i miss him on snl

Bill Hader’s voice is my favorite voice of all the voices in the world. Also his smile is like wow. And his laugh makes me so happy inside. And while we’re on the topic his face is a very good face, I like that face……….

But uh, I like Bill Hader a normal amount

When Don Pardo said my name for the first time I knew that I was really on Saturday Night Live. Until then it all felt like a dream. Sometimes when my sketch didn’t make it to air and I wasn’t in the show, Don Pardo saying my name in the opening credits was more than satisfying to me. I would call my parents or my sister and say “Did you hear it? That’s Don Pardo!” I was honored to work with him both as a cast member and as a host. He was a gentleman and always rooted for me. I will miss him. - Jimmy

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