i miss my kol


A Real Relationship Has: Fights, Trust, Faith, Happiness, Pain, Arguments, Patience, Complicity, Jealousy, Love.
* I’m going to have faith that she comes back because I miss my babies.

I am STILL not over Kol's death :( Kol Lovers where are you? And how do you deal?

How are we supposed to be okay with never hearing Kol say “darling” again or bringing his cheeky adorableness to the show?!?! He was FINALLY getting more screen time and revealing that “other” side to him we ALL knew he had…and then… POOF. Up in flames just like that. 


Kol Lovers, reblog so i can find you!! I need more Kol on my dash! Because reasons. Thx!! 


I know we’re in a cemetery and I happen to be terminal. But you’ve gotta admit the stars are lovely. How can you joke right now? I’m not. Under the same stars there’s  s o m e  g u y  and he’s with  t h i s  g i r l.  And he thinks he’s got all the time in the world and he’s right… And I hate him.


requested by anon

“Hello, darling.”

The voice; that voice made you stop, your heartbeat accelerating as you slowly turned around, “Kol…”

He nodded, “It’s me. (y/n), it’s me. I promise.”

Slowly, you walked towards him, hand reaching out to touch him. You’d dreamt of this so many times, dreamt that he wasn’t there… but your hand fell on his skin. He shuddered, “I missed you.” He whispered.

“Oh my god,” You murmured, “You’re- You’re- Kol!” You threw yourself around him tightly. You stayed like that for a few minutes before you pulled back, “How- How are you here?!”

“I’m still… I’m still dead, (y/n).” He explained sadly, “The veil is down; that’s how I’m here. It’ll be up soon enough and-”

“-and you’ll be gone again.” He nodded sadly, “I’m going to bring you back.” You told him strongly, voice wavering with emotion, “I promise you, I’ll bring you back. I will.”