i miss new pics of her

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People are starting to notice she's missing. Even CNN has an article about it.

(CNN)Taylor Swift, to quote your song “Style,” it’s been a while since we have even heard from you.

Remember how 2015 pretty much became the year of Swift, when she took on streaming giant Apple music – and won?

Less than a year ago, Swift was making headlines – almost daily – for her romance with actor Tom Hiddleston (remember the glorious months of “HiddleSwift”?) and her feud with Kanye West and Kim Kardashian West.These days, the outgoing and prolific Swift is unusually quiet. She rarely posts on social media and seemingly abandoned her new-album-every-two-years habit.“Swifties” – as her fans are called – are getting antsy.

So, what can we discern about Miss Swift’s current happenings?

Not much Swift on Instagram and Twitter

Remember when we used to be able to count on at least one pic a week of Swift and her crew giving us #squadgoals on Instagram?That’s not happening these days.Swift hasn’t tweeted since January, when she was promoting her duet “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever” with former One Direction member Zayn.

But Swift is slowly becoming a bit more active over on the Gram, where she continues to hold it down for her girls.A week ago, Swift put up a screen grab of her friend Lorde’s new single “Green Light.”

“g2g brb just gonna make up an interpretive dance to this magnificent bop for the ages,” Swift wrote in the caption. “ELLA I LOVE YOU.”

Fans on her mind

Or, at the very least, the term “Swifties” has her wheels turning. Swift has reportedly filed for nine trademarks for various entities that could be marketed under the word “Swifties,” including merchandise and computer software.Could her time away from the spotlight mean T-Swift is busy coming up with new business ventures?It wouldn’t be shocking for the woman who topped last year’s Forbes Celebrity 100 list, after she earned an estimated $170 million.

Taylor Swift is top-earning celebrity of 2016

Who is she dating now?

We have no idea and there’s hardly been a rumor to run down.(But we know you were waiting for the question to be asked.) Hiddleston and DJ Calvin Harris were Swift’s most recent loves – and there is sure to be speculation about lyrical references to these gentlemen when her next project drops. 

About that new music

For the past decade, Swift could be counted on to release an album every two years, usually in the fall.That was until now.Her powerhouse “1989” album was released in 2014. Since then, there’s been some songwriting – and her single with Zayn for “Fifty Shades Darker ” – but no album.Swift’s buddy Ed Sheeran recently told the BBC that he is counting on more attention for his music this year because Swift has left a blank space.“Taylor [Swift] isn’t going to be releasing until probably the end of this year – Christmas is the smartest time to release because that’s when everyone buys records,” he said. “So, I’ve got a full year of just all Ed, all the time."Enjoy it while you can, Sheeran.


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Those episodes were just.... so freaking good!!! Like I'm still freaking out over them!! I'm a little disappointed that their was no tom, but I kind of expected it as well. Now I have no clue how I'm suppose to last til fall.

Pffft what no!! Tom was clearly in this special!!! You can tell by this totally real screenshot i took.

Yeah, they were good, good eps all round, many many feels.

Show got really dark and intense, and i’m super thankful they didn’t spend it discussing Star’s crush and stuff cause honestly i needed a break from that.

I have ALOT to talk about and think about but i think one of the bigger things that made me think was when Moon’s arm turned, i’m not sure if this was resulted from Eclipsa…..or straining herself using trying to use magic since Star….y’know.

Which makes me think Eclipsa witnessed something bad happening to Monster Hubby.

But that’s just speculation.

So many heartbreaking scenes in this one especially, like this got me way too many times with heartache moments, just..wow.

Toffee as a villain just gets better and better.

Eclipsa is so interesting, even i couldn’t really say whether you should trust her or not watching that scene.

((Is it gonna be a running theme that Star has a new wand every season?))

If anything particularly disappointment me….yeah, i did miss Tom and basically everyone from the group end pic. I mean, i can’t be surprised they weren’t in this, these eps had enough as it was. But you couldn’t help but miss them a little, oh well. It’s ok, no biggie.

Hopefully we’ll see them all again soon and the wait to the rest of s3 won’t be too long, i’m curious to see what roles they’ll play and what kind of episodes they’ll have. ((Tom and Ponyhead are especially more interesting as they ended up in the intro AND on the s3 poster))

And of course I wanna know where Jackie is and what’s up with her after everything.

Good episodes, loved it so much, i’m really excited to see how the rest of the season plays out.

Killian Speculation

Ok, so BTS pics confirm that Killian’s new identity is that of a cop. So this is what I think they could do. Emma isn’t dead, but Killian’s new identity is a widower. In the curse, his wife is dead and maybe we see pictures and it is Emma, but she has a different identity too. And I think it could be interesting for his character if his wife was murdered (or is missing and presumed dead). He could be obsessed with solving the murder and putting her murderer away. This would be a good parallel to Killian being obsessed with exacting revenge on Rumple for killing Milah and taking his hand. Maybe he even lost his hand or injured it in some way trying to save her or protect her. He would feel guilty for not being able to save her and protect her. And maybe she was killed because he’s a cop, which would add another level of guilt. This could also allow for flashbacks with him and his wife. Maybe he has memories of their life together, but it is really his life with Emma. Maybe they can show his true identity trying to break through like that.

Thinking there will definitely be some shady, crooked cop stuff going on. Maybe Gabrielle Anwar will be his captain and turn out to be a villain. Gold looks like he may be a detective. Probably turn out to be crooked too. Maybe involved in his wife’s murder.

Hmmm, probably none of this will happen. Lol. But it’s interesting to speculate and would be a good backstory for his cursed identity.

Lacie’s new toy

Oh God, I miss PH so much but I have enough pics from the last years so I will never stop posting pics! Or at least I hope so /// This one is from last year where @marluchan​ visited us for doing Jack for me ;A; It was kinda weird seeing her as Jack and not Oswald, Vincent or Alyss but I’m still so happy and grateful she did it for me ///7///

So @yuzuberry​ took some nice pics of us on a way too hot day!

ANYWAY that pic of mehcad & melissa & katie sitting on a couch has got me feeling weird high school AU feelings which, I usually hate HS AUs? But I’m seeing baby poly Kara who is in love with head quarterback James but also pretty infatuated with new girl Lena Luthor?? Who James kind of Hates because her older brother tackled Clark at a weird angle during a football game and broke his arm, resulting in him missing his senior season and the team sucking ass. But Kara doesn’t care about their dumb rivalry, she just thinks Lena is Very Pretty and Smart

And James and Kara aren’t boyfriend girlfriend dating, because they’re kids living in a small town and they don’t totally understand the idea of polyamory or open relationships, but they are both pretty goofy in love with each other. And while James had never cared before when Kara would kiss other people at parties he definitely cares now when he sees her kissing Lena Luthor. He gets about thirty seconds of macho “you can’t date her!” posturing before Kara let’s him know that he needs to step the fuck off, that he cant stop her from seeing someone just because he has an unfounded, unfair bias against them. He doesn’t even know Lena!

Status Update

Well, we’re at two weeks already and it’s been…interesting.  The anxiety died off some until yesterday.  Now it’s back with a vengeance and I don’t know why.

In the time I’ve been off, I have:

1) Sorted my Viktuuri and Otabek pics into folders (priorities, you know)
2) Spent two days watching every Avenger/Guardians of the Galaxy movie.
3) I’ve edited way too much and I’m not even close to being done.
4) Started a new Dragon Age Inquisition game with a Qunari.  I named her Sooka.  Means “bitch” in Russian.
5) Renewed my love for Hollywood Undead.  I’d Sell Your Soul for them.
6) Watched a lot of Red vs. Blue AMVs and forgot how much I love Felix and Locust.  Life goals right there.
8) Slowly working on the last chapters of MbA (I mean like end of series).
9) Trying to go out of the house but WE HATES IT!
10) There was something else but I don’t remember.

Today….today is not a very good day.  I’m hoping it’s better than yesterday and tomorrow will be even better.    I miss you guys terribly and thank you so much for the well wishes, pics you’ve shared and omg INOIML!!!  Still.  

I’m going to wrap for now since I was supposed to be out the door ten minutes ago lol.  I’ll leave you with the theme song for the day:

See ya in two weeks!


Robert Sugden moves in...

So, after I got my tiny Robert I was concerned about what to do with him at night while I sleep. I would put him in my bed with me *winks* but I am worried that he might get lost never to be seen of again in the bed because he is so teeny tiny.

I wanted to make sure that @aarondingel and @minglewithadingle knew that tiny Robert had come to a good home.

So, I had an Idea and made a plan and yesterday I took my tiny Robert shopping…

He liked this elephant.

And was fond of this flower pattern.

I asked him to pick a fabric for his duvet cover…

And when we got home from shopping I made him his very own bedroom complete with a pocket bean wedding pic on the wall and photo’s of Aaron, so he wouldn’t miss him too much.

Clearly he went with the blue flowers and butterflies for his duvet but he seems happy.

Thanks to @smugfacesuggle for letting me hang her pic  in Robert’s bedroom and allowing me to post pics on my blog.

Night Robert! Don’t let the bed bugs bite.

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So what did Swiss Miss do this time that has everyone in a tizzy? Apart from her IG posts did she follow someone like an IG post? Is that why there's a little bit of a meltdown?

Nothing new that I’m aware of. We suffer the boredom, is all. I mean, would it kill Cait to post a pic of her laundry pile or some shit? Speaking for myself, I find enormous entertainment value in little glimpses of those mundane bits o life we all exist in. Do you think she makes her own laundry detergent? Scented or Unscented? Dryer sheets or no? Is she an uber sorter and has 14 micro loads or just throws everything in together with a color catcher? Pre soaker? Everything in the dryer or line dry?

I’ve been so busy, sorry for the silence on my blog! Here’s a quick life update:

I’m down 15 pounds so far with Weight Watchers (the cake in the picture is sugar free with sugar free cool whip as the frosting. It was delicious. 😎)

I’m testing for my advanced red belt in taekwondo later this month. I’ll test for dan bo (black belt candidate) in the fall and test for black belt in the spring. I didn’t go to nationals this year as planned (only three people in my division, didn’t seem worth it) but I’m fully planning to go next year assuming I qualify at state.

At work I’m in an acting leadership role while a manager is on maternity leave. I’m contracted through the summer. I’m loving every minute of it and secretly hoping they don’t return 😅

Still no condo. I’ve put offers down but nothing. Broadened my search to houses as well and continued saving the equivalent of a mortgage payment each month. I have about $11k saved for a down payment.

So far every day in July I’ve hit 10,000 steps on my fitbit. I’m trying to keep that momentum going. My mom found a new hobby in painting and hiding rocks (it’s a huge deal?? They have Facebook groups?? It’s like middle aged adult version of Pokémon Go??? I don’t get it but she loves it so…). I like that it gets her out of the house. We’ve visited like 6 different parks in the last week. Makes getting those steps easy.

I think that about sums life up! How are all of you? I miss you! Sorry I haven’t been around. Reply to this and let me know what you’ve been up to! Okay bye 😘

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Anytime I question the baby being Louis', I just remember that Briana stole some woman's baby bump hospital pic, photoshopped pictures, had pictures the same day with a bump and without and also was photographed wearing a noticeable baby bump. That along with Louis' missing tattoo picture and nope. Doesn't make sense. She was never pregnant. The baby is real, just has no connection with Louis. Lol

Ah famous no bump Christmas and the tb with her NEW face lol 

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Hi flor! idk if it's your birthday or not but happy birthday! May I also ask about your new tablet? Like, what are the differences with your previous one that you need to adapt to the new one? thanks! :)

Thanks dear, it was some days ago ^^

It’s in fact VERY different. My previous tablet was a Genius Gpen f610 ultra slim …a generic one, but it was BIG hahaha!

(I found this pic on google, it shows how big and beautiful it was… miss her a lot)

So, I believe the big challenge is the size changes. My new Wacom is small but it feels a lot more natural when drawing. 


So I was planning on doing this a while ago and never got around to it. My most active followers as of 06/08/2017 10:40PM are:

I follow a lot of quality blogs! And am lucky enough to have several that will tolerate my stop and go rambling on a somewhat occasional basis!

Some of my favorite stories are:

@cinamun (I want to hug Darren and chain Indya and Juan together), @josiesimblr I need to check and see if I’ve missed any more Secrets Revealed, it feels like it’s getting near the end and I don’t want to let go :(, @pixeltrashcan Please tie up Sasha and take him to a good therapist, @neutralsupply The next generation of Save Me From Me is looking like it’s going to be drama-filled. I’m excited!, @thefoxandhersimblr I wanted Sonia to be with the guy that she’s with right now but then I started liking Elliot?! I don’t know how to ship your couples. @eslanes Hottiiiiiie Landlord! ♥♥, @zauglom Your comments genuinely make me happy, your legacy makes me happy, I think you’re a walking ray of sunshine. @nervous—subject Draaaaaamaaa! I want Kali to find a nice girl that isn’t hung up on her ex T-T, @something-wicked-sims Everything you touch is amazing. If I ever do one of these things on here and I don’t @ you… please assume that you’re on the list anyway, @simsomedia I don’t know how you keep up with that many sims. I’m in awe. I’m terrified. But I also like seeing the family progress as time goes on!, @beverlyallitsims With Randy recently married, I’m worried that his sweet cheeks won’t be making any more appearances, @experimentalsims BEAR! I LOVE BEAR! @laylasims I think you get a kick out of watching your readers recoil in horror after you kill off beautiful men. I enjoy it. But I also miss Luca’s butt, @budgie2budgie I need more Lee in my life!, @tinwhistletoo I love your stories, the only regret I have is that I wasn’t following you earlier, @quiddity-jones AAAAAAAHHHHH YOU ALREADY STARTED SEASON TWO AND I STILL NEED TO CATCH UP IMMADOTHATTHISWEEKEND, @blackthornsims I will miss the blackthorn legacy but… I just saw that you started a new thing! I’m excited! I glanced at the latest post but didn’t read it because I need to start from the beginning!


Edit: I forgot @lovelychooser! I’m obsessed with her newest! I have her on alerts! Shame, shame! I’m sorry 😭

Have a reply post.  :D  Infant refuses to sleep in her crib, so rather than get up every twelve seconds just to have her fall asleep on my chest, we’ve skipped that shit and now she’s attached to me.  Pro: no more getting up every twelve seconds and it’s nice to be close to her!  Con: she loves to turn sideways in it to force me to prop her up with an arm…  :|  After an hour of that nonsense, I wish she’d take to the crib.  xD

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I have no sled dogs for ur legs but I have Lola, my fostered rescue Staffie who is going to live with her new family on Thursday! She’s so close up in this pic because she loves snuggles, and we’re gonna miss her very much! Hope you feel better!

OH MY GOSH I LOVE HER SHE’S AMAZING. Oh the her new family is going to be so lucky to have this precious little baby in their lives!

  • Mila: Are you posing? I don't have a camera with me...
  • Georgi: Google Earth. Always taking pics.