i miss lancelot :( :(

do you know in the darkest hour part 2 when lancelot and merlin went back to the knights and arthur but lancelot walked in first solely to give arthur a panic attack that merlin was dead, only to have merlin walked up five seconds later?? what assholes. what honest to god jerks. i love it. they literally planned that out. they stood outside that ruined castle, about to walk in together, but then one of them was like “wait wait wait, hang on. dude. i got an idea. everyone will go crazy.” and i am willing to bet all the money i have on this earth that it was lancelot’s idea


‘  From the corner of his eyes, Merlin saw your eyes flashing a gold colour. He looked at you and then back at the stadium. He saw Arthur on the ground and then a proud smile on your face.

  Y/N: Look Lancelot won!

  Merlin: Yeah… You know what Y/N, something I really like to do is when I fancy someone I help them win a match.

  He saw a slight blush dusting your cheeks. You made a brief eye contact with Lancelot before turning to Merlin.

  Y/N: I-I It’s not like that!

  Merlin: Yeah right. Oh Lancelot is coming!

  Lancelot: I can’t believe I won! Ahh Y/N you are my lucky charm!

  Lancelot rose you and spin you around while Merlin laughing at your blushing face. Lancelot kissed your cheek in gratitude but after he turned to Merlin he looked confused.

  Lancelot: What’s wrong? Did I missed something?             ‘