into his role as a camp counselor and he was a favorite among the younger generations. Perhaps it is because he was willing to play silly games with them, give piggy back rides, inspire confidence in those who were ashamed with their confidence, or hold them when they cried, homesick and missing their parents. So, when little Vera came running to him, he expects a request not a question. Not a question that would stump him at the age seventeen…

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I know you answered another ask like this awhile back, but if it's alright I'd really like to request more headcanons about Nico and Annabeth's friendship. I really like how even though Nico was jealous of her he still liked her and how she never treats him differently for being a son of Hades like some other campers did. I just love The Seven + Nico and Reyna so much all their various dynamics.

to be completely honest, I don’t ever see them being the kind of friends who hang out outside of Camp. Like I can’t see them calling each other wanting to go grab some coffee and chat. Despite the high five (which gives me a headache) I think they kind of missed the threshold to be friends. Too much has happened to allow them to be close to one another. Just my opinion though! sorry 

Addiction (7/?)

Part 7 of addiction! Thanks so much again for all of your messages, they keep me inspired!!! Seriously, I constantly want to write a new chapter!

Warning: Some angst and violence in this chapter!

Hanayo quickly gathered her books from her desk and slipped them back into her bag, keeping a close eye on Maki to make sure she didn’t bolt toward the door. She had been for the past week, apparently wanting to leave school as quickly as she possibly could. Today before she could even get to her feet, Hanayo was at her side, smiling brightly.

“Let’s go home together, Maki-chan.” Hanayo suggested, throwing her bag over her shoulder.

Maki cast a concerned look at Rin. “What about Rin?” Considering the look she had been given earlier, Rin was still angry with her. It was understandable.

“Don’t worry.” Hanayo turned on her heel so that she was facing Rin’s desk. “Rin-chan, you’ll walk with us won’t you?”

Rin, who had just finished gathering up her books, simply shook her head but didn’t look in Hanayo’s direction. “I’m busy tonight, nya. I’ll see you tomorrow, Kayo-chin.”

She turned and hurried out of the room, leaving a concerned Hanayo and a troubled looking Maki behind. She ducked quickly out of the classroom and rushed down the corridor, intent on finding those girls who’d been bullying Maki. She knew exactly who they were so it wouldn’t be hard to track them down. She turned the corner only to collide with something soft. She stumbled back a couple of steps and raised her eyes to find Nozomi staring back at her.

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