i miss his face and body and everything

The Bus Smut

Summary: While on the TATINOF american tour bus, Dan convinces Phil to leave their own private bunks in the middle of the night to spend the night in the “forbidden bedroom” at the back of the bus. But, spending the night together innocently isn’t what Dan has in mind. Add a suspicious unnamed tour manager and a bumpy road and things get interesting. 

Pairing: Dan Howell/Phil Lester

Rating: Explicit

Warnings: Daddy kink, rimming, blowjobs, unprotected consensual sex

“Bye guys!” I smile, Dan smiles, waving at the enormous crowd ahead of us, flashing lights and squeals bombarding us.

We walk off the stage, and once my eyes adjust to the significantly darker lighting backstage, I suddenly become aware of Dan’s erratic behavior. He grimaces at every person who walks past us, pulling off his gold show-jacket as he speed walks into the dressing room.

“Dan?” I yell at him through the people, running after him.

He doesn’t stop, plowing past staff.


He slams the dressing room door in my face, and before I can say anything, I hear the lock click.

“Dan? Come on, what the hell is going on?” I pound on the door.

I stand there for a few minutes, assuring all the staff that he’s fine. I make up a lie about him having a stomache ache, and the stage lights made it worse.

I eventually sink to the floor, giving up my fight, talking to him through the door. I gasp for air, my lungs still not adjusting to the extremely high altitude of Colorado. Mile High City indeed.

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Ten Things I Hate About You

Originally posted by teenwolf--imagines

Prompt: based on the poem on the movie that I absolutely love. 

Pairing: Theo Raeken x Reader

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Daddy's Girl

Description: The Winchester’s little sister handles the grief of her dead father, and hopes to keep his perfect image of herself intact.

Sam and Dean x sister!reader, mentions of John Winchester

Warnings: None that I can remember, except some fighting?

A/N: This was not the one I was planning on writing and posting but here it is! I hope you all like it, and thank you so much for your support! Let me know if you would like to request something, or you would like to be added to the tags! 😊

Tags: @winchesters-favorite-girl @percussiongirl2017

       You were pulling yourself from the ground. The fist of a girl a grade above you had slammed into your shoulder, and the prying hands of her groupies had shoved you to the ground. You stood up with a slight stagger, and shook your limbs to knock your instincts to tear her throat out off. She smiled devilishly at you, and you could hear your Dad’s voice in your head. Y/N be brave for me, and remember you are the thing that holds those two boys together.

The crowd around you was watching, and hanging on to every quiver your bruised limbs made. That’s when your hands shook, and you could hear their laughter as loud as the ringing in your ears. You saw his face, his eyes, his smile. He was gone now, and you were alone. He wouldn’t come driving up in his impala, he wouldn’t come save you from this, or help clean you up. You were not going to let him down though, you would continue to hold everything together. You would stay strong, and keep your brother’s heads above the bloody water. You would not create chaos or pain. You were going to continue to be the good girl, and push your emotions down. You were going to be strong without your father. You went to pick up your bag.

          “What’s the matter Winchester? Do you feel a little scared, want to run home to Daddy, you little-,” you suddenly looked up to face her.

Her preciously lined lips, with her plastic shaped nose, and perfectly placed hair. You couldn’t hear anything else except that one word. Daddy. Anger lined your skin with a new found red that wasn’t the shade of bruised. You charged at her, and brought her straight to the ground. You jammed your fist into her gut, and whipped the knife out of your boot. You popped the blade up into sight as you finally regained your senses. She was screaming, and someone was pulling you off her.

You quickly pushed the others off, and grabbed your bag. You ran off the school steps, and looked back. Teachers and supervisors were calling after you. Your body hurt from the beating you had taken, and tears stung your eyes. You stopped when you were little ways down the road. You slid the knife back into your boot, and placed your bag on your shoulders. You winced once the strap touched where she had thrown her fist. You took a breath, trying to calm your beating hard. The memory helped intensify the panic however, and you continued to walk down the road.

You replayed the images of the scene in your head. You had desperately tried to make friends, and get good grades. You were supposed to make your brothers happy and they seemed happy when you had those aspects of school in your life; after all, your life mission was to please your family. Your Dad had always said you were their care taker, and the glue that held them together. After he had passed, you tried harder than ever to please your brothers. You were the only one who hadn’t talked about your father’s death, whether that be to keep him alive in your mind, or to show how strong you were to your older brothers was unknown. You were supposed to be good, and you were supposed to be brave, like your father had said. You had failed today, and you let the rage of pain and anger flow through you and control your actions.

You were trying to dry your eyes as you entered the motel room. Your brothers were out, interview day was today. They were on a pretty tough case, and you three would be held up in this town for a few weeks. You went straight to the bathroom, looking at your bruised body. You slowly removed the clothes surrounding your bruises, and rinsed the blood off some of the scrapes. You were crying again, making the scar around your eye even more red. You slowly put on your clothes after bandaging up your injuries. You were in a lot of pain, and your eyes just wanted to close in exhaustion from the emotions and events of the day. You continued though, your father’s words echoing in your head. You had to be strong for Sam and Dean, and you had to hide what had happened. You emerged from the bathroom, and sat at the table. You pulled out your books, and papers.

You were trying to focus, but you had no strength to control the thoughts running through your head. You couldn’t go back to that school tomorrow. You couldn’t even face the outside world, and barely the one face you saw in the mirror. You had a handle on your tears, and continued to push through and finish your math problems. You were in the middle of an essay when your brothers walked through the door.

“Hey bunny,” Sam smiled.

 Dean dropped a bag next to your pile of books. You kept your face away from the light, and their vision lines. You continued writing, with the intention of greeting them but no words would form on your tongue. You heard your Dad’s voice in Sam’s, and Dean’s hand reminded you of your Dad’s hand. The brothers curiously tried to look at your face, but you just looked in the downward direction even more.

 “Y/N, look at me,” Dean said, starring at you from the other side of the table.

You quickly tried to make an escape to the bathroom but Sam stepped in front of you, and grabbed your face. His eyes widened, and you felt his body tense. Dean came around, and instant anger flashed into his green eyes.

“Who did this to you?” he demanded.

You shook your head and pushed Sam’s hands away. You had no ability to create sentences. Your Dad flashed into your mind.

“Y/N, what happened?” Sam asked, slightly demanding.

 You wished your dad were there, able to hold you, and help you regain the stick you needed to hold everything together. You looked back at your brothers, who’s faces held so much of your father. You started crying, and felt the sobs shake you inside and out. You were letting go. The grip you had on all the pain and grief of your father’s death suddenly escaping through the two little slits in your eyes.

 “I, I,” you started. The two brothers were suddenly shocked at this new emotion. “I miss Dad,” you cried out.

 Sam had tears in his eyes, as Dean starred at you in a helpless gaze. They both wrapped their bodies around yours. You were between them, and the warmth of their concern was making the tears come more rapidly. You weren’t supposed to be crying.


               You were sitting on Sam’s lap as Dean knelt beside you. Your sobs had slowed and your eyes only watered now. The tears had made the cut around your eye painful, but in a cleansing way.

 “Little girl, you’re gonna be fine. Me and Sammy, we aren’t going anywhere, and Dad will always be looking out for you,” Dean stroked your cheek.

You closed your eyes and snuggled into Sam a little more. “You’re okay Y/N/N,” Sam cooed.

“Sammy, De?” you called out.

“Yeah baby?” Sam asked.

 “I’m so sorry,” you wiped your eyes, forgetting about the cut, and hissing.

“No, darlin’ we’re sorry,” Dean responded, getting up to get things to tend your cut.

“But I-,” you started.

 “No buts, baby you are so strong, and you never ever break. You’re allowed to snap sometimes. You’re allowed to have emotions and to feel sad. You’re allowed to miss Dad,” Sam said, stroking your hair. You nodded.

“Even though you have some nasty scars, I would say you won against those girls,” Dean smiled.

 Sam’s eyes went wide, “Dean she almost sliced a girl with a weapon she wasn’t even supposed to have!”.

Dean looked to you, as you shrunk a little. “Eh, you were always a Daddy’s girl, and he would’ve done the same,” he smiled.

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rfa + minor trio- middle of the night, can't find mc, find her doing whatever. (stargazing on the roof, baking, just random little things that could be cute?) ps thank u for giving vanderwood the love they deserve, i love my baby sm too

Vanderwood deserves all the love.


  • While Zen was at rehearsals, you stayed home. He always didn’t come back until late, leaving you to eat dinner alone.
  • You sat on the couch eating your food, watching the news. Just to see that he was involved in yet another scandal with one of his coworkers on the new musical he was starring it. They shared romantic roles with each other.
  • A sigh involuntarily left you. He told you not to pay any attention to it, because literally none of that stuff was true. But…you couldn’t help it sometimes. Jealousy and doubt are natural things to feel when you see your significant other be associated with someone else.
  • When Zen got home, it was pretty late. You cuddled with him as he ate and listened to him speak about his day, you staying mostly quiet with the thoughts of doubt still in your head. He assumed you were tired then you both went off to bed.
  • It was a little past midnight when you crept out of your guy’s shared bed, careful not to disturb him, and went up to the roof. The place he took you when you first visited his home and where he confessed his love to you.
  • You sat cross legged and looked up at the starry night sky.
  • Zen was beautiful and so talented. He had thousands of people who admired him and could get anyone he wanted. He was one of those bright stars in the sky, and you? Well..you were just one of those people who were only worthy of watching him from down below. How could he have ever chosen someone like you?
  • Tears began to form in your eyes, until you felt a presence standing behind you, causing you to whip your body around as you were greeted with Zen’s face with a tired expression plastered over it. A balled up fist went to rub at one of his tired eyes.
  • “Jagiya? Is everything okay? It’s so late…what are you doing up here? Come back to bed.”
  • You turned yourself back around and stayed quiet, just as you did earlier. Moments later, he settled down next to you and he yawned, leaning his head against your shoulder.
  • “What’s wrong? Tell me. You’ve been silent all night, I miss your voice.”
  • You told him softly and subtly how neglected you felt, how worried you were that he would leave you for someone else or that the media would ruin your guy’s relationship. 
  • He immediately sat up and stared over at you. He used his fingers to gently turn your face towards him.
  • “Baby, you’re all I want. All I need. You don’t give yourself enough credit. You’re way more amazing than you think. You may not see it, but trust me I do and so many more people do. Why would I want anyone else when I already have the most breath taking person right in front of me? You’re my entire world, Jagiya. Now, shall we go back to bed?”


  • Of all the times you played LOL with Yoosung, you didn’t horribly lose only once. But. You still lost.
  • His other friend’s online would constantly laugh at how bad you were, and honestly Yoosung thought it was pretty humorous too. You’d all laugh, but Yoosung would always have your back and tell them to stop, even though it wasn’t that deep. He’s just very protective over you okay.
  • You told him that you were going to bed while he was up studying one night and he simply nodded his head, as you went into your bedroom, sneaking your laptop in with you.
  • Once you got snuggled up in bed, you immediately turned it on and signed into LOL. You were determined to get better so you could play harder missions with your boyfriend!
  • A few hours passed…along with many epic fails and deaths. You were sure you the only thing you’ve improved on is running away from the boss. At least you could dodge, slightly better. I mean. you noticed you were getting blown up significantly less.
  • Suddenly, Yoosung walked into the room, stretching his arms out and letting out a big yawn. When he saw you were still awake, expecting you to be asleep, he tilted his head at you in confusion. 
  • “What are you doing up?”
  • “Uh…..nothing….”
  • “But, you’re clearly doing something.”
  • “I’m not doing anything.”
  • “Then why is my laptop in front of you?”
  • “…i was sleeping and it just showed up, i don’t know how it got here.” 
  • “…..really?….”
  • “yes, really.”
  • Yoosung crawled in bed and you tried to hide the laptop in your chest.
  • “NO!”
  • This boy was A LOT stronger than he put himself off to be. He ended up snatching it away from you, ignoring your loud whining and protests in the background.
  • He looked at the screen just to see your death count.
  • You died a whopping 47 times in the last two hours you’ve been playing. 
  • “Oh my god..” *cue loud snorting laughter*
  • You huffed, did the cutest pout he had ever seen in his life, before plopping down in bed and pulling the covers over you.
  • He eventually quieted down and pushed the laptop to the side, pulling your body over to him.
  • “You’re so cute, MC. You don’t have to get any better, you’re already the best you can be!”
  • “Really?..You don’t care if I die a lot?”
  • “As long as you don’t die in real life, I’m good. Besides, I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone suck die so many times in LOL before. That’s an accomplishment! Along with being the most adorable person to ever exist. Wanna pull an all nighter?” 


  • It was yet another long, and painful night of work for Jaehee. 
  • When she came home, she didn’t really say anything. She just gave you a kiss on your forehead, then pulled you to bed with her, where you two snuggled up with each other for the night. 
  • You felt so terrible for her, that she was working so hard like this for the both of you. So you decided you would make her lunch to take with her tomorrow! It would be much better than her getting takeout.
  • You lied there and pretended to be asleep for awhile, until you were sure that she was fast asleep herself. Jaehee was actually a pretty light sleeper, but she was so tired, you were sure that you didn’t wake her up when you crawled out of bed.
  • You immediately got to work in the kitchen, quietly and stealthily as you put together a bento box for her. You decided to bake her some cookies as well!
  • It occurred to you that you weren’t as quiet as you thought, as you heard a voice speak your name from behind you as you mixing some cookie batter together. 
  • “Why are you cooking?..So late? Should I have brought some food home when I left work?”
  • “Oh…no! Jaehee, I was just making you food to take with you tomorrow. I want to make sure you’re eating healthy and taking care of yourself since you always take care of me..”
  • Her tired, baggy eyes went wide and blinked a few times before she gave you the sweetest smile. 
  • “Thank you…No one has ever thought of me like that before. I appreciate it. But, I would much rather be in bed with you right now.” 
  • She walked up to you and pressed a kiss to your lips, causing you to smile. 
  • “How about you finish this up tomorrow? You can bring it to the office and we can both eat together during our break. How does that sound?”


  • It was a Sunday night. Jumin had a meeting the next morning so you both went to bed early.
  • The night went along peacefully, he held you close to his chest with an arm draped around your waist as you two slept. You awoke to the sound of meowing in the other room. It was no other than Elizabeth, but you never heard her meow this late before, nor was it this frantic.
  • You rose up and slipped out of bed, careful not to disturb Jumin and tip toed into the living room.
  • Elizabeth was curled up on the couch, asleep, but she was whimpering and meowing aloud. It appeared she was having a nightmare and your heart sunk.
  • You settled down on the couch and gently shook her awake. Her blue irises opened up and stared at you, you could see the fear and sadness in them.
  • Elizabeth had such a good life, you wondered what she could’ve been dreaming about. 
  • You scooped the cat up into your arms and held her gently to her chest, much like how Jumin did when consoling you, and your head rested lightly on top of hers.
  • You rocked steadily side to side as you sang her a soft lullaby and stroked the fur on her back, she emitted soft purrs as you continued.
  • “MC?”
  • You didn’t notice Jumin’s deep voice in the background, as you were falling asleep as well with Elizabeth in your arms. 
  • He found the sight all too adorable and endearing, a smile spreading across his lips as he inched towards you.
  • He carried you bridal style in his arms, while you still held Elizabeth. The both of you had already fall back fast asleep.
  • “Let’s go back to bed, my princesses.”


  • This boy barely ever slept.
  • But when he does, he really wants you to be snuggled up besides him.
  • He almost had what seemed like a death grip on you, as he snored softly and was dead asleep.
  • You really had to pee.
  • You shook, you shimmied, you wiggled and eventually you were free from his grip, quickly shoving a pillow into your arms to replace yourself, because you knew he would wake up. And you wanted him getting all the sleep he could get. 
  • You scurried over to the bathroom and relieved yourself. 
  • You were about to crawl back into bed, until you saw Robo Cat!
  • Seven mentioned that he had made a new addition to his abilities and you picked up the tiny robot and examined it.
  • There was a new button on his stomach, and you could see the dots on his ears, implying that they were actually speakers. How cute!
  • You pressed the button, and kpop began to play. 
  • You laughed and put down the Robo Cat, and it even began to dance around a little bit.
  • You found it so adorable and this song was bangin’! You couldn’t help yourself, so you danced around too and sang along. 
  • As you were enjoying yourself, you didn’t notice Seven standing in the doorway recording you.
  • “Those are some nice moves you got there, MC!”
  • “Why would I delete the cutest video to ever exist? I have to share this with others and bless this cruel world!”
  • Then with a press of a button it was on his instagram, his snapchat story, his twitter, in the RFA chatroom.
  • youweregoingtokillhim
  • Before you could even begin to yell at him, he pressed a hard kiss to your lips and demanded Robo Cat to start playing music again. 
  • “Let’s boogie until the sun comes up my space queen!”
  • You guys literally danced until the sun came up, trashed the bunker, then passed out in the bathtub.

Jihyun (V): 

  • V had the tendency to take pictures of you when you least expected it. 
  • It annoyed you and made you pout because you weren’t ready and thought you looked ugly, while V was literally having heart explosions over them. 
  • But he couldn’t deny, he got some really good memes of your face and used them in the RFA chat.
  • “When your cacti won’t grow.” *picture of you snarling at sushi at a terrible restaurant u guys had gone to*
  • “When you have no idea what’s going on.” *picture of you looking hella confused during a RFA meeting*
  • “The floor is your endless love and compassion for me.” *picture of you tripping onto the sidewalk*
  • don’tworryhehelpedyouuprightafter
  • “omg jihyun stop pleasge” 
  • “When you literally just can’t stop.” *picture of you crying over how cute a ladybug was*
  • Seven saves a l l of them and joins in.
  • He literally had a WHOLE album dedicated to memes of your face on his phone.
  • Little did he know, you were going to get him back.
  • Jihyun had gone to bed a bit early that night before you, you guys had a movie marathon but you decided to stay up a bit longer. 
  • When you were sure he was fast asleep, you got his camera from his desk and crept into your guy’s room.
  • Finally, you were going to get a picture of your own.
  • You crawled onto the bed and were ready to take a picture until you realized…
  • s h i t
  • V literally looks like an angel when he’s asleep. HOW COULD YOU MAKE A MEME OUT OF THIS?
  • You decided to take a picture anyway and…
  • s h i t x2
  • The flash went off.
  • You were about to quickly scramble off the bed and hide when a hand gently grabbed your wrist.
  • “What are you doing?” V’s sleepy, deep, baritone voice asked you.
  • nut
  • “I…was trying to get a funny picture of your face. Like you do to me. But failed, because you literally look so gorgeous when you sleep.”
  • His cheeks flushed a dark red and laughed.
  • “Well…allow me to help you.” He said, then literally made the silliest face that he could (still looking adorable as fUC  K).
  • Now, you had a V meme to use for yourself.
  • You both laughed for ten straight minutes at the picture before he kissed you goodnight and you both fell asleep.
  • The next day when you woke up in the morning, the first thing you sent in the chatroom was
  • “When people don’t ship you with someone who blinded you then started a religious cult. Also, when your route comes out soon.” *picture of V’s happy face*
  • nicebreakingthe4thwallmcthat’sseven’sjob

Minor duo below the cut!

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“I’m dead dear, not stupid.”

Pairing: James March x Reader

Warnings: None

Word Count: 1425

Your shift working at the concierge desk was almost over. The man checking in was good looking and not to mention, very kind to you as well. Yes, you’re married to James, but it didn’t hurt to look, just as long as you kept it at that.

“And what’s your name, beautiful?” The man asked with a sweet smile while rubbing his chin.

You smiled back. But hey, you weren’t flirting, the man was just asking a simple question. There’s nothing wrong with that. “Y/N.” You turned around to hand him a key to his room, then continued, “Yours?”

“Matthew.” He replied, taking his key gently from your hand.

Suddenly, from the corner of your eye, you saw a figure from upstairs by the railing, which caused you to look. To your surprise, it was your husband, James, just standing there wearing his striped suit and hat, leaning on his cane, staring at you. 

You didn’t want him to get to you, so you quickly looked away and looked back at Matthew. “Well Matthew, it was very nice to meet you. I hope you enjoy your stay. Give us a ring if there’s anything that you need.”

“Of course. Well, don’t work too hard gorgeous.” Matthew grabbed his small suitcase from the floor, then made his way to the elevator.

You looked back to where James stood, only to see that his figure was gone. So you just rolled your eyes because you knew exactly what you were in for later. James always was the jealous type. You were used to it by now, so instead of stressing about it, you just went back to organizing your area and waited for Iris to arrive for her shift.

It wasn’t long until she arrived.

Iris arrived through the front door, you could hear the LA traffic before the door closed behind her. She looked very refreshed.

“Somebody looks like she’s in a good mood. Where did you go?” You asked curiously.

“Ramona & I just had a nice meal.” Iris replied, putting her hands on her belly as she made her way behind the concierge desk to take your place. You knew exactly what she meant by meal as in human blood.

To your disgust, you responded with sticking your tongue out and pointing a finger to it which made Iris giggle a little.

“Hey doll.” Out of the blue comes Liz. Standing across from the desk, she raises a brow and rests a hand on his, quickly tapping her fingernails on it one by one. “I have a message for you.” She emphasizes the word ‘you’ pretty well.

“What’s up, Liz?” You asked while twirling your fingers through your hair, looking confused.

“James said to meet you for dinner in 20 minutes. The usual room.”

“Great.” You said sarcastically. There’s nothing you’re dreading more than seeing James right now. You love your husband, you really do, but you just weren’t in the mood today for his nonsense. Dragging your feet, you grabbed your cell phone and keys, then slowly made your way to the elevator towards your bedroom.

The first thing you did upon entering your room was throw your phone and keys on the bed. You sighed, then went inside your closet, running your fingers through your clothes until you found an outfit to wear for tonight’s awkward dinner. Finally, you decided to throw on black leggings, a loose black top, a black blazer and black Christian Louboutin heels. You kept your hair down in loose curls and quickly touched up your makeup. Even though this dinner is the last thing you wanted to do today, you cared enough to at least look decent for James.

You hummed a tune to your favorite song while walking down the dim, silent halls until you reached the designated room. 1920′s Jazz music from the record player quietly leaked through the door. You knocked before opening the unlocked door to somewhat announce your arrival. 

“And who might this be?” James asked, staying seated in his chair.

“It’s me.” You announced once you were in his view.

“Ah yes.” The way James said it sounded rather irritable.

Once you sat down in your seat across from James, that’s when Miss Evers comes to fill his glass. He was basically waiting for you arrive before starting on drinking, no matter how long he had to wait. While Miss Evers was pouring James’ glass, he was looking directly at you with a stern look on his face, moving his hand left and right for her to keep pouring, then quickly put his hand up for her to stop and leave him be.

He didn’t scare you though, so you just sat there, staring back at him with a straight look on your face. 

For the first few minutes, you both just sat there in silence. Eventually, you got annoyed with the continuous stares without a word coming out of James’ mouth. You took a sip of your wine and held the glass in your hand. “Okay seriously James. Enough. What?”

James took in a deep breath before finally getting his word out to respond, “I imagine you are aware as to why I sent Liz to notify you about our small arrangement?” 

“Yeah yeah yeah. And?” Finally, Miss Evers served your dinner which you were pretty excited about because you were starving, so you set the napkin cloth on your lap and started on your meal.

James, on the other hand, didn’t touch his food. I mean, he’s a ghost anyways so it doesn’t even matter. “You should feel lucky I spared that man’s life since business has been slow this past month.”

“Spared his life? What are you…What do you mean? He wasn’t even doing anything. He was just being friendly.” You lied. Matthew was flirting a little, but you didn’t want the truth to come out of your mouth, so you just continued to deny James’ assumption.

“I’m dead dear, not stupid.” James glared at you, then took another sip of his bourbon filled glass.

Originally posted by bitemytonguedarling

You’re not going to lie though, what James just said to you was by far the best comeback he’s ever had. A huge part of you wanted to burst out laughing, but you didn’t want to give in just yet, so you kept your little poker face on for now. 

Since a word didn’t come out of your mouth, James continued, “May I remind you that you are mine. Do not let this happen again.”

“Okay, yeah. Fine. Whatever.” You didn’t agree with James, but you did so anyways or else this will go on forever. James will always be the overprotective and jealous husband. It was the Scorpio in him.

James felt some sort of relief, so he finally started on his dinner. “Now. If this shall happen again, see to it that I will torture a man and tie you to a chair to watch.”

“You’ve really outdone yourself.” If James just kept his mouth shut after you surrendered, everything would be just peachy. But he just HAD to add on. So instead of sitting there any longer, you got out of your seat, darting towards the door, with your arms straight down, with both hands in a fist.

“That’s enough!” James immediately followed after you, grabbing at your left wrist to face your body towards him, then grabbed at your shoulders and pushed you against a wall. Miss Evers was coming in through the back with a cart of dessert, but once she saw James in a rage, she hurriedly walked back out. 

James put both of his hands on the wall, leveled with your ears, then punched the wall once with his right fist. “I’ve grown tired of your attitude, Y/N! I provide for you anything you need and more! And I ask for nothing but your love and undying loyalty!”

“Okay, James. I get it.” You whispered, sounding understanding. It surprised James a little because for almost this entire dinner, you stuck with nothing but a stubborn attitude. To a normal girlfriend, having their boyfriend freak out like that would’ve scared them. But you weren’t scared of James. Not one bit. But you could see it in his eyes that you hurt him. You may not be as jealous as he is, which will take more time to get used to, but that’s okay because you have all the time in the world to get used to it. And someday, you’ll even have all of eternity to.


- I’m still debating whether or not I want to write a part two with some nsfw (; I’ll let my readers decide!

I’m finally re-reading A Court of Mist and Fury and I realized that I initially missed the symbolism of Tamlin giving Feyre a wedding ring with an Emerald. Emerald is known as the “Stone of Successful Love” because it promotes friendship and balance between partners. The problem is stones are not a cure-all, it builds off of and sways the emotions that already exist.

“He worshipped my body with his hands, his tongue, his teeth. But that wasn’t the hard part. We just got tripped up with the rest.”

Feyre and Tamlin have a strong physical  connection but lack everything else. They don’t communicate what they feel. When they had a minute alone before Feyre faced her last trial, and almost certain death, they made out. There were no heartfelt speeches, or potential goodbyes, just a hardcore make out session. The night after Feyre killed those two Fae and defeated Amarantha they had sex. There was no sweet words of comfort, no emotional breakdown…just sex. My point is, there was no friendship for the stones energy to build off of. There also was never any balance between them. Feyre was the Prisoner, Tamlin the Jailor. Feyre was the mortal, Tamlin’s Fae, Feyre was his Subject & Consort, Tamlin’s the High Lord. Once again giving the stone nothing to accentuate.

Emerald is also supposed known to be helpful in relieving claustrophobia, meaning if you get a little uncomfortable in tight spaces you might find some comfort having this stone on you. However, if you are absolutely terror-stricken being trapped (with good reason due to some not too long ago trauma that occurred) this stone will do nothing for you.

“He’d trapped me; he’d trapped me; he’d trapped me- I had to get out…”  This not only emphasized the imbalance of power between them but also shows us how out of sync he is with Feyre. Due to Tamlin’s ignorant actions she falls into a full blown panic attack. She tries to summon her powers to winnow, to escape, to show her the way out of this new prison. “There was nothing and I had become nothing, and I couldn’t ever get out-” I feel like this is Feyre’s lowest point, it’s symbolic of her depression which had made her feel like there’s nothing left for her because she’s not good enough, in her head she’s become nothing and there’s no end in sight. Tamlin by ignoring Feyre’s pleading and pain has helped enforce what she already thinks of herself. Fuelled by fear and panic she desperately uses her powers to try free herself from this new prison. “I was ensconced in a cocoon of darkness and fire and ice and wind, a cocoon that melted the ring off my finger until the golden ore dripped away into the void, the emerald tumbling after it.” Instead of freeing herself from the walls of the house, this is the moment she starts to free herself from him; From her Jailer and Saviour, her no-longer-needed Protector, her High Lord. This is the moment that we realize just how far Tamlin has pushed Feyre. This is the moment that we realize there is no longer any hope that their relationship will recover.

His Name [1]

Chapters: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8
Words: 5.5k
Genre: Angst, Multiple Personality!Au
Summary: Jeon Jungkook is a puzzle with too many missing pieces from his past and too many sides. Somehow, it’s become your job to solve him.
→ Inspired by the Korean Drama - Kill Me Heal Me
Warnings: Topics of mental health, mentions of death and medical disorders. 
Disclaimer: Although this piece of work required lots of in-depth research and was attempted to be as accurate as possible, at the end of the day, I am not a psychologist and this is fanfiction. Specific things may be altered or exaggerated for story-telling purposes. Please take all medical terminologies and procedures with a grain of salt.


His eyes flash open.

“You need us.”
    “We’re only trying to help you.”

He bolts straight up, only to fall off the mattress and onto the hard ground. The thin, cardinal curtains are closed, trickles of sunlight pouring in and painting the unfamiliar room in a hue of crimson. His head is pounding and his eyes are swollen; he doesn’t know where he is or who he is.

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I Love You - AntiSepticEye Imagine

wc: 1,645

prompt: "i love you with all my piece of shit, fucked up heart.“

requests: closed OPEN!

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She had grown used to this feeling of absolute worthlessness and loneliness. It wasn’t new to feel unloved, for the thing she loved put her through hell and back on a daily basis. She knew loving him was a death sentence, but she craved the attention he gave her, and even if it wasn’t real love at least it felt like it sometimes.

The other times it was just a waiting game, see how long it took for him to show back up in her life and ruin all the progress that she had made trying to show herself that she didn’t need him. However, she did, and always caved when he opened up his arms with that grin. It filled her up with false hope that maybe he felt the same about her that she did about him, but as she sat here for the third day in a row alone, those hopes left her.

Wrapping the blanket around her tighter, she squeezed her eyes shut and mentally called out to him. She cried out his name, echoing in her brain that she prayed would call to his attention.

"You called, babydoll?” static filled the air as he stepped in front of her, unravelling her from the cocoon she had secured herself into, pulling her into his arms and holding her close to his chest.

“I’ve missed you,” she whispered, nuzzling her face into his chest. He smelled of blood and felt tense, though he was gradually easing up every second he held his beloved to his chest.

“I know, and I’m sorry, doll,” he sighed, moving one hand up her back to slowly card her hair through his fingers. Every bit of stress drained from his body as he pressed his nose to her hair, inhaling the smell of his own shampoo in her hair. She smelled like every bit of familiarity he had left, like an anchor to the home he always felt was slipping away from him.

Meanwhile, he was everything wrong with her. He was so unfamiliar, pulling her away from everything she knew was safe and right, but at the same time he was everything she ever wanted. He offered her a sense of safety and security, she knew with him that he was the only thing that would ever be able to cause her harm in this world.

‘Where have you been, Anti?“ she choked out, tears filling her eyes, "where have you been for the past days?”

He knew that she didn’t really care where he had been, she just wanted to know why he was leaving her so often. This was one of the times she wanted him to lie to protect her from getting hurt, but he knew that there was a point where he just couldn’t do that anymore.

“I had a job, baby,” Anti’s voice was scratchy and like that of static, however it remained soft, “there was some work I had to take care of, some presences that I’ve had to meet up with. You know how the jobs can get…”

“I do know, but please just stop leaving me,” her voice was absolutely destroyed, for a moment it seemed to be holding up but suddenly it shattered like glass and she just began trembling violently, “I can’t keep living like this, Anti! I try so hard to get over you but then you come back in just when I think I’m getting better and then I just become this dependent mess and I just can’t fucking deal with it anymore!”

The girl was out of breath, her sentence dragging on so long that she had to pause before continuing. Of course, Anti was quick to respond, pushing her back from him while keeping his arms around her waist. He put a cold hand to her cheek, bright green eyes flickering like broken television screens as he tried to read his mess of a lover.

“Doll, breath,” he spoke, body seeming to shift out of place as he glitched in place. Anti seemed like nothing more than a nightmare, a computer virus-like demon that she had been so idiotic to fall in love with. His sweet talk and charm had lead her into a spider web of horror that he didn’t know he had spun.

Perhaps Anti had never meant anything of making her fall in love with him. He didn’t cause this, she had just blindly convinced herself that maybe she could change him for the better or teach the heartless how to love. How foolish, to think that anyone such as him could love her.

How foolish… to think anyone could love her.

“I don’t want to!” she spat back, too much on her mind to think of anything else, “I’m so helplessly in love with you and I can’t help but regret it, because I know you can’t love me back! I know you’re not capable of love, and I know it was fucking stupid of me to think that maybe I was different and maybe I could’ve changed you. I know that I’m no different from anyone that you’ve loved in the past, or maybe even if I am it’s just my unstable behavior. I’m so sorry for the shit I put you through because I just want you to love me back!”

The dark void that consumed the place where Anti’s heart throbbed, absorbing every word that had been thrown out at him. He felt powerless for once in his life, so completely broken down by the words of a hurting girl that he wanted nothing more than to protect.

Some long lost time ago in some long abandoned place, he made some long forgotten promise to a girl that he would protect her from all harm, not knowing that he was just shielding her from everything except for him.

He spoke her name, whispered it so softly and held her so gently so that he wouldn’t make her hurt anymore.

“I love you with all my piece of shit, fucked up heart.”

She didn’t speak, didn’t look at him, didn’t breath, just stared off out the window and listened to the static that surrounded him. It all felt so heavy, this weight baring down on her that she had grown numb to feeling pressure against. The hands and arms tangling her in a cold embrace were barely there, just enough pressure that she knew he was there but not enough to ground her.

He waited for her to say anything, waited for her to say that she loved him too or that she was finally leaving him. He waited for her to scream and lash out. He waited for anything, he was prepared for anything other than the silence that followed his statement. The way it was left hanging in the air, not accepted or denied, it taunted him and he knew that she knew this too.

For he was ready for the words that would eventually pour out of her mouth, he was ready for them to tear him down and make him sob even though he hadn’t felt emotions in a long time. Everything about this silly girl he loved made him feel things he didn’t even know he could. Such guilt and sadness flowed through him when he saw the tears that he caused, but he never did anything about it. He knew sorry didn’t mean anything if he kept doing it, but he kept saying empty promises in a desperate attempt to keep his love safe from getting hurt by him.

However, in an attempt to put her back together he ended up breaking her down. He knew it was getting too late to undo the pain he’d caused, but he would try if she let him. Even a monster like himself couldn’t bear to see those he loved in pain, it was too much for him to handle. The thought of the emotions that would come was almost as terrifying as the lack of it.

Until that wall of silence broke, and his beloved looked him in the eyes with this broken expression. She was smiling, but it was going to shatter if he even took a breath. Despite no longer crying, she looked as if she would completely break down again if he moved a single inch. So he stayed still, kept his eyes locked against hers and just listened for once in his life. He didn’t make an effort to console her, just watched as she closed her mouth and opened it once more to speak.

“You could break my heart into a million tiny pieces and I would just put them back into your hands.”

He wished the silence would come back, because now everything was deafening. Her heartbeat was pounding, a steady thump-thump-thump that held the only rhythm in the mess of sound around him. Thunder crashed from outside as rain forcefully hit the window. His own sound of static was drowned out by the sound of both of their breathing.

Anti pressed his forehead to hers, feeling her legs go weak under her so he pulled her body ever closer to his own. Her eyes stayed on his, dilated pupil consuming every bit of light that radiated off of his body and reflecting the intense pain she was feeling.

“I don’t want to hurt you anymore, my love,” he whispered.

“But what if you do?” her voice betrayed her calm appearance.

“Teach me not to,” Anti pleaded, “please teach me how to keep you safe from myself.”

“I will,” she promised, blinking away tears, “if you promise me that you love me and won’t leave me.”

“I love you more all the stars in the sky, my love. I will never leave you again unless I have no choice, I promise you.”

“I love you too.”

the heavy grey sky was pressing down on the city, new york lost under the veil of thick sheets of rain and the whole loft was filled with the sound of it. everything was quiet, too quiet, and it had been the entire week. but now, in the middle of this rainy friday after so many days of all of that silence, it was getting to alec so much worse than it had before. it was crawling under his skin and eating at him, making it impossible to focus.

the murky light spilled in through the curtained windows as droplets of water streaked down the glass. alec rested his cheek on his hand, staring out at the dreary city scape and the sound of the rain pressed in on him. his paperwork was laid out across the coffee table, his laptop humming quietly beside it but it didn’t matter. the absence of magnus in their space was starting to gnaw at something inside alec’s chest. it was one more day, only one more day he kept telling himself. tomorrow magnus would be home, tomorrow he would be by alec’s side. tomorrow they’d be together again and everything would be alright. however it was hard to take that to heart when the week was weighing on him like this.

the first night had been the easiest. it had been too easy to pretend like he’d wake up the next morning and magnus would be draped over his back, smiling against his cheek, one of his warm hands dragging slow patterns into his exposed stomach. it was so easy to pretend like they’d wake up to a day like any other. magnus wouldn’t be away at a warlock conference, they’d just be together and able to spend the morning in each others company as they always did. but when he woke, he woke to an empty bed, he woke to a chill that was deep in his bones, the city dripping and the grey clouds matching his mood. it was then that alec had known this week was going to get under his skin.

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Some Unholy War (Part 3)

Part 3 of MMA Fighter!Tom AU

Part 1 Part 2 Part 4 Part 5

Summary: Ultimate fighter Tom Holland walks into a diner at two in the morning and finds something more than greasy eggs and dusty stools.

Warnings: Language, violence, blood and some sexual content (no smut though I don’t write that stuff)

Word Count: 7000+


I just want to say thank you for all of the love for this fic I worked really hard to write it and to see that you guys like it warms my heart so much. There’s still more to come so don’t worry I didn’t leave you hanging! Let me know if you’d like to be added to the tag list for this also send me compliments because I crave Attention and Constant Validation™

Waking up next to Y/N was a dream come true for Tom. Ever since he’d met her, there was no way he could get her out of his head, everything he saw, thought, or said reminded him of the beautiful girl lying next to him. Tom asked her to stay with him every night since he found out Raymond kicked her out, Tom said that he wanted to make sure she was safe, but it was really to make sure he wouldn’t go crazy without her.

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anonymous asked:

omg can you please write a sequel/ part 2 to that supercorp fic you just posted where Lena finds out Kara is supergirl?!? It was so great but now I'm stressing that Lena doesn't react well. Only if you've got time of course :) also I love how you write supercorp in general, it's amazing and feels so on point

i have a fever & im hacking up a lung: this is, in my humble opinion, the time when my writing ability rly soars. rly comes into its strengths. rly just,,, fucjin rocks. enjoy, ur welcome :))

kara has been waiting, and hoping - and stress eating her way through the kids menu - and more hoping, beyond the normal bounds of hope, that lena will turn up for the dinner date they’d set up before… before all that “i’m an alien blah blah specifically supergirl blah blah blah” stuff.

kara shoves her hand into her bowl of fries, pats around to find one as she checks the long row of windows and the two doors for any sign of lena. her face falls when all she encounters is the cool ceramic feeling of betrayal. and no lena.

she flags down a waiter.

“can i get another of the fries, please?”

he looks at her like he knows she’s already eaten her way through six of them. or maybe like he knows she’s been stood up. it makes her feel worse - slump back in her chair and try to keep from feeling like her heart is being crushed kind of worse - and he nods hurriedly and scurries away into the kitchen.

she pulls out her phone, taps on the second contact, aaalex.

>if after three hours someone hasn’t shown up to a dinner….

>u got stood up
>or they’re dead

kara rolls her eyes. then has a minor panic because, well, lena is kind of a magnet for attempted murder. she strains her ears to listen for lena but it’s futile this close to the ground, this close to so many people.

>lenas fine
>dont break the restaurant or ur phone

kara blinks down at her phone.

>have you been playing with the telepath drugs

>no lol i learned my lesson. i just figured she’s the only one u have been going on dates with so…

kara glares down at her phone, taps the CALL button with furious precision.

“we aren’t dating, alex. they’re friend dates. dates between friends.”


“and also i have been on plenty of dates lately!”

“sure,” alex allows, but kara suspects she’s only half listening.

“they’re not dates,” she mutters. “but she did stand me up.”

“yeah i know. you put your “date between friends” in my calendar so i was kind of surprised when she marched herself into my office tonight. she signed everything.“ alex waits for a moment. kara says nothing, just stubbornly munches through the fries the waiter puts in front of her. she’s relieved to hear lena is actually okay, and that she signed, but it’s all overshadowed by the fact that lena isn’t here, with her, eating something kara can’t pronounce and gushing about the science she’s been working on and the way she smiles when kara orders seconds and tries to pay and alex is talking again. "not sure what kind of damage control thats worth, if any. i mean, she’s a luthor. but i told j'onn not to even think about wiping her. or, i thought it really loudly.”

kara sighs.

“as is my right as a big sister, i get to tell you you’re an idiot,” alex says, far more mildly than kara expected. or deserved, really. “so what the hell happened? i thought we’d at least talk about it before you told her.”

“it wasn’t something i could deny. maybe i could’ve,” kara mutters, “if it weren’t for my too expressive face.”

“the too expressive face,” alex agrees unhappily. “you got us in a lot of trouble with that.”

kara rolls her eyes. “sorry twelve years late?” she offers and alex hums her thanks. “plus m'gann said hi. like she knew me, you know? she didn’t know someone was with me, it’s not her fault, but yeah. lena knew. i could see it. and then we were at her place and i realised she just knew i was an al- a foreigner,” she corrects, looking around the mostly empty restaurant, “and not supergirl,”

“hold up. she let you into her place knowing you’re an alien?”


“huh, okay.”


“no, nothing. let me guess, you told her.”

“dramatic reveal and all.”

“and this was…”

“last night.” kara checks her watch, lifts her hand to get the bill. she grimaces when she sees how expensive it is to eat her way through her feelings. but hey, if she’s going all out, what’s a little more? “can i get two of your pizzas takeaway and also four brownies? please.”

the waiter looks ill at the request but kara is too upset to care that she’s eaten way too much tonight. by human standards. she could still eat.

“alex, you still there?”


“are you free tonight?”

“nope.” she pops the ‘p’ with some relish. “day off tomorrow, maggie and i are taking our bikes down the coast, remember?”

“right, right.” kara hands over her card to the waiter, signs the bill he brings over. “what do i do?”

“about lena?”

“no, about the state of affairs in, ugh i can’t be bothered,” she mutters. “yes, about lena.”

“um. well, she hasn’t tried to kill you yet so…talk to her?” kara hears her step out into an echoing room - the parking lot, she guesses, and alex’s car beeps. “hold on, i’ll switch you to my hands free,”

“no, no, it’s okay. drive safe and have fun tomorrow.”

“we will. and i love you.”

“love you too.”


“hi, jess.”

“kara!” jess smiles over at her. “late night for everyone, hmm?”

“yeah, what are you doing here? it’s midnight, you should be home.”

“i’m just finishing up some work, i have the week off from tomorrow,” she explains. “do you want to see miss luthor?”

her phone buzzes on the side and jess glances up at kara after reading the message.

“let me guess, she’s not in.” jess gives her an awkward smile and kara closes her eyes, nods. “of course,” she says quietly. “okay, well,” she swallows around the thick feeling of tears and sets the brownies on the counter. “um. these are for her. or you. have a good night bye have a fun week,” she says very quickly and almost runs back to the elevator.

it dings open in seconds and kara rushes in, leans back against the wall of it. she holds herself together as much as she can, can’t really help sniffling but she can excuse that on a cold. she stares over at the shut box doors of the elevator and knows the second she gets home she’s going flying.


she wonders if she still has her aunts suit. she doesn’t feel like reds and blues tonight, wants to fly without the expectation that comes with her suit.


the suit, alex tells her, was quarantined.

kara shoves herself into some old jeans and a deep blue sweater and jumps into the sky. when she’s higher than the tallest building, she rolls onto her back and floats, staring up at the sky.

winn is still in the DEO headquarters. she doesn’t fly down, but she hears him typing away and watching some show on his second monitor. he’s been working late a lot lately. she doesn’t know if something is wrong or if it’s more guardian business but she misses him. she’d text him an invite, or ask him about a game night, only she left her phone at home.

james is on the phone to lucy when she flies overhead and they’re over but he still sounds adoring when he speaks to her, and happy.

alex is - doing things no sister needs to hear.


lena’s voice is small and kara jerks, almost rolls into the path of a bat, before she detects the slight slight whine of a voicemail.

“i know it’s late, you’re probably asleep, i just wanted to talk and,”

kara lands with a slight thump on lena’s office balcony and lena turns. the slight stutter of her heart comes not when she sees kara’s face, but her body. or, clothes.


she ends her voicemail, steps over to unlock the door.

“hi. i wasn’t - i was flying, i heard you.”

“oh.” lena’s fingers twitch. she folds her arms. “i signed everything.”

“yeah. alex told me.”

“i apologise for missing dinner.”

kara takes a step back, shakes her head. lena looks nervous the moment she frowns and it rips at kara. she takes another step back.

“you didn’t miss it. you stood me up.” lena doesn’t say anything. “why - what does it change?” she asks. “how am i different?” she tries to keep the frustration from her voice but whatever, she’s upset that her best friend is all wonky over this, fight her about it.

“you’re supergirl.”



“if you say a luthor i’m going to scream,” kara tells her, and lena’s teeth click closed around that exact phrase. “i’ve been telling you for months that i don’t care about that.”

“that’s from before i knew,”

“but i knew!” kara cries. “i knew, and i meant it, and i still mean it, and i just want,” she stutters to a stop, lifts a hand to her eyes. she’s not wearing her glasses so she just covers them with a hand and slowly drags it away when she’s contained again. “i’m sorry i didn’t tell you. i didn’t want things to change. i didn’t,” the reason, or a reason, occurs to her and she sags a little. it’s selfish but lena deserves to know. “i didn’t want you to leave me,” she tells her, in a small voice.

lena has been very quiet and still as kara spoke and now she nods. “i am sorry about tonight. sometimes, i do things like that. when someone’s upset me.” she rolls her eyes delicately. “i’ve been told it’s a defence. throw someone off balance so i feel we’re on equal terms again.” her eyes are dark, cool. “i didn’t know. that you were an alien. i keep thinking and thinking, and i keep picking out all these instances and i just,” she shakes her head. “i can’t believe i didn’t know. i don’t like that i didn’t know.”

“i’m sorry.”

lena nods. “i can’t promise everything will be as it was before.”

kara nods as well. things - this, them - have changed and nothing goes back to how it was before a shift like that. as much as something might look the same, it never is.

“but i can tell you that in a month, there is a restaurant opening. i have four tickets, i would like for you to take one.” kara blinks at her. lena doesn’t smile but she does soften, a little. “i can’t tell how this is going to go, which is freaking me out a little and in a week i’m sure i’m gong to do something drastic,” she says with an edge of warning.

“i’ll be ready,” kara promises.

“good. all i can really say is that i will still want you to be around in a months time.” kara feels herself light up at the words. they’re not ‘i’m not leaving you’ or 'i’m not sending you away’ but they’re pretty damn close. “and i don’t know how i feel about this, i don’t know when I’ll figure it out, but i already miss my friend kara.” kara nods her agreement. she can feel a lena sized hole opening up inside her the longer lena speaks, making herself clear that there is going to be a distance, a time for them to figure this out. she’s sure it’ll be a good thing; she’s equally sure it’ll hurt like hell.

“tomorrow is too soon to hang out, right?” kara checks. “it’s just, alex is away and winn is busy and,” she holds up her hands, shakes her head. “no, nevermind, too soon.”

it grows a little awkward - lena thanks her for the brownies, declines when kara offers to fly her home.

but the next morning, kara opens her front door to lena’s driver, a box of cookies and a small pot of yellow flowers and a note with just a short message.

'our lives are filled with tomorrow’s. this one isn’t ours, but perhaps the next one will be. enjoy your day x’

kara tucks it between the photo frame on her bedside table and the lamp and brings the flower pot with her to the couch. she sets up her next season and pulls the pot into her lap, wraps an arm around it. she pats the pot fondly, sends a photo of herself with it to lena, and settles in.


A/N: I could work on Hiraeth… but hey, why not start something else? Because I am a person who loves work…ahahaha This is so so weird somehow? But I still like the idea. I really wanted to write about a first unrequited love. Because shit, I do think that it could affect your further relationships ina way.Please tell me what you think!

Summary:  A story in which the Reader takes the burden upon herself and becomes an Animagus in order to protect Remus, unbeknownst to him. He shouldn’t know. And he never will know. Because you were never going to tell him.

Pairing:  Remus Lupin x Reader, Sirius Black x Reader

Word Count: 6328

Warnings: unrequited love, a bit blood, minimal swearing

EDIT: Since I got so many asks regarding the second part: Yes. Yes Part two will be written. I don’t know when, so please don’t ask me that.

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The One After Vegas...

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Smut, Sub!Dean, Dom!Reader, use of restraints (for Dean) mention of anal play, mention of spanking (sorta), edging. Pretty much PWP

Word Count: 3152

A/N: This one is written for @sis-tafics and @eyes-of-a-disney-princess birthday challenge. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LADIES! It also has a Part 1 that was posted earlier today. Thank you goes to @avasmommy224 for betaing this for me. Feedback is appreciated and I hope yall enjoy!! ♥

Dean’s POV

It’s been a month since that night in Vegas and no matter how many women I pick up, no one has compared to her. It seems like just plain old vanilla sex just isn’t enough anymore. Yeah, I get off but it’s just not the same. Then there was the one other time I tried the sub thing with another chick…it got weird, quick.

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notsarasblog  asked:

In ep8 the search team is out in the forrest, V is talking about her plans to go party and kev suggusts inviting bettey as a distraction and veronica goes "i think she allready has one" (or something like that) and points to the blossems i had thought she was pointing to jug and betty at first. Could you maybe write a fic: V and arch don't connect the dots about bughead during the group couch scene and V and kev see bets and jug making out and tripping over tree branchs ect. (Fluff) thank you

Cute! I love it!

“Shhh” Jughead chuckled lowly, tugging Betty behind the trees, his hand wrapped around her tiny wrist.

She was giggling as her ankle got tangled up in a loose tree limb, causing her to fall directly into the handsome boys arms.

Blowing a loose strand of honey blonde hair out of her face, she looked up at him, sea green meeting stormy blue.

“Hi.” She smiled at him, her shiny white teeth showing through plump perfectly pink lips.

She was so damn pretty, it was almost impossible not to stare at her. Brushing a hand to her cheek, he looked down at her.

“How are you doing? Holding up okay?”

She sighed softly, leaning her head into his chest

“You mean the search party? Or the turf war against my family and the girl who’s made my entire high school experience miserable? Or maybe the fact that my pregnant sister is missing?” She laughed humorlessly, pulling even tighter into his body.

He smiled sadly at the exhausted blonde

“All of the above?”

She giggled, looking up at him.
“I’m okay. I’ve got you to hold me up don’t I?” Her eyes were tired, and even though he knew she was joking he could see the insecurity in her face.

He placed his hands to either side of her face and brought his lips close to hers.
“Always” he whispered closing the gap.

Every time they kissed, it felt like coming home. It felt like everything they had been missing. The unsupportive families, the pressure to do everything on your own, the broken hearts and lonely nights, they didn’t matter. What mattered was this. Was us. Betty thought contentedly.

He couldn’t imagine being without her, even in the stillness of the woods, she had a spark that was undeniable. He had been missing that spark for the longest time, resigned to live in his black and white world alone. Not anymore, not when he had found his home, and she was pushed up against the old weeping willow, her hands buried in his hair.

The kissing turned more and more passionate, the cold chill of the late fall air pushing them even closer into each other, Betty’s hips pressed firmly into his, while his hands explored the bare skin under her sweater.


The pair pulled apart so quickly Jughead almost lost his grip on Betty and she flew backwards before his hands caught her waist.

Veronica and Kevin were standing in front of them now, hands on their hips.

“Well what do we have here?” The cocky smirk never leaving Veronica’s lips as Kevin practically bounced with excitement.

“This is a totally new development, our very own tortured writer and the one and only girl next door. I love it. I need it. I have to have it.” Kevin rambled, squeezing Veronica’s arm.

Jughead was bright red, his hands still on Betty’s waist as she tried unsuccessfully to hide behind him.

“Listen guys, it’s not…”

Veronica cut her off

“Save it B, if Holden Caudfield over there can make you this happy, even in this horrible situation, I am all for it. You have officially gained the Veronica lodge seal of approval. Don’t make me regret this Jughead.” Veronica raised a dangerous brow, before winking at Betty and turning on her her heel.

Kevin went to follow Veronica, before turning back, running to Betty and wrapping her up in his arms.
“You have so much to tell me, I’m sleeping over tonight. I’ve been an awful best friend and I’m sorry for neglecting you.”

She kissed his cheek and nodded as he sprinted off.

Jughead wrapped his arms behind her waist and rested his chin on her shoulder and she leaned back

“Are you okay with this?” He whispered in her ear.

She turned around at that and raised a brow, resting her arms around his neck.

“Okay with what?”

He dropped his eyes
“With everyone knowing we’re together, knowing you’re with me.”

She gripped his chin gently

“Jughead jones, there is no one else in this world I would want to be with. Let everyone know! It just means I get to do this in public.”

She pressed a slow long kiss to his lips.

Pulling away with the goofiest face she had ever seen him wear, he grabbed her hand and helped her over a fallen branch

“Well come on then girlfriend, let’s go find your sister.”

I Miss My Husband

For @cantrixgrisea

Just a wee ficlit to get us us through this weekend

“I miss my husband.” She whispered, crawling into Jamie’s lap.

The joy of finding each other again, reconnecting after years apart, had faded as the weight of their separate lives threatened to crush them both.

Claire had stormed out of the house after their huge blow up. She’d gone off for hours while Jamie paced and worried and tried as best he could to give her the space she’d so obviously needed.

He’d just finished washing up when she found him. Wordlessly, she shed her cloak and outer garments until she stood in front of him in nothing but her shift. Jamie was still tense, punch-drunk tired and emotionally he felt he’d been wrung limp just like the washcloth he’d hung up on the peg moments before.

She closed the distance between them, fitting herself just under his chin, her cheek warm from her exertions and the rest of her cold as ice from her walk.  Gooseflesh rippled all along her body at first contact.

She whimpered feeling the heat of him as his arms came around hers. He rubbed up and down, warning her as best he could. As he snaked his fingers down her arm, to her right wrist and then her palm he found her ring….his ring….their ring and firmly circled it with his own thumb and middle finger, moving it up and down slightly. She wasn’t wearing the other one.

“I never took it off.” It was important that he know.

He tilted her head up to his and kissed her hard, his hand clenched her fingers hard enough to make her shudder. She gave a soft cry of frustration then pushed him down. He landed on the cushion below.

“I miss my husband.” She whispered, crawling up into Jamie’s lap.

“Sassenach—” he whispered tucking a errant curl that had slipped free from her chignon back behind her ear.

“Shhh. I don’t want to talk about Mary.” She said kissing him as her arms wrapped around his bare shoulders. “or Geneva…or  Frank. Only you. Only me. Jamie and Claire.”

Jamie’s finger slowly stretched out toward Claire, toward his wife. He slowly, oh so slowly moved the delicate straps of her shift off one shoulder, then the other. The fabric slipped down a bit as he shifted her body closer. Her skin had warmed now but his hands were still hot as blazes where he touched her.

The delicate bones of her clavicle, the graceful lines of her neck slowly revealed themselves to him. Just as he remembered.

His lips placed a soft kiss just above her breast then made their way down the slope of her cleavage, fluttering over her heart.

Claire made a soft sound of need and he stared up into that face. She had tears in her eyes watching as his lips relearned her secrets.

“You came to me so often in my dreams.” He told her. “I have seen you just like this. Mo nighean donn, with your hair coming down and your breast like ivory.”

“Kiss me again.” She begged.

Then she sighed. “I had forgotten.” she admitted.

“What?” He whispered.


“What did you miss most?” He asked.

“Everything.” She repeated causing him to chuckle. “The feel of your arms, The beat of your heart. The strength of your body. I thought I might go mad for the wanting.” Claire’s body began to slowly move against him. He moaned. “What did you miss most?”

“This.” He choked out kissing her with new urgency. “The joy of knowing how to touch you, to be free in all that I say and do.”

He pulled her closer, wrapping his arms around her and gripping her backside firmly between his hands.

His breath fluttered against her neck as she ran her tongue along his shoulder. His roughed scraped against her forehead. She shivered at the sound of his voice in her ear.  She kissed his neck, his cheek, whirled her tongue near his earlobe, delicately clamping her teeth down. Her hands compulsively moved all along his back, his shoulders, her fingers running the bones of his spine.   

“Oh, you feel so good!”

How many times had she imagined the feel of his hands tangled in her hair, gripping her hard, making her ache just like this?  

He growled and pushed her slightly back.

“Take this off, Sassenach.” He told her as he helped her pull her shift up, baring her completely.

Then silence. Claire’s eyes flew to his face but he wore an expression she’d never seen before. Deeply uncomfortable, she moved her hands to cover herself.

“Jesus.” He whispered. His fingers came forward and he stroked her cheek so tenderly it made her heart squeeze tight.

“My God, how?” He asked.


“How is it that you are even more beautiful now than the first time I ever saw you?”

Claire pressed her body to his, rising up into position. That strong, fearless face whose fine details had been forgotten in the mists of time once more brought into sharp focus.

Tears welled in her eyes, too as a feeling of love came over her strong enough to steal her breath. He felt it, too.

“I need you.” A ferocious, buring want causing Jamie’s voice to sound hoarse.

“I want you inside me, Jamie, please.”

He made a panting sound as she moved and shifted. They both watched as he disappeared inside her and moaned at the sense of fulfillment that stole over them at their joining.

The heat and clutch, he’d forgotten altogether. She ground herself against his erection, and the pulse and the power of it long absent in her life.

Ah, but the the memory of how to move together came back to them at once as she rocked herself against him and his hands gripped her firmly, moving with her and her with him.

Everything they had been through led them to this moment. Neither one of them had been prepared for the utter devastation of being torn apart. Neither one of them had been prepared for the incandescent joy of coming together again.

At last. Just Claire and Jamie.

Prompt: None

Rating: M - brief sexual scenes and domestic violence 

Pairing: Kakashi x Reader

The first time it happened, he told you it was a mistake. That despite his close proximity to you where you felt his warm ranging breath on your skin, he had told you that it was a flinch of his hand.

A flinch of his hand that had landed you on your back against the floor, your cheek burning as you looked up at him. Fire raged within you and you contemplated attacking him. But you knew it wouldn’t be enough. You weren’t as strong as him, nor could you ever be. He was by far one of the strongest shinobi in the current village, and here he stood, towering over you like a hunter and it’s prey.

The second time it happened, you knew it was getting worse. When he would come home after a long mission, he would sneak you into bed, dropping a pill into your drink to relinquish you if all your chakra. You’d wake up the next morning feeling sore and achy. Only when he was satisfied with you did the hardships of his mission came out to hurt you. He would become hostile at every question proposed to him, throwing things until finally, you were on the other end of a blow.

And it kept happening.

By the time the fifth time had happened, it was at its worst. There were no more “accidents”, there were no more apologies afterwards, and there was certainly no more coddling of injuries in the days to come. No, this time he had meant it.

It wasn’t really your fault, but then again, you should have known better than to ask him if he would be staying for dinner that night after you had already cooked and he readied himself for leaving. You felt the rage within you, and you began throwing a fit, smashing glasses in the kitchen as you threw away the meal you had cooked.

Before you even noticed him behind you, you felt the hard wood of a nunchaku on your back. You cried out in pain, turning around to defend yourself but he backed you into a corner.

“Who the fuck do you think you are, eh?” He yelled, hitting your arm with the hard wood.

“Stop!” You slid your back down the wall of your tiny apartment, the spots where he had hit radiating pain to your head. You felt dizzy, unable to concentrate as he yelled at you.

“You marry me, and this is how you think you can act? Throwing things like a child? You damn whore.”

“Please!” You tried to get up, reaching for a kunai in your back pocket that wasn’t actually there. You didn’t wear your shinobi attire in the house- it made him feel inferior.

“Why don’t you go sleep with your friend over there! The son of that disgrace Sakumo!”

“You don’t even know him!” You stood up completely, striking a nerve as you faced him. He raised his hand, weapon poised as he registered your words.

“Oh,” he smiled ironically, “I knew you had a soft spot for him. I knew it. So how many times have you slept with him, [y/n]?”

The side of the wooden nunchaku came against your hip.


Again, it hit your arm. Tears streamed down your face.


You felt his foot in your stomach, pushing you up against the wall.

“I haven’t slept with him,” you tried to tell him.

“What was that?”

“I said, I haven’t slept with him!”

His lips curled into a disgusted grimace, “you’re a liar. I don’t know why I even married such a weak and pathetic woman. You can’t even defend yourself. Look at you, weeping in the corner like a child. You call yourself a shinobi of the Leaf?”

You couldn’t muster up the strength to fight him anymore. You felt your body ache from the painful blows, the feeling of weapons against your skin.

Finally, he gave you one last kick in the leg and left, dropping the nunchaku’s on the kitchen floor. You sat in the corner, weeping until you couldn’t feel anymore.

* * * * * * * 

You couldn’t tell anyone.

They would kill him. If you even mentioned it to Kakashi, a blade with be through your husbands chest before you could do anything about it.

You’re relationship with the copy-nin was awkward. The sexual tension could be cut with a knife, but the connection was much deeper than that. It has blossomed during one mission where you found yourself in his arms, bloodied and tired against his chest. He had talked you out of a panicked episode, and after that, you both felt something that wasn’t there before.

You hadn’t lied to your husband about sleeping with Kakashi. Yes, you had kissed him. Once. Or perhaps twice. Or maybe you were having an affair with him, if an affair didn’t include sleeping together. Not yet anyway.

It wasn’t as though you didn’t want to sleep with him, on the contrary, it was really all you thought about. It’s just that you weren’t ready to make yourself accept that your marriage wasn’t what it used to be. You weren’t ready to throw that all away, as you felt that your old husband was still under there, somewhere. But alas, now was not one of those times.

You had told Kakashi about the beatings once. His face burned with rage the moment you spoke the words, and you lied and told him that it was an accident and you would tell him if he ever did it again.

But you didn’t.

* * * * * * * 

It was three days after the last incident. Your body was beginning to heal itself, repairing the tissues that were damaged. This time, there was no apology for what he had done. And you wept everyday afterwards. You ached for Kakashi’s closeness. The relationship you had with him.

So you walked over to his house.

And sat on his couch with him, making sure to cover all your bruises and marks. Luckily, they weren’t on your face this time.

“I missed you,” you whispered to him.

“Is everything okay?” He asked, your knees touching as he tilted his head to see you.

“Yes,” you lied. “Just wanted to see you.”

A smile tugged at his lips from behind his mask. He leaned over, brushing them against yours for a brief moment. You lifted your hand, touching his face as if giving him permission to stay there. He looked down at you, the breath from his mouth tickling your skin. You exhaled as his eyes flickered back to your mouth.

Not a moment later, his lips were on yours, first gently and then more hungry. You wrapped your arms around his neck, your mind blank from the sudden heat. You pulled him closer, arching your back against his chest as he gripped your hips. He pulled away and a second later, you felt the refreshing feeling of his real lips on yours. You reached up, feeling his mask pooled around his neck as his arms snaked up your shirt.

“Is this okay?” He pulled away, breathless. You nodded your head, not even thinking as you crashed your lips back to his. Everything felt surreal. In just a moment, you had been sitting in his couch ready to confess to your beatings and now you were locked in his arms, completely forgetting it all. It didn’t even cross your fogged mind as you fished under his shirt, feeling his chiseled back under your finger tips. You felt your stomach twitch as his hand unhook your bra, his calloused touch trailing across your side until he reached your breast. You felt like the wind was knocked out of you and you moved your mouth away from his, his lips quickly pushing hot kisses to your neck.

You felt him pick you up, placing you on his hips before replacing you on your back. You whimpered as he pushed his hips against yours, rocking them against you and lighting a fire in your belly.

“Kashi-” you barely could breath as he held your breast in his hand, pushing you against his hips.

“Shh-” he managed before sitting you up and yanking your shirt off.

And then it stopped. Suddenly he pulled away.

His chest that was heaving with excitement suddenly deflated and his eyebrows came together. He looked at your arm. He looked at your side.

Embarrassed for being so careless, you quickly reached for your shirt.

“This was a mistake,” you told him. He stopped you, his eyes stern as he held your wrist.

“What is this?” He asked quietly.

“Nothing, just from a mission.”

Kakashi’s face began to redden with anger.

“Don’t lie to me, [y/n].”

You felt your chin quiver involuntarily as you avoided his eyes.

“Did he do this?” His voice was seething, “he hurt you again?”

“I’m sorry- I didn’t mean to -”

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

You felt a cry bubbling up in your chest. Your vision became blurry with tears.

“How many times has he done this to you?” Kakashi persisted, trying to meet your gaze.

“I don’t know,” you managed.

He took your arm gently in his hand, inspecting the deep bruise with a brush of his thumb.

“I’m sorry- I know what this looks like.”


“I am a weak woman- I could have defended myself. It’s not -”

“Don’t start with that bullshit,” he told you sternly, a finger pointed at you as he held your shoulder. “You are not a weak woman.”

You tried to catch you breath, feeling panic beginning to envelope you.

“Where else did he hit you?” He asked, trying to remain calm.

You shook your head, tears streaming from your lids.

“Tell me, please,[y/n]. I want to help you.”

“My back,” you whispered, looking away.

Carefully, he stood up, adjusting himself as he turned you around. The bruise on your back was the worst of them all, a solid purple mark directly in the middle with tiny veins surrounding it.

His teeth sunk into his knuckles, “bastard.”

“Kakashi, please-” you tried as quickly left the room. “What are you doing?”

“I’m gonna kill him,” he seethed.

“Kakashi!” You pleaded. “You can’t kill another Leaf shinobi! They’ll throw you in Hōzuki Castle!”

“You think it’s okay for him to get away with this?” Kakashi spat, pulling his mask back up.

“I don’t -”

“How many times has he done this to you?”

You looked away, “five.”

Kakashi closed his eyes, disgusted.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” He frowned, sitting back down. You began to weep, uncontrollable tears falling from your face. He wrapped his arms around you, aching himself.

“I’m sorry,” you tried.

“Don’t be sorry,” he whispered, trying to calm himself down as well. “I’ll make sure it won’t happen again.”

* * * * * * *

A week later, you signed divorce papers.

Despite it not being his job, Kakashi volunteered to hand deliver them to your soon to be ex-husband who was now recovering from being severely beaten by not just the silver haired copy-nin, but by quite a few other shinobi who had caught wind of the situation.

It was one thing to fight with a comrade, but it was another thing entirely to fight with a spouse and lay a hand on them

That was not tolerated. * * * * *

A/N: idk guys, i had this idea and it didn’t come out as good as I had hoped, but here it is. Im sorry I’m trash. I’m sorry if it’s corny. I guess I’m not entirely good at writing my own prompts.

I just like angst.

Crazy days & even crazier nights.

The last 10 days we’ve been traveling on this ladies trip. So all 6 of us are single as of recent. My husband well EX is a clown. We have managed to keep ties for the sake of business but soon as his creep ass fuck up wit his drinkn and gambling problem again IT’S ALL MINES!! By the way Im Key'sha. So the first night started great wit drinks music and fine ppl all around. I met Max a handsome Samoan whom I danced my ass off wit sweat dripn legs sore but my body wouldn’t stop moving.
Max fucked the soul out of me on that beach left a bite mark on my ass and grip marks on my thighs. Mmm lovely first night. Next morning I was finding sand in all my creases. Me and my girls get day two started we are going snorkeling and a yatch ride. My girl Val keep crying bout sorry ass E. E and Val were together since 10th grade and E was all she knew. I feel bad for her but she knew how he rocked from jump. They even had a third partner at one point so go figure he’d shit on her wit they sitter. Mika Shay Brea and Issa tho been turned so far.
The snorkeling was fun I got mad underwater pics and selfies. The boat ride was epic tho these Hawaiians party hard and a few Jamaicans on vacation too. Of course we change to hit the club and day two is going to end crazy cuz im feeling this fine dread head from Kingston Jamaica. I mean it’s vacation im single and HORNY. I eyed him then nudged my head to the right and walked off towards this lil cabana far off. His sexy ass walks up behind me all I felt was DICK on my back. I pushed back on him then told him to strip😜. Pure bliss brown glistening ass skin I had to lick him and lick I did. I sucked dick like the last super I was fuckn drunk as all hell. He gripped my waist sat me on dick and said “Work”. He didnt have to tell me twice , I bounced on dick then felt them pulsations I told him to paint me he busted all over.
I swear day three I stayed focused sight seeing and trying the local foods. Me Brea Mika and Issa. Val and Shay were doing some shopping I guess. As we go to grab drinks before we head to the hotel its been a long day We run into Max and his friends. Yes we ended up wit them drinkn and playing cards music blarring laffs and all of a sudden it starts pouring rain. We run to a bungalow right on the beach come to find out its Max’s home.
I jus strip my clothes were soaked then my bitches do the same next thing u know we all naked and just proceeded to partying. Max grabs my hand we go down some steps to a lil love nest he eats pussy so gentle and tongues my ass and sucks my pussy more non stop I done nutted in his mouth 6x no lie. He finally dozes off I head up to go piss and see the illest shit my bitch Mika and Brea were getn it slapn. Issa was fuckn his cuz Gary. I went pee grabd some wine and sat to watch from the corner. Brea was eatn Mikas pussy crazy all you heard was smackn slurping and Mika telln Brea to finger her ass harder. Im thinkn where did Allen and Paul go? So I go upstairs and low and behold Paul had his face barried in Allens ass tongue deep in it. I go all the way in and stand by the bed. Pauls nasty ass tells me to sit on Allens face and watch him tongue big hole. So I obliged and Allen goes to town moaning crazy loud on my pussy begging me to fuck his tongue.
When they started fuckn I went to check on Max who was up going thru tumblr lookn at naughty shit. I grabd dick jus to play with head on my lips lick balls kiss them. Then being the ball lover I am I go to work on them. Rubn them on face lips tongue then I let him in my juicy pussy wet from his and Allens naughty tongue action😝. He stroke like he love a bitch , all I kept saying was “damn” yes Max baby….
By the 7th day I done fucked 3 new men and my body count was at 5 dicks and 7 faces, aye fuck it!
Day 8 all of us went to this luau at the far end of Maui. I walked along the beach alone sat down to feel the waves hit my toes and thought about everything business kids my life and it dawned on me IMMA BOSS.. I never miss a beat. Meetings games recitals church choir and running the food bank this 10 day trip was needed.. I head back over to the luau and join my bitches. Vals neby ass had to ask Key you good? Im perfect Val. Love you bitch , love you too Val. We get the party lit Brea wit her twerkn habit Mika & Val slow grindn on couples, Shay wit dat tongue out and the whole bottle in hand Issa in the DJ’s face cuz back home in Atl “Dj Is” is 🔥🔥🔥 so she got tell every dj what to mix and how to mix it😂
I see Mr Jamaica lookn fine as usual I sit and await his approach. In my head im thinkn I am not fuckn him tonight Im not fuckn mr sexy im not fuckn his ass ugh Key bitch jus fuck him tonight! Lmao to myself he asks why you giggling Key? Mr Jamaica whats your name? He bust out laffn Key its Daddy. Shut up Im serious what’s your name? Derious. Well Derious do you wanna walk me to your room? Yes I do baby girl. We don’t make it out the elevator before he got my bikini bottom to the side playn wit my holes kissing me strong but gripn my neck so soft. We hit his floor and dart for that room cuz Mr D has my bottom in his mouth. I get in the room and turn on the shower and tell him to wash my pussy. I stare down at him wit lust all in my eyes as he cleans pussy and kiss thighs. I tell him to take it and Derious once again fucked me so raw and uncut. Hair pulling ass smackn floor action balcony I mean he tore up every hole in every inch of that hotel room. He had my pussy squirting from that ass stroking. His dick in my ass was warm and he kept pulln out putn his tongue in it omg I was melting. It was tasting time I put dat nut on my cheeks lips chin tongue and licked around my mouth clean.
Next morning he was just staring at me wit fruit and water for me. He says do you have to b wit ya bitches. Nah why? He jumps behind me and cuffs me up in spooning position. 2 more hours Key swear I have to hold you a lil longer. I woke up 4 hrs later he still sleep. I tap him, wake up. He says sit on him and we go in again I lick balls while he jerk dick then I was snoozing. I wake up its day 10 and I literally don’t wanna leave Derious.
We go to my suite and we all have a mid day orgy with Derious Frank and Shane with all of us

Sexual Tension - Bucky Barnes x Reader - Chapter 5

Originally posted by ohh-bloodyhell

Summary: (Y/N) transfers to a new university only to find out her new teacher is a hot jackass. Heated words are tossed back and forth but it ends up making them gravitate even closer.

Pairing: Professor!Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word count: 1.8k (ah it’s really short.)

Warning: it’s all fluff

A/N: The chapter I originally wrote was SUPER long so it’s split into two parts - the second part (this chapter) is small because of that reason.

Chapter 4

“What if someone sees us?”

You were sitting at ‘The Grind’ with your favorite professor. It was the day after you both had your date, making the day Saturday. Neither of you guys had plans so you went on a coffee date. It wasn’t the best place to go considering your best friend owned the place and would go out of her way to eavesdrop on your conversation but you both loved it more than any other local café. You both sat at a booth in the back of the building so that you could have some privacy, privacy as in not being noticed by someone you know.

“Don’t worry. If anyone sees us I’ll just say that you wanted to meet up to talk about the class. I’ve done it before, many teachers meet up with students to discuss things like that.” You flashed him a smile before drinking the rest of your coffee.

“You said you had no plans today, right?” Tonight was your day off, your day of no work and no school. Fortunately it was the same for him which made it a perfect day to hang out.

“Yeah, why do you want to do something?” He gave you his famous cheeky smile. Such a flirt.

“Don’t get cocky, Barnes. I was just wondering if you wanted to come to my place later. I was going to have a movie marathon and it’s still planned so you’re welcome to join me if you get lonely.” You teased him and gave him a reflection of the same smile he gave you moments before.

“Me? Lonely? Yeah, yeah. You’re just lucky I’m free tonight because otherwise I would have turned that deal down. But yeah, I wouldn’t mind.” His forehead wrinkled when he lifted up his eyebrows and you snickered.

“Good, it’ll be starting around 8 so don’t be late.” His hand balanced over yours and the warmth from his touch filled your body. A heartwarming smile flashed across his face. His smile was contagious so naturally you smiled back.

“Wouldn’t miss it for the world.”


You were fixing up your apartment so your guest wouldn’t feel clustered, or think that you were a pig. Everything was nice and fine by the time the clock hit 7:30. Thanking god internally for giving you a few moments to make sure you didn’t look like you just woke up from winter hibernation before he got here.

Knowing it would be a night of comfort and comfort only, you slid on some sweats and a regular long sleeve black Henley with the buttons undone. You let your natural hair flow beside your shoulders while you carried some extra blankets to your couch. By the time you finished getting the snacks, pillows and your favorite movie franchise, there was a knock at the door.

Opening the door, you eyed him down with a smile. He was wearing regular joggers and a sweatshirt. He held a bag of food and a bouquet of flowers. His shoulders shrugged before holding the flowers out to you.

“Always the gentlemen, huh, James?” Your heart fluttered as you accepted the roses and opened the door to let him come in.

“I can be anything for you, doll.” You giggled. Leading him into the living room, you set your gift on the counter before grabbing his hand and pulling him to the couch with you.

“You never mentioned what movies we were watching, you know.” He plopped down next to you before you shoved a collections of movies into his face. His eyes automatically lit up when he read the names.

“I bet you don’t regret coming over now. X-Men is the best franchise there is!” You winked before getting up to put in the first movie. “I would never regret anything as long as it involves you and I, you know that right?”

Standing up with red forming over your cheeks. “Such a sweetheart.”

You went to go sit next to him but he shifted over to where you sat on him instead.

“God James, every time!” Laughing and throwing your head back to lay onto his shoulder, his arms snaked around your waist.

“What? Don’t want me to hug you? If you just said so I would have stopped.” His eyebrow raised.

“N-No! I’d rather be here than anywhere.” Turning your body to look up to him, you wanted to kiss him right then and there. The last time you both kissed was the night where he apologized. You tilted your face forward his before planting your lips onto his. His grip on your body shifting your position to give him a better angle to kiss back. His arm pulled your chest towards his and his other stayed steady on your thigh. His tongue guided its way through your mouth while yours fought back.

You both smiled in the kiss before pulling away. Your noses touched and your body’s were panting, begging for air.

“Payback?” You laughed while still gasping for air while he eyed you down. His teeth shined through his lips.

“If that’s your way of payback…” His eyes widened, he shook his head with a small laugh.

You laid your back against his front and watched the flashing screen in front of you. After a while of being wrapped up in his arms and a mountains of blankets, your favorite actor came on screen. Your eyes practically lit up at the sight of Professor X. You grabbed a bowl of sweets in front of you and shoved some into your mouth.

“Oh god, the things I’d do James McAvoy.” You spoke with food still in your mouth while stared at the blue eyed god on screen in admiration.

“Got a thing for the bald guy in a wheelchair, huh?” He chuckled to himself and received a glare.

“He isn’t bald or in a wheelchair yet! I mean he’s still absolutely drop dead gorgeous before and after but-”

“If I shaved my hair and broke my legs would you look at me the same way you look at him?” You couldn’t help at smile at how desperate he was sounding, you knew it was a joke but it was hilarious.

“Trust me, the look I give him and the look I give you are two completely different things.” You tried to shut him up by stuffing pieces of candy into his face but it didn’t exactly work.

“How so?” A spark lit into his eyes while he chewed the candy.

“He is just a gorgeous man, you my friend are not only gorgeous but you hold a special place in my heart. Like an inch above McAvoy.”

“Well you did call me hot the very first day we met, I guess you just have a thing for guys names James.”

You let out a loud laugh before grabbing his hand and cuddling closer to your personal teddy bear. “Better watch out for anyone named James because they just might snatch me away, huh?”

The movie soon ended and you both watched X2. By the time it finished your whole body ached from sitting in the same spot for hours. You stood up and stretched your body before pulling his arm. He stood up and would have knocked you over if he hadn’t had both of his arms gripped onto your back. His lips gave yours a small kiss before pulling away and smiling at you.

“Do you really have to go?” You pleaded for him with your eyes.

“Well, it is 3am.” He looked at the digital clock on the wall before focusing his gaze back at you.

“Tonight was fun, thank you for spending time with me.” You wrapped your arms around him and gave him a tight hug.

You both said your goodbyes and maybe a few minutes of smooching but eventually he had to leave and he made his way to his car. Walking into the living room to clean up the leftover food in the room and placing your new flowers into a vase of water. After a few minutes you heard a light tap at your door.

“What now?” You laughed to yourself before unlocking your door and opening it to the same man who claimed he was going home. “Long time no see, handsome.”

“My car won’t start and it’s too early for any of my friends to come give me a jump.” He ran his hands through his hair in frustration.

“Don’t worry, you can just stay over.” Your hands grabbed his before pulling him into your apartment for the second time that night. He didn’t object and walked in. You finished cleaning up the few things you missed before grabbing the pillows from the couch and throwing them onto your bed.

“I can sleep on the couch if you want.” His arm scratched the back of his neck.

“If you didn’t want to sleep with me you should have just said so. You’re my guest, sleep on my bed.”

“I never said I didn’t want to sleep with you it’s just I didn’t know if you were comfortable with it.”

“We literally just sat on my couch like we were duct taped together. Just take my bed!”

“I can’t just kick you out of your own bed! I’ll take the couch.”

“No you’re not.”

“Yes I am.”

“No you’re not!”

“Yes I am!”

“I’m not letting you!”

“Like you can stop me.” He lifted up his arm and flexed it to show his muscles.

“Oh shut up! Fine. You know I have nightmares anyways and I usually have Nat stay over and sleep with her because they’re not that bad when I’m cuddling with someone. Now, I realize we’re technically not on that level to be sleeping in the same bed together but we kinda just did that like not even 10 minutes ago except we were awake watching a movie and you won’t take the bed and I’m not letting you take the couch and since you’re here, I mean, we might as well share the bed and honestly I’m just really scared to go to sleep alone so…” Your throat stung by the lack of oxygen. You took a huge breath before placing your hand over your eyes.

“God I just embarrassed the hell out of myself, didn’t I?”

You let your hand fall from your face only to see that he had the biggest smile on his face. “Oh, this is funny to you, huh?”

“You’re cute when you panic.”

“Wow that’s a first.”

You rolled your eyes before pulling him towards your bed and laying down onto it. You scooted over to where you could lay on his chest before pulling the blanket over you both and turning the night-stand light off. Your heart beat was still fast from your small rant earlier but soon slowed down when you heard his own beat through his chest. Your mind wondered as you thought about his car and how it broke down. It must have been some mistake, he just got that car not even a month ago. Then it hit you.

“Your car didn’t break down, did it?”



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See You Again - Final Part

Characters: tom holland x reader 

Notes: No smut but it does get somewhat heated… this has been my favorite imagine so far and it really makes me so happy that you guys have been enjoying it. I listened to so many songs when writing this and so I wanted to share them all with you to listen to, if you want.

Songs: Pieces - Andrew Belle / She Whispers - Moda Spira / Nitesky - Robot Koch / Weather - Novo Amor / Spoke The Words - Mahama / Fallingforyou - The 1975 / Only You - Selena Gomez / Draw Your Swords - Angus & Julia Stone

The songs above are also on my Tom Imagines playlist.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3


Y/N’s POV:

“This is my favorite time of the day,” you point out.

You’re walking hand in hand with Tom again. After the surprise visit to what turned out to be an interactive museum, you both headed out for dinner. You went back and forth over pizza and spaghetti about who lost the game. You pointed out that since you loved the object he picked out for you more, then you should pay. He brought up the fact since he let you choose where to go for dinner, he should pay. You both finally compromised and split the check in half.

Then he offered to walk you home and so now here you are, holding hands once again. You glance down at your joined hands and smile to yourself.

“Why is it your favorite time of day?”

“Because although there’s no sunlight, there is still some form of daylight going on. But at the same time, darkness is combined with it. Basically it’s not day nor night, it’s in between,” you ramble on.

You turn to look at him and he’s smiling a genuine smile. He actually enjoys talking to you and isn’t afraid to let you know.

It’s only been a couple of hours but it’s been the best couple of hours you’ve had in a long time and it was with him. Out of all people, he’s the one who was sitting in the same coffee-house and it was him who found your writing.

“It’s this one right here,” you point out the building where you live.

You suddenly feel sadness grow in your chest at the thought that the goodbye was finally here and you really didn’t know when you’ll see him again.

Your favorite time of day was gone, night completely covering the city. The lightposts standing in front of the buildings now illuminated the sidewalk below. You watch as Tom steps forward to one of them and then follow. You hold onto the pole and he does the same, standing on the other side. Your bodies are close, practically pressed onto one another but the post gives you a small distance. It’s then that you notice how tall he actually is. Standing this close to him, you almost have to tilt your head back to get a good look at his face. He has his head resting on the pole but his eyes stay glued on yours.

Neither of you say anything for a moment and it’s a comfortable silence.

“What are you going to do once I leave?” He asks.

“Cry,” you say immediately and you both laugh together.

“Yeah, I’ll most likely cry too.”

“Do you know when you’ll be back in New York?”

He lets out a big sigh, a puff of smoke billowing from his lips from the chill that has fallen on the city. “I can’t tell you exactly when. I have a full year ahead of me with nothing but filming and press, so,” he shrugs.

You nod, understanding. “Are you excited?”

“Stoked, yeah,” he chuckles and you can just see the shine that flashes across his eyes. “I love my job.”

You fall into silence again, both of you avoiding the inevitable… saying goodbye. Instead, you start to think about why you nor him have ever brought up the idea of exchanging phone numbers. You knew that from your part, you didn’t want to be someone to hold him back. He’s an actor and actors meet many many women and you weren’t sure you wanted to put yourself through that.

But then again, what were you doing right now? What have you been doing for the past several days?

“I hope you don’t forget me, though,” he says and he almost sounds nervous?

“That’s impossible,” you shake your head, laughing softly.

“Oh? Why?” He has a playful smirk on his lips.

“How can I forget your perfectly crooked nose?” You begin and touch the tip of his nose which he scrunches in such an adorable way. “Or the fact that you get wrinkles on your eyes when you’re really happy, like right now,” you use your fingers to smooth them out. His eyes relax under your touch and his stare has turned serious. “There’s also that eyebrow of yours. It makes me want to fix it but then it doesn’t because it fits you,” you run your thumb over his eyebrow. “And then there’s that perfect hair that makes me jealous that mine’s not like it.” You take the risk and run your fingers through his hair and just like you suspected, it’s soft and silky. “But my favorite thing is this,” you drop your hand down to his chest and his heartbeat literally accelerates under your hand. You even feel the chain he has hidden underneath. “I’m going to miss this the most because never have I met someone who was paid so much attention to me. Who is thoughtful and selfless and shows so much joy, it’s nearly contagious.”

You’re staring at your hand on his chest and are almost afraid to look up at him but you do. The expression his face shows is vague.

“How did you do that?”

“Do what?” You whisper tentatively.

“How did you just make me fall in love with you?”

Air completely escapes your lungs and you start feeling faint so your body leans onto him. You forget everything- your worries about how this will affect you once he’s gone- and just reach for the back of his neck and pull him towards you.

His hands reach for your waist and then your lips meet. He kisses you softly and slowly, you breathe him in and try to keep your head in between your shoulders.

The moment makes you almost emotional because you know that once you separate, there’s no turning back. So you continue to kiss, completely oblivious to the people staring who walk past, to the cars that woosh past and even the light drizzle that starts to fall from the sky.

You begin to feel lightheaded and he seems to feel the same way because he pulls back but only slightly. Your breathing collides with his in big clouds of warmth. He leans his forehead onto yours, his eyes still closed.

“Tell me to stay,” he whispers against your lips.

Should you? What will happen if you do?

“Stay,” you whisper back.

He open his eyes, surprised. Then a hit of a smile flashes at the corner of his lips but not before his mouth is on yours once more.

The next moments become a blur; a hot and heavy blur. You remember scrambling towards the door and unlocking it while still trying to kiss Tom and every time you looked away, he would kiss your cheek, your neck, your forehead. Your remember trying to climb the stairs, tripping and laughing against his lips as he held you up. You were lucky that your place was on the second floor before one of you ended up hurt.

You open the door to your place and he actually pulls away to look around, his arms still wrapped around you.

“What?” You ask breathlessly.

“It’s just exactly how I imagined it,” he mutters.

You look around and see the same mess you see everyday; papers all over the floor and a mess of a bookshelf with stacks and stacks of books.

You raise an eyebrow at Tom and he just chuckles before leaning down and pressing his lips on yours once more. His hands are on your jacket and then he’s pushing it off your shoulders until you hear it fall softly on the floor.

You kiss and walk simultaneously until you reach your bedroom. You don’t know what’s happening but then you do and you don’t have the will to stop it because honestly, you don’t want to.

You reach for the bottom of his shirt and pull it up. You stop kissing for a second to lift his shirt over his head. He flings it off his arms and then immediately comes towards you. The kiss is intense now, more heated, more frantic, neither of you getting enough.

He’s shirtless now and you find that he’s so warm despite the cold from outside. Your fingers are in his hair and it’s damp from the rain outside. Your room is dark, the streetlight from outside being the only light coming in from your window.

He steps back and looks at you, really looks at you. He steps forward, his eyes looking deeply into yours, and you feel his hands reach for your shirt. He doesn’t move, asking for permission. You nod and he begins to pull it up and over your head. You stand there, in a bra and leggings.

Your silhouettes stand out from the gleam of your window. He wraps his arms around you, hugging you tightly to him and then begins to kiss you once more. You take the lead and step back in the direction of your bed and he follows along. When the back of your knees meet your mattress, you fall back, him with you, not allowing any space in between your bodies whatsoever.



An annoying buzz makes me stir in my sleep. I groan and pull her closer to me.

There it goes again.

“For fuck’s sake,” I mutter and sit up slowly, making sure not to wake her. I look around until I spot my pants on the floor, the glow of my phone shining through the material.

I slide off the bed and retrieve my pants, pulling my phone out. Harrison.

“What’s up?” I murmur.

“I don’t mean to be a dick, mate, but our flight got rescheduled for an earlier time. We’re leaving in two hours. You gotta get here quick.”

“Fuck,” I spit out and turn to look at Y/n, who’s sound asleep. “I’ll be there soon.”

I hang up and start to pull my boxers and pants on. I walk towards her side of the bed and kneel down so I could look at her closely. She’s laying face down; the covers only covering her from the waist down, her beautiful back exposed to me.

I reach out and draw my initials softly on her shoulders. She stirs and a small smile appears on her lips but she remains asleep. Her hair is a beautiful mess that rests against her back. “I’ll be back soon, love. Tonight made me sure of that.”

I lean forward and kiss her gently on the lips and then again on her forehead. I stand up and get the rest of my clothes, putting them on as I step out of her room. I find my shoes and jacket and place them on as well. I make sure I have everything and am about to leave her apartment when her handbag catches my attention.

Her journal.

I go towards it and take out her journal and hold onto it tightly as I open the door, go down the stairs I vaguely remember taking, and then out into the early brisk morning. I turn around and face the building that houses the woman who has potentially changed my life.

I squeeze her journal in my hand and then haul a taxi.


“Flight 265 will be delayed 20 minutes. Please make sure your seats are up and you have your seatbelt on. Our flight to London will be a long one so get comfortable and remember that we have menus in the pocket of the seat in front of you for your convenience. Thank you for joining us today and I hope you enjoy our flight with us.”

I lean my head back and relax into my seat/bed, waiting for the plane to take off.

“You’re really not going to tell me what happened?” Harrison asks from the seat beside me.

“I already told you,” I start, throwing him a wrapper from a bar I had eaten just a few minutes ago, “I spent the night and we fell asleep.”

“Mhmm,” he replied with a cheeky grin.

“Oh fuck off. I’m exhausted,” I tell him.

“I wonder why.”

At that, I actually laugh but he lets it go. I close my seat area to get some privacy.

I pull out her journal from my bag and run my fingers over the cover. I fucking miss her already.

I start to read her words and it gives me so much insight to who she is as a person and as a writer. How can so much creativity live in a person? She gave me this, trusting me to get to know her mind.

I flip through the pages until I see my name pop up. I smile when I read about our first encounter and how the tone of her writing changes at the mention of my name. She sounds excited, nervous, happy. Exactly how I felt upon meeting her.

I reach the final pages and the words turn into a letter. I sit up straighter in my seat and start to read…

Hi Tom,
I don’t know when you’ll finally read this. You might even forget about this journal altogether but anyway.
Do you believe in fate or destiny? I honestly didn’t… until I met you. I always believed that things happened for a reason. But what exactly happened that drew you to the coffee-house that afternoon? The afternoon when you found the writings of some of deep personal thoughts? What drew you to gain insight of my head?
I still don’t know the answers to these questions and I really don’t care because they all led me to meeting you.
To finally meeting you.
Tom, I haven’t been quite honest with you.
I know who you are. I’ve known for a while now.
I hope this doesn’t paint me as a stalker or even like some sort of crazy fan because even though I am a fan, I’m a fan because of the genuine person you are.
I didn’t tell you the truth because I was afraid that you’d immediately shut me out. Here you were, standing in front of me with such wonder and curiosity about me… I didn’t want to burn that out.
And maybe it was selfish of me and you probably will distaste me after this.
I also felt like maybe you just wanted to be treated as a person for once and not just a celebrity.
I’ve always loved you but from just getting to talk to you for hours, I think I’ve fallen in love with you.
I don’t think I’ll ever be this infatuated with anyone else.
I guess I’m letting it all out here because I don’t know when I’ll see you again and maybe you won’t even want to see me again.
Just know that if you do ever do want to see me again, you’ll know where to find me.

- Y/N

My mind is racing, my heart almost wanting to burst from my chest.

Why would she ever think that the truth would erase her from my mind? I start to think about last night, me confessing how I felt about her. I fell for her and I would have fallen for her despite if she knew me or not.

I recall the intense moments from last night and the constant muttering of ‘I love you’ between our breaths.

She loves me too.

I put her journal back into my bag and take off my seatbelt. I stand up and reach up to the overhead compartment and pull out my backpack.

“Dude?” I hear Harrison say.

“Sir, please get back in your seat. You can get your belongings once we take off,” says some lady.

“No,” I respond to them both. “I’m getting off.”

“Sir, please sit down,” the lady says again more firmly.

I strap on my backpack and start to head down the aisle. Another flight attendant steps in my way, holding his hands up. “Sir, we’re asking nicely-”

“And I’m saying to get the fuck out of my way. I’m getting off this plane!”

He slowly steps aside and lets me by. I practically sprint out of the plane and down the cabinet and into the terminal. I haul ass until I find the nearest exit and call over a taxi.

“Coffee house on 5th! Fast!” I shout at the driver.

I pull out her journal and read her letter over and over, reassuring myself that I’m doing the right thing.

I look out the window and just start laughing, tears forming in my eyes.

I’m going to see her again.

All I Got

Hey y'all! I was in my feels and wrote a Calum thing about dysfunctional Calum and y/n arguing about their failed relationship. Hope y'all like it!

P.S. I didn’t edit this at all really so if the grammar or anything is bad sorry lmao 

Warnings: language I guess 

Word Count: 2,198


Time does not heal.

It’s been 4 months and I’m still not completely over him. Every time I see him tweet or post a photo on Instagram or see concert photos of him it sends a twist of pain straight to my heart. He was my world, my everything. To me, the sun didn’t burn without him and the stars sure as hell didn’t shine as bright as they used to.

I hated that my happiness depended so much on him. I didn’t want it to be that way. I didn’t want to ever rely on someone else to provide my stability for me, but when you live through a love that was as hard hitting and soul crushing as ours was, it’d be hard for anyone to not depend on one another afterwards.

Keep reading