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MBLAQ – Stay

My shuffles feeling the MBLAQ today. There is a very good chance I did the dance moves in my desk chair.


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Week Two: Negative Space + MBLAQ


uncle lee joon ♥

@moonjjongie and I watching a MBLAQ concert thinking about the feels we’re gonna have but Joon keeps stripping and we just sit there like

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what he doing and Y #mblaq #y

When Mir is not here I do the rap, and I’ve sang on behalf of Joon. I’ve also danced Cheondung’s part and sang the main vocal on behalf of G.O. At that time I acutely felt that each of us is necessary in MBLAQ. I usually don’t realize that, but when anyone is missing I feel that’s a very lonely place. If we are not 5 people I can’t live.
—  Yang Seungho (MBLAQ)
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