i miss him so much t t

Anyway let me talk about how much I miss Dimple. I don’t know how this ridiculous green blob became one of my fav characters, but here we are. He’s gotten Mob and Reigen out of so many bad situations, a real hero that one, a real friend, even if he’s kept playing the antihero and won’t really admit it.

Things just aren’t the same without him. (Things are getting too awful to ever be the same anyway, but still.) I wasn’t even sad when Psycho Helmet blev a hole in him, more like super mad. I think I outright yelled out loud “NO, WHAT THE FUCK, YOU CAN’T KILL THE SERIES MASCOT?!?”

I have a theory that if Dimple Does come back from his certain death (as he has a bit of a habit of doing), it’ll be whenever Ritsu shows up to witness his worst nightmare unfold in front of his very eyes. You know, for old time’s sake? Seems appropriate.

Also seems appropriate that Ritsu would be the one able to do Something about Mob’s current rampage situation since I don’t think there’s anyone who’s going to be more devastated to see Mob like this. This is such a big part of his character arch - To overcome his fear of his own brother.

Besides, Ritsu has spent the whole story being kind of.. useless? I don’t mean that in a mean way, but he’s just never able to do much since he’s so much weaker than the rest of the main espers and has that tendency to be incredibly reckless and self destructive.

Let Ritsu save the day for once, please.

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Did shirayuki have pierced ears before lyrics? If not, *inserts wild noncanon fantasized * do you think it could be one of the top obi moments like him holding her hand when she's getting them pierced or like him having a matching one somewhere? XD

She’s had them since at least the coronation (just after the first Lyrias arc) – I checked Tanbarun arc but couldn’t see any, though I know some people’s manga fu is much better than mine and might be able to find them earlier. So she didn’t get them pierced at Lyrias. Though I mean, that would be hilarious, him piercing one of his ears like Zen and then putting Yuzuri’s fanciest earrings on. HOW DO I LOOK, MISS *flutters eyelashes*

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Olenna went out like a boss ,the queen of throns was badass till the end ,fuck sam's dad .Fuck brann as well ,the first thing he says is "you were pretty the day you got raped " really man !!! ,I don't really like him .The battle with dothraki and lannister was epic .Bronn is badass ,I'm only waiting for him ,tyrion the hound and Tormund to meet up XD.

I loved Olenna the nun-looking trash grandma :D I will miss her snarky retorts… luckily we still have Bronn and Tyrion for that.

And yeah Bran is really flying now, so high he’s got his head in the clouds and doesn’t know how to act human anymore. I have no idea what they intend to do with his character, he wasn’t much better with Arya so I wonder what he’ll tell Jon when they meet again. “I saw you die and your blood was a beautiful crimson shade” or something ^^;

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i think you assume because you're a fan of someone you're obligated to buy their music/stream their song but that's not the case. if i don't care much for the genre of music liam chose, i'm not going to buy the song no matter how much i love him. furthermore, std actually grew on me so recently i bought the song, that's just how it works.

No actually I think you’ve assumed too much about me without knowing me, welp.

I feel like I am shit at communicating, or at the very least I’ve missed the mark in getting across a point. 

Nobody is obligated to like Liam’s music, 100% agreed. Never have I mentioned that everyone should stan him and supporting him thoroughly, so I don’t even know what gave you the idea. Having said that, what happens normally, in usual situations, is that when you don’t like a particular genre or just one song even, you forget about it, yeah? It didn’t align to your tastes, or it isn’t your taste, etc.

1. What you don’t do is go out of your way to sabotage sales and streams, on a collective level. And that’s exactly what happened with Liam (and Zayn, but more aggressively with Liam).
2. What you especially don’t do is start criticising his preferred genre of interest (which isn’t even a revelation? The guy’s been bopping to rnb/hip hop since 2011-2012?) by calling it mainstream when you stanned a band which falls very much within the realm of mainstream
3. What you don’t do is make the criticism (baseless, mind you) so intense that this section of the fandom feels compelled to defend him instead of enjoying new music he’s put out. 

There are Harries and stans of other boys who admit to not liking their fave’s genre of music yet supporting it as much as they can. I /do not/ expect that, but as a fandom, the least everyone could have done was to organise projects to promote the single just as they had done for the other solo singles. Or fine, heck with that even. Forget about doing anything for him, they could have just left him alone instead of dubbing him a flop and spamming his music with hate comments? Lol. Too much to ask for, I’m guessing. 

You’re justifying your stance as an individual and that’s completely fine. I’m discussing about the fandom in general. Because while Liam’s managing just fine without any support by the fandom, it still doesn’t take away from how ugly they have been ha. 

Also, w.r.t your last statement, music and streaming today has a very different marketability. Fandoms of contemporary artists are very instrumental in initial charting/popularity and it all works in bulk. Commerical success has a new tactic altogether. 


Naruto + best person to bring home to your parents → Neji Hyuuga

requested by @vtsvro

BTS Reaction - Saying something hurtful to you out of anger

This will be a little angsty, with some fluff!


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i still can’t believe there are people who think alec lightwood isn’t the most cuddly boyfriend ever he always wants cuddles and kisses 28/11 like he’s always finding some way to have physical contact with magnus like holding his hand or having his hand on the small of his back and kissing him alec is always kissing his cheek his nose his face his neck any place he can like magnus could be in the middle of talking and alec will take his jaw in between his fingers and kiss him because he misses magnus’ lips so much and magnus is so used to it that once they pull away he just resumes talking, knowing that alec is going to do the exact same thing a few minutes later.


Just putting my thoughts out there, but possible spoilers for those who aren’t far in Season 7 yet:

I’m going to be honest, I’m almost done with Season 7. I’ve been holding back on binging so much because it’s gonna be hard waiting for Season 8. Anyway, so far I’ve been liking Ian and Trevor together. On the other hand, I can’t help but miss Mickey. He’s come so far from Season 1…I need him back. He also NEEDS to be in Season 8!

BTS REACTS TO: Their s/o wearing an ugly picture of them on a t-shirt

Anon Asked: Can you do a BTS Reaction to their s/o wearing an ugly selfie of them on a t-shirt in public? I ALWAYS wanted to do this with my boyfriend but he’s too photogenic uGH

Okay, I’ve totally done this before. Showed up at a friend’s birthday party wearing an ugly snapchat pic they sent me on a sweatshirt lol.

- Admin Dayna


Jin is handsome. He knew it, his fans knew it, and obviously, so do you. But with great beauty, comes great responsibility, and it seems like your boyfriend abuses his good-looks. Jin oozes narcissism. At times it was funny, charming in fact, but there’s only so much of it one could take. Sometimes consequences need to be dealt out to the arrogant. With just enough persistence and creativity, you’ve came up with the perfect plan. You awaited his arrival at the airport, your hoodie zipped up hiding your brilliance. Jin and the boys’ plane had landed and now they were only a few feet away from you. When you were absolutely positive Jin was looking right at you - and you could tell he had by the way he suddenly picked up his pace to a brisk jog your direction - you unzipped your hoodie, revealed your t-shirt with a rather… unattractive picture of him that his Army has turned into a meme printed on the front. You lifted your arms up high, allowing Jin, the boys, and the lucky bystanders to bask in its glory. As Namjoon, Yoongi, Hobi, Jimin, Taehyung, and Jungkook all erupted into laughter, Jin struggled to reprimand you between fits of giggles.

“Wha - jagiyaahh~! How could you betray me?!”

“What have I done to deserve this?!”

“Do you think this was right?! I demand respect!”

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How do you feel? You are with David, alive, and hopefully happy. But are you going to tell David about the fact you're dead? It'll hurt him if/when you leave. So at least spend lots of time with him.

It feels like a dream. 

I don’t even know what to say, my words are stuck in my throat. I can’t even speak or look at him in the eyes.

so I’m just going to–



Grown up M!A: 3/9

Denying The Feelings

you’re a darling, thank you so much love. x

A/N: i don’t do smut, so don’t ask || enjoy ♥

Fandom: Disney Descendants

Boy: Harry Hook

Word Count: 1,920

Warning(s): Fluff

‘‘I can’t fall for him, he’s Captain Hook’s son for goodness sake!’‘

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Just had some idea for a fluffy, sad, family story

Link and Sidon have a great bromance but Link die after having a long life, of course Sidon mourn the death of Link… But then! We have the next reircanation of Link, and Sidon adopt him because the poor thing don’t have parents and he want Link v.2 to have a happy and wonderful life (Link always seems to have a awful luck? I just played Link to the past and now I’m playing ocarina of time and is like BOY, POOR LITTLE THING) and Sidon try to be a wonderful parent and the same time he just miss his own link so much but he knows his link and link v.2 are not the same, but that don’t help that he miss link.

This can be sidlink or just plain bromance idk but the idea is just </3

BTS React to S/O making a surprise visit during busy schedule


He would be the fluffiest out of them all, even tearing up a little bit from happiness. 

“This means a lot to me.”

“I was really homesick, but now that you’re here I can breath again.”

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Would be so shook when he sees you. 

He didn’t expect to see you at all, so it’s quite the surprise, and at first glance he would hide out of panic, but it doesn’t take you long to lure him out. 

“What’s this?”

“You’re really here?”

“I thought I was hallucinating because I missed you so much.”

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You wear a disguise to the set where he’s working. He keeps giving you weird looks, before coming close to you, looking intently at your face. 


“Yah, if you were going to be undercover why dress like a guy? What’s with the fake beard? You look ridiculous.”

“How could you ever pass for a man? You’re so tiny and soft.”

He would scold you, but still wrap an arm around you, and pull you in for a bear hug.

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“JAGIYA, you said you couldn’t come!”

“How dare you trick me!”

*chases you around the room, before catching you and tickling you with no mercy*

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Kookie is always happy to see you, no matter what. He’s touched that you planned such a nice surprise. 

“Ah, jagi you’re so good to me.”

“How did I get such a great gf?”

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He would criticize you for having weak willpower, but contrasting to his words he would hug you excitedly.

“I knew you couldn’t stay away, babe.”

“What are  you going to do when I go on tour? I’ll be gone for months then, not just for a week.”

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J Hope: 

“Oh my god, you’re here!”

“I can’t believe you came all this way.”

*breaks out into happy dance*

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It’s been a long time
since I thought of you
but tonight
I am letting myself go,
I am letting myself miss you,
I won’t sleep with a blanket
so that I can’t
sleep through the cold
so that I think of you
as much as I can
because tonight
I just want to miss you.
you weren’t the love of my life
but you were
my chance of getting over him,
you were my way out,
and when you are drowning
just about anything is fine,
and boy was I drowning
in something I couldn’t swim through
even if I knew how to.
the evenings spent
talking nonsense
were a perfect distraction from life,
they were my meditation vibes
and right now even though
you aren’t coming back
I need those back,
I need distraction now
more than I’ve ever needed it,
it’ll only be a miracle if you come back
but baby when you asked me
if I believed in miracles,
you knew I didn’t,
I didn’t believe in them
but maybe you could’ve been my miracle,
maybe you could’ve been the one
to make me believe,
maybe you could’ve restored
some of my faith



Requested: @spidermanpiederman 

Pairing: jealous!tom x reader 

“Babe, I promise you I’m flying out tonight so I’ll be home tomorrow and I’ll definitely make it to the show. I’m bringing Harrison so he can get with that costar of yours.” Tom said trying to reassure his girlfriend. “You know I wouldn’t miss this for the world, right?”

This was (Y/N) first ever big broadway show; she felt she had the right to worry if her boyfriend was going to go to her first big show. Tom knew how much this meant to her even when she didn’t express her excitement all that often.

“So did you ever tell Tom that you had to kiss Dylan?” Her costar asked her after their rehearsals. “Oh god no, I’m kind of afraid to.” (Y/N) admitted to her friend. “I just don’t want him to feel bad or anything, ya know?” She knew her boyfriend and Tom wasn’t the type to show his feelings; especially when he is insecure. “Well when he comes to the show on Friday, how do you think he’s going to feel seeing you kissing Dylan?” Now this had opened (Y/N)’s eyes; she knew keeping this secret from Tom was going to hurt him so she had to tell him as soon as he got back home.

“(Y/N), are you okay? You’ve been zoning out ever since I came back. What’s on your mind?” Tom was a lovely boyfriend; he always made sure to put (Y/N) feelings and wants before his own. So of course he was going to worry about her especially around the time that causes her so much anxiety. “Is it because the show is around the corner? I hope you know that you will kill it, baby.” He was rubbing the back of her hand gently with his thumb; trying to soothe her.

“I have to tell you something; please don’t get upset.” She was trying to calm him down even before she confessed what was going to happen. “What is it? You’re scaring me, darling.” He laughed nervously.

“Well, I kind of have to kiss my costar Dylan..” (Y/N) quietly admitted to Tom. His small smile had faded away and (Y/N) heart had broke a little; she has never seen Tom look so upset. He was quiet and that is what was terrifying (Y/N); he’s never been that quiet and not even when he was mad at her. Tom would’ve stayed and fought but he just didn’t know what to say to her; his girlfriend was going to have to kiss some asshole.  Well he wasn’t really an asshole Tom thought; he was just an asshole for having to kiss his girlfriend. 

“Tom, please say something. I need you to say something,” she desperately begged him. “I don’t know what you want me to say to you (Y/N). Do you want me to be happy that MY girlfriend will be kissing some asshole?” Tom was getting upset and his voice was gradually getting louder and louder.  “If I knew you were going to be kissing some asshole; I wouldn’t have bothered coming home.” That little statement had broke (Y/N)’s heart and she was pissed now, “Tom you’re such a fucking hypocrite. I just sat around watching you kiss Laura for Spider man and I never said a word. I sucked it up and I knew it was for your role, why can’t you do that instead of being a jealous dick?” By the end of her little rant, (Y/N) was fuming with anger. She began to pack her bag to spend a night at a friend’s house. “Come watch the show when you’re not being a jealous prick.” She yelled and slammed their front door.  

Tom knew he messed up but he was too angry to realize. He called up Harrison trying to tell him the situation but he only ended up getting yelled at by him. “Are you bloody stupid? She’s not kissing this guy because she wants too. She’s doing it for the role.” 

Tom knew he messed up but he was too angry to realize. He called up Harrison trying to tell him the situation but he only ended up getting yelled at by him. “Are you bloody stupid? She’s not kissing this guy because she wants too. She’s doing it for the role.”  He ended up hanging up on Harrison because he didn’t need anyone else to yell at him; (Y/N) already did all that. 

He had to fix his mistake and he knew he had to go to the show and watch her perform. Tom was going to have to suck up his own pride to please (Y/N). Even when she was mad at him, he knew how important this night would be for her. 

On the opening night;  he made sure to bring Harrison, roses, and a teddy bear the size of him. Tom bought tickets right in center stage so (Y/N was able to see them. He knew she was going to still hate him but he wanted to support her. Whenever she had walked out, he made sure to be the loudest one in the auditorium. He even caught her eye every once in awhile.

The show was about to end and he saw her walking out with Dylan and his jaw tensed and his nails were digging into his palm. While (Y/N)’s arm was around Dylan’s she used the other hand to blow a kiss to Tom; in which he gladly caught in his hand.

Harrison nudged his arm; “see, you had nothing to worry about. You were just being a jealous dick to her. She really loves you and same for you.”

(Y/N) opened up the door with the widest smile, “I knew you weren’t always going to be a jealous asshole.” She wrapped her arms around him and he gave her the biggest kiss on her forehead. “I missed you too much, and I am honestly so sorry for the way I overreacted.” He was rambling but (Y/N) just shut him up with another kiss.

“Well, come with me. I have to introduce you to Dylan.” She dragged Tom around the chaos of people that were backstage, Harrison closely following behind.

“Tom and Harrison, meet Dylan. Dylan, meet Tom and Harrison.” The three all shook each other’s hands.

“Oh, meet my boyfriend Alex guys.” Dylan introduced Tom and Harrison to him. Tom was in absolute shock; he got upset for no reason. He whispered in (Y/N)’s ear, “why didn’t you ever tell me Dylan was gay?” She never replied; Harrison and her both had went into a laughing frenzy. 


a/n: hiiiii hope u enjoyed this :))) thank u for 1k !!!