i miss his videos


Han Solo: A Smuggler’s Trade - A Star Wars Fan Film

Hamilton Instrumentals!

God is real! This amazing YouTuber has made this awesome karaoke tracks of some of the songs from Hamilton on his computer (in garage band) and they sound almost identical to the soundtrack. I’ve linked all the ones he’s posted so far below! This is incredible, I’m so impressed! 

Alexander Hamilton

My Shot

The Schuyler Sisters

You’ll Be Back



What’d I Miss?


And here’s a cool video where he explains his process and how he does it! So enjoy guys, I’m sure you’ll all be just as stoked as I am as soon as you listen! :)


[Knowing Brothers] Episode 58. - Rain and Hani - on air: 160114

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The new phil video had me so ??!!!!! I love him like it felt like there was so much Genuine Phil Humor and I loved it bc we don't usually get that and I'm in love

i’ve missed his main channel videos so much. i love the Genuine Phil Humor i love when he does skits and singlehandedly invents comedy


Karsa Orlong

Couple of angles without the lighting as well


idek man, he just looks so good.

brain: weeb mayuzumi chihiro youtuber au
me: what kind of video he posts
brain: crunchyroll anime awards 2016
me: jsajdjsjdjfjfk;


I miss you more


More crawfish please! Here’s Odin showing some feeding mode behavior he’s smelling around for some more food after he got done eating those crawfish. When he is in this feeding mode he will bite anything that smells like food or chase any small moving objects.