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supergirl season 1 appreciation week
day 6: best arc (cat’s growth through kara)

I just want you to know that working for you is a true honor. You are my role model, and you lead this city with such strength and grace. And underneath that prickly exterior you have the biggest heart of anyone I know. I just… I’m just trying to say thank you, for being an amazing mentor… and friend. 

Well, you’ve made quite the impression on me, too, Kiera.

heck guys i’m at the airport ready to fly back to sydney already aaaaaaaa


The Sakura near my place are starting to bloom~ Today was a great jog! 🌸✨ JAPANLIFE


happy munday! i went to san francisco sunday so here’s my tour of the city for you. first row is twinpeaks at sunrise; second is land’s end at dawn; the fifth picture is the view from mission dolores park; the sixth is the golden gate park as seen from the marin headlands; and the last is the most #aestheticaf picture ever of the boba we got. our drinks perfectly matched the wall!

Welcome to my overworked painting hell Remy and Rogue. I hope you enjoy your stay!

This is Lazy Wizard Cat

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( I can’t guarantee that it will though, this wizard cat is lazy after all…)

Positive has become THE word used to describe great blogs and I feel weird about this because I don’t think I have the same opinion as to what “positive” is. Idk, like this post I saw days ago that says “I am a MEA positive-only blog so you won’t see arguments there or critical discussions” with some people somehow replying that this is the way to be a real fan.
Eh, no. First of all no one can tell us what is a “real” fan, because it implies that there are “fake” fans and that’s just bullshit, like a sort of gatekeeping argument where only the true fans know what’s good and only them truly appreciate the game for what it is. Others are posers, basically. That’s ridiculous.
And then it also implies that if you’re critical, you’re a fake fan. So basically, I’m a fake fan. Yes. Me.
I’m a fake Mass Effect fan, because I’m critical sometimes.
Does that also mean I’m a negative blog? According to some people, yes.

But here’s the thing: if I never have discussions with people, I can never learn. I can never understand the opinions of others, I can never see what is interesting or not about a specific topic, I will miss things that others have noticed. It can be quite important, so let’s not forget that having discussions, sharing opinions and being critical sometimes can have very positive outcomes. Being critical of your own fandom can also have positive outcomes. This is not always some sort of drama-focused, angsty, angry, bashing fest - the opposite in fact.

And to go back to the definition of the word or the way it’s been used: positive, to me, is not just about seeing the good in the games. It’s also about respecting others, respecting their opinions, agreeing to disagree and having thoughtful conversations that you enjoy (even if you’re critical). I don’t think people are hateful or a negative presence when they do all this.
What is hateful or negative is when people start bashing and insulting others or when they refuse to listen to others because they’re sure their opinion is the best. When they bully others because others have a different opinion than them. It goes on and on.

Anyway, if you want enthusiasm all the time, this is your choice and no one can tell you what to do. Create your fandom experience with enthusiastic only discussions and people, I think it’s entirely normal, valid and justified to want this. Life is hard enough, we all have our own problems and issues. Wanting to avoid critical stuff is more than okay.
What is not okay is that people who are critical usually express themselves in a polite manner, only to be completely rejected and badly treated by a lot of people, the same people who will go on and on about the importance of being “positive.”
My question is: why are you celebrating how “positive” you are when you can’t even be nice to people in your own fandom? 
At this point, it makes me want to stay in my negative and evil bubble, the fake fan that I am :D