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No Place Like Hohm (1/5)

Maybe she wasn’t the most important woman in France, but she wasn’t bloody expendable, like so much cheap luggage or a forgotten pet.

The Doctor wouldn’t desert them again. Rose wouldn’t give him the chance.


(Aka the obligatory post-GitF fic, for anyone else who ever wondered might have taken place between a trip to France and an adventure in a parallel universe. Ten/Rose, all ages, full of angst, fluff, a pinch of romantic bickering, a dash of mutual pining, and a dollop of swashbuckling adventure!)


Chapter 1

Just hours after an encounter with homicidal robots on a 51st-century spaceship, Rose Tyler lay in her bed, staring at the ceiling, fidgeting and sleepless as she battled demons of an entirely different sort.

One may tolerate a world of demons for the sake of an angel.

Ugh. Even steeped in misery, Rose managed to muster the energy for rolling her eyes at that syrupy-sweet sentiment. The Doctor was no angel, not by a long shot, not unless one’s definition of “angel” was “someone who thinks that re-using dead bodies is the same thing as recycling” or “someone who neglects to mention that occasionally the artificial gravity goes out on the TARDIS during repairs but don’t worry, Rose, the nausea will fade after a few minutes—a couple hours—a day or so, tops.” Reinette would have discovered that on her own soon enough, had she come with them.

Rose grimaced. She didn’t want to think about that, about Reinette left waiting and wanting. Something about it made her feel sick and a little guilty, and she didn’t want to know why.

But you and I both know, don’t we, Rose, that the Doctor is worth the monsters.

Of course, she was right. The Doctor was worth the monsters, and the demons, and the paradoxes and the danger and the homesickness and the fear, not to mention the sleeplessly late nights and far-too-early mornings, the days spent in odd prison cells and dank caves and dark, twisty space stations, and the outrageous amounts of running resulting in even more outrageous amounts of bruises and blisters. Of course the Doctor was worth all of that. Even Mickey—who would never, ever, absolutely-not-in-million-years ever say it—even he knew this was true. But surely it wasn’t acceptable for Reinette to say those things if she hadn’t experienced any of it for herself. Surely she hadn’t earned the right, the privilege.

(How could you fall in love with someone you’d only known for a day?)

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Prayer Request 2/27

Please pray for me. I’m really not feeling well. My throat hurts and it’s hard for me to breathe without coughing. My sinuses are congested and it hurts really bad. I went to the doctor and they said it’s viral and they gave me nasal spray and a cough suppressant. Things have gotten worse since I came home and my eye started to swell a bit too. I feel like a mess and I’ve already missed a day of class and will have to miss fieldwork tomorrow. I have 4 classes on Wednesday and really can’t afford to miss them.

look im gonna.. text my old crush

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I'm a new follower of yours (hiii) I'm sorry if you've said this already & I missed it. If I'm remembering right I think you posted a few days ago a recap of an anon set insider scoop you got. On again/off again SC relationship+Sam heartbroken running off w/ MM to heal his wounds...I think was the gist. What do you take of all the drama based on the insider scoops or just what we as a group have thought over the last few years compared to actions of the last few weeks? BTS cause? Sam Cause? Mix?

What do I make of all the drama?

Other than many fucktards are afoot scrolling through shippery blogs to glean info that can be used to make Tumblr fans look insane….. I got nothing. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Yuchi twitter 2017.02.25

 しかしこのツアーも残すところ仙台公演のみ。ショートツアーだからわかっちゃいたけど、やっぱりあっという間。もう既に寂しいなー。 とは言えライブを重ねていく上でsukekiyoの様々な挑戦を少しでも感じとって頂けたなら個人的には大成功です。まだまだこれから攻めてゆくので宜しくどうぞ!

There’s only Sendai show left from this tour. I know it’s a short tour, but it went by so fast. I already miss it. As we continue to play concerts, if people are able to feel even a little various challenges from sukekiyo, it’s a great success for me personally. I will continue going forward so please stay with us!

そしてここしばらくの間、なかなか取れないチケットを頑張って入手して会場まで足を運んで下さるお客さんに、本当に感謝。 そしてそして、それが叶わなかった方にも今後是非、会場でお会いしたいですね。 とにかく皆さんには心からの感謝を伝えたいです。本当にありがとうございます。 

And now, I’m really grateful to the fans who do their best to find tickets for sold out shows and who come to the venue. And fans who could not do it this time, I really hope to see you next time. Generally speaking, I want to convey my thanks to everyone. Thank you so much.

(it was particularly hard to find tickets for the show in Nagoya as the venue was tiny and some fans indeed came all the way to the venue but couldn’t participate)

warriorof42 replied to your post “Patience.”

this is some great analysis! but i think the finger was in there already, i mean he was missing a finger when we met him, and in the hall with the queen portraits we saw moon blasting off his finger. so….maybe moon put it in there?

@warriorof42 very good point! the reason that i had assumed that he himself had put it in there was because after Star uses the whispering spell, the wand’s top part closes, and the way Toffee is smirking made me think that he put something in there and closed it himself lmao. and yeah in hindsight it wouldn’t make sense because Toffee could’ve…put it back on a long time ago. i was thinking that since it was blasted off he found it…and kept it with him LMAO.

though I have to wonder, why would Moon put it in there, since it’s obviously something dangerous? maybe she thought that keeping it there would keep the evil magic in line, or since she has it in the wand, and the wand is incredibly powerful, she assumed that there would be no way for him to get it there.