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Hey ToppKlass! I just wanted to put something out there which hopefully will relieve a few of you regarding Hansol! 

 -I’ve been meaning to post this sooner but I haven’t had the time 

-So the wonderful Paula Ponzer did two livestreams this week, on Wednesday and yesterday, which I was lucky enough to catch both 

-And on Wednesday it was the first livestream of her’s I had ever seen and she is so lovely and pretty 

-there were less than 20 viewers so she could scroll through and answer any questions asked 

-so someone asked whether she got annoyed about all the questions on TD and she said no and that she understood that quite a few of her followers are TK 

-so after hearing that I decided that I would ask her about Hansol’s IG (trust me I hated myself too for bugging her but I was getting so worried) 

-so I asked whether she knew what was going on because me and A lot of TK were worried about him and we wanted to make sure that he was alright 

-and I’m so glad I did because her answer brought me so much relief 

-so basically she giggled and said of course “I know what was going on" 

-"Hansol is a bit of drama queen" 

-"you don’t need to worry about him" 

-"he wasn’t hacked" 

-"he sometimes just restarts his IG to express what he wants to and start fresh” -“he’s just taking a break from Instagram" 

-those are all the things she said that I remember 

-someone in the comments also mentioned that there were a few rumours going round and she said "rumours? tell me about the rumours" 

-so I went on to explain that a few TK were worried that he was leaving TD with everything that’s happened on IG 

-then she kinda just sat back and chuckled and literally said 

-”don’t worry he has a contract, they can’t just leave“ 

-and that alone literally revived me and actually made my life 

So basically in a nutshell, Paula says dw about Hansol, he’s doing okay! He wasn’t hacked, he’s just taking a break, and implied he is not leaving/left TD. But boy did I feel bad because she answered three exactly the same questions about Hansol’s IG yesterday, but she is a literal babe and seemed totally fine about it❤️ 

 I hope this clears a few things up for y'all and calms a couple of you down for those who missed Paula’s livestream, because I know I wasn’t the only one concerned about Hansol’s well being. But I’m very thankful to know that he’s alright and I hope more of you will be able to rest easier knowing this new information! 

 Much love ❤️ #toppdoggfighting #toppklassfighting

Acceptance, Total

I’m a woman and I work at a public library. I’m slowly working on feeling better about myself with changes to my physical appearance (short hair, working out, etc.) and so far so good. I’m starting to become more androgynous and I’m really happy with that! The other day at the library, a kid approached me with a concerned look.

Kid: “Are you a boy or a girl?”

Me: “I’m a girl…mostly.”

Kid [without missing a beat]: "Oh, okay. Can you help me find a book?" 

Two Sides

Reader:Void isn’t gone Stiles had gained control of him and now shares his body with him and channels Void every time you two have sex

If the story is good enough I will post a part two. Enjoy😊

4 months had passed since Stiles had been taken over by Void but part of me can’t help feel like that Void is still in there…. I looked at my phone and boy was I late I was supposed to be at Stiles house at 5 it is now 8. Aside form the time I had seen that I had 10 missed calls from the boy so I decied to call him back “Hey Stiles, i’m so sorry I had fallen asleep and kinda lost track of time I’ll be over in a few.” “ Hey. Yeah. No it’s totally okay I just wanted to know if you were safe or not but I’ll see you in a few.”

*10 minuntes later*

Stiles opens the door and without saying a word he gives me a great big tight hug every time he hugs me I feel so warm and safe and he smells so good but I quickly snap back to reality,“ Hey Stiles are you okay?”, he’s quiet and if you know Stiles hes’s never on mute,“ Yo (snaps fingers). Hmm oh yeah I’m fine I-I just think I should tell you something that’s very imporant.” I nod for him to contunie talking,“Well Void isn’t exactly gone. You’re quiet why aren’t you saying anything, Y/N please say something.” I was quiet for a minunte until I blured out,“ I KNEW IT!,” Stiles was shocked at my response,“ So Stiles, why don’t you explain to me how he’s still you know..in your body,” Stiles nodded and started to explain how he was able to gain control over Void and get his body back so now he shares a body with a 1,000 year old evil spirit.“Hey Y/N you seem to be handling this very well.” “Well I had my suspicions but I never thought they were right.” “How could you tell though?,” he asked ,“Well everytime we would have sex or made out you were always a lil more rougher than before, hair pulling, handcuffs, spankings. It was completely unlike you.” He went quiet again, “Yeah well that’s because I had a little help,” I raised an eyebrow and nugged for him to contunie,“ The only time he would actually appear is when we’re you know doing stuff.” I wanted to be angry but I wasn’t so a lovely little idea poped into my head, I gave Stiles a cheecky little smirk and without saying a word I slowly started to get undressed and head upstairs leaving nothing but a trail of clothes behind for him to follow.


Plot: Calum goes home to be with his family but his family doesn’t really want him there. Vaguely based off of invisible.

Characters: Calum 

Requested: Nope, but you can

Trigger Warnings: Child Neglect

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