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Reigisa Week Day 6: Family

Nagisa’s sisters try to do Rei a favor, but they end up putting weird pressure on him. Or something like that lol if you recognize where their siblings are from you have my undying love

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I had to sketch Jodi.

She married Kent when she was very young, and ended up having to take care of two boys by herself when he deployed.

She probably had to tell them over and over that their father would be home soon. Put on a brave face and console them when they cried because they missed him, when she had no idea if she would ever even see him again.
When she had no one to console HER.

She’s a such a strong person and I think a lot of players overlook her.

i’m pretty sure Scully can fall asleep anywhere. even standing up while on the red line. 

anon requested: “Mulder and Scully where one of them has fallen asleep on the other one by accident”

[A/N:  A missing scene I wrote up for Stan and Ford getting their shit together in the finale, because I do wish they were able to get more of a resolution before the mind wiping and everything that came with that. 

Heavily inspired by @pinesinthewoods‘ art/idea that Stan seeing Ford’s electric burns and various torture injuries was what put the final nail in Bill’s coffin.]

Maybe it’s the look of utter resignation on his brother’s face, an expression that - despite everything Stan might claim otherwise - elicited a white-hot pang of protective anger within him. Or maybe, it was the fact that the kids had put themselves in mortal danger to buy them precious minutes of time, and Stan Pines would be rather be damned than let them down - than to let them realize he was hardly the hero they thought he was.

He gritted his teeth. “Can it, poindexter. We’re not doing that.”

“Do you think I want to let him back into my mind?” Ford pleaded, voice strained. “After everything he has done to me in the past -” 

He cut off with a shake of his head. “…Stanley, the moment I make the deal, take the children and - run. Don’t look back. Don’t try to save me. It’s not worth it - not this time.”

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I started talking to this guy on valentine’s day and we got along well. I was with my best friend leaving from our friendship dinner date when he told me he was at publix while we were heading to one. I told him to stay put cause we were going to the same one but he didnt see my message till after he already left. So we missed a chance to meet but continued talking. I ended up getting his number to making talking easier and he would text me all the time trying to make plans but i was too busy.

Anyways around wednesday i found out i would have the house to myself friday and decided to invite him over. On friday we talked and made plans to meet at my house. After he drove over i brought him to my room and i let him put on music and we sat on my bed and talked. I mostly talked out of nerves and i think he saw that because he pulled me onto his lap in mid sentence. It was really hot and we started making out. We ended up having sex and afterwards we got dressed and i walked him to the door where we made out again and he left. The next day he moved back to his hometown and said he was going to delete my number which i was totally cool with. It was a lot of fun.