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hello perfect peaches~ 💗٩(;▿;。)

long time no see~! I hope you’ve all been doing okay and that life is treating you kindly! ♡

I’m very sorry for poofing without saying anything, sometimes I get a little down for long periods of time and I don’t have much strength & energy for blogging, I hope you understand (•́ ◇ •̀。)゚・

me and @mayor-fuyu have also been hit with a few life struggles, but things have been getting better, so hopefully we can both be more active again! ♡

I feel like I’ve missed a lot and I’m super behind on things, but I’ll try to catch up on what I can and reply to messages and notifications and such! I’ve really missed you all and I hope we can still be friends! (〃ノ﹏ノ)♡

as always, thank you very much for your support ♡ I appreciate it so much! please take care and have a good day everyone~! 🐌

/forever sobs in a puddle on the floor~~ (´;▿;`ʃƪ)

some guy just came up to me and complimented me on my color coordination skills, rambled for a bit about being a socialist, and then said he was “compassionately sorry” for interrupting me. say what you will about california, but nebrakans are an adventure

Zegnautus Keep - Radios 4/4

Imperial Soldier: Calling all frequencies—hey. Hey! Is anybody out there? …Anybody who hasn’t turned yet? Anybody? This is—no, forget it. What does it matter? Only a matter of time until I turn just like everyone else did.

He was right, “Ain’t long until the empire falls—and when she does, it’ll hit like a ton of bricks.” Should’ve taken his advice and got out when I had the chance. Y’hear that, Callux? You were right. Go on—tell me, “I told you so.” Sorry I won’t be able to pick up my tab.

Gladio: Think anyone else heard that?

Ignis: If they did, I suspect they’re no longer human enough to sympathize.

Gladio: Whole place has gone to hell…

Gladio: All the rest is probably just fake news.

Ignis: Assuming all of what we heard is true.

kleoette  asked:

I am not sure if this can be done in 500 words BUT..would love a Zimbits where Bitty meets Bob and Alicia

I have owed you this for almost six months so I just sat down and did it all in one go and there are 5000x mistakes but here we go. I love Alicia.

For the Monster Haus AU, featuring Jötunn Jack and Bob, Witch Bitty, and Demi-goddess Alicia.

“You’ve met them like, at least ten times Bittle.”

Bitty resisted the urge to roll his eyes the entire way back into his skull. This was not the first time this exact argument had been had over the past week, and as neither side seemed ready to concede or accept any credibility in the other’s argument, it was highly possible it would be had again before they reached their destination.

“Yes, Jack, but not as your boyfriend,” Bitty explained for at least the fifth time. “And not at your house. Like, your actual house that you grew up in.” Bitty frowned, doing his best not to play with the edges of the Saran wrap covering the top of his latest masterpiece. At least, it had better be a masterpiece. He had been working for days on his newest recipe of chilled pie. It was a chocolate and pecan cheesecake, with just a hint -or possibly a full cup- of acceptance and positive charm added in.

Bitty was certain it was not enough.

From the diver’s side Jack huffed a small laugh, the window fogging for just a moment as his cold breath passed over the glass. “You’ll be fine, Bittle. They already love you.”

Bitty heaved out a breath, preparing for another volley of arguments but Jack reached over the console to grip his hand and for just a moment he forgot what he was going to say.

The fact that Jack had taken his hand was only part of the reason. A very small part of the reason, actually.

“Mother of God.”

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caffeineclever  asked:

Thank you so much for your help! It's nerve-wracking talking to people, and I know a lot of you are so popular so it's scary haha! I followed you and a couple of other people- do you have any recommendations about who I should follow? I like Doctor Who and pretty much anything David Tennant. I think I already followed all of the fanfiction blogs, I can't wait to start reading! :)

Ohhhh boy, sit down and strap in… here we go:

@chocolatequeennk, @perfectlyrose, @skyler10fic, @fleurdeneuf, @tinyconfusion, @aneclipsedhabitue, @fadewithfury, @rexalexander, @lauraxxtennant, @thedoctorxrosetyler, @badwolf-blonde, @chiaroscuroverse, @gingergallifreyan, @goingtothetardis, @ktrosesworld, @kelkat9, @mizgnomer, @heartbreakingtennant, @whatisyourlefteyebrowdoingdavid, @tennydr10confidential, @doctortenny, @whatisthepointofyouhardy, @weeping-who-girl, and omg i know i’m missing approximately 9861568613 people, so pleeeeease check out all of the perfect smol cinnamon rolls on my blogroll.

Some of these blogs are more multifandom than others (and lots of us are aboard the Broadchurch train at the moment), but their blogs are still a fun time :)