i miss izzie so much

Isabelle and Alec arguing in Season 2 about the fact that they still haven’t found Jace yet and Alec saying in response to Isabelle trying to quell him by telling him to calm down and that it’s going to be okay, “He’s my brother!” and Isabelle stays silent for a moment and she squares her jaw and stares back at Alec fiercely and replies, “He’s my brother, too. I may not have a parabatai, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t miss him and am constantly in a state of panic because he’s gone. Don’t forget that, Alec.” like honestly I would die because I live for all of the Lightwoods okay and Alec isn’t the only sibling who is worried about Jace

beummieyoungie  asked:

I miss jjp so much like when was the last time they smiled or even looked at each other????😢

PLEASE I MISS THEM TOO I don’t even know 😭 

I just keep replaying these JJP moments from Hard Carry era in my head everyday to get through it

and remember this: being close and being deep is different, being close and being deep is different, being close and being deep is different

i miss izzie stevens so much we don’t even know where she is or what she’s doing is she a doctor is she a model is she living on a park bench with a few cats and a thumbless guy named tony is her hair still blonde IS HER CANCER BACK is she dating is she single is she plotting to break into seattle grace mercy west denny duquette memorial clinic grey sloan probably derek shepherd @ this point hospital and steal hers and alex’s embryos so she can have a child WHERE IS IZZIE STEVENS