i miss it !

A lil update of my Bar AU!

The first day Jimin went to work with his recently dyed pink hair was the day Jungkook found out his favorite color was pink. Forget black, pink 4 life.



Favourite Movies Meme [2/∞]  Back to the Future (1985)

You know, Marty, I’m gonna be very sad to see you go. You’ve really made a difference in my life. You’ve given me something to shoot for. Just knowing that I’m going to be around to see 1985. That I’m gonna succeed in this! That I’m gonna have a chance to travel through time!It’s gonna be really hard waiting 30 years before I can talk to you about everything that’s happened in the past few days. I’m really gonna miss you, Marty.

I saw that t-shirt on amazon and poof, this happened. *shrugs*