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1/?: Sherlock/Poirot similarities & parallels

TEW Characters Who...

Did nothing wrong

  • Leslie Withers
  • Oscar Connelly
  • Joseph Oda
  • Laura Victoriano

Did a few things wrong but we can forgive them

  • Sebastian Castellanos
  • Juli Kidman

Did a lot of things wrong

  • Ruben Victoriano

Did fucking everything wrong what the fuck

  • Marcello Jimenez

I approach every role in terms of: ‘Have I done this before? Is it something I’m repeating?’

Another Day After the 4th of July

Edward: Oi, lassie! Where’s me grandson? I wanna pop these rockets wit’im.

Selina: Hm, he must still be asleep.

Selina: Oh, Haytham. Is Connor in there?

Haytham: Um…well…no need to go in.

Haytham: I said there’s no need to go in!!!

Selina: Aw, Haytham. You tucked him in? <3

Haytham: What? Nonsense, I just…well…you all firing rockets and stuffing yourselves with franks…clearly it must’ve been tiring for the lad.

Edward: My son is finally bein’ a real father!

Haytham: Get a hold of yourself and put on a shirt.

Connor: (:


A year ago, this happened.


Behind the scenes of The Waters of Mars (Part Eight)

Excerpts from the podcast commentary with David Tennant, Russell T Davies, and Julie Gardner

RTD:  Do you know what?  This is probably our last commentary together, us three.
JG: It is!
DT:  Ooooohhhh
RTD: Because hopefully there will be commentaries in some shape or form for the last two episodes on various formats, but us three won’t get to be together again!
DT: We’re all in different countries these days.
JG: Surely in twenty years time we’ll be wheeled out in our bath chairs to…
DT: To tell the truth!
RTD: [laughs]
JG: Yeah, exactly
DT: To give the real commentary
JG: To dish the dirt.
DT: …talk about who we hated
RTD: My nights with Yuri
DT & JG: [laughs]
JG: That sounds like your autobiography [more laughing]
RTD: Oh dear.  That brings me down to Earth.  We will be doing commentaries
DT:  Do you think we will?
RTD: Yes!
DT: Will there be commentaries in 20 years time?  Or will you just have something downloaded into your head
RTD:  Actually we’ll appear on screen directly!  We’ll actually be like holograms on screen.
JG: Holograms in our bath chairs
RTD: No - holograms will make us look young and beautiful, surely, otherwise what’s the point
DT: We can be CGI’ed.

RTD [during the scene where the Doctor chooses to save the crew]: This is our last commentary together and you are just so amazing!
JG: Magnificent
RTD: When you take something and..  you’re going berserk, and I think it’s such a brilliant performance, I can’t begin to tell you.
DT:  Well, it’s because it’s there.  It’s in the writing. That’s what you do.
RTD: I only said that so you’d pay the compliment back
DT & RTD: [hearty laughs]
DT: That was Phil Ford’s bit, I’m sure. [Phil Ford is the co-writer of this episode]
RTD: But it’s phenomenal. It’s simply phenomenal.  

(Any transcription errors are mine)

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