i miss matt wow


the halcyon rewatch - (5 of ?)

What we know for sure is that the events of the past few weeks have been anything but phony. Bombs over Rotterdam, and the Dutch are surrendering. German tanks crossing the Maginot Line into France. And in old London Town the tension is rising as a nation asks itself “Will we be next?”

But the world has changed. The future is uncertain. And in the opinion of this humble reporter…

You know what I miss?

When The Doctor was undoubtably good.

Not perfect.

But aware of his mistakes. 

When The Doctor didn’t constantly belittle his companions about their physical appearance. 

When he told them they were beautiful.

When he saw the worth in humankind…in everyone. 

When he didn’t do this:

When he didn’t disrespect his companions.

When The Doctor wasn’t so damn afraid of hugs.

You know what I miss?