i miss her wearing that shirt

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16.) Do either of them have a special item (an article of clothing, a necklace, a book) that they use when they miss the other? if so, what is it? what do they do with it (read, wear, look at, smell)? For whoever!

I’ll answer for Rayleigh and Quinn. Whenever they’re separated from each other, Ray has a tendency to sneak one of Malavai’s uniform shirts with her. But let’s be honest, everyone knows she does it.. she isn’t exactly known for her sneakiness. Sometimes she’ll put it on and wear it around the ship or wherever she happened to be at the time. Most of the time, it’s simply about having something that smells like him. Something she can hold or look at whenever she starts to really miss him.

The Day, Mary Sent Sherlock to Hell

Mary wears a dark blue shirt with white buttons in her Miss Me? video.

It’s the same outfit she wears, when she meets Sherlock for the AGRA stick.

The day Sherlock revealed to Mary what he knew about AGRA (and AJay), she recorded the Miss Me video, her allegedly posthumous message/game.

It’s dark outside in the Miss Me video. So it’s impossible to tell, if she recorded the video before or after meeting Sherlock. But as she came prepared with a poisoned letter, I’d say it is more likely that the video was part of her preparation process as well. That means, she knew there would a threat, that the stage for her death was set. (And that she wanted to sent Sherlock eventually to hell). 

Grab my hands and slow dance with me in the refrigerator light. Pull me into bed and do nothing but hold me. Let me wear your shirts in the morning so I can have a part of you with me. Kiss me softly before you leave and promise me you’ll be back tonight so we can fall in love all over again.

When your heart is a stranger

[A/N: Lucifer. Missing moments during 2x13. Deckerstar because of course. Title taken from the song of the same name by Friends in Paris aka the last song in the episode.]

She’s visibly shaking as she takes off her sweater.

“What on earth are you doing?” He asks, alarmed as he reaches out a hand to stop her.

“Lucifer, no one’s going to look twice at me if I’m wearing a blood soaked shirt.”

He looks down at her, standing in front of him clad only in black jeans and a plain black bra. It must say something about the progression of their relationship that she doesn’t even shy away from his gaze. It must say something more about how utterly rattled he is by the poison coursing through her veins that he doesn’t even think to stare.

Instead, he simply looks her in the eye and raises a brow. That it’s neither lecherous nor teasing comes as a surprise to them both.  

“Well, they’re certain to look at least three times at you if that’s what you’re planning on wearing.”

She tilts her head up at him, somehow manages to give the impression of rolling her eyes even as the corners of her mouth turn up.

“Though I’d say anyone would look at least twice at you even if you were wearing a paper bag,” he says, mostly to distract himself from the way the small upturn of lips tugs at the corners of his heart. He shrugs and tries for a teasing smile. “More so, I wager, depending on the size of the bag.”

She grins at him, though the movement is wan and lopsided.

“Have any of those lying around for me?”

He can tell she says it mostly for his benefit, which means he must be much worse at hiding his panic than he thought. He tries to school his face into something approaching nonchalant as he watches her shake out her jacket and sling it around her shoulders. The effect is immediately, absurdly attractive.

Except that his entire focus is stuck on how sallow her skin looks in the moonlight, how he can feel the heat emanating off of her despite the fact that she’s shivering. So instead of giving voice to the half dozen overtly affectionate phrases he can feel in back of his throat, he shrugs out of his jacket and moves behind her to help her into it.

“Lucifer - .”

“Detective,” he says, the word dangerously close to a plea, “as radiant as you are and as cool as your jacket looks, it seems to do very little in terms of warmth. No one is going to approach you if you continue to shiver like that.”

Truthfully, he assumes at least a half dozen men would approach her in any state of dress - or undress, as it were - shivering or no. Which she must know, too, the way that she’s looking at him. After a long moment, she sighs and removes the dark leather jacket from around her shoulders, thrusting it towards him and threading her arms into the sleeves of his jacket instead. Once she’s completely wrapped in it, she turns around and flings her arms out wide.

“How do I look?”

A shiver lances through her before he can reply.

He frowns and steps forward to button up the jacket, trying not to think about how close she is, how much he simply wants to wrap her in his arms.

For - what reason? No other he can discern other than the pleasure of being close to her.

The thought brings a furrow between his brows. Closeness for it’s own sake is a new desire for him. It’s disconcerting, having spent so long carefully cataloging every type of desire, to suddenly be confronted with a new one.

He finishes the last button and steps back, glancing at the full length of her. The sleeves fall past her hands, a testament to his long frame in comparison to her small one. She glares at the sleeves as though they’ve done something to personally offend her. The movement of her brows and crinkling of her nose filling him with an absurd sort of longing. He gives a slight shake of his head as he steps in closer to her once again, the elegant taper of his fingers folding up the ends of the sleeves, careful to touch her without really touching her.

He smooths down the sleeves and looks back up at her.  

“Well?” She asks, arching a brow at him.  

He forces himself to step away from her, his traitorous hands wanting to linger at the ends of his jacket sleeves.

If he were not so preoccupied with the glazed look that keeps creeping towards the irises of her eyes, if he were not so desperately trying to push down the feelings of panic and anger and betrayal, he might make some offhand joke about how good she looks in his clothes. The look on her face tells him that she certainly expects it.

But then a shadow passes over her face and he watches her swallow back her own fear and panic. Suddenly he is just too tired and defeated and utterly destroyed to be anything but honest.

So instead he smiles, the movement soft, its edges brittle.


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My Favourite Kara/Supergirl Moments [3/?]

Has anyone gifed this scene? This scene is gif worthy. That’s my girl, look at her, puppy Kara, where did she go? She was replaced by badass Supergirl. Oh man, glasses off, shirt ripped open, badass stance, classic. I wonder how many shirts Kara has ruined? And does she wear her boots and skirt underneath her clothes, if so, how??? After a long hiatus, this was everything I missed.

Anyone else want Tina's entire wardrobe??

Her cute lil velvet jacket
Her huge jacket that she hides behind when she stares at newt
Her smaller (but fancy af) blazer that she wears when arresting newt
Her adorable pajama that apparently has tiny zebras on it (look newt, Tina has creatures too!)
Her trousers with the cuffed up bottom
Her shoes that look classy af
Her skirt at the end of the movie
Her pinstriped coat when she says goodbye to newt (I want this coat soooo badly)
Her gorgeous dress at the speakeasy
Her shirts (because nothing is more classy than a button down)
Her hat (and her hair, I miss my short hair)
Her locket (which has a picture of Queenie and her parents in it, I’m sure!!!)

Guys, I know Queenie is the fashionable one, but Tina’s wardrobe is everything I’ve ever wanted to wear

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Maggie and Alex would definitely dress up with each other for Halloween, but they'd critique each other's costumes at any moment. "Alex, I don't tuck in my flannel like that" "Well, Maggie, your thigh holster is on lopsided". In the end they give up and steal each other's sweets

I would literally pay good money to see them dressed up and trying to act like each other! This is the cutest halloween headcanon ive seen!

Maggie is waving a plastic gun at Alex, “Look at me and my kickass gun that nobody can touch” Alex scoffs at Maggie, “Well I’m sorry the NCPD only gives you that wimpy little pistol. Honestly, I’d be jealous of my gun too” Alex grins awkwardly adjusting her extremely tight pants. “How do you even tuck in your shirt? I barely have room to breath in pants this tight??” Alex questions as Maggie smirks and not missing a beat, “Easy, i just skip wearing underwear on the days i tuck in my shirt to make up for that loss of space…” Alex drops her entire pale of candy. “MAGGIE” Maggie stumbles on the floor laughing so hard but trying her best to steal as much candy as she can.

Spotting you (closed rp)

It was only the first week of college but it has already proven just how stressful life was only about to get. Between the classes that Marinette took, trying to balance homework, her part time job (Thank you parents), and being Ladybug she was already on the verge of pulling her hair out. But that would be unbecoming of the fashion designer to show up with a spotchy patch of hair missing from her head. And what would Chat Noir think of that. The thought almost made her groan. But not as much as her phone vibrating in her pocket. A notice from her best friend. About their meet up at the coffee shop two blocks away. The meet up she nearly had forgotten about.

“I’m almost there Alya!!” She said aloud to no one in particular as she took off running down the street now. Long since Marinette stopped wearing the pink pants and flowered t-shirt and had started to roll different outfits in her wardrobe made by her hands only. And that day so happened to be a blazer with a black blouse tucked into a black skirt. The hemming hinted small lime green paw prints. A new addition to her ladybug and Chat Noir clothes line Alya some how talked her into doing. 

Now if Marinette would have read the text Alya had shot her way, she would have noticed her long time crushes name being in said text and the words joining. But that of course didn’t happen. Instead the petite woman rounded into the shop seeing Alya’s head and taking a seat opposite of her. Not once did her eyes move around the table to anyone else that might have been sitting there with them. “Sorry! Class just let out and my professor kept going on about the different stitches for silk and what would hold up best for the life time of the outfit….” Alya looked at her with raised brow before looking between her and the others at the table.


The missing ingredient, I see in hindsight, was eroticism, worn on the sleeve and there in the step: Where political dykes would don a baggy flannel shirt and think, “No one will sexually objectify me if I wear this,” the butches were tucking their shirts in, knowing that some little gal would love the softness of the flannel under her hands as she ran them over the butch’s pecs.
—  Carol A. Queen, “Why I Love Butches.” 1994.

Hi!!! can I just get one where you wake up to Chris with lots of fluff? thank you.

Warnings: FLUFF, PEOPLE!🦄🦄🦄


Chrs is supposed to come home after months of being gone. I want see him as soon as he walks into the door. He called me earlier saying he was gonna be a little late, but I don’t care. I miss him so much! I mean I’m wearing his shirt and watching his movies for crying out loud! I slowly feel myself falling asleep on the couch as I waited for him. I curse at myself as I slowly drift to sleep.

Chris’ POV

As I walk into the house, I see Y/N asleep in my shirt on the couch as Before We Go played on the TV. I smiled at this and picked her up, sending her to our shared bedroom. I get dressed for bed and crawl into bed with her, bringing her into my arms.


I woke up with the sun beaming in my face from the window. I sit up to see Chris sleeping laying his back. I smile and strattled his hips, kissing him all over his face. He then woke up pecked me on the lips.

“Goodmorning, Babe”, I said smiling. He sat up wrapped his arms around my waist. He then kissed me passionately as I wrapped my arms around his neck rubbing the tiny hairs the back of his head. I pulled away and placed my forehead into his.

“I missed you so much.”, I said playing with his hair. He then kissed my nose and brushed his nose with mine.

“I could tell. I found asleep with my shirt on and watching my movie.”, he chuckled. I then playfully hit him and he laughed. “I missed you more.”

We then stayed this way. Just enjoying eachother’s company.

Creepypasta #815: Missing

Length: Super long

He was nine and smart. Top of his class. I’ve gone through the motions of explaining almost every detail of his life leading up to that day he didn’t come home.

He was wearing a red shirt and jeans. A grey sweat hoodie and grey shoes. Jess dropped him off at school that morning because we had all over slept and missed the bus. As she tells it, she pulled up to the school, late for a morning meeting, kissed his soft cheek like he likes and reminded him to zip his jacket. He brushed her off and ran inside.

Normally, she would have walked him in. We both would have, that was our drill, but this morning everyone was just so late.

She waited in the car with her cold fingers pressed against the vents for warmth and watched him walk across the empty yard to the school building. His hand reached the door to open it and she smiled and drove away.

I’d heard her tell it a dozen times. I believed her. I told my part too. Hugging him and calling him buddy. Giving him a glass of milk and telling him I’d help him with his homework tonight.

We were good parents.

Jon was at school. Jess was on her way work. And I? I was filling up my tank at the Kum & Go on Filton. That was our morning.

Jon always rode the school bus home. Leida, our neighbor, would meet him and let him in the house and watch a show with him until I or Jess walked in. She was great.

This was our life.

It wasn’t perfect but it was our life.

This is what we told everyone over and over again.

Leida called me at 3:45. “Jon did not get off the bus.”

The school couldn’t locate him. He hadn’t made it to class.

I called the police at 4:15 just moments after I left work. I was frantic. I met them at the house.

Somewhere between Jess leaving after seeing his arm touch that door and actually entering the school, our sweet Jon had disappeared. The camera’s from inside the school had never caught him in the hallway. The one’s outside weren’t working properly so there was no telling where exactly or he had disappeared but he never opened those doors. He never walked into his classroom.

Everyone in town came together. They searched sewers and alley ways. They scattered through locked backyard fences and tramped through fields and wooded areas in misty, cold weather.

The police suspected us at first. It was all pretty normal. Every one was a suspect.

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Marvels New Max

So I just watched Piera Ford’s new video regarding the new Marvel Maximum Ride comic and the figurine they released… and I completely agree with everything she said. 

Max’s hair is not red. She spent almost two entire books ranting about how much she hates red heads. The one hair color you could never ever ever give her is red. 

Max’s eyes are not blue. She is half Hispanic, she has “eyes the color of unbarfed chocolate” to quote the freaking book. Come on Marvel, at least read the thing before making it a comic. 

And unless I managed to miss the premise of the entire series, they have AVIAN DNA. Not mosquito DNA or wherever theyre going with their biomechanical see through bullshit. 

And what is she wearing? Max wears jeans and t shirts through the entire series, why is she now sporting a black widow esqe catsuit? 

Another thing she brought up was the series length itself, and it’s another thing I agree with. IF the series had stopped after Saving the World, Max could have been the next Katniss or Tris, another strong, complicated female protagonist in a massively diverse cast. But instead Patterson has decided to drag it through the mud. 

I love that our tiny book series is getting attention from someone who could actually make our movie dreams a reality and give the books much deserved publicity… but not if that means they get to rewrite the character we love so much. 

An unknown woman walked into town, and even faster after spotting Sportacus, Robbie, and the kids.

She looked worried, to say the least.
With her hair messy, and mascara running down her cheeks.

“Excuse me sirs,” she hiccuped, “Have you seen my son? He went missing yesterday morning, his name is Timothy and-”

Robbie raised an eyebrow, “Timothy? Is he blond? Blue eyes? Wearing a blue striped shirt?”

Her eyes widened, “Yes! Have you seen him?”

Robbie pointed over to the basketball court, “Yeah, he showed up at my l- uh, house last night. Don’t worry, he’s been fed and he’s been playing with the other kids all day.”

The mother looked over and nearly screamed when she saw him. She ran over and scooped him up into a tight hug. “Timmy I was worried sick about you! Are you okay? Did anybody hurt you?” She cried. 

The boy shook his head, “No, mommy.”

“Oh thank god.” She let go and held him out in front of her.
“Hurry up and tell your friends goodbye, the police in Rottenville are waiting for us so you can identify those bad men who took you.”

“Rottenville? I grew up there…”

The mother turned and wiped her face, “You did? What’s your name?”

“Robbie, Robbie Rotten.”

“Robbie? Oh! I think we went to high school together!”

Robbie rolled his eyes as he recalled his earlier years. “Great.”

The woman stood up and walked towards him, “Is there any way I could repay you for finding my son? Money? Key to the city of Rottenville? My husband is the mayor!”

Robbie gave a fake scoff, “Well, if you insist. …And While you’re at it… Could you give me a lifetime free pass to that one bakery on Crook street? They make the best cakes ever.”

She shook his hand vigorously, “Consider it done! I cannot thank you enough Mr. Rotten!”
She gave him a kiss on the cheek and grabbed Timmy’s hand.
“Say goodbye to the nice man, Timmy!”

Timmy looked up at Robbie with sad eyes and gave him a hug.
“Goodbye Robbie.”

Robbie crouched down to hug the boy back, “Be a good boy for your mother, Timothy.”

“I will.”
He let go of Robbie and walked off hand in hand with his mother.

Robbie watched with misty eyes as Timothy got into a car and sped away towards Rottenville.

^^^ The Curse Has Been Lifted ^^^

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