i miss knowing everyone else was waiting

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I love your "Everyone loves Yuuri" Are you going to continue it or do anything else with it?

So that was just supposed to be a standalone self-indulgent doodle ^ ^;; I have a bad tendency to make massive over-complicated AUs out of EVERYTHING, and sometimes I just have to let myself draw a visual and let that be it, you know?

But Everyone x Yuuri is absolutely my OTP for the show and there’s sad little of it so I plan on creating more ^ ^; On one hand, I sorta want to eventually do more random drawings to eventually create a photoset, maybe with different combinations of characters in Yuuri sandwiches…I did mention I want to draw a Yurio -> Yuuri <- Otabek tagteam, also wanna do Chris -> Yuuri <- Victor tagteam, maybe Minami -> Yuuri <- Yurio, sorta also wanna do Leo -> Yuuri <- Guang-Hong, maybe 4some Emil + Miceky + Sara -> Yuuri, maybe Asia Pals with Phichit + Seung Gil + Guang-Hong -> Yuuri, maybe Russian sandwich v2 with Georgi -> Yuuri <- Mila, the potential combinations are limitless but my gods JJ you have no friends…

You may have noticed. I ship Everyone x Yuuri.

Alternatively, you may have noticed I’ve added a category for Future!verse ABO AU on my YOI Masterpost. This is very self-indulgent AU that will be a mish mash of illustrations, mini comics, and headcanon text posts, but it’s very much along the lines of Everyone x Yuuri (with focus on Victor, Yurio, Phichit, and Minami)…


Dan's Live Shows on danisnotinteresting

I don’t understand why some people are being so unpleasant and judgmental about Dan starting to put his YouNow live shows up on his side channel. Yes, another channel has been posting his live shows before this, but not everyone who follows him knows about that other channel (or even about the existence of his live shows), so he’s making them more accessible to everyone. AND, to be honest, he posted this one a lot more quickly than phanshows ever posted anything. I used to have to wait hours, sometimes more than a full day, before phanshows would post a live show I’d missed.

Okay, so maybe now he’ll make more money because he’s posting the live shows himself instead of letting someone else do it. But I feel like he’s doing it to improve his fans’ experience, not to take something away from someone else and not purely to make money. Just like the merch, he’s offering something, and people have the choice whether to buy/watch it or not. YouTube is how he pays his rent, people. Stop judging him for making money off it in ways that benefit his fans.

Why is everyone so cynical sometimes?


Like I said this morning….MM will be having a grand opening soon. I hate being right, but when you have that big huge monster ego wanting all that attention, how can you close up and miss all that? Of course posting a pic goes with the opening. You gotta do it right.

Please don’t try and shame me for my opinion of MM. I could care less what anyone else cares about my opinions. They are mine. I don’t know MM, but I do watch all that she does on IG, you can’t miss it. Your IG tells everyone who you are in pictures and what you present to the public. If Abbie was nothing but innuendo and selling herself as an actress, then I find no difference with MM. Same everything.

I’m having fun posting about all her next moves. She seems to like my posts. This time I’m waiting on her move. Tired of giving out ideas. She can call Abbie if she needs help. She lives not to far from Portobello Road a few minute ride from where Billy was staying around November/ December. Just a hint MM.

my 2017 goals with crystal

((so this is me stealing the idea but– i was thinking about it on the way home and now we gotta talk about the shit we gon get up to)) 

  • buy a goat
  • or at least pet/hug one bc we gotta
  • study the heck outta korean/french/something else bc ur ambitious
  • find a seagull that will eat cucumbers 
  • go shopping together 
  • hang out together (?? why haven’t we)
  • oh wait– strict parents
  • run away from home to do something wild**
  • **wild: probably just eat out and cry in public idk
  • we’re gonna fucking travel this summer so get ur license bc i don’t have mine and i don’t think me driving is the best idea
  • jks i’ll get mine and we’ll take turns driving but srsly
  • we’re gonna go drive to mcdonalds at least bc i gotta get some of those chicken nuggets 
  • um 
  • lets watch all of the hp series and you can tell me to shut up 
  • paint together thats cool
  • take LOTS of pictures and make a scrapbook together
  • maybe more meme photos
  • when we have lunch on the last day of high school can we: sit in our hall and be as loud as possible and throw things everywhere and just relieve all the good memories
  • cover ain’t no mountain high enough together 
  • play it over the announcements js 
  • me: goes to ever single footloose performance with flowers for you
  • lets get married too bc why not 
  • go to a korean restaurant in toronto
  • go to toronto 
  • hug 
  • more juice boxes 
  • sing all of wolf in front of the school
  • also:
  • cry 

anyway, feel free to add on :// @crystals-n-diamonds

This is gonna sound so middle class white but I think I’m gonna take the flights to Europe for my 21st so I should be able to pay for the rest in like 6 weeks, I’m gonna do a tour that does France, Spain, Germany, Netherlands and Italy and then I’m gonna do another that does the UK and Ireland I might have to miss a week of uni but oh well i know if I don’t do this I’ll regret it I’m so bored sitting around here waiting for everyone else to do things

My Spark,

You said that we would end up together, and i always knew it. 

We said that it was wrong timing and i always thought the right one would come. But I’ve been waiting for so long and you were gone for too long. And life moves on. I know that you’ll come again and i want something to happen. You’re the one I’ve always wanted but you’re not here and I can’t just set my life on someone who I’m not sure wil be here. You always leave and I can’t just push everyone away for you. I miss you and I want you to come but if that doesn’t happen soon, someone else will be quicker and you’ll be too late. And when you come, it won’t happen.

I love you, please, be quick.

-Your Curly Haired Girl

“Why…? Why did you try to… T-To… Hurt yourself like that…?”

“I just… I miss him, so much… Even though I doubt he misses me nearly as much… I doubt that even if there IS an afterlife, that he would be there, happily waiting for me… I doubt that he’d want to see me at all…”

“T-Then why…?”

“I… Don’t know…”

“It’s okay… Just p-promise you won’t do it again… I won’t lose you like I lost everyone else…”


“Promise me you won’t try to do that again, Willow.”

“…I won’t try to hurt myself again…”


“I p-promise…”

“Good. Now, how about some tea and rest? You obviously haven’t been resting enough if you’d dare to try to leave like that…”

I warned you, child… She’s dangerous… She’s not as kind as she seems to be… She won’t let us leave easily…

“I know… I’m sorry that I didn’t listen to you… I don’t know what to do now… I thought I had a friend, but I feel so alone again…”


get to know me » anime edition
↳ [7/10] male characters » Yato

“Even if things are painful and tough, people should appreciate what it means to be alive at all.”

KYLE: I keep forgetting we run this blog, dude.
KYLE: This is the second time this has happened.
STAN: Yeah, we really should stay on top of things.
STAN: But, to be fair, we’ve been really busy!
KYLE: They missed a lot, didn’t they?
STAN: They did, dude.

KYLE: Well, for starters, I got a haircut.
KYLE: And I think everyone knows about the dorky song Stan wrote me.
STAN: And what happened the rest of the night.
STAN: I think I put it up on snapchat? I know that much.
STAN: It probably ended up here.
KYLE: In any case.
KYLE: Stan and I are in a relationship.

KYLE: What else did they miss?
STAN: Um… well. There’s the Craig thing.
KYLE: I don’t know if that’s. Really a good idea to talk about here?
STAN: Probably not.
STAN: We should probably wait until we have more information.
KYLE: Right. But I think that stuff is best left alone for now.
STAN: Yeah.
STAN: Everything else is fine, though. Right?
KYLE: Yeah, everyone else is good.

“Do you know when you’ve lost something —like your favorite T-shirt or a set of keys — and while looking for it, you come across something else you once missed but have long since forgotten?
Everyone has one — an inventory of lost things waiting to be found. Yearning to be acknowledged for the worth they once held in your life.”

- Lang Leav, Love & Misadventure

i miss taylor being on tumblr and i miss seeing everyone interacting with her yes it got messy (obviously……..LMAO) yes it got ugly yes people were annoying but…FUCKING!!! GOD DAMNIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IM NOT SAYIN HER LEAVING IS OUR FAULT BUT!!!!!!!!!!!! IT KIND OF IS?!?!?!?!?!?!? i dont know what im sayin i just miss her *looks out into the distance and sighs hopelessly*

Hamilton Has A Song For Everything (Pt. 2)

(Adding on to this if you don’t mind with a bit more amusement for the lulz @gloryhamilton )

•Feeling pretty jealous and revengeful?

Listen to, “Washington On Your Side”

•When your favorite teacher/ best friend are leaving and you don’t want that

Listen to, “One Last Time”

•Needing some kind of convincing?

Listen, “Take A Break”.

•Feeling something greater is waiting for you but yet so alone?

Listen to, “History Has Its Eyes On You”.

•Trying to pass a class and you know everyone else around you and yourself are trying to get a 65

Listen to, “Stay Alive”

•Coming Back To A Place From A Long Time?

Listen to, “What’d I Miss?”

•Feeling Like Slaying while with a group of friends?

Listen to, “Schuyler Sisters”.

•Feeling SUPER PUMP for something you really love?

Listen to, “Guns and Ships

•When the person in your relationship starting to give off pretty obvious vibes this thing should end and staying away but that isn’t gonna happen anytime soon anyway :))

Listen to, “You’ll Be Back”.

•When you know you did something wrong even tho it was technically your friends fault but they don’t care and getting called by them.

Listen to, “Meet Me Inside”

•Feeling like you’re probably gonna die anytime now but trying to look on the bright side of things

Listen to, “The Story Of Tonight”.

•Knowing your pretty much screwed right now already and this guy needs a roasting

Listen to, “The Adams Administration”

•Knowing this also is a bad idea but man no will catch you so #yolo what could go wrong?

Listen to, “Say No To This”

•everything went wrong?

Listen to, “Reynolds Pamphlet”

•So yeah somehow that bf/gf you had actually put up ‘single’ as their status so you’re just feeling like :,) lmao okay bye you won’t find anyone like me ever again

Listen to, “What Comes Next”

•Begging your parents just to buy that ONE THING and don’t care what consequences follow after

Listen to, “That Would Be Enough”.

•That one asshole you try to shut up BUT THEY WILL NOT

Listen to, “Farmer Refuted”

•when that same gf/bf finds another person but you know they aren’t SHIT compared to you

Listen to, “I Know Him”

•Need something to cry to forever because damn SHE PUT HERSELF BACK IN THE NARRATIVE ALEX YOU DONT DESERVE HER and decide to replay the whole album because you will most likely never see this damn musical like why must it be so hard to get tickets omg-

Listen to, “Who Lives Who Dies Who Tells Your Story”

Polls are nice, but canon is better.

We gave it our best, swung for the fences and missed.  Everyone that stood up late, rallied the troops and kept it positive throughout the process, kudos to you.  I know there may have been some salt thrown back and forth in the heat of battle, but that poll was never about a them vs. us.  We all love Richonne so much, and waited so long, we just wanted their chance in the limelight.  A no drama, teen angsty, mature, groundbreaking relationship being featured in mainstream media would have been great.  It was always about that and nothing else.  But their romance will only get stronger, and they won’t need poll wins to be featured.  They’ll be featured because they can no longer be denied.  Their story together and separately will demand to be featured on it’s own merits.  We just were trying to give our babies a leg up, because they are already starting behind the eight ball.  No insta built in teen audience, or even a totally accepting mainstream audience. That’s ok, we’ll still get there with the pure undeniable chemistry and performances by two caring, dedicated ship captains.  They won’t let us down. I applaud everyone’s efforts, and even understand the passion that may have led to some not so stellar moments. Us Richonne shippers, ship hard, and protect this ship with all we have.  We just don’t know any other way to be.  In the end we still have the best canon scene, and post-canon scene  in recent TV history.  They can’t take that away from us.  And I expect stellar metas, gifsets, fanfiction and vids to get us through this god awful hiatus.  So let it be written, so let it be done. Richonne Rocks!