i miss his black and white hair

violent delights :: shallura valentine’s day

Summary: have violent ends. rival gang families au. shallura valentine for onemerryjester

A/N: this is for the one and only @onemerryjester​, a talented and wonderful part of the shallura community! happy valentine’s day! I know it’s on the shorter side but hopefully quantity over quality <3

rated high T for very light nsfw content & brief mentions of violence


“Miss Altea?”

She turns, a smile already tugging at her lips despite her best efforts, the shimmering fabric of her grown swishing along her hips. Takashi Shirogane is no less impeccably dressed, with crisp cuffs and a black suit that matches his eyes. His bangs, a peculiar streak of white hair, is off his forehead for once, and now there’s nothing to disguise the pink scar running across the bridge of his nose.

Her eyes trace the hard edge of his jawline, before meeting his gaze. “Mr. Shirogane,” she greets politely, brushing her hair out of her eyes. Her hair of starlight has been pulled into a thick braid that goes down almost to the low backline of her dress. It’s a deep navy blue with diamonds sewn into the fabric, and she watch the way his eyes follow the small sash of fabric tied around her waist.

“Don’t tell me someone as lovely as you doesn’t have a date for the evening?” he asks, raising his brow.

Allura allows herself to smile, and bows her head when he offers her his arm. The slight creak of metal tells her it’s his prosthetic, but she still places her hand on the crook of his elbow without hesitation. “Apparently I do now.”

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there’s a single animation error in the first gif in the set i just posted:

you can see that jotaro’s hair is completely white like his hat, before it changes to its normal black in the next frame

it’s funny because this is the blu-ray version, and usually davidpro fixes and improves on their animation in their blu-rays… i guess they forgot to fix this, either because the whole scene already looked good so they skipped over it, or it was just one frame and they missed it


So, a few things about the Schnee family, from V4E2: Remembrance…

First of all, in the family portrait, Winter and Weiss are frowning and Whitley is smiling.

Second of all, I noticed that, in the family portrait, Jacques’ hair is gray and turning white. He seems to have a painting of himself in his study, and that painting depicts him with black hair. It seems like Winter, Weiss, and Whitley were born with white hair, and Mama Schnee (whose name is probably Willow) has white hair.

So, my theory is that Jacques married into the Schnee family.

Third of all, a friend of mine pointed out something I completely missed: Jacques only has one photo on his desk, and it’s a photo of Whitley. (Seems to be an edited version of Whitley’s concept art, too)


“He was older than Dunk remembered him, with a lined hard face, but his skin was still as pale as bone, and his cheek and neck still bore the ugly winestain birthmark that some people thought looked like a raven. His boots were black, his tunic scarlet. Over it he wore a cloak the color of smoke, fastened with a brooch in the shape of an iron hand. His hair fell to his shoulders, long and white and straight, brushed forward so as to conceal his missing eye, the one that Bittersteel had plucked from him on the Redgrass Field. The eye that remained was very red. How many eyes has Bloodraven? A thousand eyes, and one.”

Another commission. I loved drawing Aegon’s bratty little face lmfao. 

Sketch commissions for five dollars are still open because I still have tablet issues :/ for more info, click here x

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Willing to be the Mandarin will be showing his face soon after this event.

It’s is a strong possibility. Especially since Fing Fang Foom keeps mentioning his missing rings which I’m pretty sure that Mandarin uses. I just want to put this out there: the AVAC portrait for him kinda looks like the main antagonist of far cry 4 but with black/brown hair instead of white.

The Plot Twist Is That It’s You and Her

~ She was a splash of color in a black and white world. She could’ve done so much better than him and he could do so much better for her.

SasuSaku Month 2015

Week 4: The After Years
Day 23: Plural

Maybe, he thinks now, our story started before I even allowed myself to acknowledge it did. She’s always been there, he’s always seen her, it’s not like she’s easy to miss. Bubble-gum hair, vibrant green eyes, she’s always stood out.

She was a splash of color in a black and white world.

“Team 7 consists of Sakura, Naruto-”

“Ughh.” She groans, exasperated.

“and Sasuke.” Iruka finishes.

“Yes!” She exclaims her bubbly voice being all he hears.

He side eyes his team, it could have been better but it could have been worse. Her smile as she turns to look at him can light up a whole room. At least someone is happy with the team arrangements.

Looking back, I should have seen it then.




They introduced themselves and she held her hands in front of herself as a sort of prayer, swaying from side to side. Sometimes her gaze turned to his and she blushed, it matched with her hair and it contrasted with her eyes.

“The one I like…” She trailed off sweetly.

Kakashi sighed in exasperation and Naruto just turned to glare at him, like everything was somehow his fault. They didn’t see what Sasuke saw, a thought that has been playing around in his head for a while, that girl was misplaced.

Pink, green, red. All vibrant, all brilliant. She was never meant to be part of their world.

“Kill a certain man.” He spoke, hatred tainting his voice and all he could see was her heartbreaking expression.

See, you don’t belong here. He wanted to say.

She was meant for a fairy tale.




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“So, I’m sorry to be bothering you, but one of your neighbors reported that their cat was missing,” the firefighter said as he looked at the man through the doorway of his home, wearing just a red shirt with the fire station’s logo and a pair of black pants - as opposed to the full firefighting get-up - to let the other know that he was with the fire station. “You haven’t seen it, have you? It’s a black and white long-hair… and it’s tail is less than two inches long, apparently.”

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"Well Holy shit! We got ourselves another boy with a bat named Negan!" A black man in a purple robe exclaims and he is accompanied by several other men, one being a man who is holding his own head and the lips are very white, another who has pale white eyes and a nervous stuttering white guy "oh god! Tell me he doesn't want to hurt us!" he begs to the man in purple. "What did i say about getting respect for yourself?" purple man says. Behind him, there's a man spraying something into his hair.


I’m sorry anon I just don’t…… even………………. know where to begin on answering this one lmao


You heard him sigh heavily, your head turning to the sound of him. You watched as he ran his hand through his hair, his body hunched over with his forearms placed on the counter top by the kitchen sink. The hem of his white button-up shirt had risen, showing his tanned hipbones and the top of his black jeans. The waistband of his boxers on view. 

“All I’m saying, Harry, is that you spend so much time over there. It’s like I’m your second choice all the time. They always come first. Or should I say she always comes first” You stated, pressing a palm to your forehead. “I miss you, Harry…” You whispered, as you heard his boots squeak on the tiled floor beneath you, his fist hitting at the counter. 

“I need some time to myself, sometimes. I go on tour for months on end, I do work for months on end, and I see you everyday I’m off. Sometimes, I just need a break from everything” He hissed, as you could feel your heart splitting in two. “LA is a second home to me. I love it over there. Jeff and Glenne love having me over there, and it’s a place where I can just relax without being questioned” He sighed, as he walked to the fridge, wrapping his hand around the handle and pulling it open. The cool air hitting at his skin.

“So, you don’t like seeing me everyday? Is that what you’re saying? You’re getting bored of me, and want someone new? Because I can seriously make that happen” You suggested, taking a step towards him. You feet cold against the floor. “You like it so much over there, go. Go be with Nadine and with all your other friends. Leave your band mates behind, leave your mum behind, your sister, and me. We spend so many months without you anyway” You hissed, as you heard the fridge door slam shut. Your eyes widening as he took long strides towards you. 

“What did you say?”

You gulped heavily. Your eyes casting to the floor, and your head hanging down. “Nothing. I’m sorry” You mumbled, as you felt his present above you. His boots coming into your view. “Harry, I’m sorry…”

“No… You think I’d put you second? You think I’d put my mum, my sister and the boys second? Because you know that isn’t true. You fucking know that, (Y/N)” He muttered, loudly and full of slight anger. “How could you even say that, huh? I have friends other than the ones here in London. I have friends I would like to visit, and spend time with. But that doesn’t mean I put you second” He added, his voice getting louder and his accent becoming deeper as he continued. “How dare you even say that! You are so selfish sometimes. You go away to Spain, and France with your friends… But when it comes to me going away, I’m not allowed to because you want me here with you. And just you..”

You could feel yourself getting more upset by the minute, and with every word you heard him say, it did make you want to go and run from him. Run from everything he was saying, and try to forget what his words felt like. 

“You’re calling me selfish, Harry? You are calling me selfish? How about this…” You stated, looking up into his dark green eyes. Anger filling the orbs you loved when filled with happiness and lust. “You go on tour, leave me behind for months. When you come back, I always look forward to having you with me for just a day or two, just to catch up and have a nice day in our house. But, when you come back, you leave me within a day of arriving home, and I feel I never see you anymore!” You shouted, pushing at his shoulders. His body nudging back, and his face staring intently at you.

“I never see you? I offer for you come out, but you always say no. That is why we never see one another. I can’t just drop the concerts and come back when you want to see me, (Y/N). It doesn’t work like that. Either you come with me, and come out to see me, or you stay home and miss me, crying over how I’m never here. It’s my job to travel around and perform in countries outside of London” He growled, his feet walking towards you and backing you into the wall. 

“Sometimes, I don’t ever see the reason as to why we’re together. You never make time to see me, and when there is time to see me and spend time with me, you’re off to LA, again. And I never see you. I don’t even know who you are right now, Harry” You whispered, your voice cracking as you looked up to his gaze. “You aren’t the Harry I fell in love with 3 years ago” You added, your voice hushed and quiet. As if you didn’t want him to hear you.

“Then why are you still here, huh?”

* * 

You expected Eleanor when the front door to the house opened, but instead you were greeted with Louis. A big, bold and smiling Louis, who wouldn’t let anything bad come his way. He had his pyjamas on, and you could only figure you woke him up from a well needed sleep. His hair was messed and his eyes were dewy, with sleep still hidden behind his eyelids.

“I’m sorry, Louis… Is Eleanor home at all? I really need to speak to her..” You wavered, your voice wobbling and your bottom lip trembling. Your teeth clamped to the skin. “I just… I presumed she would be home..”

“You literally just missed her, love. She woke me up, and told me she was meeting with her mum for lunch” Louis stated, with his accent full of sleep. “You’re welcome to come in, if you want. I can make you some tea, and I’m pretty sure Eleanor has your favourite biscuits stacked up in the cupboard.. You look like you need some cheering up” Louis smiled, as he held an arm up, gesturing for you to hug him.

You gladly accepted the offer, your arms wrapping around his neck tightly as you softly sobbed into his shoulder. Your tears soaking at his white shirt. You could feel him backing from the door, his other arm pushing it shut, as the slam made you slightly jump. 

“What’s happened, love? Where’s Harry?” He wondered, as you shook your head against his shoulder.

“Just don’t even go there, Louis” You cried, as he pressed a friendly kiss to your temple. His nose nuzzling into your hair. “We had a fight, and I just felt like I had to leave. He’s going to LA again, Louis. And he’s leaving me behind, like he always does. I feel like I never see him anymore” You whispered, as you loosened your grip around his neck, your arms falling limply around his waist. “He likes her, doesn’t he?”

Louis looked confused. He’d never seen you so upset before, and he already wanted to bash some sense into Harry. “I can assure you, my love, that he is head over heels for you. Okay? Everytime we’re in the tour bus, he’s constantly chatting about you, and telling us all about you and he tells us some funny stories about the two of you… I’ve got not idea where you’re saying he likes Nadine… Because I can assure you, he loves you so much, (Y/N)” He whispered, his warm breath hitting your ear.

“Then why does he always go to LA when you guys are off tour? Why does he never want to spend time with me, and his family? It really hurts, Louis. I feel like I don’t know who he is anymore” You whispered, as you felt Louis peel himself from your grip. His hands resting on your shoulders.

“He loves you, love. He really does. And I am so sorry I can’t help you, because I never know why he loves going out there so much. You just need to have some space from him, yeah?” He smiled, as you nodded lightly. Your eyes casting to the carpeted floor. “Now, how about I go and make us some tea, and we can watch TV or whatever, and wait till Eleanor comes home. And I’ll try and get Niall to talk some sense into Harry, yeah?”

You could only nod in response, not trusting your own voice as you could feel another lump in your throat. 

“It’s okay to cry, my love. It’s totally okay. Eleanor would be like this if I kept spending my time away from here..” Louis smiled, as he walked into the kitchen with you hot on his tail. “He just needs to understand how you’re feeling. Have you tried having a sit down with him? Just to tell him how you feel?”

You shook your head, hopping onto a bar stool in the kitchen as you watched your best friend waltz around the kitchen grabbing the tea ingredients. You just wanted Harry to be with you. You just wanted your old Harry back.

* * 

By the time Eleanor had arrived home, you had fallen asleep on the sofa. With an old blanket of Louis’ covering you up. Your head was deep in a pillow, your hair splayed behind you, as soft breaths escaped your lips. She’d seen the tears, and she’d seen the tissues spread on the coffee table. She’d heard the story, and all she wanted to do now was give Harry a smack. 

“Before you try going over there, he’s on his way here. She thinks he’s gone to LA, so hopefully they work this out. He told me he cancelled his plane booking as soon as she walked out. Looks like he finally got some sense” Louis stated, as he handed Eleanor a mug of cold water. “She was so heartbroken, god. She was crying so much. I’ve never seen her so upset” Louis added, as Eleanor turned her head, looking to the sofa on which you were sleeping. 

“He’s an idiot if he lets her get away. He needs to hold her tightly, and never let her go. Because she is so bloody fragile, and she has a tender heart” Eleanor whispered, as she watched you stir and turn over, rolling onto your back. “She always gets so upset when he leaves. She phones me up, and we go out to try and get her mind away from it” She sighed, as she felt Louis’ hand on his hip. 

“I can see where she’s coming from though. He never spends time with her anymore. It’s like he comes home, and the next day he’s off in another country, without her. She must seem him what? Like 20 times a year..” Louis sighed, as he took a swig from his mug of tea. The warm liquid running down his throat.

As Eleanor was about to speak, the doorbell rang, ringing through the house as the person rung from outside. Louis’ feet carried him to the door, his hand pulling it open, to reveal a tired, and upset looking Harry.

“Please tell me she’s okay, Louis?” He whispered, as Louis looked over his shoulder. Harry’s gaze following. “I mucked up, didn’t I? I never knew she felt the way she did. She hates me, Louis. She doesn’t know why we’re together anymore!” Harry cried, as Louis opened the door further, letting the sad and broken man into the house.

“Go and tell her, Harry. I’m not your girlfriend, am I?” Louis joked, as he nudged Harry’s shoulder lightly. His knee nudged the front door as he pushed it shut, carefully. In a soft movement, in hopes of not waking you. “She was really upset, Harry. Like proper upset” Louis added, as he stood behind Harry, patting him lightly on the back.

“I know… I feel awful” He whispered, as he looked intently at you. His heart breaking at the thought of his own words upsetting you.

“Harry Styles… You are such a lucky twat she loves you so much. Otherwise, you would be dead to her, and to me. And I’d make sure everyone knew what a terrible person you are” Eleanor hissed, as she swatted a hard hit at Harry’s arm. “She loves you, and you neglected her. Do you know how fragile she is, Harry?” She growled angrily, yet lowly so she didn’t wake you.

“Look, I know I’m an idiot, okay? Heck, I wouldn’t be surprised if she never wanted to see me again. I understand, okay?” He whispered, as he watched you stir again. He walked slowly to the side of the sofa, dropping to his knees as he watched your eyes crack open. Your eyelids squinting lightly as you adjusted to the bright light. “Hi, my love” He smiled, as he cupped one of your cheeks in his palm. His thumb running under your eye and over your cheekbone.

“Harry… You’re here?” You wondered, as you looked into his eyes. His broken, bloodshot and tired eyes. “I thought you were going to LA tonight?” 

“I was… But you’re so much more important to me. You are my girlfriend, and I shouldn’t neglect you like I did. I love you, so much” He whispered, his voice cracking as his head resting on your stomach. His nose nuzzling deep into the t-shirt covering your upper body. “I love you so much, and I’m an idiot. For everything I did, I feel awful. You are such a special person, and I’m so lucky to have you” He whispered, your chest aching as you felt his tears soak you t-shirt. “LA isn’t as important to me, as you are. You are my top priority, love. And I shouldn’t let anything upset you. I promised myself and to you that I would never hurt you, and I broke that promise” He stated, as he lifted his head. “But I promise from here on, I will do everything in my power to keep you safe, happy and secure..”

“Harry… Stop” You muttered, raking your fingers through his hair. “I love you. Okay? And I shouldn’t stop you from going out and doing your own thing. You’re your own person, and I’m not your mother or ruler. You can do what you want. I was out of line. It’s part of your job to be away from me for so long, and I should accept that” You whispered, as he rested a palm on your stomach.

“I love you, baby. I love you so much. And you’re so special, and I’m never letting you go again. No way” He whispered, as he leant his head forward. Ducking it down, and pressing a warm kiss to your lips.

“I love you too, Harry… So much”

Call Me Daddy: Ashton Irwin Smut

You had been waiting for around two hours for your car to be fixed. They said it was only going to take a half an hour, but that wasn’t the case. You groaned as the manager walked out to apologize to you.

“I am so sorry miss, but our mechanic today is a little off and refuses to let anyone help him work/check on your car. He has allowed you to go back there and check on your vehicle if you would-”

You ignored the rest of his sentence and got up to go back to your car. The worker raised up from the hood of your car. Grease was smeared across his cheeks and his dirty blonde hair was held back by a dirty white bandana. He wiped his forehead with his black tank top that pleasantly showed of his muscles.

“Hey you must be Y/N-”

“Why isn’t it finished?” You harshly spat.

“Feisty.” The man said. He had an Australian accent and it suited him well.

“Why isn’t it finished?” You asked again.

He raises his eyebrows and licks his lips. “Okay, fine. You wanna be rough? I’ll show you rough.” He stepped closer to you and cupped your face in his blackened hands. “I finished the car an hour ago, I just didn’t want you to leave yet.”

Your body quivered with his words, seduction dripping off of each syllable.

“Why?” Was all you could manage to say. It took everything you had not to moan the small word.

“Why? Because I’m attracted to you, Y/N and I know you feel something towards me too. Weather it’s just lust of not, there’s something there.”

He chuckled as you squirmed under his gentle hold on your cheeks. His large hands slid down to your hips as his lips met yours. Your hands immediately wrapped around his neck and your fingers tugged at his hair. He moaned a low husky sound that dampened your underwear.

“We gotta make this quick, baby girl. I’ve got other cars to work on, but I promise we’ll do this again…maybe next time after a proper date.” You nodded and you both stripped off your clothes.

His erection slapped against his stomach as he removed his boxers. He backed you into your car and laid you down on your black leather seats.

“Are you sure?” He asked, lining himself up at your entrance.

“Yes.” You moaned, his tip brushing against your heat.

“Oh and one more thing-” He smirked. “Call me daddy.”

Without warming he slammed into you, fast and hard. He muffled your scream with his hand as he continued thrusting into you. He lifted your leg over his shoulder so he was hitting a new angle. That angle just so happened to be the perfect one and you screamed into your hand.

“Daddy…” You moaned loudly.

“Fuck, Y/N. I wish you could scream that…let everyone know how good I’m making you feel. Oh fuck the next time we do this I swear you won’t be able to even whisper the next day, let alone walk.”

His filthy words did things to you you didn’t even know could be done. You moaned and panted in pleasure as he pounded into you. You were close and began to feel the pleasure building up in your spine.

“Daddy I’m so close…” You panted.

“I know fuck I know.” He grunted. “Come for me, Y/N. Come all over my cock I want to feel you.”

You moaned, arching your back off the seats and came around him. That set him off and he pulled out spilling onto your stomach. Only panting was heard as you two quickly put your clothes back on.

“Hey Ash you done in there?” Someone called from outside.

“Yeah just a minute.” He yelled back.

“Ash?” You questioning, fixing your hair.

“It’s short for Ashton.” He shrugged.

“Well Ashton, thanks for fixing my car.” You smirked.

“Anytime.” He chuckled. “Here’s my number and your keys. Call me if you want to do that again.”

“I’ll think about it.” You smiled as you got in your car.


Part 3

One more month. You were shocked in all honesty. He was behaving and actually working while going to school part time. Oh how you wished this Jacob had been around years ago. Sighing, you sat back on the couch staring blankly at the tv. Jacob decided to spend the week with Evie and truth be told, you missed his company. 

Buzz. Buzz.
Your phone went off pulling you out of your daze. It was a message from, lo and behold, Jacob. You smiled as you read the message. ‘Y/N, be ready in like 20 mins! I want to take you somewhere’ You sat for a second, a bit confused. He never really planned surprises since you didn’t let him drive your car. Quickly shaking off the confusion, you climbed the stairs and sifted through your closet, picking your black and white summer dress with black flats.

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From The Sidelines

by: YetAnotherPhanBlog

Genre: mostly fluff, some angst 

Description: Dan plays piano for Phil’s dance class.

Warnings: idk none i guess

Words: 1942

Chapters: 1/?

Something was a miss about the way his fingers danced across a board of ivory coloured in black and white. So precise and calculated in the way that there was never a wrong note. Never a sway in the slow and steady timing of the song.

Nothing too slow or fast or even remotely off key of the pianist, yet everything seemed so wrong. Maybe it was too cautious, too calculated, giving an inhuman sort of air around the boy. Maybe it was the way the light from the window bounced off his hair and on to his sheet music. Maybe it was the look in his eyes.

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hi everyone

midnight is still missing. it has been well over four weeks now and she’s never been gone from home longer than maybe a day or two. she is a VERY petite black cat with yellow/green eyes depending on the light. she was last wearing a white flea collar with a reflective strip. she’s an older kitty and has grey hairs growing, particularly on her neck. she is spayed, she is not microchipped.

she’s very quick and clever and a good hunter, so i’m trying not to be worried about how she’s doing, but i would love to bring her home. she’s not anywhere in our neighborhood, and we’ve been around the surrounding neighborhoods calling for her as well. best i can guess/hope, she may have been sleeping in somebody’s truck bed when they drove off and can’t find her way home now.

she went missing from west salem, near the intersection of eola and kingwood. we’ve filed a report with the humane society and she has not turned up there yet, which doesn’t surprise me. she is not a hostile cat by any means, but she is a wary one and will not approach an unfamiliar human (except, maybe, if you offered her wet food, but i doubt it)

please keep an eye out for her and if you see any kitties who may match her description, send me (morriganic) or dyausmist a message. thank you

24 Jan 2011 - Aoi (葵) on wearing a maid costume for his next look
  • Aoi: The choice for the next costume is a frilly one-piece on a black base with a white apron. Finish with a white katyusha on the head. Leg hair? I won't shave it off because I'm a boy.
  • Aoi: What! It's sort of low to say this, but money smells so sweet. A secret part-time job (:.;゚;Д;゚;.:)

Hey tumblr fam,
So I wouldn’t normally do this but I really need your help to spread the word. This is my twin brother and he has gone MISSING since Thursday April 7 2016 in the morning and I am worried. His name is Antoine Jarvis and he is 6'4. He has brown eyes and short hair. He was last seen in Laval however he can really be anywhere by now. He was wearing a white winter coat, colourful pants and black boots. He’s a very sweet and nice guy. If you see him anywhere, please contact the police in Laval by dialling 911 and tell them where you have seen him.

Hey Portland! My friend’s daughter ran away, and she didn’t take her medications.

From Tavi:

********* Missing Person************
Please share: Feb. 6th, 2016. Portland, OR.
Runaway child. 14 years old, female.
Short black hair, brown eyes, wears black framed glasses.
Slim frame.
Approx. 5 ft. tall, 115 lbs. Last seen around Portland State Univ.
Black and white plaid shirt and black jeans.
Looking for my daughter, Zander. She’s 14 but could pass for both younger or older. She ran away from home on Saturday, Feb. 6th, 2016.
If seen, please call 503-823-3333
Case Number-16-40139

Hi everyone, thank you for the words of love, the prayers, encouragement and kindness. I have so much gratitude for you all.
There’s still no word from Zander. She’s missing her medications that she needs to take and I’m desperately worried about her physical, emotional and mental safety.
Many people have asked what they can do to help. Please continue to share her picture. Make her face known. Zander is so loved and we all want her home and safe.
Thank you,