i miss his blonde hair ;~~;

  • 911: Hi what's your emergeny?
  • Me: Hi I'd like to report someone missing. Yes. His name is Even Bech Næsheim. He is 19 years old. He has blond hair and these amazing oceanic blue eyes and extremely pretty face. He is studying in Hartvig Nissen Videregående 3STB in Oslo. He is not answering Isak Valtersen's text since 15:31. I'm starting to worry. Can you please send someone to his house??? Because you know he and Isak are soulmates and they have to get back together immediately and now he is not answering his phone and I'm freaking out here. Thank you :))))

Platinum Blonde is tall, tanned, lovely, and in her late thirties or forties—it’s difficult to tell. She’s wearing the same uniform as Greta, but in black. She looks stunning. Her hair
shines like a halo, cut in sharp bob. As she turns, she catches sight of Christian and smiles at him, a dazzling smile of warm recognition.
“Excuse me,” Christian mumbles hurriedly.
He strides quickly through the salon, past the hair stylists all in white, past the apprentices at the sinks, and over to her, too far away for me to hear their conversation. Platinum Blonde greets him with obvious affection, kissing both his cheeks, her hands resting on his upper arms, and they talk animatedly together.
“Miss Steele?”
Greta the receptionist is trying to get my attention.
“Hang on a moment, please.” I watch Christian, fascinated.
Platinum Blonde turns and looks at me, and gives me the same dazzling smile, as if she knows me. I smile politely back.
Christian looks upset about something. He’s reasoning with her, and she’s acquiescing, holding her hands up and smiling at him. He’s smiling at her—clearly they know each other well. Perhaps they’ve worked together for a long time? Maybe she runs the place; after all, she has a certain look of authority.

Then it hits me like a wrecking ball, and I know, deep down in my gut on a visceral level, I know who it is. It’s her. Stunning, older, beautiful.

It’s Mrs. Robinson.

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That fic of Rose and her jobs was so cute! I think there's something missing. One chilly November day, as Rose is trying to make a perfect pink carnation for a thank you party, a man enters the bakery. Rose notices his blonde curly hair, a scar on his upper lip, and his dark red suit with a brown coat with fur on the collar. You're welcome. ;)

(Modern AU Rose and her jobs, in case people are wondering.)


Deep in the delicate work of creating the last of the perfect pink carnations required for the Thank You cake Mr. Tethras had ordered, Rose didn’t look up when the cheery little chime over the door announced a new customer. She called out a hello, however, and followed it with a polite, “Be right with you!”

When the last petal had been wriggled into place and the cake returned to the cooler to set, Rose dashed bits of icing from her hands against the front of her apron and stepped up to the counter.

“Hello,” she repeated. “Can I help–oh. I–I’ve seen you on the news.”

The man turned away from his perusal of her display with a faint grimace that creased the scar at the corner of his mouth. He had a nice mouth; the scar only drew attention to the kind of lips that practically begged for kissing. If kissing were on the agenda. Which it wasn’t. She forced herself to look away from them before he could catch her staring.

Raindrops clung to his fur-trimmed coat and the wind had disheveled what had obviously once been neatly coiffed hair, leaving his blonde curls in charming–but, she thought, likely unintentional–disarray.

When he didn’t immediately reply, Rose shrugged helplessly. “Pretend I didn’t say that. Your secret’s safe with me, um, sir.”

“Anything but sir, please,” he said, in the kind of voice that put her in mind of spiced cake and cream cheese frosting with maybe just a hint of something unexpected. Candied orange, maybe. Or hazelnuts. A whiff of brandy. Delicious. “It’s just Cullen, Miss, uh–”

“Just Rose,” she said, tapping at the breast of her apron only to realize she wasn’t actually wearing her name tag. A faint flush heated her cheeks. “Sorry. Normally it would say ‘Rose’ there. It’s been a morning.”

He chuckled. “For me as well.”

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Elisa kicking off her heels, her energy drained, her head still spinning. Numbers. Blocks of code. Endless tags and forward slashes. She tries to shake it off, remind herself she’s home. But her mind drifts back. She hates leaving projects undone.

Suddenly, she hears a scream. A light, joyous, excited scream. The pitter patter of tiny feet rattles through the floor. Then, the little screamer appears at the doorway, flashing wide blue eyes and the biggest smile that plumps his chubby cheeks.

Her mind clears immediately.

“How’s my baby boy?” she says, sweeping him into her arms. She kisses his soft blonde hair as he buries his head into her shoulder.

“I missed you, Mommy,” he says.

“I missed you, too,” Elisa replies, relishing the embrace. She picks him up as she stands, setting him at her hip.

And in enters her prince, dressed in his royal garb of Batman pajamas and a cardigan. He adjusts his glasses with one hand, while balancing their infant with the other.

Hand now free, he pulls her in and plants a hard kiss on her cheek. Laughing, Elisa gives one last kiss to the baby in his arms.

“I ordered Indian food,” her husband says, his voice tinged with obvious excitement. And hunger.

“I am not surprised,” Elisa laughs, making her way to the kitchen.

Setting her older son in his high chair, as her husband sets their younger son in his, she exhales.

“How was your day?” her husband asks, flipping open a to-go box of warm chicken, still steaming. Unreasonably spicy, just how he likes it.

“Exhausting,” Elisa replies, taking a seat. “And yours?”

“It was good,” he says, scooping an extra large helping of rice onto his plate. “Kids slept for a couple hours so I got to work on that Disney thing. I’m excited how it’s turning out.”

Elisa spins a spoon around her son’s bowl of rice, blowing it before setting it on his tray. Her younger son busy with a bottle, she reaches for the chicken and scoops some to her plate. She glances at her husband, who’s looking on blissfully at the meal set before him.

“Patrick,” she says softly, “do you miss touring?”

“Hmm?” he reacts, caught off-guard.

“Do you miss it?” she continues. “Traveling, playing music, being with the guys…”

She pauses.

“Being a ‘rockstar’?”

Patrick smirks. He looks at her, his soft blue eyes aligning with her browns. He touches her hand.

“I’ve never been happier than how I am now,” he says.

Elisa looks away, blinking quickly. She hates getting emotional.

She could tell when he’s lying. He wasn’t this time.

She rolls her eyes. “Why do you always have to be so ‘sweet’?”

“I dunno,” he says. “Considering I eat so much spicy food.” He laughs. “Haha, that’s you!”

Elisa shakes her head. Back to normal.

Street Racer!Jimin

Now it is time for the first half of the Busan line, an absolute angel who is looking s o nice like he’s always looked nicE but just when you think he’s hit the peak, he’s just like jk haha like did you see the pics from GDA that was some good shit, Park Jimin aka chim chim

  • Starting off with visuals bc he’s a literal model
  • Orange!chim bc I saw this gif set the other day of orange!chim and how it’s the best hair color on him and I was just sold
  • I mean blonde!chim is looking really fucking good too like I mentioned before GDA pics were literal gold but I gotta stay loyal to orange!chim it was just so perfect and beautiful and I miss it (but I’m also super content with blonde!chim)
  • Also I just wanna add in that all black clothing!chim is one of my favorites so he’s forever in black jeans that make his thighs do the thing where they’re really muscular and ni CE
  • Okay so I’m gonna throw in some bad boy!chim (here) just for the hell of it I love bad boy!chim
  • So for everyone that hasn’t read the original post, I’ll sum the visual side of it
  • He’s got a lip piercing (probably spider bites) an eyebrow piercing and he’s got a couple tattoos, his main ones are the Mama 2014 tattoos where he had the album name on his side and then never mind on the other (my mind is still blown that it was so planned out fuck me up bighit)
  • On top of those tattoos, he has the tattoo that all of the other members have, a “B” to represent the group Bangtan
  • His “B” is on his wrist, on the side of his right hand
  • He chose that spot bc it’s pretty easy to cover up, just put on a couple of bracelets and no one can even tell but also bc it’s pretty easy to show off
  • When he’s racing, he makes sure his arm is in view so everyone can see it as he drives by
  • Okay but we all know that Jimin and chim are basically two different people, when Jimin’s off stage he’s just a shy lil bub that giggles and just wants affection from all the people but on stage he’s ripping shit off he’s growling he’s doing the hair thing he basically goes into attack mode
  • And I think the exact same thing would happen for street racer!chim
  • Like he walks in with his all black clothing and all of his tattoos are hidden and he’s just giggling and talking to everyone Tae introduces him to and everyone’s cooing at him
  • Everyone automatically assumes he’s either there for a friend or it’s his first time there bc he’s just so smol and cute and not the typical racer but then they also see that he’s in the same group as Yoongi and Jungkook and Namjoon and it’s just oh shit
  • They don’t realize it until they’re up against Jimin and Yoongi goes over to tell him about the course and it’s just like one of those oh s hiT moments bc they know they’re about to lose
  • Head canon time but he’s a lil bit of a flirt when he’s racing (no one realizes that he’s only flirting with you from afar)
  • Like when he wins a race, he always winks at someone you and he’ll give a lil smirk to someone in the crowd before a race like he just gets that confidence boost chim gets when he’s in his zone 
  • Jimin is a pretty versatile racer but his specialty is just being really fucking fast he’s the racer that you never get ahead of
  • You know how when BTS were in those idol races and Jungkook started running and literally slows down bc the gap between him and the others is so huge, that’s street racer!Jimin
  • You can pretty much put Jimin in any type of race, short distance long distance, he’ll win 99% of the time
  • He’s only ever had a few losses and those were when he was starting out
  • But that’s quickly a thing of the past bc those were just test races so Yoongi could see what type of racer chim would be so that he can help him out
  • Yoongi gets Tae and Jungkook to race against chim bc they’re the fastest racers and that’s when yoon sees the potential bc if beginner!chim can get that close to beating them, he’s got some talent
  • Okay but head canon that he and Tae are forever racing against each other
  • “If I win, you have to do the laundry for a month”
  • “Emphasis on that ‘if’”
  • “Fight me”
  • Jimin and you have been together for years so you’re there to see the boys training him and you get to see him go from a total beginner who couldn’t even drive in a straight line at that speed to a badass racer that’s just a beast
  • You already know that chim has a less than innocent side to him so it doesn’t really surprise you when he tells you what he’s gotten himself into and tbh you’re just glad he’s got the boys around him to keep him safe
  • Like you never have to worry about him bc if any of the boys thought for a second he could get hurt, they’ll stop him
  • You go to every race to support him and sometimes you’ll even join him in his car
  • “What’s this button do?”
  • “It’s for the radio I told you this car doesn’t have any cool buttons, it’s a normal car that just speeds up quickly”
  • “But what’s that one”
  • “The heater”
  • “So you’re saying if I push it we don’t get a sudden burst of speed”
  • “I’m saying if you push it, you’ll get warm” 
  • “Awesome”

// seventeen + colors aesthetic (7/13)

// s.coups | jeonghan | joshua | jun | hoshi | wonwoo | woozi | dk | mingyu | the8 | seungkwan | vernon | dino |

// lemonade + persian blue

// “You know, I kind of miss your pink hair.” Jihoon turned to look at you with a raised eyebrow, an amused smile on his face. “Really?” You nodded, laughing. “Yeah. It’s my favorite hair color on you besides blonde. I think… I think it really fit you.” He laughed, going back to the song he was working on, and you only watched Jihoon with a small smile. His lips tinted a light pink, his cheeks brushed with the slightest shade of rose. His heart was a salmon shade, and his love a hot fuscia. And you’d never be able to get over it.

one shot Drarry fluff

    Exhausted, bleary eyed, and with muscles feeling heavy, Harry Potter entered his apartment. He threw down his ratty duffle bag on the couch, shortly followed by his body. Just as he started closing his eyes, he heard footsteps and looked up. There he was, just like an angel.

    Draco Malfoy was standing there, unbelievably blond and with his usually perfect hair adorably tousled. It was like time stopped as Harry took him in – every detail from the way his pajama pants hung off his hip bones and wrinkled at the ankle, to how his eyes were a little too wide when he just woke up, and to how he was wearing an old Hogwarts t-shirt.

    “Hey,” the little dragon boy said, breaking the silence. Harry smirked and opened his arms wide. Draco walked over and nearly fell onto his boyfriend’s lap. “I missed you,” he mumbled into Harry’s chest.

    “I missed you too,” Harry said. He then felt Draco’s back get stiff – a sure sign that he was worried about something. Harry pulled his shoulders back and looked him in his eyes. Startled, Draco looked away from the depths of green.

    Something that has always bothered Draco was how vulnerable Harry made him feel. Draco, the boy who grew up burying his feelings, burying his sexuality, and being chastised for speaking out was not used to being intruded on, or expected to share his feelings. Reservation was his best friend, and suddenly there’s this absolute speckly git that sees right through him. There’s this impossibly cute boy with messy dark hair that smirks at him and makes his legs go numb. Harry stomped out all of his insecurities and Draco doesn’t even have to open his mouth for Harry to know something is off, he just knows.

   “I can’t sleep well when you work late… I can’t really sleep at all. What if something happens?” Draco delivered his lines through gritted teeth. It was his way of keeping a brave front even when he had to talk about how scared he was every time his boyfriend went out late at night to attack dark wizards. Harry grabbed his hand and smoothed his thumb across his knuckles.

    “Draco I’m fine. I always will be, nothing is gonna happen.” Draco said nothing. Harry knew he was calculating his response. That’s one of their many differences –  Harry blurts out things and Draco is measured.

    Finally, he reacted. Draco smiled half-heartedly at Harry, as he decided that there was nothing to do about his dilemma. At the moment, it wasn’t worth an altercation, because in this moment Draco was too happy to have him back to waste any of it with his worries. Besides, Harry didn’t deserve the burden of guilt from Draco. But obviously, Harry knew he wasn’t happy, he knew that Draco resolved to burying the problem out of habit.

   “Come on,” Harry said guiding Draco off of him and standing up. “I’ve got something for us to do to take our minds off of it.”

   “Really, Potter?” Draco started. “I don’t really want to -”

    “No!” Harry cut him off with a suddenly aware expression. “Not sex, Draco! Just follow me.” And the boy who lived turned without another word, arrogantly sure that his little dragon boy would follow. Draco pursed his lips and planted his feet, attempting to keep Harry’s implicit persuasion at bay, but by the time he rounded the corner Draco was following him.

    They walked throughout the small flat with Draco murmuring something about how he’s a Malfoy and that git can’t tell him what to do and he doesn’t really get worried sick when Harry works late as an auror and that awful Harry Potter getting his way and being bossy ever since first year. He was so involved in his brooding that he nearly walked into Harry. When he looked to see where they were he realized that Harry led him to their balcony.

    “Come on,” Harry said, “We’re going to look at the stars.” The two of them walked out there and sat down in the lawn chairs that reside on the balcony year round. Part of the reason Draco chose this particular location for them to live despite the enormous rent was because it was recluse. It was away from the lights and noise that accompany the houses Harry favored. Draco told him that he didn’t understand, because all of the houses in the cities and bustling suburbs were too much. He didn’t understand that they (and by they he meant Harry) deserved better. Draco was so passionate about this that he stalled them moving into a flat together two months, because he was scoping out the perfect place. Then he found it. It sat happily in open air and presented the boys with a beautiful, unscathed view of the stars.

    They sat quietly for several minutes before Harry broke the silence.

    “Draco, c-can I hold your hand?” Draco looked at him and smirked.

    “We’re dating, Harry. You don’t need to ask to hold my hand. Just take it.” And he held it out for him.

    Draco indulged himself a few more precious, selfish minutes before he told Harry to go inside and go to bed. Of course, Harry argued and lied blatantly for a hot minute, saying that he wasn’t tired when in fact he’d been rubbing his eyes every few seconds.

    Undeserving. Draco felt undeserving of his boyfriend. How did he, after all the harm he did, land such a beautiful guy? How did he get so lucky to have Harry Potter loyally at his side? He took one last glance at the stars before heading to bed, to cuddle Harry, and maybe make him feel the same way.


The Mortal Instruments AU: When Worlds Collide 

“Who are you?” Jace demanded, taking a protective step in front of Clary, much to Alec’s disgust. Opposite him the other Jace, slightly taller and with longer blonde hair rolled his eyes.

“I’m Clary and if I’m completely honest I don’t care you who are. My mother is missing and I suggest you get out of our way so I can go and find her.”

Opposite her the girl stepped out from behind Jace, her hair was a vibrant red and a frown was set firmly upon her pretty features. “What did you say your name was?”

“Clary. Clary Fray.”

“No,” she shook her head. “I’m Clary Fray.”