i miss him x

I was extremely sad today so I call Yoosung (just playing around) and surprisingly he picked up !!!!! We just talk about Lolol (i’m in Zen’s route right now) but just hearing his voice make me feel so warm like sunshine ;;v;; I love him most after all <3 


Not when I finally could have you…

Finally did it! the draft had been piling on my computer for a month lol 

This takes place in secret01 episode 6 (I think). i was feeling a bit frustrated since mc didn’t really interact much during the secret episodes. So if the secrets were to have a bad ending, this is what i imagined would happen… i guess? ;;v;;

Reasons why Even is a #whenyou’vefoundthemanofyourlifebuthe hashtag:

  • Loves Gabrielle
    • Makes pouty faces dancing to mainstream pop on the radio in the kitchen
    • Will serenade you even if you refuse to join in
  • Won’t text you back :(
    • Will instead painstakingly draw his phone twice and wait until you have gym to slip the note into your pocket, which takes a longass time
    • Might instead somtimes quietly pine outside your apartment and show up 30 seconds later when you text, unclear
  • Humors your disgusting cheese toast seasoning suggestions which results in terrible food for the both of you
    • He says it’s not that bad, a liar and too nice
  • Beatboxes poorly (on request)
  • Tells random people how beautiful you are
  • Writes your initial in a heart on a shop window like a total sap
  • A hoe for Baz Luhrmann
  • Walks away dramatically just assuming you’ll follow
    • Is right
    • Looks annoyingly cool
  • Texts you unfunny Seinfeld memes at 1am
  • Tells ridiculous stories with a completely straight face
    • Ups the ante until you notice
  • Steals the clothes right off your back, half your wardrobe is missing at any given time
  • Uses incomprehensible emojis
  • Never lets you live a single thing down
  • Claims you can’t lie for shit
    • Which can only be disproven by incriminating yourself, tricky
  • Instantly charms everyone you know resulting in a lot of lowkey crushes, his power is too great
  • Too Tol, creates an optical illusion that you’re short
  • Eyefucks you in public, too much blushing
  • Inconveniently good-looking
  • Will not stop giving you eskimo kisses, even when you just want to kiss him ashgfjd
  • Continues to serenade you through text
  • Vaguely paraphrases movie quotes and still makes you guess them
    • It was from Pretty Woman :(

No, Jane. Listen to me. You must not give up. You must finish what you’ve started. Why? Because you’re right.