i miss him putting art up

the RUVIK entity

With the new game revealed, I’ll kind of miss being terrified of this asshat showing up around every corner.
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BTS reaction to their S/O being a good artist

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Jin would put your work up all around the dorm because he loves looking at them so much.

“It just makes my day better! Plus, our dorm looks super fancy now!”

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Yoongi loves to sit together with you and work on lyrics or beats while you draw next to him. 

“Working with you is so peaceful. And when I can’t concentrate it helps to watch you paint.”

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Namjoon always wants the whole story of your pictures and loves to watch your eyes light up when you talk about something you’re passionate about.

“It’s so fascinating to listen to your thought process. You put so much effort in your art and I admire that.”

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Somehow some of your pictures go missing until one day you find out that Hobi took them and put them up in his studio.

“When work gets hard they make me feel better! Since you can’t be here in person 24/7.”

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Minnie would accidentally find your sketchbook dedicated to pictures of him and tease you for the rest of your life with it.

“I love that you draw me! Makes me feel all fuzzy inside. PLEASE DON’T HIT ME!”

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TaeTae always has requests for you.

“Look at this cutie! Can you draw him for me?!”

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Kookie would like to learn more from you.

“You are so good at drawing, I would be honored to have you teach me.”

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Never too prepared.

Here it is! The first smut I’ve written in my life!

Harry works somewhere where he has an office that connects to his own conference room when he has multiple people come in for meetings. You drop by to say a hello and bring him lunch, cause he called saying he didn’t have time to go out an eat with you like you’d both planned. Before you go to leave, he pulls you in for a kiss, which leads to more deeper, slightly desperate kisses.

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Reigisa Week Day 6: Family

Nagisa’s sisters try to do Rei a favor, but they end up putting weird pressure on him. Or something like that lol if you recognize where their siblings are from you have my undying love

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Chapter 3

After being left right before his wedding, Chris isn’t sure how to move on. He moves back home to Boston where he meets Hallie, a free spirited elementary school art teacher who turns his world upside down.

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Requested by - Sorana4288 (First request)

Request- ‘ Pleeeeease part two. Idk maybe the teens in the school ship the reader with someone but they’re not dating and a lot of cute fluff. but they can be shipped with a fadom person maybe Omg I can’t choose……maybe peeta because people on the bus probably saw them talking and they just assumed that they will be cute together 😊 ’ 

A/N- I hope this one turns out okay :) 

Warnings- Fluff 

Ship name -  (Y/eta

Last name - (Y/l/n)

Life couldn’t have gotten better with your new friends, you have been hanging around then for 8 months now and you loved it! It was just you weren’t really fond of them seeing you as a little, you were hoping of them to see you more as a, what do you call it, boyfriend. Yeah did sound selfish, but you loved all of them you just wanted to kiss all there pretty faces, but sadly you weren’t the person behind the computer screen anymore, knowing that Kira had a crazy crush on Scott, or if Peter was lying to Henry. But you didn’t mind not knowing, but sometimes you kinda wished that you could, just for a second.

“Hey, (Y/n).” Stiles called warping you in a friendly friendly hug. “So, I’ve heard rumors, about you and Peeta being top ship of the month.” Stiles says. You were currently sitting in class waiting for the teacher to come back into the room. 

“Ship of the what?” You ask looking up at Stiles confused. Who was looking down at you leaning on your table.

“Ship of the month.” You hear Scott perk up from next to you. “It’s a thing were they ship the two cutest people in the school together. You and Peeta are shipped together.” Scott says looking at you slightly annoyed about the fact it was Peeta. 

“That’s a thing?” You frown confused as they both nod. 

“It’s been going on since we got here.” Stiles says rolling his eyes. “Remember when I was shipped with Imogen.” He says licking his dry lips. You think for a second. 

“Oh you mean miss popular, Imogen Day?” You ask not completely sure. He nod his head quickly. 

“The one who kissed me for the homework to be done.” Stiles says feeling grossed out remembering. 

“Wait why wasn’t I told this?” You say tilting your head to the side slightly. 

“Because you never bought it up.” Stiles shrugged and you rolled your eyes shaking your head.

“Anyway, about the (Y/eta ship?” Scott butts in bring up the subject.

“Wow (Y/eta?” You asked surprised. “That’s pretty good.” I mumble forgetting Scott was listing. 

“Hey.” He says making us look at him. “How did the ship start?” Scott ask grabbing the chair tightly. 

“I don’t know. But maybe on the bus, we always sit on the bus together.” You mumble making Scott frown. “Anyway how did you guys find out?” You ask sitting up more proper seating position. 

“A girl came up to me and asked if I was Peeta.” Stiles says rolling his eyes. “There were new kids in the school.” He says nodding slightly. You giggle slightly picking up your blue pen spinning it on your fingers. The bell goes off making everyone stand to there feet packing up there things. 

“See you guys at lunch.” You say walking out of the class room walking into art class. 


You walk in seeing a lot of the people in the class already but no teacher you see Peter sitting in the corner drawing on a almost empty table. You smile and walk over to him with out him looking up at you he smirks slightly.

“(Y/n).” He says as you sit down. “Thought it was you.” He says tapping his pencil on the table. 

“You thought?” You say acting shocked. “I thought Peter knew all.” You smirk nudging him.

“Of cause I knew it was you, you put to much perfume on, again.” He smirks looking at you. “So you and Peeta dating now?” He asked shifting in his seat you sigh. 

“No, me and Peeta aren’t dating, is it because of the popular ship?” You ask running your fingers through your hair. 

He chuckles slightly raising an eyebrow. “Yes, but why so stressed?” He ask crossing his arms placing it on the table looking at you seeing how your emotions changed. 

“I’m not.” You say shaking your head smiling slightly. “Just don’t understand why people want me and Peeta to be a ship.” I sigh stretching. 

He nods slightly and looks around the room. “You want to ditch?” He ask looking around the room then looking back at you waiting for an answer. 

You ‘Sush’ him. “Someone will hear you.” You hiss looking around. 

“Come on, no one will notice.” He smirks. “We’ll just say we’ll look for the teacher, then leave.” He smirks. “I know you want to, just miss one class, wouldn’t hurt, plus it’s only art.” He smirks. 

You scrunch up your noise licking your lips putting your hand flat out on the table. “I’m not sur-” You were cut off when he places one oh his hands on yours. 

“Come on.” He smirks seeing your face go red. You groan softly. 

“Fine, fine.” You mumble picking your bag up which was next to you on the floor, throwing all your stuff in the bag. He smirks. 

“Good choosing, love.” He smirks. It wasn’t that you had a large crush on Peter and that’s why you blushed, it was just if any of them toughed you like that it brakes your wall and you listen to them, it was just that you weren’t to people holding your hand and you would be flushed and all of them knew how to break your wall. You stand up quickly but sit back down when the teacher walks back in seeing you about to leave.

“Miss (Y/l/n).” She hisses her long red curly hair swifted left to right. “Leaving?” She asked raising an eyebrow. You look at Peter and noticed that he wasn’t there and in fact he was leaving with out you. You opened your mouth slightly glaring at him as he walked out the door winking at you.

‘This was his plan.’ You thought clenching your teeth.

“Explain now.” She says walking to you. 

“I-I, was going to look for you Miss, you know I would never leave, I wound be in big trouble.” You lie gulping. She roll her eyes.

“Sit down.” She commands. You don’t object and sit down quickly. “And we will have a talk after school.” She says 


“That no good, stupid friend!” You yell slamming your tray filled with food on it onto the table with Draco, Scott, Stiles, Theo and Peeta. 

“Who?” Newt asked walking up from behind sitting down.

“Peter!” You yell slumping down onto the table. “My art teacher is going to kill me.” You groan rubbing your race into your palms harshly. Peeta rubs your back softly. 

“Come on it’s Peter, his a joker.” Peeta says patting your back bring you into his chest trying to calm you down. 

“Still, I might have after school with her.” You grown huffing. You felt Peeta take a deep breath his chest raising and falling you blush noticing how close you guys were. You pull away coughing slightly. “But if I see his stupid little face I’ll kill hi-”

“Sorry, love?” You hear Peter’s voice from behind making you jump slightly turning to face his way. 

“Peter~” You say sweetly. “We were just talking about you, all good things.” You force a kind smile which made Peter roll his eyes and sit down next to Theo. 

“Of cause you were.” He says as you growl grabbing your plastic fork and stabbing it repeatedly in the salad looking straight at Peter.


It was the end of school (Well 1 hours over school finished) after you finished after school talk with your art teacher. You sigh walking out of the school door and seeing Peeta standing there smiling slightly. 

“Peeta?” You laugh slightly happy to see him there. You quickly run to him and hug him. “I thought I might of had to walk home by myself.” You sigh as he hugs you back quickly. 

“Yeah, I didn’t want you to be alone so I stayed back, it wasn’t that long.” He chuckled. 

“You didn’t have to, honestly.” You smile looking up at him. 

“You’re right.” He said. “But I did.” He says wrapping you into a friendly side hug. 

“You walking me home?” I ask and he nods. 

“Yeah, we can or wait for the bus which will be here in 10 mins.” He says shrugging. 

“Lets just walk.” You say smiling walking next to Peeta his arm still wrapped around your shoulder. 


“Peeta no!” You squeal as Peeta tried to pour his bottle of water over you. 

“You said you were hot, I need to cool you down.” He laughs and you do to running off ahead. 

“Please put it away.” You say laughing and his lets out one last laugh then putting it in his bag. 

“There.” He says putting his hands up giving in. “Happy?” He asked smirking at you. You smile and nod walking back to him. 

“Yes, thank you.” You sigh.

“He get on my back?” He ask as you turn around looking at him. 

“Really?” You let out one laugh. “No joke?” You ask and he nods.

“Yeah come on.” He says crouching down. You smile and quickly get behind him jumping on his back. 

He picks you up easily and starts running. “Oh my god Peeta! You’re going to fast!” You squeal hugging him tighter. 

“Really didn’t know.” He laughed and before you knew it he stopped in is tracks looking around. “I think we went past your house.” He laughs turning around walking back to the house and placing you down at the front of your house. 

“Thanks for walking me home.” You smile looking up at him as he smiled down at you. 

“Of cause, no problem.” He says winking, making you blush slightly. 

“I’ll see you tomorrow?” You ask making sure he was going to school.

“I’m always at school.” He smirks and nods. “Yes you will.” He smiles widens. 

“Bye Peeta.” You smile and kiss his cheek going inside with your face being bright pink, as well as Peeta’s face.


Museum date with Harry and he loves the art so much and loves that you’re into it

There mayyyy be some body painting in this as well… *wink wink*


For as long as you could remember, you had been fascinated by art. You had been drawing and painting since you were old enough to hold a brush and your idea of a fun summer camp was 6 weeks of art classes. You weren’t the best, but you had some natural talent and – best of all – you enjoyed it. Learning about art was also one of your pastimes and you could always be found with your nose in a book of paintings, studying the artists and their techniques.

You never thought that you would actually find someone to date that liked art as much as you did. It wasn’t a more popular interest among guys your age, so you figured that you would have to keep your art conversations to a minimum whenever you went on a date with anyone so you wouldn’t bore them by rattling off random trivia and art facts that no one found interesting but you.

That was before you met Harry.

At first glance, you wouldn’t think that Harry was as much into art as you were. Sure, he clearly followed fashion and he was covered in tattoos, but those were a different type of “art” than what you were into, and you weren’t sure if those would overlap in conversation. For that reason, it took a few dates before you finally started to divulge your love of painting and artists to Harry. You started out slowly, wanting to ease him into your lifestyle without overwhelming him. He knew you liked to paint – you had told him that on the first date – but not yet to what extent.

He finally convinced you to show him something you had painted on your third date. It had taken you a few moments to pick something out, but you finally ran to your art room and grabbed a painting you had done a few months back. It still wasn’t completely finished – there was just something missing from it that you couldn’t quite put your finger on yet – but, for the most part, it was done and looked presentable.

You watched Harry’s face carefully as he looked at the painting. You couldn’t tell what he was thinking, but he soon told you himself.

“This is amazing,” he said, looking up at you sincerely, “You’re incredibly talented.”

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i’m pretty sure Scully can fall asleep anywhere. even standing up while on the red line. 

anon requested: “Mulder and Scully where one of them has fallen asleep on the other one by accident”

[A/N:  A missing scene I wrote up for Stan and Ford getting their shit together in the finale, because I do wish they were able to get more of a resolution before the mind wiping and everything that came with that. 

Heavily inspired by @pinesinthewoods‘ art/idea that Stan seeing Ford’s electric burns and various torture injuries was what put the final nail in Bill’s coffin.]

Maybe it’s the look of utter resignation on his brother’s face, an expression that - despite everything Stan might claim otherwise - elicited a white-hot pang of protective anger within him. Or maybe, it was the fact that the kids had put themselves in mortal danger to buy them precious minutes of time, and Stan Pines would be rather be damned than let them down - than to let them realize he was hardly the hero they thought he was.

He gritted his teeth. “Can it, poindexter. We’re not doing that.”

“Do you think I want to let him back into my mind?” Ford pleaded, voice strained. “After everything he has done to me in the past -” 

He cut off with a shake of his head. “…Stanley, the moment I make the deal, take the children and - run. Don’t look back. Don’t try to save me. It’s not worth it - not this time.”

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NiceArt Drabble: Waiting

Words: 687

Pairing: NiceArt

Rating: PG-13

Summary: Art goes to hand himself over to the police. But before, that, he has something to ask of Nice…

Genre: romance, fluff and humor


Art hesitated before walking into the prison.

Nice knew it wasn’t a sudden change of heart. God knows he tried convincing Art to go for so long and he never wavered, he wouldn’t do so now.

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“I Hate Mondays” by Banksy.
Banksy is easily my favourite artist because of all the meanings he puts behind his art, something that so many artists miss in modern work. This is my favourite picture by him for several reasons. First of all it demonstrates how many lower economically developed countries adapt our culture without fully understanding it, but more significantly our naivety in the ‘western world’. We always say “I hate Mondays” because we have the weekend off and Monday signifies the start of school or work. This boy here doesn’t have a 'Monday’, he wakes up everyday to the same thing: Surviving. He has to get up regardless, look for fresh water, food and fight to live. He has no conception of Mondays. So next time you wake up on and groan because it is a Monday, after a nice weekend off, in your nice house and go and have a shower with clean running water, pick one of your many outfits, before having some ready made breakfast to make your way to your job or school for free-education… Think of this boy here, and think: Do you really hate Mondays?

kigichi  asked:

Okay, so I'm not on here often, but I saw people freaking out that you predicted the last episode, so I gotta ask: WHAT did you predict that happened?

ok i’m gonna do my absolute best here to give a comprehensive list but i might miss a couple things:

so that’s what i’ve physically posted in my art tags, so like i said, i mighta missed something while i was scrolling

oh!! oh but this reminds me! god’n’gabe is now officially, actually 100%

Decorations - Theo Raeken Christmas Imagine [Fluff]

Originally posted by ilyria87

Request; Could you do a Theo x Reader imagine where you decorate the Christmas Tree together? packed with fluff pretty please!

Note; I tried, MERRY CHRISTMAS sorry it’s short {also, i know the gif isn’t theo but come on it couldn’t be a moody theo gif could it?}

Warning; none



“Okay, this is the last box,” he sighed as you started hanging up a few things onto the tree which he had dragged in in the morning.

“Thanks Theo,” you smiled as he just shrugged. You placed the small box that you held with the fairy lights onto the table beside the tree and then turned to the armchair, picking up the jumper and then extending your arms towards him with a sweet smile. “Now please put this on?” you asked.

He stared at you for a couple of seconds before scowling. “I don’t-“

“Please, for me?” you asked, smiling still. He rolled his eyes before placing the box down and gently took the jumper from you, pulling it over his head before he grabbed you around the waist and pulled you against him to shield the world from seeing the jumper. “Hey!” you laughed, “You promised,” you added, ruffling his hair a little before he scrunched up his nose and shook his head. “You are literally a puppy, what is wrong with you?” you asked him with a smile as he let you go.

“So what’s the theme?” he sighed as he started pulling some tinsel from the box.

“Well I guess it’s just red and green,” you shrugged, reaching down to plug the lights into the mains. “Just christmassy, some blue bits here and there. I didn’t think about a theme, just colours,” you told him as you stood up straight and looked over your tree. “It’s just missing the star,” you turned to him, grinning. He took in the whole work of art, taking a couple of steps back before he grabbed the polaroid camera he had bought you for your birthday nd taking a picture of the tree before turning to you and doing the same, making you shy away from it before he put it down and came to hug you from behind.

“You want a hand?” he asked with a small smile as you shrugged, which he took as a yes, and you grabbed the star before he wound his arms around your waist firmly before lifting you up so you reached over to place the star on the top. You felt him chuckle as his head was in your chest, but he just put you down before his arms pulled you close to him, making you look at him oddly. He just smiled and placed his lips on yours, softly pulling back with a huge grin. “I love you,” he whispered, eyes closed and forehead leaning on yours.

“I love you too,” you told him.

“And for the record, you’re still more beautiful than the tree,” he added, making you laugh and lightly hit his arm as you heard the snap of your polaroid camera go off, making the two of you look over to the source of the noise.

“Sorry to intrude, but it’s Friday hot cocoa night, and you guys looked cute,” Kira shrugged with a smile.

“Oh,” you smiled, tugging at Theo’s arms to let you turn at least. “Are the others here too?” you asked.

“Yeah, Lydia and Scott are making the cocoa,” she grinned. “I’ll go help,” she added after a couple of seconds before leaving the two of you.

“Sure this was a good idea?”

“Trust me, it’ll be fine,” you told him. “Besides, I love you,” you added, making him grin before he kissed you once more and pulled you into the kitchen so the others didn’t mess up what you had cleaned up earlier in the day.